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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Pondering American College Football Games of the Day-Updated throughout the Day

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Updates as to scores and other football thoughts will be posted today

1. How much does LSU have to win by to stop this crying game in Baton Rouge and to make sure we don't drop in the polls. It seems this year rules are out of the question when only a loss could drop you
*These games and the struggles that several big teams have had makes me nervous. Just a few minutes till kickoff
**LSU up 7 to zip against Tulame with 9 min left in the first
***LSU scoresPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
LSU 14 Green Folks 0 still in the 1st
*** Whoo HOOO Right at the Start of the 2nd LSU scores LSU 21 Green people 0
****LSU beating the "Harvard on the Bayou" 28-0
*****In the 3rd LSU 35 - Tulane 0
******4th Quarter LSU49 Tulane ZIPPO
******* For those Keeping Score I believe the worse ass whooping we gave Tulane was 62- 0. It is in reach
*********Rats Tulane Scored its a Final LSU 49 Tulane 7 GEAUX TIGERS
2.Mississippi State
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Let my people go!
And behold! There was darkness on the face of the people! And they were without understanding

Will Coach Croom and the Miss State bulldogs quit embarassing the SEC today and win against UAB? We shall see. Lose or win be sure to check out this Miss State board. If they lose it will be a riot. Anyway good luck Maroon Doggies. I feel for you and we have been where you are at. Well not that low but close. By the way I pick Miss State
*Seems things are getting off for a slow start for the State of Mississippi. UAB 7 Miss State 0 in second quarter
**HOLY TAPDANCING MOSES MISS STATE WINS- It is a start of a streak. To bad they play LSU next week MSU 16 UAB !)

3. Arkansas V Alabama
I am clueless who will win this game. I am looking forward to this game since both of the teams are in the SEC west. I am looking forward to see Bama play. This game will tell us alot what sort of condition both teams are in especially Bama. My hunch is Bama wins.
* 12:01 left in the second Ark 3 Bama 0- messy game already as to Penalties
** At the Half its Bama 10 Ark 3
*** With 9 min in the 3rd it is Bama 10 Ark 9(missed extra point by Ark- ouch that is going to hurt the way it looks)
****On the way back home got to listen to this double overtime game. Arkansas Wins beats Bama 24 to 23. This game would have gone into a third overtime if the Bama kicker had not missed the extra point.

4. Ole Myth v Wake Forest
Ole Miss wins- If they don't expect the home of William Faulkner to be burned down in Oxford.
*Game Delayed necause of lightning
**In the first Wake beating Ole Miss 7 -0
*** It is truly a William Faulkner moment at Ole Miss. Full of shadows and tragedy. In the second Wake Forest 10 Ole Myth 0
**** At the half Wake 10- Ole Myth 3
***** Good Grief like a minute left in the 3rd Wake 27 Ole Miss 3

5. Louisiana Tech v Texas A @ M
Local interest for me. I so want the Bulldogs to win but I know it will be a uphill struggle but Wac Football is getting better. Of concern is that Louisiana Tech had its hands full with Nicholls State last Saturday.Perhaps they will take inspiration form Nevada's win over Northwestern last night.
* Nice in the second quarter LA Tech leading 7 -0
** Tied up 7-7 in the second
*** At half 14-7 A and M
****There was hope for a good bit of the game - My Poor Dawgs TEXAS A and M 45Louisiana Tech 14-

6. Boise V Hawaii-
I think this is going to be a killer game in the WAC and I so wish I could catch it on the tv. Boise is of course one of those teams that could spoil the BCS Bowl hopes of the biggie schools. Boise is predicted to win. I am not so sure. Hawaii is a good team and I think might be flying below the radar. They played a good game against Alabama which is always tough. This could be a upset. If it is there will be sighs of relief from the school currently in the top ten.
* Well Hawaii isnt delivering. Right not Boise is whomping them
**Boise 41 Hawaii 27- Disappointing Hawaii was doing sort of a comeback
BOISE WINS 41 Hawaii 34

7. Michigan V Wisconsin-
This game is on right now and it is tied in the 2nd. Wisconsin is a tough team and I have been thinking this will be a upset. I hope so LSU needs Michigan to lose.
*- Seems that Michigan finally woke up Mich 24- Wis 10 in the 4th 9 min to go
** Michigan wins 27 to 13- Damn

8. USC V Arizona
USC does not look as impressive to me as last year. They win this one though. But LSU and Auburn fans have a few more hours to dream and fantasize about a loss.
*I must say if this is the upset of night it would take the sting out of last week. Starting the 2nd quarter 0-0
** USC 3 Zona 0 at the half
***USC 10 ZONA 0 (sigh)
*** USC 10 Zona 0 at start of third Darn
****Double Darn USC wins USC 20 Arizona 3

9. Arizona State V Cal-
Cal wins but this might be a goody to watch
* Hmm Arizona got out first but in the Second it is Cal 21 Arizona St 7
** Well at the half it looks like Cal has got this game under control Cal 42 Ariz-14

10.Notre Dame V Michigan State-
Going to be a tough game and prob be my evening choice of games to have on the TV as I am listening to LSU on the Radio. No pay per view for me today. There seems to be a groundswell of feeling that Michigan State will win. I am going for Touch Down Jesus since I am Catholic and dont want to spend more time in Purgatory .
* Michigan State , always a dangerous team is giving Notre Dame hell. It is currently 14 to 0 in the 2nd with 6 minutes to go
**This is not pretty Michigan 31- Our lady 14 at the half
*** MSU 37 ND -21 in the 3rd
****Good Golly Miss Molly -People must be saying the Hail Mary's MSU 37 ND 33- Oops missed extra point-that hurts 4:49 left
*****I think Notre Dame is Going to pull this one out ND40 MSU 37 1:32 left but MSU is driving
*******TOUCHDOWN JESUS COMES THROUGH HE MUST HAVE BEEN VISITING SPARTAN FIELD- I cant believe it Notre Dame finds a way to win ND 40 MSU 37
********I like Notre Dame but please ESPN know need to start the puffing up of them already


Boy the 27 point favored Georgia Bulldogs are having some major problems right down against Colorado. In the second it is Colorado 10 Georgia zero and that is on top of what seems to be bad calls against Colorado. Yikes!!!
*Good Grief Georgia is sucking. This sucks- Meltdown in the State of Georgia in 5 4 3 2 1
** Georgia has new lease on life. Georgia 7 CU 13 with 9 min left in the game--bad news Georgia has to waste a timeout on field goal because didn't have enough people on the field
*** Georgia Attempting to a comeback but it is not pretty They waste another timeout 1:30 left
***** Final Thoughts on Georgia. I think Georgia should stay at number 9. Every team has a close one like this during the season for the most part. A loss should take you down not a close ball game. Also I expect Georgia to have a nice little quarterback controversy next week.

An interesting game developing in the Ohio(1) vs Penn State(24) game
It is the second quarter 7 min left and it is still scoreless.
* Poor Coach Patterno of Penn State. Getting over a bug and had to leave the field to go to bathroom. Has not returned yet. But in his absense Penn scores a field Goal. At the half Penn 3 Ohio-0
** Damn- Penn State blew a chance early in the third and even missed the field Goal. Ohio has scored. In the 3rd Ohio 7 Penn St 3
***Back from Mass and my hopes as to this game are dashed- Appears that in the 4th things came togther for Ohio. OHIO WINS-28 to 6. I hate scores like this. It doesnt show how good the game actually was.

It seemed early in the day we had the makings of a possible upset Sunday. It appears that might be getting a second gasp late in the afternoon
Texas is having problems with Iowa St down in Austin Texas 16 Iowa St 14 in the second.
*Hmm Looks Like Texas is waking up Texas 23 - IowaSt 14
** Seems like Texas is fine shape- At the half Texas 30 Iowa State 14
*** This game was delayed in the 2nd half because of Weather- Is it me or is there bad weather all over the place as to these games. Right now Texas cruising to victory- Texas 37 Iowa State 14
****TEXAS wins looks real solid

West Virgina-
Even though not in my top 10 games of interest West Virgina is tied 7 to 7 with East Carolina State in the Second. I am sure WVU will wake up be we LSU folks can dream.
*I must say I am wishing I didnt have to run to Sat Mass with all theselots of interesting games. With 5 left in the half its WV 14 ECU 7. No telling what the scores of some of these games will be like.
** Appears the dreaming is coming to a end for a West Virginia loss. Tough game though
In the 4th with about 2 minutes left WVU 27 ECU 10
Final West Virginia wins 27-10

Florida V Kentucky-
I told a Florida Fan I felt they would have no problem with Kentucky. It appears I spoke too soon. Florida is having in hands full with Kentucy right now. I am flipping between that and the Notre Dame game. Kentucky put on a very impressive performance against Ole Miss last week. Currently with 12 min left in 2nd its Florida 6- Kentucky 0
*Florida 12 Kentucky 9 in 3rd
** FLorida will win this and is a very good team Fla 26 Kentucy 7
***Its a wrap 26 to 7 Florida wins. Kentucky is much improved
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The National Problem of Louisiana Coastal Erosion And Louisiana loses money because of Federal goof.

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There are some good articles about the national problem of Louisiana coastal erosion out today.

First a good piece out of the New York Times entitled Time to Move the Mississippi, Experts Say. That article talks about possible solutions. I found this intriguing as to where we would divert the River:One possible location is near Davant, about 45 miles southeast of New Orleans. Another is near Empire, further down the river, where the levees could be opened. In either case the river flow into wet and marshy areas to the west. Another way would have to be found — or constructed — for ships to reach the shipping lane, possibly something engineers call a slack-water channel.

That makes sense to me. If nothing is done that area will slowly go into the gulf anyway. The question is who on the Federal and State Level will lead and make the difficult choices.

LSU has produced a controversial report that is talked about in the Picayune article Study challenges thinking on wetlands. It makes the claim that contrary to popular thinking that hurricane help prevent Coastal erosion. I am not buying that yet.

On a typical Louisiana note we find because of a goof during the Clinton administration that Louisiana will lose out on a huge pile of money as to the new field that was found. I suspect that we will not see a dime. It appears that even the Chevron people had no idea of this goof. If under pressure they even try to alter that contract their Stockholders will sue so fast it will make your head spin.-DEPRESSING-

Louisiana folks and their leaders need to wake up quickly. We have a Presidential election coming up and Louisiana electorial votes could make the difference in the election. This is a bipartisan issue. Republicans and Democrats must take it upon themselves to make sure that they support the person in their respective parties primaries that will deliver on the Coastal erosion problem

As always to learn more about this problem, go to Conservative Cajun and check out his link section.

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Kickoff at 7pm

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It's GameDay: LSU and Tulane Renew Old Rivalry -

LSU NOTES: Tigers sympathize with 2005 Tulane road warriors-

LSU-Tulane Matchups-

LSU looks to rebound against Tulane-

Friday, September 22, 2006

OOPS - Maybe the Immigration Hardliners will Want to Retract This Study

The Center for Immigration Studies is often on tv and presented as some non partisan think tank. That of course is utter nonsense. It is a tool of the John Tanton groups. They have a new study out today called The Impact of New Immigrants on Young Native-Born Workers, 2000-2005. Let me say the study is deeply flawed as usual. They say "Over the 2000-2005 period, immigration levels remained very high and roughly half of new immigrant workers were illegal. This report finds that the arrival of new immigrants (legal and illegal) in a state results in a decline in employment among young native-born workers in that state.

Despite the flaws a question here is left out in the air. Currently the US Unemployment national rate fell to 4.7 percent in August from 4.8 percent in July. IF half the new Jobs were taken by immigrants(legal or illegal) who in the heck would replace them? Sounds like this is a reason we need a sound guest worker program that is reviewed on a quarterly basis.
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Well, Let Me Reconsider About Tom Tancredo

Yesterday I mentioned that in the spirit of Republican unity I would try to go light on Congressman Tancredo during the general election season. I must say comments like these make that hard.

An immigration compromise plan will not work, because President Bush cannot be trusted to "certify" America's borders are secure, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) said Thursday........"I don't trust the president to say the borders are secure," Tancredo told an audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. He said immigration policy should be formulated with an emphasis on law enforcement as opposed to "political pandering" for votes....

I have had a enough to be quite honest. Tancredo can disagree with the President but to imply that the President can't be trusted is insane and sounds like something from the other side of the aisle. Disagreement fine. However, to continue to use this rethoric to appeal to this segment of the voters is beyond the pale.

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The Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

Before I retire for the night, I wish to highlight a post the Anchoress has written that I believe hits just the right tone. The Anchoress brings up the the uncomfortable point that what Chavez was ranting about yesterday might have its source right here at home.

Some leading democrats spoke out and rightfully so. It was so refreshing because I hate to say I did not expect it. That shows us perhaps what was decent and right thing to do not even 20 years ago is now a rarity.

Of course as the Anchoress said before, if I recall correctly, we are in danger in becoming what we hate(paraphrasing). We on the right seem to be becoming affected slightly with this disease also. Case in point this Ann Coulter Column that the Pink Flamingo pointed out in a post I linked earlier. Good Ole Ann said:McCain, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John Warner -- or, as the Times now calls him, the "courtly Virginian" ("fag-hag by proxy to Elizabeth Taylor" being beneath his dignity these days) -- want terrorists treated like Americans accused of crimes, with full access to classified information against them and a list of the undercover agents involved in their capture. Liberals' interest in protecting classified information started and ended with Valerie Plame.

Ouch- was that really necessary? How in heavens name does that advance reasoned debate and uphold the dignity of the US Senate. The problem is that is nothing compared to the slams on the character of these men we have seen the past few days on the blogs , in the conservative internet "press", and in the forums. So have no doubt that this poison that started and is in full blossom on the left can also infect us. Right now we are just testing it out on our own.

This over heated rethoric must stop. We must stop pretending that we live in a world where every utterance of Cindy Sheehan and Air America and other talking heads has equal weight, validity and substance as any other.

I do have hope though. I am praying that Hillary Clinton does not receive the Democrat nomination for 08. My reasons having very little to do with her policy. I think we need a clear break and fresh faces. On the Republican side this will be the first Presidental election in 25 years that doesn't have a Bush or Dole on the ticket. Perhaps it would be wise for the Democrats to break with the past too. I have one hope if this is the outcome . That because of the emotions of the Clinton years and the Bush years on all sides that perhaps taking the symbols that push our relative buttons might calm us all down some. It might be naive hope and I think deep down I don't really believe it. (Remember Jesus land on all those famous faux Electoral maps) But right now I am willing to try anything. Especially since we have a enemy that wants to kill us in very vast numbers.

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Compromise on Interrogation

I am hearing some compromise has been reached regarding the interrogation issue. I am hearing that it is a decent one. Regardless it is time for the bashing of McCain, Snowe, Grahmn, and Warner to stop. It has been quite over the top and I say that as someone that was leaning toward the President's view. Pink Flamingo has a great post on this including some comments that Senator Grahmn from South Carolina made. THose Senators and especially McCain and Grahmn are great example of Republican US Senators. The conservative press should not bash them fore their stance. There is nothing wrong about slowing things down and asking the tough questions. In fact that is what the Senate is suppose to do.

I see this as a win for the system and win for Republican leadership. I am sure the media has some spin on this that doesnt fit the reality.

This episode shows me that the media is a big part of the problem in this process and not so much the political parties. Even some of our darlings such as Ann Coulter goes way over the top as the Flamingo shows. One reason I had a hard time coming to a decison on this was that the media frankly was not too helpful in informing me. It seemed to be all about the supposed "showdown" and precious little about substance.

Lets us just pray we made the right one

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US Blows Great PR Opportunity

I suppose someone was asleep at the Switch this week in the US Govt Pr department. Heck I would have loved to seen this mentioned in the President UN Speech or asked by one of the reporters to the Dr Evil of Iran. Done with Mirrors has the great story of the first female Muslim in space

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Come PAT BUCHANAN Can Appear on a Racist Show and No One Blinks a Eye

I just don't understand politics I guess. I am pretty clueless how Pat Buchanan can appear on the extremist and racist Political Cesspool Show and no one seems to care. Here is a link The Political Cesspool 9/14/06 (TN) . The Council of Conservative Citizens on their main page says
It is our esteemed honor to announce that Patrick J. Buchanan, one of the most sought-after guests on talk radio, will be joining The Political Cesspool on Thursday evening, September 14. We'll be talking to Pat about his latest best-selling book; State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.In STATE OF EMERGENCY, Pat Buchanan charges Mexico City with an Aztlan Plot, a conscious campaign to use America as a dumping ground for its poor and unemployed, to relieve social pressure at home and effect a re-annexation of the American Southwest. “La Reconquista,” the re-conquest by Mexico of the lands lost in the Texas War of Independence and Mexican-American War is underway, Buchanan charges, and President Bush is guilty of an impeachable dereliction of duty in his failure to defend America from the greatest invasion in human history. If this invasion is not stopped, Buchanan writes, America will be finished as a nation.Our interview with Mr. Buchanan will provide you with many facts about this invasion and we'll be sure to ask all the important questions. What will America look like in 2050 if this trend isn't reversed? What about America's political paralysis in dealing with this vitally important issue?Please remember to join us Thursday night, September 14, as we interview Pat Buchanan in The Political Cesspool. As always, you may tune into The Political Cesspool each weeknight from 7:00pm - 8:00pm Central Standard Time on AM 1380 WLRM in the Greater Memphis listening area. You may also access our live internet simulcast and broadcast archives by visiting our website at,

If I were George Bush and Karl Rove , I would freakin unload on him with this information. This is a guy that hates the Bushes and give the President and a ton of others unholy fits. He must have some little book full of secrets on everyone in DC for him to get such passes. Why is he given a pass by MSNBC, FOX, and CNN?

What is ironic is that the Republican party will get tagged with this even though Pat is no longer a Republican and does everything he can to hinder us as a party..

I did a post/expose of the Political Cesspool show here. For Goodness sake!!!!! the guy that interviewed Pat Buchanan is a member of the biggest white hate group site on the web called StormFront. The political cesspool show is very much promoted on the Stormfront site and it radio threads.

The StormFront site had the following topics today(there are far worse ones) -

Securing a White Homeland
Your all-time favorite Hitler sayings...
Third Reich achievements that were held back?
jewish armbands had a purpose
Do black Christians share heaven with whites?
Massive Collection of Pro-White Racial Science Websites
Tactics used to compel White science students to drop out of college
Global Aryan Solidarity Day 9/22/06 Locations Worldwide
KKK Cookout:OCT. 7TH
50th Anniversary Celebration of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

At times I feel like I live in a political twilight zone.

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The Funniest Damn College Football Sport's Board Period

I have to admit I feel sorry for poor ole Mississippi State. In fact it seems the entire State of Mississippi is having problems in the football department. Soon the State will all be rooting for little USM in Hattisburg.

However Mississippi State is having huge problems. Things have not recovered since 2004 , when Mississippi State embarassed the SEC by losing to MAINE in their opening game. I might do a post after this weekend on Miss State if they happen to lose this weekend. They might have a problem with the press if they try to fire their Coach or buy his contract out. I suspect the press will not be fair in their coverage. Anywho we shall be postive for Miss State and for Coach Croom this weekend. Geaux SEC.

However you might as well laugh instead of crying. The below is from a funny as heck Miss State's Sports Board on last weeks game(Miss State lost to Tulame).

DickStick MemberPosts: 88(9/17/06 1:12 pm)Reply
I stayed till the very end ringing my cowbell.
Does that make me a sheep?
STARKDAWG MemberPosts: 384(9/17/06 1:13 pm)Reply
nope.....just a dumbass
(This message was left blank)
DickStick MemberPosts: 89(9/17/06 1:14 pm)Reply
Re: Really?
Why is that?
BigMotherTucker MemberPosts: 229(9/17/06 1:14 pm)Reply
No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
I feel for you.
DickStick MemberPosts: 90(9/17/06 1:15 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
Not anymore. I was just going out strong - Front and Center.
Coach34 PeachesPosts: 4056(9/17/06 1:19 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
you're an idiot...i hope you get tendonitis for being so stupid..
"we couldnt get six wins if we played everyone TWICE"- Maddawg"I would rather watch bully sh*t on the field than watch the offense.
"- cb6228"I thought about giving my tickets to underpriviledged kids but they've been through enough in their life and making them watch Miss State footbll seems cruel."- CroomOwesMeAnApology
WalkTheDawg MemberPosts: 667(9/17/06 1:20 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
Going out strong would have been walking down behind the bench after the final whistle and throwing you bell at the feet of Croom.
DickStick MemberPosts: 91(9/17/06 1:27 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
If I have to get tendonitis from something I guess ringing my bell would be the way I would want to do it.Better than some internet nerd jerkin off to porn sites.
memphisbluesagain MemberPosts: 469(9/17/06 1:33 pm)Reply
Re: No... It makes you a glutten for punishment.
so you never jerked off to internet porn sites?maybe you should give it a try.much more satisfying than Mississippi State football

This particular Mississippi State board is so funny there should be a warning label. Whenever I need a laugh I go and read the post.

So Congrats Bulldogs. You might Suck at football , but the SIX Pack Board rocks

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Tancredo Alert--Good Grief the Koodum Citizens League Again

In the interest of party unity for the general election, I am attempting to tone down my criticism of such people as Randy Graf and Congressman Tom Tancredo. Needless to say to prevent the freak show of groundless Democrat investigations into everything Bush or worse Impeachment proceedings, I realize we have to hold on to every seat we can in 06.

However some things need to be called out. Especially when they are related to the Council of Conservative Citizens. The Pink Flamingo has a excellent recap of what has been going on as to these possible shennigans.

I suggest going to her links and taking a look at it for yourself. Tancredo needs to answer these questions.

First off some of the media, yet again, is talking about the darn wrong things again as to this issue. The result being that the issue gets clouded and people that feel attacked stop listening.

The Denver Post goes off on the wrong track and struggles to return but never does.

A great potential article gets sidelined by these nuggets
When Tancredo pleads immunity from all this, it's a wink and a nod. By demonizing illegal immigration, Tancredo has empowered and enjoyed the support of Mexican-hating xenophobes. Now, he has added the progeny of the Confederacy, whose ancestors backed slavery and racial segregation. Tancredo insists he doesn't share their bigotry. But the people he attracts help define him.

What Tancredo did is like Hillary Clinton appearing with a hammer-and-sickle flag, talking socialized medicine to an audience that includes Communists, then singing the Russian national anthem.
I asked to speak to Tancredo about the divisive symbolism of the Confederate flag and Dixie. He chose not to talk

Wrong and wrong. Growing up, guys like me were used in racist social experiments run by people who believed in the Confederate flag and Dixie. Those people meant to convince kids that whites were better than blacks. That's why guys like me avoid symbols of racial prejudice.

Let me say the above is not helpful. The Council of Conservative Citizens and increasingly the League of the South are very dangerous and extremist organizations. The league of the South is a kooky organization that has a goal the SECESSION OF THE SOUTH from the United States. The League of the South is quite upfront they are not a Southern or Confederate heritage group. Note to researchers. The League of the South is trying to take over a real confederate heritage organization. Perhaps if the Denver Post had done some research they could have interviewed these good men.

The issue is not the rebel flag or Dixie for goodness sakes. When I was at Vicksburg Military Park in Mississippi recently I was struck by its history. Many of the people that helped formed that park were Union veterans of that horrible siege. They were concerned that their former foes and now their fellow countrymen were honored. This bashing of all things Confederate would not please them. Like wise the old Confederates would not be happy with the ultimate aims of the League of the South either. Again, heritage is not the issue. TO continue to make these side issues a focus will just empower these groups. The issue is hate and kookdum. Not the issue of trying to equate people ancestors with Nazis. That will backfire.

That being said I strongly urge you to go to Pink Flamingo and look at the links. The Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the League has tried to legitimate themselves by being involved in the immigration debate. Every politician ,whether Democrat or Republican, need to know they will be called out if they have involvement with these organizations.

What are my personal feelings here? I suspect that Tancredo knew exactly who he was talking too. Especially as to the Council of Conservative Citizens. I also that for all practical purposes much of the membership of the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens in South Carolina is shared. I do wonder this. Why does Sen Allen, who has far less ties to the CofCC get crucifyed by the media , but Tom Tancredo is not. Will Lou Dobbs bring this issue up? I doubt it.


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An Quick LSU Update

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Time to take a break from the politics of the world and update LSU football

First off to any of my readers that were in the parking lot at Bogies last night in Baton Rouge. Please email me and give me the scoop lol.

Tigersmack gives us a interview with a Tulane Blogger and his thoughts on the game.

LSUsportsnet gives us a overview of the upcoming game from the LSU side. There is a Les Miles post game interview at the link.

Scott Ferrell at Bayou Bengals blog says it like it is as to the "quarterback controversy". Thankfully that is dying down.

The Baton Rouge Advocate has a article on the question that is on all minds - The LSU running game.

The NOLA Times Picayune has a good article on LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois .

Kirk Herbstreit from ESPN gives the SEC and LSU some Love-
couple of observations, please nobody ask who has the best conference in football this year. There is the SEC and then everybody else. Secondly, Auburn, congratulations on the win, but my friends, the best defense in the country hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Auburn won the game, thanks in large part to playing it at home with a vocal fan base. The thing that I walked away with was that Auburn deserved credit for finding a way to win, but LSU's defense is scary.

Now a cool pic. When I first lived in Baton Rouge I didnt realize that there was a great school for the Deaf in Baton Rouge. I think this is a major cool pic-
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Louisiana School for the Deaf 8 Man Team. 2005 Deaf 8 Man National Champions!

No Link but I am hearing that LSU lost out a major Baseball Stud . It appears that Carmen Angelini of Barbe in Lake Charles has committed to Rice. UGHHH

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An Interesting Poll on the Immigration Issue and My Take on the Media

I took some time to visit the always informative immigration blog called Migra Matters today. To say the least that blogger is far more to the left on politcs and immigration policy than I am. However, I encourage people to visit him because often he has links to information that Lou Dobbs and others fail to give us. Trust me you want go blind if you visit a left leaning site. I suspect most people can discern the spin and look at the raw data.

He has a very interesting poll in Colorado as to the immigration issue. I think he says it best when:An interesting poll was published Monday in the Rocky Mountain News, not particularly surprising, but none the less interesting. It reflected the usual mix of feelings about the contentious immigration issue. 61% of Coloradans support an earned citizenship approach for undocumented immigrants, allowing them to stay in the country and eventually become citizens if they meet certain requirements like paying taxes and learning English. Only 15% favored deportation. Yet half said that immigration hurts the state more than it helps and a majority of respondents said that immigration was one of their top concerns along with the economy. Nothing strange there. This poll generally reflects what similar polls show throughout the country. Respondents prefer a mix of "get tough" policies going forward and pragmatic compassion when it comes to the undocumented already living and working in the country.

This like he says is no surprise. The immigration issue is a tough issue that is not going to have a solution found in easy 30 second sound blurbs. The biggest failure of the people that wish to have true comprehensive immigration reform was to engage the religious community. Especially the evanglical community. Hopefully that mistake will not be repeated next year.

Migra Matters goes into a element of the poll that focuses on white males without a college education that generally support a hardline appraoch. I suspect that there is a similar result could be found among african americans in a similar situation in other states. I engage that demographic a little in his comment section. Again the concerns of this demographic are valid. That is one reason I support a guest worker program that can be reviewed on a quarterly basis to take in economic indicators.

The frustrating fact about this poll is that it shows that a comprehensive approach to the immigration issue is not anathema to the American people. They are not embolden to the approaches of the "delete the border crowd" nor are they in agreement with all facets of the Tancredo approach.

In the end they want security, they want the border controlled, they want this not to hurt American workers, and they want a fair and just way to handle the illegals already here.

One final thought as to this debate. I am still shocked at how the media has across the board fallen down on its job here. Lou Dobbs at times seems to be running the entire newsroom over at CNN. Fox news ,despite showing some signs of attempting to show both sides, has now decided that conservative people like Governor Huckabee, Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Sen Martinez, Sen Brownback and their views on the issue do not exist. The other networks including the three had similar shortcomings. Why was this? Why did the liberal leaning press seem to take a big lack of interest in this debate ,or more precisely seemed not to give a platform to the other voices that wanted a compromise?

I think much of it come down to this obsession by many to see if Bush and the Republicans are falling apart. Look at the media this last week and how they framed the issue of the Republican Senators who disagree with President Bush on the interrogation issue. I have seen headlines such as "Republican Revolt" and my favorite "Republican Rebel alliance". Well, in reality President Bush is not Darth Vader who has just terminated the Imperial Senate and John McCain and associates are not a modern version of Princess Leia in the opening scene of Star Wars. What we have is the Government working and especially the Senate working. There is no crisis because this is how Government works. In the end there will be a solution because largely the President and the dissenting REPUBLICAN Senators are grown ups.

In the end the media seem to me interested in the intra party squabble in this affair than they did the actual important problem. That is a shame. OF course the democrats did not help matters much. The democrats in the House on the whole I believe have been AWOL on this issue. It seems that I am always hearing their voices on the war for instance but I can't recall hearing much of their voice on immigration. Perhaps it is because the MSNBC's of the world were more interested in having Republican vs Republican and conservative voters ranting against Bush on the TV.

Well , despite the poison that has been released in this debate it appears that Americans have not adopted the Tancredo/John Tanton Groups approach. Let us hope next year a comprehensive solution can be had.

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Trancripts of the Ahmadinejad and Chavez Speeches

Called as Seen Blog has links to the speeches of the Ahmadinejad and Chavez that they "performed" in front of the UN yesterday. As the Hedgehog blog noted yesterday the media for some unearthly reason is not focusing on the conclusion of Ahmadinejad speech yesterday. NPR states (they have a audio report) It is said that in the 10th century, the 12th and last Imam of the Shiite branch of Islam disappeared. He is said to be hidden by God and will reappear at the end of history to lead an era of Islamic justice. But lately, actions by -- and rumors about -- Iran's president have renewed interest in the 12th Imam. Let me say I think they even understate it. More information here as to this important theology that appears to be guiding the Iranian President that wishes to obtain the "bomb".

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An Insight on President Bush

Michael Medved was part of a group of radio host that got to spend some time with the President last week. Here is the very insightful piece that Medved wrote called The President, Face to Face: In Command, and Enjoying It. Also in attendance was Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham, and Neal Boortz. I only can hope that the President was able to take Sean Hannity aside for a few private moments and offered some kind advice.

I was struck by this part of the Medved piece especially. Medved says:

And one more thing: twice during his meandering conversation, the President deployed the word "nuclear." Both times, he pronounced it flawlessly --- as "new- clee-ar," not "nuke-cule-ar." Considering the huge press attention on the mis-pronounciation of this single word, nothing shocked me more about meeting the president than hearing him, in private conservation, avoid a mistake for which he's become celebrated in public.
If he can say "nu-clee-ar" in private, why does he still say, "nuke-cule-ar" when he speaks on camera? Could it be possible that there's some mischievous intent here-- that the President deliberately gives his own spin to the word just to provoke pompous pundits into paroxysms of supercilious rage? It seems like a far-fetched explanation, I'll admit, but after seeing the President's infectiously feisty mood this Friday, I wouldn't put it past him

This does not surprise me in the least. I have always suspected that Bush plays up this misconception of the left has that he is some what deficient in the brains department. The result being that the Dems have gotten beat in several elections(2000, 2002, 2004) by underestimating the man. Of course some very smart people tried to raise the alarm bells to their fellow democrats that they were decieving themselves. Donna Brazile, who among other things was Gore's campaign manager in 2000, had a plea that was in newsweek in 2004 that was disregarded by her fellow Democrats. She said:"It’s hard to travel across the country these days without seeing an old familiar bumper sticker: “Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot.” Perhaps the slogan rang true for many progressive voters in this highly partisan, highly charged and highly polarized electorate. But, if the bumper-sticker crowd believes it refers to George W. Bush, they are sorely mistaken.
Sen. John Kerry can win this election by understanding that he is running against a shrewd, clever and an extremely intelligent opponent who was trained in political combat by the late GOP strategist Lee Atwater

Let me be suggest that Kerry and the Democrats instead of listening to this wise advice in 2004, continued to live in the concoon world of believing their own rethoric against Bush was true.

Have the democrats learned their lesson in 2006? Well ,the Bush is stupid rethoric has died down but there have been signs of again underestimating the President. I suspect that the uptick in the President's poll numbers as well as the better numbers for Republicans as a whole have surprised some dems. . We shall see if this has a influence on how the democrats play this election cycle.
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A New Moslem Blogger To My Blogroll

Updated- Link fixed

I thought that with all this talk of the need for a conversation between the West and the Moslem World that perhaps I should try to make a contribution to that. I am adding a Moslem blogger that comes from Sudan named the Sudanese Thinker. He describes himself as "I’m Drima and I’m a pro-democracy, anti-communist, caring capitalist, HUGE fan of American pop culture (Friends anyone?), grateful consumer of Western products (Danish cheese anyone?), NOT a fan of double standards within America’s foreign policy, certainly NOT a fan of Islamic extremism, strong believer in the notion “the pen is mightier than the sword”, non-conformist, independent thinking kind of guy seeking to expand his mind by engaging in productive, open-minded and peaceful discussions."

Today he reminds us that Muslims are not the only ones that crazy Conspiracy theories.

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A Update On Repub 08 Hopeful Governor Huckabee

Right now, I have narrowed down my choices to Governor Huckabee or Senator Brownback for the 08 Primary Race.

A few updates-
Mike Huckabee President 2008 tells us Gov Huckabee got a major Gun Rights endorsement from a big wig in South Carolina.

Also there is a link to another stop where Gov Huckabee talked about Immigration reform and Gun Rights in South Carolina also. Huckabee said "Huckabee says the federal government has done a (quote) "lousy job" protecting America's borders because the country lacks a practical way to let people in legally." Good common sense that seems to be in short supply.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Brief Look Around the Blogroll

The Pink Flamingo has a Islamic Rage meter that is just so funny.

Called as Seen has some more wise words on the who interrogation business. I have to admit I am coming more over to Bush sides on this but I am looking at what the compromise solution looks like. He actually brings up a point that I have thought about. How this could save lives and I am not talking only American ones here.

Caucus Cooler has a good post on McCain's position on the current interrogation debate and how it is affecting him among the Party faithful. Very good reasoned post.

The Hedgehog blog points out something that I can't believe that has not be pointed out by any press. That is that the Iranian's President UN speech ended with an appeal for the quick arrival of the Hidden or Twelfth Imam. Chavez' s speech was of course outrageous, but this is far more significant. See the text at the link

The Anchoress reminds us of the important of a Catholic Sacrament.

Paw Paws House from Louisiana has some good thought on the Pope's statement.

Mostly Cajun brings us some news about hows the Poles have erected a statue of Ronald Reagan in Warsaw. Just wonderful. God bless the Poles.

This is just a sample of what is on my blogroll. Give it a look.

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The Pope- The last of a literal dying breed and Some Archbishop has a Wife

The Anchoress as usual has the best set of links as well as insight on what is going as the Pope and the Muslim World. She links to a NY SUN piece that mentions what always been a fascinating piece of Benedicts history to me. That is the time he spent in a American POW camp. The Sun's piece which is a great read says in part:Günter Grass, in his memoirs, recalls an encounter with the young Joseph Ratzinger while both were held in an American prisoner-of-war camp in 1945. The young Grass, a Nazi who had been proud to serve in the Waffen-SS, was taken aback by this soft-spoken, gentle young Catholic. Unlike God, the future pope played dice, quoting St. Augustine in the original while he did so; he even dreamt in Latin. His only desire was to return to the seminary from which he had been drafted. "I said, there are many truths," wrote Grass. "He said, there is only one."
Sixty years later, just before the conclave that elected him pope, Ratzinger proved that he had never changed. The then prefect of the Congregation of the Faith — in effect, the church's theological backstop — preached a sermon to the assembled cardinals in which he denounced the "dictatorship of relativism." From that moment on, there was no other serious candidate

I have often wondered if any of the American Guards are still alive that guarded the future Pope. Yesterday, I was contemplating this fact when it hit me. Pope Benedict is pretty much the last world leader that served in World War II. He is one of the last World leaders to see the horrors of Nazism and Facism up close and personal. He recognizes facism when he sees it even though a certain US Senator and 08 DEM hopeful doesn't want us to even call them Facist. What will the World be like when the people that were part of that "greatest generation" are gone completely. In fact with how the World has stood up to the challenges so far are we not already seeing the disagreeable answer to that question. In the elected US Government that generation is pretty much gone.

Oh the NYT Opinion page pipes up again with their wisdom. I find it amusing that the Times is now telling the Pope what to do as to the famous Assisi meeting that occured where various faiths come and pray together. Pope Benedict I suspect that perhaps the World senses the wrong message from these meetings. That is that there are different truths and who cares what you believe. OF course John Paul II did not have that view but there has been a re appraisial of how that should be conducted. However the money quote is this in my view "As his unfortunate comments show, the pope needs high-level experts on Islam to help guide him.
In offering his regrets, the pope said that in its totality, his speech was intended as “an invitation to frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect.” In living up to that, he and other top Vatican officials will have to accept that genuine communication cannot occur on their terms only

What is the Times talking about? When has the Vatican said that communication will occur only on their terms? THe answer is of course never and nothing in Pope's Benedict's past or present statements can be twisted to imply this "Its my way or the Highway" approach to discussion. The Vatican is constantly having high level meetings and having discussions with many other Christian Churches and non Christian groups on a monthy basis none of which I see covered in the New York Times.

Check out Amy Welborn too that has some great links also.

I guess the whole Pope infuriates Muslims story has caused this incredible bit of news to be buried on the back pages. American Papist tells us that it appears that a Archbishop from Africa has a wife and he showed up with her at a conference in New Jersey. Well we thank the Saints he is now "retired" but that is about the only good thing I can find that mitigates this scandal. Don't we excommunicate people any more for continuing to flaunt Church authority like this? Guess not.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Coming Up

Because of a scheduled outrage on blogger, I am delaying posting till tonight. I shall have a PAPA BENEDICT update. Status is currently, Muslim extremists still mad and the press can still not transalate Italian correctly. More Later.

I will be introducing a Moslem Blogger to the blogroll.

There should be a pretty good bloground round up.

Hopefully a Nice Piece by the Michael Medved will be available ONLINE tonight for me to share.

Hopefully, I can give a update on the Minuteman Project and some interesting developments there.

So till Tonight ,early tomorrow morning -Chow

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Democrats Buying Guns

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Sometimes we need a little humor. I have mixed feelings if this is actually funny or not in reality. It perhaps shows the delusions of the far left on whom the true enemy is in the world. But you know after reading the NYT on Saturday what can I expect.

Well it seems the peaceful progressives at the infamous Dem Underground site are talking about the need to buy firearms. This by the way is prompted because of the fear of the coming "Republican" army" Dummie Funnies has the thread and some hilarious commentary. Enjoy.
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If I read one more thread about corrupt officials or see another Zarpuder Like chain of pictures of the controversal Pass Interference Call that was later call backed I will scream. The game is over finished and we have needless to say a tough schedule ahead. Also as to the official/ref in question , I highly suggest we tone it down a notch. If we dont some idiot 19 year old LSU fan will do something like this horrible episode and tar the whole University. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt is not fair but if want to see a sea change in public opinion toward LSU just have that happen. It was a tough game and yeah the playcalling sucked. But as I have posted it was one of the best struggles I saw between two equally matched teams in my life. It was a defense classic. PLus, even though I hate rooting for Auburn, its not very classy to take away from those boy's efforts on the field either.

I have to think alot of this is coming form the under 25 Crowd that doesn't have a clue how it was to be a LSU fan back in the 80's and 90's. Heck I still love Dinardo because in reality he showed us that yes the "magic could return" and was the first step in bringing the program back. That shows you how bad it got in those years. News Flash- We don't want to be one of those schools that demands peoples heads for losing two or three games a year.

Think Tulane - That is what is important. We have had time to vent , now it just gets to the point of being silly.

At least the administration of TigerDroppings is taking positive steps to stop this madness
The Tiger Rant is in dire need a Babe Thread... -
Babe Threads are a fixture on the O-T Lounge, but it is apparent that many of you have not moved on from this past weekend's heart-breaking loss to Auburn. So, in an attempt to help some of you get your minds off of the Auburn game and onto something else, and on the advice of one of members of our great admin staff, I have made the executive order to allow a Babe Thread on the Tiger Rant. If you are at work or around children, or just don't like seeing woman in bikinis or sexy outfits, please don't read beyond this post.

Thank god. Maybe TD will be bearable again.

On to the more pleasant topics-
A great funny and insightful article on the LSU/Auburn game here. He is going to to all the SEC stadiums this year. He really wants to meet up with fans and especially the tailgators. It would be great if LSU fans would help it out by contacting him. His Miss State article was a fun read too.

I posted a last week that LSU fans should go to the ESPN game day show at USC ,where it appears Mickey Mouse is now in charge of Game day Choices, and show some little LSU love on Camera. Well it appears one guy did. This is Big Jake.
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Tiger Smack Blog , a voice of sanity, has some good post here and here about the topics I talked about. Finally some sanity and ditto for his position on Games being able to be overturned. Pleaseeeee. Also for the adults in the room that can handle it, he has a link to the Zarpuder like shots of the controversal call in in the update part. Ne sure to put him on your blogroll.

Anyway that is the football post for the day. Geaux Tigers and beat Tulame. Now back to the reality of the World where people want to kill the Pope and people still bash our Poor President for no reason.

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The Gun Issue and the 08 Republican Primary Race

I must say that all these political talking heads have seemed to ignore the "NRA" issues and the related past records of the Republican 08 field. The Gun issue has largely gone unnoticed because it has not been a subject of vast debate recently. The reason is of course a very Conservative Republican controlled Congress and a pro 2nd Amendment President has been in power since 2000. However looking at the field I think that issue is going to be a issue that might decide a lot of close primaries. The NRA and assorted groups will do everything in their power to make sure that a Republican Nominee is not a heretic on that issue.

The striking thing about the 08 field that is developing is how much more "moderate" it is than in past races. For instance the real early strength of Governor Pataki and Governor Romney is quite striking. You put Guilliani in the mix(who I am really convinced will not run) and the field that is viable is much less conservative in the past.

I see the following as the real Contenders in the race-
Governor Romney
Gov Pataki
Senator McCain
Gov Mike Huckabee
Sen Bill Frist( I am putting him up here but I think he has no shot and will be out by New Hampshire)

Newt Gingrich(I have doubts if he will actually run)
Gilluani(Same doubts)
Sam BrownBack(who I really suspect will run)
Senator Allen(depends on if he survives in 06 which I predict he will but right now is damaged goods)

Lets for example take a look at one hopeful

Governor Romney-
Governor Romney seems to be remaking himself into a hard line Conservative more and more each day. Now the question of course is if he is a true believer and past stands(see abortion) were just because he had to take those stands for survival in the very liberal state of Massachusetts. The media rants on and on about if his Mormon religion is going to be a problem with Southern voters or the Christian right. They pretty much assume it will be by the way. I take the quite opposite view. However his position on GUNS is going to be a big issue once those famous orange NRA postcards start hitting mailboxes. In my view the average Republican in my blessed State for instance won'tt give a big darn if he is Mormon but they sure as hell will care on about his stance on Guns.
One gets a sense that Governor Romney to win in Massachusetts had to be a tad "liberal" on the gun issue than lets say a Governor Huckabee from Arkansas. However it is real interesting too see how he dealing with this. This post at Evanglicals for Mitt hits this issue dead on. Will that work?

Again it is something to consider when "picking your guy or gal" for 08. I don't mean to pick on Romney here. I believe that Giullani and Pataki will have much the same if not worse problems with this issue among this segment of Republican Primary voters in many areas of the country.

I suppose this is one reason why I think someone like Governor Huckabee or a Sen Brownback could really emerge from the Pack in this race. Needless to say Senator Allen ,if he is even around , will likewise be in a good position to get these votes.

One other Republican that will have problems is Senator McCain. I believe his problems will not be his votes on Gun issue but his stance and to the horror of the NRA his victory on campaign finance reform. I suspect that is viewed as a much bigger sin by the NRA and related groups than the political choices that some of the northern gop hopefuls had to make in order to survive. In fact that is the major complaint I hear from NRA members about McCain. They have not forgotten and if they get fuzzy on it I suspect the NRA will remind them.

It is a big issue and if you are supporting anyone outside the Gingrich/Brownback/Huckabee/Allen/Frist Camp then you better start figuring out how to deal with it. This could be the issue that breaks your guy. Also looking beyond the primaries ,these Second Amendment voters have to get to the polls in Novmember for us to win. Does your hopeful do that? Questions to ask.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Immigration and Terrorism and Koodum

Well, I am slowing still coming out of the LSU/Auburn game haze. It is a slow process hopefully to be soon replaced by the all exciting LSU/FLorida haze in just a few weeks. We have Tulame and Miss State the next two weeks which are pretty much gimmies in my book. However I had to check in and see what the good ole ole Blogmeister at the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis Branch was up too. It appears he has taken notice of how God's team was allowed to lose on Saturday. Don't worry Blogmeister what doesn't kill us makes stronger , and we ain't out of the hunt yet. He also references a curious poll that was conducted on a State by State basis on whether Reggie Bush and USC should be punished as to possible past violations and why Louisiana seems to be feeling good toward Reggie. True we still have a good bit of USC hatred down here but Reggie has repented and made good. Let me tell what Louisiana folks feel about good ole Reggie Bush now.
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The above was taken from the the lefty(but still fun to read) Not Right About Anything blog from Lafayette Louisiana. Give him a hollar.

Oh a more serious note the blogmeister tries to link immigration with the threats of terrorism. Pretty scary stuff indeed. But what pray tell does this have to do with immigration. ISn't that a issue of border security more than if Mexicans and other foreign nationals are going to be working here on work visas. I think we would all agree that Security at the border and knowing what and whom is coming across is a must. Therefore the Guest worker program and making people sign up or face deportation is critical. But wait we can't have a guest worker program no matter what because it is AMNESTY(the new F word it appears in politics). Because of the no compromise approach that I guess the Blogmeister supports, the security problems just get worse because nothing gets passed this session. Boy that makes me feel safer.
So at the end of the day we could have had a bill that would help those nightmare scenarios that the Blogmeister references from happening. However since Tom Tancredo thinks every Mexican illegal should be thrown out forever, there could be no compromise by his ilk and thus helps the nightmare scenario become more likely. Oh well. Thanks for nothing.

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Good Ole Willie Nelson and Party Cited for Weed and Mushrooms in Louisiana

As I was looking at the the Dead Pelican and came across this amusing article on Willie Nelson and his interaction with Louisiana's finest in St Martin Parish. I suspect the Criminal defense Lawyers in thatParish are waiting by the phone 24/7 for a call. Much more at the link but here are the goods"Williams said officers found one-and-a-half pounds of marijuana and two-tenths of a pound of mushrooms on the tour bus after a traffic stop for a commercial vehicle inspection on I-10 westbound near Breaux Bridge".
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Al-Qaeda says it might Kill the Pope- So What Else is New

I must say that the media seems to have some memory lapse going on. I am waiting for the media to point out the obvious as this AL-Qaeda Statement where Benedict must convert or die.
We tell the worshipper of the cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya."

"We shall break the cross and spill the wine ... God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome ... (May) God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen," said the statement. The statement cited a hadith (saying of the Prophet Mohammed) promising Muslims they would "conquer Rome ... as they conquered Costantinople

Trip down memory lane
From 2002--
Al-Qaeda planned to assassinate Pope John Paul II on two occasions during visits made or planned by the Pontiff to the Philippines in 1995 and 1999, The Times of London reported today.
Masterminding the assassination attempts was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also accused of plotting the September 11 attacks on the US, who was in the Philippines during both papal visits, the newspaper reported.
Although the 1995 plot had been publicised and attributed to local terrorists, the 1999 attempt had been kept secret, the newspaper reported.
Months were spent planning the attacks, the first of which involved planting a bomb in a park where the Pope was due to speak. However the bomb exploded prematurely in a Manila apartment.
The bomb was reportedly constructed by Ramzi Yousef, who is serving a life sentence in the US for his role in the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, a car bomb that exploded in an underground parking garage in in 1993.
A police search of the Manila apartment yielded additional bomb-making equipment and a laser-guided sniper rifle, the newspaper reported.
Cancellation of the Pope's 1999 visit thwarted the second attempt, the newspaper reported.
Sheikh Mohammed, 38, has evaded capture since the World Trade Centre towers were struck by terrorist-flown passenger planes in 2001, despite the US having offered a bounty of $US25 million ($A44.29 million) for his capture. Mohammed is the head of the al-Qaeda military committee, The Times reported.
Terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna told The Times: "One thing you should remember about al-Qaeda - when they didn't destroy the World Trade Centre first time around, they came back to finish it off. That is how it was with the Pope in the Philippines

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'I forgive, I forgive'

Sister Leonella, a nun who devoted her life to helping the sick in volatile regions of Africa, used to joke that there was a bullet with her name engraved on it in Somalia. When the bullet came, she used her last breaths to forgive those responsible.
"I forgive, I forgive," she whispered in her native Italian just before she died, the Rev. Maloba Wesonga told The Associated Press at the nun's memorial mass in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on Monday.
Sister Leonella's execution-style murder over the weekend has raised concerns that she and other foreigners who have been killed in Somalia recently are victims of growing Islamic radicalism in the country.
Her slaying was not a random attack and could have been sparked by remarks by Pope Benedict XVI about Muslims that have sparked angry reaction from Muslims around the world, added Willy Huber, regional head of the Austrian-funded hospital where Sister Leonella worked

Well again it is a sad state of affairs but as a Christian the above dying statement of Sister Leonella is a victory and the extremists have yet to figure that out I bet.

I must say the MSM is still not being particular helpful. On the looney and PC left ,the New York Times weighed in of course on Saturday and as ususal we find that trees died for no good reason. A doctrinal conservative, his greatest fear appears to be the loss of a uniform Catholic identity, not exactly the best jumping-off point for tolerance or interfaith dialogue. The world listens carefully to the words of any pope. And it is tragic and dangerous when one sows pain, either deliberately or carelessly. He needs to offer a deep and persuasive apology, demonstrating that words can also heal. Go read the rest of New York Times's words of wisdom it is quite a hoot. I must say that the Times effort to take a stab at the Pope's traditional Christian faith and views is so transparent it is laughable. So let me get this straight. The man that leads almost a billion Catholics should not talk about theological issues. Well lets just reopen the catacombs and have the Pope move in. In fact I supsect the Liberal elite would like all Christians, Catholics or otherwise, to move into the catacombs and just shut up. That would be a result that I suspect the Muslim extremist and the liberal elite would both like.

However the right and conservative press has not been too helpful either.On Fox News right now the Rome reporter said the Pope must have followed the advice of the New York Times because he apologized. Do people either in the Islamic World or the West even bother to read these statements. “I am deeply sorry for the reactions in some countries to a few passages of my address at the University of Regensburg, which were considered offensive to the sensibility of Muslims......“This was a quote from a medieval text which does not express in any way my personal thoughts.” What the Pope actually said was "Sono vivamente rammaricato" which means "I am actively saddened". So what the Pope really said was "I am actively saddened by the reactions caused by a brief passage in my lecture at the University of Regensburg, which has been deemed offensive by Moslem believers. For more on this go here.

One further thing as to the Press and media. This is not the time to be sensational. Is there world wide Muslim outrage at the Pope? I have seen countless news feeds and photos and it appears to me that often these rallies have less than 50 people in attendance. Again are Moderate voices speaking out? If they are you need to give them a platform. That honors the Popes words and intent and especially honors the death of the Sister in Somilla.

Also undereported in the Western Media as usual is the response of Othodox Chrisitans. You would think that a faith that has about 200 millions follows would be consulted in this. Especially since the Orthodox have largely had to live in close quarters with Islam from the very beginning. The Head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece said: ""Many Christians on the Black Continent (Africa) suffer from fanatic Islamists. The example of Roman Catholic monks who were slaughtered last year... because they wore the cross and believed in our crucified Lord is still recent," This was in response to the statements of a Islamic Cleric in Africa that called for the Pope's death.

The Anchoress has as a ton of links on what has been going on. I suggest checking it out.

Update-American Papist hit right on the nail ". "A further irony is that just as these insane Muslims could not make any distinctions in Pope Benedict's original address they (and some of our own media) can't understand what Pope Benedict is really apologizing for this Sunday. Is reason so very far gone from our age?"

Update II- Maxedoutmama has one of the best takes on the NYT pieces and really gives some food to how a certain American Muslim association is doing American Moslems no favors.

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Well it Seems People still Mad at the Pope

This will be a short post. I shall try to do a further one tomorrow morning when the English translations of various statements should be finished in Europe. Again the MSM seems to be getting it wrong all over the place.

The mainstream media has a responsibily here and I hope they meet it. The Pope here is wanting dialogue. It is important that the media shows us the horrible events that have happened in the last 24 hours. But it is also important that the faces of the mob are not the only ones we see. The Pope wants dialogue and it sure as hell ain't going to occur by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is important that the moderate and sane Muslim voices be highlighted too. In the end that and the Grace of God is the only thing that is going to save us in the long term. In that spirit I wish to highlight this statement by a leading Moslem commentator that appeared in a major Italian Paper. Th original Italian can be accessed at the link.

15 September 2006THE TRUTH OF HISTORYMuslims against the Pope, “He has offended us, let him ask pardon”byMagdi Allam

It is desolating and preoccupying to see Muslims who have given life to a unified international front to attack the Pope and demand public apologies. From Bin Laden to the Muslim Brotherhood, from Pakistan to Turkey, from Al Jazeera to Al Arabiya, there has risen anew the widespread and universal alliance that first emerged on the occasion of the events surrounding the cartoons about Mohammed. It testifies, in an unequivocal manner, that the root of the evil is a blind ideology of imperious hatred among Muslims, one that violates the faith and darkens the mind. Why is it that Muslims, especially the so-called moderates, never stand up with similar and as much enthusiasm against the true and perpetual profaners of Islam, the Islamic terrorists who massacre Muslims themselves in the name of the same God, the Islamic extremists who legitimize the destruction of Israel and inculcate faith in the so-called Islamic “martyrdom”, while in the meantime they feel themselves dutybound to promote a sort of Islamic “holy war” against the head of the Catholic Church who legitimately expresses his evaluations concerning Islam, with respect but with just as much clarity about the diversity that naturally exists between the two religions? The considerations referred to by the Pope, citing the Byzantine emperor Manuel Paleologus II, concerning the spread of Islam by the sword, whether on the part of Mohammed within the Arabian Peninsula or on the part of his successors in the rest of the world (with just a few exceptions), are an incontrovertible historical fact. Testimony to the fact comes from the Koran itself, from the reality that the entire Byzantine empire to the East and South of the Mediterranean fell to Islam, and from the reality of the successive [Muslim] expansion northward into Europe and eastward into Asia.

To deny the historical reality is simply foolish, and it can generate nothing but foolishness. I recall that one of the most notable contemporary Islamologists, the Egyptian Mohammad Said El Eshmawi, said to me in the mid-nineties that he simply did not sympathize with the military conquest carried out by the Arab tribes in the Christian lands of the Mediterranean, and that he would have preferred to have had Islam spread peacefully as came about in Southeast Asia. And now the Pope is being punished and threatened for having said what every honest and rational Muslim should accept: the historical reality. The lesson to draw is that the West and Christianity ought to stop considering themselves to be the cause of everything that followed, whether good or bad, within Islam and in the rest of the world. The ideology of hatred is an ancestral reality that exists in the heart of Islam from its very beginnings, because of the refusal to recognize and respect the plurality of the physiological religious communities, and given the subjectivity of the relationship between the believer and God, and the absence of a single spiritual reference point that embodies the absoluteness of the dogmas of faith. And it is a reality that, beginning with the defeat of the Arab armies in the war of 5 June 1967, it [the ideology of hatred] has undergone an unstoppable upsurge parallel to the growth of the power of the Islamic extremists from Iran to Indonesia. It has ended up flowing into the current of globalized Islamic terrorism, that has transformed the West itself into a “kamikaze factory”.

This is the tragic reality of the ideology of hatred that is succeeding in solidifying the consensus among all those Muslims whose minds are clouded by being anti-American, anti-West, and by prejudiced hostility to the right of Israel to exist. The pretexts that can set off their fury change, from the Israeli occupation to the American war, from the Mohammed cartoons to the declarations of the Pope. But the problem is entirely internal to an Islam transformed by the extremists from a faith in God into an ideology bent on imposing a theocratic and totalitarian power upon all those who are not in their image and likeness. And it frightens me to note that even the so-called moderate Muslims have renounced the prudence of reason, and have aligned themselves with the “holy war” of which they will be the principal victims."

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Yeah I am mad, ,devastated, and sad about the game on Saturday. But it was mixed with other feeling of excitement, exhiliration, and just good times at watching a great game. LSU and Auburn played their hearts out and it was the best game on TV by far. It is one the most physical and as Auburn Coach Tuberville put it "violent" games I have seen in years. Nothing to be ashamed about LSU Tigers and it is again why the Auburn/LSU game is now shaping up as the the true rival game for the future. Now a few thoughts.

Stop the Meltdown LSU Fans-

Good grief, it seems that LSU fans are acting in typical fashion. That is seeing the the glass half empty 24/7. You would think Vandy just beat us 24 to 7 at the reaction I am seeing today. IMHO the two best teams in the nation played yesterday and it was a game that came down to the final play in the final seconds. Four yards and it would be a orgy of excitement in Tigerland. If you want to see something to cry about just wander over to the boards of Ole Miss and Miss State or try going to the Miami boards.


Yeah the calls were bad and so numerous that of course it leaves a bad taste in our mouth. That's the game and its time to move on. It could have very well changed the outcome of the game but it very well could have not. I keep hearing that if that pass interfernce call was maintained we would have scored. Really? I am not so sure but I guess that' s the point we never will know. Its all a big hypothetical. We shall file our complaints with the SEC and move on. IN the end every team knows it has to play extra hard in an opposing stadium to make up for things like that. We had mistakes on our side that could have compensated for that.

Quarterback Controversy-
There is no quarterback controversy so please all the Flynn supporters and groupies please put a sock in it. J Russell on the whole played a outstanding game Saturday. Yep his clock management skill and attempting to run out of bounds on that final drive wasn't a stellar choice. However, I was pretty impressed that he was largely accurate in throwing the ball in heavy traffic and no interceptions. He is the quarterback and is a awesome one. Quit tearing him down. If you feel the need to tear down Russell please watch a replay of the Notre Dame game and look atthat Quarterback that was so loved just two days ago. If it the mood continues RINSE, WASH,AND REPEAT.

Jimbo Fisher-
It seems that the Jimbo Fisher haters are out in full force. Please submit what replacement we shall get for him in the comment section if we want him to go. He is regarded as one of the top ten OC in the nation. Does he need to improve some things? Of course he does but some of the rants I have heard against him are over the top to say the least. Anyway it might be helpful to submit replacement names for him anyway. IF Coach Croom gets fired this year, Mississippi State would pick him up in a heartbeat as their new head coach.

Looking Ahead-
Lets get our frustration out on Tulame and Miss State the next two weeks. The Coaches and staff see what we need improvement on and we shall be ready for the biggie in three weeks. Time to invoke the 24 hour rule and move on. We are still in the hunt for a major BCS Bowl and my gosh if the stars align correctly who knows maybe even the National Championship. We have seen stranger things happen in College football land in the last few years.

SEC Football-
We saw an awesome game last Saturday and it reminds us why we SEC fans are so privileged. Fans of the big teams that the media love so much just have one or maybe two of those games a year. After that its a big snoozefest We have the excitement of a bowl game on the average 4 or 5 times a years. I would argue that on the whole those games are much more exciting than the bowl games. I wouldn't trade out position for USC or other ususal media loved suspects for anything.

Geaux Tigers-

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