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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Minutemen Scam Saga Updated.- Cha Ching More Money More Money

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Football Saturday is not the best day to be talkng about the monkeyshines of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox Connie Hair, Maureen Otis, Alan Keyes ,American Caging and others. However since I shall revisit this again I suppose its ok. But I just noticed something in their long awaited financial reports. By the way the report does not talk about any money received in 2006 which of course is a disappointment. The very Conservative Washington Times which has been following this scam pointed out as to this report:
While the IRS papers document MCDC collections and expenditures through Dec. 31, a reported donation total of $418,493 is significantly less than the $1.6 million MCDC President Chris Simcox told The Washington Times in July that the group had collected in donations since its April 2005 creation. That figure was said to include $1 million in direct MCDC contributions and $600,000 toward the construction of a $55 million border fence.

Now as background to this, I have reported how something was rotten with American Caging in Houston Texas. A caging company usually handles the donations for certain groups. Mainly processing and other matters. Well American Caging is associated with what to say the least appear to be conservative groups that seem to be making a lot of money for themselves versus money spent on the "cause". I do strongly suggest this thread on a conservative forum that looks at American Caging and has a ton of links to primary sources and news reports.

Well, the Minutemen Faction under Simcox(the fence scam people) has issued this report that the Washington Times references above.

Now to say the least that report is not very illuminating. However lets look at the the Minutemans 990 they had to file with the IRS as a part of this.

Now remember this is just for 2005 funds which is not when the bulk of money came into to this dubious group. Now like the report above is showsa substantial sum of the Donors money going to caging. We know that the Caging comapny is American Caging owned by Maureen Otis. At least that is the only owner we know of. We haven't quite figured out if there are certain "private partners".

Now please go to page 5 of the report. Well my Golly Mauren Otis owner of American Caging is on the freakin board. Is that proper? But you go well she recieves no compensation so what. But wait she does because a percentage of almost every Donor's dollar goes into her pocket.

However I'm interested in page 6 of the Form 990, where it asks if any of the officers of the company are related to any of the companies listed in Part II, which lists the expenses including caging fees.
On the form, it says NO, even though some of the money seems to have gone to Maureen Otis' caging company."

But looking at the report you wouldn't know that their caging company is American Caging nor that Board member Maureen Otis owns it. Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Well you know who cares if conservatives and on the average retired folks who donated are told the whole truth. After all the Minutemen and Associates are patriots(sarc)

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Anti-Bush Republicans

The Strata-Sphere has done it again. Last night I posted this great piece called Bush Conservatives. Today he looks at the opposite number- The anti Bush Republican. It's a important piece that is also a nice little history lesson. A history lesson we need to look at because those that don't study it are apt to repeat its mistakes. You will not hear this view very much among the echo chamber of the blogsphere but I am convinced its true.

I am concerned about this Buchanite populism that is pretending to be conservative. It is like a nasty flu bug that keeps popping up every few years. This is not Regan Conservatism by any stretch of the imagination. This is one reason why kookdum like the Council of Conservative Citizens and various hardline anti immigration movements are such a threat. They are attracted to this and in fact its what they believe. It goes way beyond "illegals". It is protectionism and it is Isolationism that is at its roots. In many cases its fear.

Good read and please look at his comment section

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Geaux Tigers and Geaux To Hell Ole Miss

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This is the week of the year I have to hear this crap from my Ole Myth Friends.


Hell yes, damn right!!!
hoddy toddy
gosh almighty
who in the hell are we...HEY!!!
flim flam, bim bam

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Good Grief, well Col. Reb is crying up in Ole Miss and he will hopefully be crying tonight. Which reminds me that we need to watch funniest damn YOUTUBE football related thing all year. Who can't want to watch it over and over again. Here is the story behind this internet sensation.

I do think the fans are overlooking this game a tad. However lets pray the players have not. Getting beat by Ole Myth would make my life hell for a year.

A few notes. It's Senior night and we say goodbye to our departing LSU players tonight in their last game in Tiger Stadium. We of course are wondering if it is a certain Junior Quarterbacs last night too. LSU of course is hoping to hit the trifecta and not only win but have Miss St beat Arkansas and Bama beat Auburn. If that happens our fate is in our own hands. Its quite amazing to think that for 4 and half yards in the final seconds of the Auburn game we would be in contention for the National championship. Well that is what makes this game exciting.

By the way please check out my LSU bloggers on my blogroll such as Tigersmack and LSUnpredictable

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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Friday Night Roundup of Kookdum

Time to look at a week in kookdum. I look at a great bit of kookdum but I specialize in exposing the koodum that wishes to hijack our Conservative politcal movements. If your new to my blog , I have been on a hiatus for the past few weeks because I was volunteering for the dear ole GOP. Hey, don't look at me most of my guys I called and worked for won!lol!

Anywho, any Koodum roundup must start at the Council of(word hijack) Conservative Citzens-St.Louis Branch. I mention the good Blogmeister last night. Let me say hello Blogmeister and thank you for your kind words about my blog and my absense. I was actually thinking of you during the World Series and wondering perhaps if you were entertaining extreme paleo-conservatives in the Council's box seats during the series. Congrats on winning. By the way tell the executive board they have seen nothing yet. Well the Vatican of this extremist group through its unoffical voice has been busy on some output on his blog. The blogmeister talks about how our pandering to the hispanic vote didn't work. First I hate the word pandering in this context. When certain conservative factions are mad at the GOP its because they were not "listened too". When we try to listen to the needs of the hispanic community its called pandering. The average Republican/Conservative doesn't consider it pandering by the way to listen to hispanics or other groups. Only the extremist do.

Anywho blogmeister what do you expect them to do? They were not going to vote for Graf or Hayworth in Arizona that talks about deport then all big or small. All rational Republican voices on this issue got drowned out by that abortion of a show that Lou Dobbs host. Do you expect them to vote for Tancredo? Tancredo is one of the most despised ridiculed men in the Republican Congressional Caucus but the way the media portrayed him you would have he as the leader of the party. No the problems was the radical Buchanite wing got the press this year. Many of them not even republicans. Such as the infamous Pat Buchanan himself. But I am happy that Buchanan/Graf/Dobbs bunch went down to defeat pretty much. So our lower hispanic vote is just a bump in the road. That being said the blogmeister at least runs a half intelligent racist site and often has things of interest outside koodum. I suggest this interesting post he has on a little known facet of now deceased Milton Friedman and his thought and contribution to a big issue.

Lets now leave the Vatican of Kookdum and go the main Council of Conservative Citizens Web site. Before I go further let me tell you my view on racist koodum. I am a conservative republican. I don't cry racism at a drop of the hat. I am not to thrilled with efforts by some liberals to make all people that like the Confederate flag or against gay marriage the same as the Klan or the Nazis. In the end I use common sense The Council of Conservative Citizens is a dangerous radical organization. It has especially become more radicalized in the last few years. They have open associations with kooky fringe groups, white supremacy organizations, neo nazis, and similar ilk. The stuff they believe and especially all the conspiracy nonsense that is spreading is incredible. They also are desperately trying to gain a legitimate foothold in political discussion. One misson of this blog is to stop that. More on this group in later post and feel free if you have any questions about this group just ask. I want to highlight a article that the the Council has on a certain judge named Terri Willingham Thomas that won in a seat in the great state of Alabama. You cant link directly to the the CofCC post but from the Nov 8th post:County District Judge Terri Willingham elected to Alabama Civil Appeals Court despite weeks of media attacks over speaking at a CofCC meeting.Once again left-wing newspapers tried to use the CofCC to hurt a political candidate and failed. Judge Terri Willingham had been viciously attacked by the Montgomery Advertisor and other left-wing papers for weeks over a speech she gave to the CofCC. The ultra-left wing Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center, headed by former Ted Kennedy fundraising chief Morris Dess, was behind the attacks.Terri Willingham ingored the media attacks and was elected to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals with 54% of the vote.

To say the least this is troublesome. We must do our best to educate politicians that the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens is not a conservative organization. In cases like this I usually give politicos the benefit of the doubt. I also am ready to forgive past transgressions when the organization was even less well known and had not become the radical extremist group that it is today in most of it chapters. That being said it must be made clear to the good judge that any interaction with this organization is taboo in a big way. So lets keep a eye on her just to make sure this doesn't happen again. We shall be highlighting more of this kookdum that is the Council of Conservative Citzens each week. I have a few things up my sleeve as to finding out what is going on behind closed doors. Stayed tuned.

Keep looking everyday for Kookdum roundups and post. I think we can all agree no matter our politics that these groups cannot gain legitimacy. I hit a number of groups and try to highlight whats going on. Tomorrow I shall be doing a special Kookdum Sports related post. Yes folks racist kooky sports sites. I shall be typing that tomorrow as I am hopefully watching Miss State pull a upset on the Arky hogs tomorrow.

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The Bush Conservative is Me. Is it You?

I often get asked what kind of conservative I am. This question generally comes from some faction of the conservative movement. On my blog roll today there is a answer to that question. I strongly urge you to read AJ Strata's The Bush Conservatives. This is where a lot of us are at. You want hear our viewpoint on conservative talk radio often nor on the conflict loving MSM. But this is us. Are you one too. The Anchoress appears to be one. I think its a must read and should be read in concert with the other opinion pieces taking about what ills the Grand Ole Party.

I am willing to bet this where the average Mass going Catholic voter is at. A voter that Bush carried in 2004. I am willing to be this iswhere the average evanglical voter is at too that I live among. You know the ones that are social conservatives but also have concerns about prescription medicine for mom.

Good read. Will it be listened too?

Update Some are listening
A great blog that I intend to add to my blog roll agrees too. Go check out The Squiggler.

Update II
It is a movement- My Vast Wing Conspiracy Agrees too. And boy she is not holding back. We need a Banner
She say just at the beginning:Frankly, I am sick and goddamned tired of conservatives–or as Squiggler calls them, the “neo-right”–invoking the name of Ronald Reagan when they attack other Republicans and any time they take a stand. It’s kinda like Godwin’s Law, in a sense–you can’t just throw out a name and assert moral authority, you have to back it up with facts and reality. Or alternatively, you could (I do) call it blasphemy. None of these “neo-right” types have anything to do with Reagan, in either deed or words. Reagan wasn’t an angry man, he was certainly no pessimist, and he did NOT violate his own 11th Commandment. These people are Buchanan Conservatives, if anything; not Reagan Republicans. Similarly, they like to say Bush is a “Rockefeller Republican;” believing, like leftists, that naming someone makes things so. (Of course, there’s plenty written about the similarities between ideological extremes.) Keep calling Iraq a “quagmire,” and it is one. Keep calling Bush a “Rockefeller Republican,” and he is one. Right. Click on the link to read more

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A look Around My Blogroll

I am thankful I am getting back to this as a regular part of my blog. I have missed highlighting the great things that my blogroll is saying the past few weeks.

First let me go to one of my favorite Bloggers the webmaster of both The Pink Flamingo and Subway Canaries. Pink Flamingo talks about statements released from Connie Hair about the Minuteman Fence Scam. I shall be going into that report. Its pretty hilarious and as I expected all hat and no cattle. Oh and be sure to read your link about the voodoo Priest that put a curse ont he President. Over at Subway Canaries she has a very serious piece entitled The Price of Too Much Caution - Too Many People Die - While Awaiting New Drugs to Be Approved. I am going to dig into that one more tonight.

Called As Seen has a post entitled "Powerline almost gets it... " In it he talks about the hardliners on immigration. I agree.

I need to quickly highlight four very good Louisiana blogs.
Tiger Smack shows that our freedoms are under attack again under the guise of feel good legislation. Stuff like this just infuriates me. Whats amazing is the article doesn't even talk about the proposed sanction if you violate this law.

Conservative Cajun has made a Presidential Endorsement. Cajun Conservative is going to be an Advocate for Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. Please go and take a look at the positions of Hunter that Cajun Conservative has compiled. He will not be my choice but I am gald that Cajun Conservative is starting to highlight this very important race and take a stand.

Not Right About Anything of the small enclave of unhinged liberals from Lafayette has a review or Borat. He is in Journalism so his review is interesting. I am planning to go Sunday and watch it myself

We Saw That talks about the 110 pound Grover Cleveland lobster in their post 110 year old lobster sacrificed to the god of consumerism . I think he makes a valid point. I think one question is how many of this lobsters are around. I mean age is not the only point. Look how old alligators get and we eat them all the time.

This is a limited blogroll roundup post. Part of the reason is that I want to spend substantial time talking about what two of my blogroll folks are talking about. That up next.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bush Arrives in Vietnam

According to the AP. Now take a deep breath and read that again. Bush Arrives in Vietnam. One would think all the Cable News shows would be breaking in to cover this historic event. Nahh they are talking about OJ's book and upcoming TV appearance.

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Graceful in Defeat Democrat Patti Cox is Suing Congressman Jim McCrery

She is saying that Louisiana Congressman Jim McCrery doesn't live in the district. So I suppose she wants another election or maybe just wants him taken out so she and fellow Democrat Artis Cash(who finished Second) can go out it in a new election. Patti Cox finished third but to her credit edged out anti immigration goofball Chester Kelly. Chester Kelly ran tons of ads that featured illegal aliens and nuclear mushroom clouds going off.

According to KTBS news she filed her suit in Caddo District Court. McCrery said it was pretty pointless since he has a address in Shreveport where they are paying rent.
She also filed this without a lawyer which shows how meritless pointless all this probally is.

Here is the link to the story.

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Coming Up

Well its not all immigration all the time here at my little ole blog. I shall be doing a Blogroll roundup tonight and talk about Bobby Jindal announcement here in Louisiana among other things. Till then I am going home to open up birthday present. Yes, my birthday is not till tomorrow but you know. So till then GEAUX TIGERS and GEAUX TO HELL OLE MISS

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On "Tancredo" Like Immigration Policy its Damn the Torpedos and Full Speed Ahead at The National Review

I love the National Review. I especially love the always fun "The Corner Blog" on their web site. This year however their lack of diverse thought on the immigration issue has become tiresome. There appears to be no thoughtful analysis going on about immigration politics in these post election days. . My God if the very agenda oriented Center for Immigration Studies(A John Tanton founded group) says it true well my golly it must be.

Well, The Corner Blog has been placating the "Its Amnesty-hide the women and children" crowd with all sorts comforting echo chamber spin. Today and yesterday was no exception. Now I should not pick on poor Mr Ledeen because he has not been the worst offender. But this just sent me over the top. From the Corner:

Time Mag's Karen Tumulty (where do they find these names?) on Hoyer/Murtha" [Michael Ledeen]
It's pretty hard to beat this for sheer demagoguery: ^Karen Tumulty
Nancy Pelosi showed us something important about herself this week. If Tip O'Neill thought that all politics was local, Pelosi's view is that it's personal. But what may have more significance in the long run is what her caucus showed her — that, unlike the Republicans they are replacing, they will not march lockstep at every dictate from their leaders.

Riiight, Karen. The insurrections against Harriet Meiers and the Bush immigration scheme never happened. Lord knows McCaine never ever challenged Frist or the White House. Snowe and Collins always did what they were told. And Specter was always in lockstep with his colleagues. It was stormtroopers marching in lockstep, all the time.Posted at 5:15 PM

I addressed this email to him a few moments ago:

Mr. LeDeen let me say I just love The Corner. It is one my favorite places to come to keep up to date on what is happening. It is always thought provoking. However, I must say this year though your site has been an ordeal for me. It seems in the world of The Corner that Republicans and Conservatives that think perhaps the Tancredos of the world are slightly wrong do not exist. Yes, we are the people that want to get tough on illegal immigration but are not thrilled with the "deport them all big or small" or "starve them all back over the border" philosophy.

Now I know that NR has John Tanton's boy from the Center on Immigration Studies on staff. But perhaps throw us a bone or better yet give some thought of trying to portray both sides as to this issue. In that regard can you please refrain from using the words "Bush immigration scheme". That sounds like such a Democrat politcal way of talking. Much like when they talk about Bush's "tax Schemes". It is clever tactic but does little to elevate the debate.

Thank You
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Immigration Politics Myth Number 1 of 06- Democrats Pretended to be Tougher On Illegals

I keep hearing this line all over the web and on TV and radio that democrats snookered the American people as to immigration. That is they pretended to be tougher on the illegals than the Republicans. In fact that some democrats downright stole the hardline position.

This is often brought up as to Hayworth defeat in Arizona. Rep Hayworth was one of those that said any compromise outside the Tancredo view was "AMNESTY". The gospel seems to be that his opponent just mirrored Hayworth's position. Well in my neck of the woods that is called a LIE. A lie that keeps circualting it seems.

From Congressman Hayworth's campaign web site on the immigration issue:
The congressman believes that under no circumstances should we reward illegal aliens with benefits such as citizenship, Social Security benefits, or in-state tuition at Arizona colleges and universities, all of which will result in more illegal immigration.

From his opponents Web Site:

Every sovereign nation has a responsibility to secure its border. In Congress, I'll make it a top priority to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and stop illegal immigration.
I'll deliver results, not rhetoric, and will work with both Republicans and Democrats to get the job done. This includes both securing our border and offering realistic solutions for the immigration problem our country faces.
Specifically, I'll work to
Station more Border Patrol agents along the border;
Put more high-tech tools along the border so we can better monitor border activity;
Extend existing fencing in urban areas;
Establish a temporary worker program that allows us to keep track of who crosses our borders; and
Hold employers accountable for whom they hire.
I oppose amnesty and will not support it. Still, we must deal with the millions of illegal immigrants who are already here. Catching and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, as some have suggested, is neither realistic nor wise. I believe we should give families an opportunity to gain legal status if they pay a penalty for breaking the law, pay their taxes, learn English, and hold a job for a period of years.
Illegal immigration affects Arizona more than it does other states - more than half of all illegal crossings over the U.S.-Mexico border happen here in Arizona. In the State Senate, I worked closely with Governor Janet Napolitano to increase the penalties for violent human smuggling, and I supported her decision to declare a state of emergency along the border. I saw firsthand how Washington's complete failure to do its job continues to hurt our state. We need representation in Washington that secures our border and offers realistic solutions to our current immigration problem. I will bring that tough, yet realistic, voice to Capitol Hill, just as I did as Mayor and State Senator

Do people see the difference? Yes Mitchel is tough on immigration. Just like many of us Republicans that are outside the Tancredo mindset on this issue. But the difference is that Mitchell does not endorse the "deport the all big and small" or "starve them back over the Border" viewpoint as those here. This is where Americans are at. However when you the radical population control folks at FAIR, CIS , and Numbers USA calling the shots this solution will not fly. You see again this isn't really all abot illegal immigration. Now true Hayworth had other problems in this race. But what has been marketed to Republicans as the issue of the century did not save him.

Let us look at the Graf/Gifford Race. This was a open seat in Ariz that was held by Republican Congressman Kolbe. Graf was the ultimate Tancredo immigration hardliner guy in the race. In fact he helped found the minutemen. He holds the same position as Hayworth. This district by the way is on the border.

What was Gifford's position? From USA Today :Gabrielle Giffords, the Democrat who defeated Graf, also carried Cochise County, Ariz., along the U.S.-Mexican border where frustration with immigration is highest. Gifford says she believes voters there preferred her because "people want solutions, not slogans." From another Arizona paper: Ms. Giffords is calling for comprehensive immigration reform, including a guest worker program, workplace sanctions and improved relations with Mexico.

Now of course Tancredo like hardliners won elections last week. But many of these elections did not have immigration as the a major issue. Many were far away from border areas. But I think its fair to say that AMericans are not enthralled with an approach that is so draconian as to ALL the illegals here. More analysis later.

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Koodum In St Louis

Since the election is over, I have time to delve into the mischief that kookdum(both left and right) are doing. I had to see what my good friend at the Council of (word hijack alert) Conservative Citizens- St Louis Branch was doing. The St Louis Branch is sort of the Vatican of this radical racist organization. Well the blogmeister is as busy as ever. The blogmeister gives major kudos to "CofCC idol" Lou Dobbs and Senator-Elect Webb from Virginia. Of course the blogmeister is a little disappointed that the soon to be Senator doesn't believe in segregation but you can't have it all I suppose. However he does hit in the head as to Webb. I don't think the democrats have realized, northe people of Virginia, that they elected a Pat Buchanan in that fine state. God help us all.

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The Simcox Minuteman PAC- Where did the money go?

To say the least it was not a stellar day election wise for the Simcox Minutemen. Many of their cguys and gals lost. The Minutemen faction headed up by Simcox have also released their long awaited audit. More on that later in a seperate post. However I wish to concentrate on the political action committee side of the Minutemen for a bit.

For some background ,please read last months Washington Times article on this whole affair. Its quite illuminating.

He are some tidbits:
According to the most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, the Minuteman PAC spent $240,000 through the first week of September on eight congressional campaigns, although just $5,000 was direct candidate contributions.
The FEC records also show that about 60 percent of the Minuteman PAC's expenditures through early September went to private companies -- several with ties to a labyrinth of Virginia-based tax-exempt charities and fundraising groups founded or headed by Mr. Keyes. The money was used for direct-mail fundraisers, telemarketing programs, advertising campaigns and disbursement fees for four candidates.
The Minuteman PAC spent nearly $88,000 through early September on its own operations, including fees to many of the Keyes-aligned private firms to collect and disburse donations and do direct-mail fundraising, the FEC records show. Other PAC money went to Web site construction, bank charges, salaries and advertising
.......Several current and former Minuteman members and supporters told The Washington Times that they have been deluged with requests for money from various conservative organizations since the Minuteman PAC was formed.
Response Unlimited, which calls itself the "best and most comprehensive source of mailing lists for conservative and Christian mailers and telemarketers," offers the names and contact information of Minuteman donors for $120 for 1,000 names. The Waynesboro, Va., firm, headed by Christian right activist Philip Zodhiates, also has an "exclusive contract" with the Declaration Foundation......s

Now that article was from last month. What in heck was this important PAC doing in the months of October and November? Well if one goes to their Web Site they certaintly are patting themselves on the back it seems. One gets the impression that they were out there fighting the good fight after the primaries helping out the so called No Amnesty crowd. What really happened?

Well the intial FEC filings show quite a different story.

The Minuteman PAC made the following payouts according to FEC records(note these are mainly 48 notices so we don't know how much went to caging and other folks). $73,798 to Mountaintop media related to the Graf campaign on Oct 2. $ 20,350 to Mountain Top media related to the Graf Campaign on Oct 10. $21,334 to Mountain Top Media related to the Graf campaign on Nov 1 .So basically the Minuteman PAC gave a few direct contributions of their money to 5 people(Graf included) and the rest went to the Graf campaign. It should be remembered that Randy Graf was using our friend American Caging. What in the World does this mean. Why in heavens name were they pouring all their money into one campaign? A campaign that was always 10 points behind.Why were they not helping poor ole Rep Hayworth just up the road who was in the fight of his life? Questions? Questions? Questions? Don't you think the donors were expecting that perhaps this money was going to be spread around a little bit more? It is true they were helping others out in the primary season but this sole spending on one race is awefully curious. We shall delve into this later in much more detail.

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Immigration Politics, The GOP, and Those Darn Miuntemen

Today we are going to start focusing a little on the whole immigration politcs side of this election. I think its clear that the ultra hardline approach was not the issue that was going to save us our as a party. We shall also be going back into the Simcox Minuteman Scam. Looking at the campaign finance reports shows us something interested. Thats up next.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Immigration Politics - Some People Haven't Learned

The Tancredo immigration hardliners are trying to make a comeback it appears. Despite signs that are apparent all over the nation that Americans are thrilled neither with the "delete the border crowd" or the Tancredo "deport them all big and small crowd" it seems we have not learned the lesson. Elements of the GOP and Conservative base want to push us further in future political extinction. I am going to go into this a great deal tonight. I have looked at a lot of these races as to the immigration issue. I shall also tell how the Simcox Minutemen scammed us again. Oh by the way they are suppose to open the books this Nov 15. I havent forgotten that. I notice with interest this little item on the National Review Corner blog today talking about how Rep Pence(the only adult in the room at times) seems to have jettison any sort of compromise he once promoted for what appears for political advantage.

I just emailed the esteemed Mrs Lopez at the Corner and said:
"I just saw your post on Mike Pence. I must say his stock has gone down in my book now. I know that conservatives hate to admit some truths about immigration politics. I know because many of us "comprehensive reform type" conservatives were flamed and banned from many conservative blogs and forums for even mentioning the idea or wanting to debate it. However, its clear to me that after the election most Americans are not thrilled with open borders nor the Tancredo approach. Labeling everything amnesty in my book is as honest as the democrats Mediscare tactics.

Pence was the grown up in the room on this debate. Now it appears he will jettison all this for his own political advantage. Sorry, this issue is too important for that. I have now seen some of the character of the man. I will remember that in the future

More later on how the ulta hardliners are screwing up again.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Dead Pelican Misses the Point

I suspect the The Dead Pelican site gets the most hits of any Louisiana Internet site that focus is the news. Today the Dead Pelican had this Headline-BLANCO'S TRIP TO NOWHERE?.

The Dead Pelican says in part:A story put out by WAFB today reads that Blanco's recent meeting with the Kuwaitis has resulted in the signing of a memorandum. The memorandum is not binding on the Kuwaitis, however, and can be terminated at any time.
According to the story, Blanco and the Minister of Energy of the State of Kuwait, H.E. Shaikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah, signed a Memorandum of Understanding Sunday to explore building the refinery in Louisiana. But the memorandum was not a legal obligation and talks between Louisiana and Kuwait could end without penalty if it is terminated. Blanco and AL-Sabah agreed to meet as necessary on the project, WAFB reported.
A recent story in THE ADVOCATE read that Blanco would return with only a memorandum of understanding that would be "more diplomacy than deal-making."
In the end, Blanco will come home empty handed, but that hasn't stopped the Louisiana media from reporting on Blanco's adventures day, after day... after day... after day. Blanco and her Economic Development officer Mike Olivier have stated several times that the refinery is years away, if it comes at all. The same basic story has been recycled almost daily over the last few weeks (see excerpts below).

I shall not be supporting Madam Governor for her campaign to return to the Governor's mansion. But to imply this is a boondogle or worthless is not being fair. Trips like this pay dividends for the future. Our former Governor Mike Fostor, being too busy taking Helicopter lessons, getting a law degree, and riding his Harley, never made trips like these. While all the time other Southern Governors did and got huge returns in the end. There is a lot of faults to Blanco but this isnt one.

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LSU and The Sec Championship

Before we go to the less important things of life, let me please put to rest all this confusion about what has to happen for LSU to get to the SEC Championship. I keep hearing that all that has to happen is that Arkansas loses against Miss State and then we beat Arkanasas the day after Thanksgiving. For the one thousandth time that is false. There seems to be some theory out there that even if Auburn doesnt lose we just need to be 5 BCS points ahead of them. Wrong Wrong Wrong. I even heard a major LSU Sports radio guy spout this nonsense. Both Auburn and Ark have to lose this weekend for LSU to have a chance to go to the SEC championship.

One poster on a LSU board had it right on in his explanation:
If Arkansas loses to Miss. State and Auburn beats Bama, LSU CANNOT GO TO ATLANTA! Reason: Arkansas would have two SEC losses (2 in the SEC West - LSU and Miss St), Auburn would have two SEC losses (1 in the east - Georgia, 1 in the west - Arkansas), LSU would have two SEC losses (1 in the east - Florida, 1 in the west - Auburn). According to the SEC three-team tie-breaker rule, Arkansas would be eliminated first due to their Western division record, thus making it a head-to-head for LSU and Auburn. Auburn beat LSU, so Auburn would go to Atlanta.

Thus, Arkansas AND Auburn would have to lose this weekend to send LSU to Atlanta (assuming the Tigers win out, of course). If Arkansas beats Miss State, they're headed to Atlanta, regardless of the outcome of the LSU-Ark game. If Ark loses to Miss. State and Auburn beats Bama, then Arkansas would have to beat LSU to make it to Atlanta; if LSU beat Arkansas under that scenario, then Auburn would go to Atlanta

Here is the official rules in event of a three way tie in SEC West

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lots of Talking Not Enough Facts

I went down the LSU/Bama game as a reward to myself. Great Win!!! More on that later perhaps. I decided to stay away from politics a good bit for a few days so I could get some perspective. Reviewing the stuff that is circulating about why the Republicans lost is a tiresome ordeal. One reason is the spin. Each side , whether factions in the Republican party or liberal Dems ,have a spin they are promoting. However it is quite apparent most of this is not based on any thing relating to facts. A true analysis of the why and hows of the loss shall take a few weeks to even start seeing the full picture. I do feel though we can see some overall trends in this election cycle. I shall post on that shortly. Today I am starting to work on another blog I will be starting dealing with a Presidential hopeful That announcement coming up soon. I will a have two post up after midnight so stay tuned. I am ready to get back into the fight

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