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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry for My absense

I had a awful relapse on Sunday. My illness was not helped by LSU's loss (sigh). Just starting eating solid foods again. I will be getting back to regular posting tomorrow. I was going to do a look around my blogroll post but I notice blogrolling must be down because I am not seeing my links. I don't have the energy to google everyones blog up lol. Hopefully when you are viewing this it will be back up. I am looking forward to seeing what all my blogroll friends have been up too.

I have actually missed alot of what is going on. When I have been awake , I have been mostly boycotting the news. I didn't even know about the North Korea Nuclear test until just a few minutes ago. THe reason I have been boycotting is because the political news just seems so biased and one sided. I haven't watched a full day of news in while but I found one was enough. After one day of news, I mostly learned according to the Cable shows that Republicans might as well not go vote because we are going to LOSE BIG. That certaintly wasn't helping my recovery. I suspect the reality will be different But we shall be getting into that tomorrow.

Anyway, if you read this I would appreciate your prayers for a private intention I have. Tomorrow will be a stressful day and just say a prayer that I everything goes well for me tomorrow. Thanks

So please visit my blogroll(when it appears) and I hope to be visiting all my blog friend sites tomorrow.

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