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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Praying For Victory Over Auburn-Geaux Tigers

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Today is the biggie. LSU/Auburn up at 2:30 PM

Kentucky over Ole Myth(MIss)
Miss State Over Tulane
Arkansas over Vanderbilt(even thought Vandy is giving Hell to Arky now)
Tenn Over Florida(That will be one hell of a game to watch)
Possible Upset in SEC ULM VS BAMA

Despite What everyone wishes will happen Notre Dame over Michigan

Louisville over Miami -Yeah I know I am in the minority

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A Look Around the Blogroll(Special Blogger plea at the Top)

Tonight I am catching up on what has been going on the last couple of days. I shall try to post some of the highlights of blogroll.

I want to put this up at the top. Done with Mirrors has a emergency request for a blogger in real need. Like a matter of Life and possible Death. Please check it out and consider donating. I hope if the Canadians refuse he crosses the border and ask for Aslyum here. Done with Mirrors also has a good post on all the POW/Geneva Convention controversy. This of Course is one several post that people have written from my blogroll trhat I shall point out. I will attempt to post my thoughts in a few days once I figure out where I stand on this. At this point, I am trying to inform myself and the blogs are helping me do that. I do know this. The media is playing this all wrong. There is a disagreement right now but I doubt it is one that is gigantic in reality. Everytime the Republicans disagree among themselves or more to the point have a political discussion among themselves the MSM tries portray it in over the top dramactic terms. There will be a fair solution that comes out of this process.

Cajun Tiger takes on the insufferable Rosie O'Donnell and her comments on Christians. I must say I am getting a tad tired of all the Christian bashing and in particular the bashing of Evangelicals and of the so called "religious right". I was tempted to do a post on this tonight but I shall attempt to do that on Sunday when I have time to gather my thoughts after the excitement of College football Saturday.

On a related note, the Anchoress has a good post on a person that has passed away that we all should take time to note and in fact acclaim. That person was Oriana Fallaci and she just died of Cancer. She was a true liberal in the very best sense of the word. That species of liberal is almost extinct nowadays besides the occasional sighting of a Christopher Hitchens type. A great read. In that post The Anchoress compares Fallaci to her so lacking modern day counterpart Rosie O'Donnell that is basically exposed to be a fraud. Tons of good links from bloggers that are giving their tributes.

On the home front Conservative Cajun brings us some very good news. He is about to be a dad and is announcing that he will be running for the Louisiana Legislature in the future.

The Pink Flamingo hits on a ton of topics the last few days. She also talks about the current debate about Prisioners of War as well as some problems dear Tom Tancredo had. She also has found something that the thankfully now deceased Khomeini said and wrote. All I got to say is YUCK. What in the hell was he basing that on?

The Caucus Cooler gives us a small update on the 08 happenings in Iowa. Mainly Pataki and some signs of the Kenya Superstar Sen Obama. It seems to me that the media is concentrating on the wrong New Yorker in this 08 race. Pataki again is showing some suprising strength. Is he more inspiring in person than he appears on TV?

Some more real interesting observations on the 08 Iowa Caucus here at Krusty Konservative.

Well there is much more on my blogroll so give it a visit. Right now a wave orffatigue hit me so hard I can't post the rest.

A special Golden Girls at Prayer(they are still in hot outfits) pic will be posted as the header for the big LSU post in the morning. I am going to Mass tomorrow morning and praying for victoryyyyyyyyy against those pretend Tigers in Alabama.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Joan Collins Must Have some Secret Pact with the Devil

or she has found the fountain of Youth. I am watching Larry King where Linda Evans and Joan Collins are on. Of course both those folks were on the famous 80's show called Dynasty. Collins of course played the evil and cunning and also in bed with everyone Alexis Carrington Colby For some reason I was thinking of Joan Collins the other day and was wondering how she was doing. Let me say that she has aged quited well.
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The Pope and Islam

Well to say the least the Pope's remarks on Islam have caused quite a stir. I think it would be good of course to read the whole speech because the Holy Father has a lot to say to the West too that is actually quite profound.

The Holy Father has thrown down the gauntlet and this was no "media flub". By throwing down the gauntlet I don't mean he asking for a new Crusade or is about to start saying a lot of inflammatory stuff. I mean he has in a sense said the Christian World has concerns and what is your answer. This very well could be part of a process to give a huge ole spotlight to the moderate voices of the Muslim World on his trip to Turkey. A trip that the Turkish Government would be very wise to make sure continues. This is quite the interesting schedule so far of the Papal trip.
The Pope is ready to have this discussion and one gets a sense it shall be frank. There are of course great risk here and risks that often the hyper ventilating extreme right are not even aware of in most cases. For instance Christians do live and in fact have lived for over a Thousand years in these Muslim lands and the Pope must be careful of their welfare. However he can't just stand by as he sees the largest Mosque in Europe being built just outside his window when the fact that radical elements of Islam are rapidly making it difficult for Christian to worships in the Islamic World or that Countless thousands of people from the Phillipines who work in Saudi Arabi cannot even receive the sacraments or attend a Church service(They don't have access to all the religious services happening behind the scenes on the elaborate Western Compounds). The UAE is the example the Church wishes the Moslem World to follow not the insanity of religious policemen in the land of the House of Saud.

Anyway many bloggers have far better words than mine and are keeping up to date. The Anchoress hits it on the head and has a ton of links. Amy Welborn talks about how curious it was that the Pope picked this Quoatation. Also a great take on what the Pope was saying to both Moslems as to that speech. Good Grief just read her whole blog the last few days, tons of good stuff there on the issue and there are so many good links I can't give justice to link them all.
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A great College Football Player Story and Clemson and the NCAA gets it right

I must say there have been the usual rash of horrible college football stories this week. We have a player at Ole Miss that couldn't read , a Punter in Colorodo that stabs someone in the leg, some altercation in South Carolina and of course to top it off we have the allegations on Reggie Bush and USC again. Well all things are not great of course but often there are a ton of good and inspiring stories of everday college atheletes that never make the headlines.

It is by chance that in The PINK FLAMINGO heritical statements about good ole college sports in my comment section we learn she is a Clemson Fan. Well let me say she will proud to know her University is being well represented by a young college player.
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Here is the happy update to that story. I will try to keep track of when the trust is set up and inform everyone
For the inspiring Story go here.

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Louisiana Land Case has got Sportsmen and Fishermen Nationwide in a uproar.

A Louisiana Federal Court out of Monroe has opened up a can of worms the last two weeks. This case is interesting to me partly because my Grandfather actually testifyed for the landowners in this case and involves land I have intimate knowledge of.. In fact one can see his old home(and my mothers old home) in the pic at the link below bordering Gassoway lake.
LINK- (Gassoway Lake is on left and the big body on the right is the Mississippi River-Distance is 3 and half miles)

During the past week Fishermen and hunting organizations have been in a uproar. From the Louisiana Sportsmen we get a headline "Judge rules much of Mississippi River off-limits to anglers". The right of outdoorsmen to fish and hunt on navigable waters was issued a stunning defeat Aug. 29 when a federal judge ruled that the public has no “right to fish and hunt on the Mississippi River.”
U.S. District Court Judge Robert G. James ignored recommendations from his own magistrate in ruling in a case pitting a group of anglers against East Carroll Parish Sheriff Mark Shumate over the legality of trespassing arrests stemming from their fishing on Mississippi River flood waters in Northeast Louisiana.“This is gigantic,” said Mark Hilzim, president of Restore Our Waterway Access, Inc. “He has opened up Pandora’s box. If I read that (ruling) right, does that mean nobody has the right to fish above the low-water mark?....Hilzim said the case is so sweeping that it could prohibit hunting and fishing on navigable waters across the country.“This ruling has the potential to end fishing,” he said. “It can apply to rivers, streams, bayous. Is that what this guy is saying?“This has a potentially profound effect on fishing

Nationwide groups are getting into action. Today Free Republic had this thread, in which I tried to show both sides in this debate without much success, that was referencing this article with an very misleading headline "US Federal judge declares boating illegal in all US navigable waters" We learn that "In a rather bizarre ruling that has marine industry officials worried, Judge Robert G. James of the United States District Court, Western Division of Louisiana, has said that it is criminal trespass for the American boating public to boat, fish, or hunt on the Mississippi River and other navigable waters in the US". and ""Because essentially all the waters and waterways of our country are considered navigable in the US law, this ruling declares recreational boating, water skiing, fishing, waterfowl hunting, and fishing tournaments to be illegal and the public subject to jail sentences for recreating with their families." Well if all due respect this is not exactly what happen.

I urge people to actually read the very Short opinion from Judge James here as well as some very important background on the case in this Louisiana Court of Appeals Case. A Html Link for those that don't have adobe can be found here. To see the other sides point of view go this appeal for amicus briefs by Mr Hurd that in a sense has got the issue such nationwide exposure.

What is happening is this. When Rivers flood that flood waters often go over private lands. Fishermen often fish these waters because they are "navigable". For some background on this issue of "Navigable waters" go here. It is just not flood waters either off the big Mississippi that is part of this debate. Creeks and other tributaries in various bodies of water often become "navigable" also because of yearly high water.

Well as one can see this sets up a grand conflict between the Landowners and everyday common folk that want to hunt and fish. Especially when landowners start constructing dams on bodies of water that prevents people from getting to their favorite fishing spot.

Well this case is a pretty fun one with Sheriffs in the background arresting people and Local DA's refusing to prosecute and all sort of threats all over the place. If you hunt and fish and like to use the public waterways for any reason you might wish to watch this closely.

In the end this individual case is a very close call. I can see the Fishermens point and the Landowners point. However I am a tad alarmed that a Federal judge has sort of declared the is no Federal Right or just as important Common law right to hunt and fish these waters. That does not mean as the articles states above that he has made fishing on the this portion of the Mississippi "illegal". That being said the landowners have some legit gripes here too. It is a facinating and important issue where common law, State and local Rights and Law, Federal Rights and obligations, Landowner Rights, and culture and society are all colliding all over the place. Watch the fireworks as one side portrays people as trespassers and the other side portrays the others a s"greedy and powerful" Louisiana land owners.

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Its Friday thank God

Well oh well it has been an interesting week. Sorry for the lack of posts the last two days but I was unable to access a computer where I was at. Again much has happen so I shall try to have a few post up more than ususal today. Despite the Pink Flamingo's heresy in my comment section in the post below, God's favorite Sport shall be talked about today lol. I will try to keep it down to every other post.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As we know ESPN gameday has made the horrid and silly choice to have its College Gameday show at USC this Saturday. This despite the fact that the most important game in the country will be the Auburn/LSU game. I have spoken on this topic in my post It is Official- ESPN COLLEGE GAMEDAY BLEAUXS .

I was looking at this thread on Tiger Rant which talked about signs people should take to the College Gameday site on Saturday. It would be great if the loyal fans of the SEC would camp out on friday night and be in a good position for the cameras. Suggestions are:

of Notre Dame

SEC Game
Nebraska at USC

Eyes of the nation
Should be on the

"ESPN is ABC and Disney's Bitch!"

Thoughts or Contributions?
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A look around the Blogroll

I am going to be talking about the Holy father in a seperate post today or tonight. A post that Catholic, non-catholic, and non Christian I hope find interest in. But American Papist has some great Papal tidbits today I want to highlight. First we find that the Pope was conceived partly because of " a Single's ad in the paper". Also he has a few comments on the upcoming Time magazine article on the Pope.

If you really want a good read on the truth in Iraq go to this post at Done with Mirrors. She tell a story about aome other heros and important people in Iraq. Again a story that is not reported.

My Louisiana readers might find of interest. The Marshalfannin blog has a post on former Congressman and Governor Buddy Roemer. He doesn't have permalinks but it is the Sept 13th entry. Roemer was the first campaign I was ever involved in. He was a great Congressman and to say the least had mixed reviews as a Governor. But Buddy election was a milesstone in Louisiana politics. It was in the end the mortal blow to the old ways of doing things in Louisiana. For that I give Buddy a hand.

I saw this horrid tidbit on this FreeRepublic forum thread. Cindy Sheehan in her new book on page 29 says "I often contemplate the "baby Hitler scenario" when I think of George Bush. It's the time-machine fantasy. If I had a time-machine (it always looks like H.G. Wells's invention), and if I rode in it back to the time George Bush was a baby, could I kill him and save my son's life and the life of so many other people.? I always come to the same conclusion: No, I couldn't kill anyone, not even a monster" Good Grief

Michael Totten has another great post on Israel and Gaza. Again reporting you don't get in the MSM and sadly many blogs.

The Anchoress again pins down what this hysterical anti Bush drivel we hear from the left is all about.

ANywho this is just a taste of the blogroll please go visit.

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Coming Up

Coming up - A look around the blogroll, Sen Allen is saved by Stupid Democract Tactics, the Pope and Islam, and a big Minuteman and Minute Gate Update

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Election Primary Roundup

Well there were quite a few important primary races around the Country. I will hit the big three.

Rhode Island-
In a very hot Republican Primary Race in Rhode Island Sen Chafee pull it out against a tough challenger. Ok I have mixed feeling on this. Sen Chafee is not my favorite Republican to say the least. Especially after his very unhelpful actions in the Bush/kerry race. However he is the nominee and we have to support him. If we don't this seat could be Dem forever. Let us just pray that he reamin loyal and doesnt do a Jeffords on us.

Arizona Congressional Race District 8-
Randy Graf pulls this one out. Randy Graf is of course the guy that is the hardliner on immigration and associated with the Simcox minutemen. I have to admit this race was much closer than I anticipated. Ok, I am not thrilled with Graf to say the very least. However the Republicans must hold this seat. I wish him the best of luck and I shall try to keep my eye on this race. The Dems think they can pick this one up and I suspect a ton of money will be spent here.

Maryland Senate Race-
This is going to be a great race. Steele of course won the Republican primary tonight. This is a great moment in the GOP and hopefully Steele will send a message to African Americans to consider the GOP more on election day. THe Democrat side was quite interesting and I suspect tomorrow morning there could be some interesting developments. To put it lightly things got fouled up in some areas and some votes had to be made on provisional ballots that will not be counted till monday I understand. The last results I have is this:

Total Reporting:87%
Ben CARDIN 206141 47%
Kweisi MFUME 174454 38%
Josh RALES 24495 5%

Looking at the areas where the vote is out and percentage in I think Cardin has this in the bag myself. I don't think MFUME can make up the difference.

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The Latest Great Thought From the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis

Like many bloggers, the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens - St Louis Klavern had some 9/11 thoughts.

I must say that the good Council of Conservative Citizens seems to inject Race into almost everything. Of course there is a religious component to this conflict needless to say. This extreme variant/ type of Islam is a threat. But I must say that that I believe that even the Council of Conservative Citizens must have to reach to put this into some racial dynamic.

I know that there are Black muslim groups here in America that indeed see this in racial terms but lets be honest here they are not really true muslims in any sense. Islam in the end I believe seems not to be concerned about race one bit. In fact one could view Islam , as I do, as really just another Christian heresy. A heresy that takes the natural consequences of the ancient heresy of Arianism and adds a Calvinistic attiude on steroids. That is one reason why in fact we are finding more and more fundamentalist Christians(both white and black) converting to it.

So contrary to the ponderings of the esteemed blogmeister, I don't see how a religion that has a as a tenet Equality of all men in Islam can have this racial dynamic. Perhaps it is just projection of the Cof CC own racial view.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ulysses S. Grant Wins Republican Nomination Tonight

in the 33rd State House Race in Maryland.

LOL, what a great name for a Republican

51 . 3 %
48 . 7 %

More Election Results coming up

A Blogroll Roundup

I intend to do a post tonight after we get all the primary results from around the nation tonight. But until then lets see what is happening on my blogroll.

Pink Flamingo has a fascinating post up. She hits on a ton of topics but of particular interest is her family history that she is touching on. Kudos to her for sticking up for (Several Greats) Grandmother against the historic revisionist and PC Crowd.

The Anchoress has a wonder post up on what the Holy Father said last Sunday. True words of wisdom.

LSUnpredictable was kind enough to link my reference to the ESPN game day controversy and she has a link to where this was discussed quite a bit in the comment section.

Sam Brownback President 2008 tells us of a bill that BrownBack will introduce as to Iranian Human rights.

Over at Ponticification, Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas are going head to head.

The Caucus Cooler has a post on 08 hopeful Romney and is asking if the article he references is a fair piece.

Fellow Louisiana Blogger We Saw That appears to be ill and I suspect must have some rare form of Central Louisiana Brain fever. Anywho, if you find any of that compelling please go here and here where all this stuff is refuted.

Done With Mirrors brings us news of how certain allies are letting us down again. I truly don't get that and I hope to God for NATO's sake this corrected and soon.

Big Lizards hit on all this Democrat silliness on the President's speech last night. I swear this is so transparent. If the President had not mention Iraq last night the Dems would be attacking that.

There is much more on my blogroll and this is just a sample. Please pay it a visit

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In LSU related News Our Quarterback Almost got Killed


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A blogger nail it on immigration

Called as Seen blog has nailed what has made many of us Conservatives as well as others so uneasy as to this immigration debate. His post is another great read and is called Why conservatives are wrong on immigration. I perhap s would have named it why "some" conservatives are wrong on immigration because as I have pointed out a good many conservative are not drinking the Congressman Tom Tancredo koolaid.

Called as Seen hits on some of the policy reasons of why this Tancredo/Buchanan approach is so hard headed. But what I love about his post is it shows why so many Republicans and Conservatives are so upset at how this debate has been handled. Many of us are getting pretty damn tired of being called either in a veiled way or straight out called traitors or sell outsor spineless.

One question he touches on and one that I would like to get some feedback on. I keep hearing American Culture is under attack. Like Called As Seen I find it amazing that this is never really defined. Now I share concerns of assimilation and want a immigration program that does that. However can anyone tell me how this hispanic immigration is any more a danger than the Italian or Irish, or Eastern European migration tha occured last century. In fact the over top rethoric I am hearing at times seems just to be a repeat of what was said last century.

Finally, I am praying and working for Republican victory in 08. However if the Democrats take control of the House, I have to admit it will be hard not to yell "I told you so" at my Republican and conservative comrades. Michael Medved points out what should be obvious to everyone as the poilitics of this immigration debate. He says :"new Democratic Congrss would be far more accomodating to the open-borders extremists than even earned-legalization Republicans like Bush and McCain. A new Congress could pass immigration reform that's far more generous to illegals (who the Dems view as their future supporters) than anything in the reviled current Senate bill. And once Democrats authorize automatic (or very easy) legal status for twelve million illegals, its virtually impossible to undo the damage".

So yeah there are a lot of high fives going on over the defeat of comprehensive reform among the Tancredo bunch. However, may I suggest some people will wish they would have compromised with those of us that agreeded with the Hardliners on 70 to 80 percent of what they said and wanted(See Cannon and Mike Pence) . It would have been better for the country and better for the party if a compromise could have been had. I fear that this supposed victory of derailing Comprehensive reform is in fact in the long run a grand disaster.

Hey lets have GOP lose in 06 so we can win big in 08-- Yeah Right

My reader Sally V from Bama sent me a very informative piece by the always wise Michael Medved. Conservative talk radio would so benifit if he could take the place of that insufferable Savage on some radio dials across the country. The piece is called Message to Death Wish Republicans: You Can't Win By Losing. This attacks the silly theory that by the Gop losing the midterms not only would it teach those so called rinos a lesson but we would come back bigger and better in 08. There is so much wisdom and truth there that I won't even try to cut and paste excerpts of it. A few thoughts.

Let me echo a big statement of his. We are the governing party that just happens to have a war going on under its watch, the lives of over 100,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan under our care, and literally have those two beforementioned Countries lives in the balance. The grown ups have to govern and if anyone things giving the Dems(in their current deranged state) two years of power to endanger that is worth it so as to get this imagined electorial gain in 08 needs to sit down and think what is really important.

Fianally we better be hold on to as many as seats as possible. O8 could be brutal depending on who is the respective parties nominee for the President. There are too manyunknowns as to 08 thus making all this talk silly. Anyway, if you are entertaining this "lose to win" theory please read the above piece.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Interesting Observations From a Blogger in the UK

I must say I find the comments and observations of the EU Referendum blog pretty fascinating. Basically EU is kinda of letting off some steam here but raises some questions about blogs and what makes them a force in the public square. He has some interesting comparisons between the UK and the US blog scene and why perhaps the US blog scene is more successful.

I think though before we pat ourselves too much on the back that we might need to make sure we don't fall into the current UK blog problem as he describes it. I think at times the blogshere sometimes might not crave getting MSM attention but my gosh we grave the approval and links of some of our fellow big bloggers. At times as I have stated before , I feel the blogs on the left and the right have a tendency to become a echo chamber. However to be fair there are numuerous blogs here that are constantly trying to fight that trend.

Besides that I wish him the best of luck in trying to form a UK version of the pajamas media.
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Amazing 911 Hero Story

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
For various reasons this story just lifts my spirits.
Teen’s search for birth parents led to Flight 93 hero.
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Yesterday I made a prediction that ESPN college Gameday in furtherance of their USC anti SEC Lovefest would skip the Auburn/LSU game. Well today it was announced they shall be attending the USC/Nebraska game. Of course as I said yesterday this makes no sense. The most important game will be between the # 3 Auburn Tigers and the #6 LSU Tigers. At this game for all practical purposes one contender of the SEC Championship will be decided that will take place in Atlanta. Also there are good odds that this game could decide who might be playing for the National Championship. Imagine this intro on game night
"The AUBURN TIGERS enter 2006 with eyes on the BCS national title. After a bitterly disappointing snub in 2004, the Plainsmen look to leave no room for debate this time around. With a dynamic offense featuring star tailback Kenny Irons, the Tigers are loaded and ready to wreak havoc in the SEC. In their way stand the LSU TIGERS, who themselves have high expectations of hoisting the crystal. After a trying 2005 campaign overshadowed by Hurricane Katrina, the Bayou Bengals look to restore pride to their wounded state. As Alabama native son JaMarcus Russell leads the purple and gold into the hostile Plains, only one team of Tigers will emerge with national title hopes intact. It's an SEC West showdown - LSU vs. Auburn !!! "

One teams hopes will be elevated and one teams hopes will be dashed. So much on the line and ESPN goes to a non conference game at USC. PLeaseeeeeee. Yes I know ESPN is owned by ABC but in the past that has not been a huge factor in any of this. They have appeared at CBS SEC televised games before. ME thinks it is time for FOX Sports to up it a notch and give ESPN gameday some competition.

Of course we fans in the SEC have seen this happen year after year. It seems not to matter that as usual the SEC is Dominating again the Top 25 and especially the top 10 where we currently have 4 teams ranked. Its the same ole story. Just ask LSU as to their treatment after winning the NC in 2003 and ask Auburn how they were treated like the dark sheep of the family after they had the audacity to go undefeated in 2004. We beat up on each other and cause the other teams to fall but that still doesnt matter for the teams that come out on top. Nebraska for all that is holy just finished playing Nicholls State from Louisiana.

Of Course the Spin is already starting to get the desired result. Look at this Crap -In mid-September, title game already decided Buckeyes will roll to championship; Notre Dame-USC to iron out No. 2.
"Rarely is the ending of a mystery or thriller revealed at the beginning. It would ruin the suspense and eliminate any reason to read the darned thing in the first place.
Which brings us to the college football season of 2006 and the wake of Ohio State’s convincing 24-7 victory over Texas.
The rest of the slate from here on out should provide some mild amusement and perhaps even token conflict. But it will also be anticlimactic, because if all goes according to form, No. 1 Ohio State will play the winner of the Nov. 25 USC-Notre Dame clash in the national championship game on Jan. 8
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Good grief well I suppose that says it all might as well just be content down here and just be glad we occasionally get to be on the TEEVEEE. However the above is perhaps just an unhappy reality of how the game is played and the media guy is just clueing is in on the truth so not to have any of us uppity schools get our hopes up so too bad Auburn, LSU, FLorida, and Georgia. I suspect other schools have similar frustrations. Oh well that is my rant.

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A Look around the Blogroll

The Anchoress has a fine post on last night's ABC mini series -The Path to 911. A treasure trove of links there that are good to check out as to the movie and the bigger question of 911. I suppose I think what makes some reaction to this movie so pitiful is it is missing the point. The point is not to demonize Clinton, Bush, or anyone else for that matter. It in a sense in the background is indicting all of us in the age of incredible access of information of being asleep at the switch. One must just look at the irony that USS Cole was bombed at the same time as the debate between Gore and Bush in 2000. A debate thats theme that night was foreign policy. We as a country decided not to examine that issue too closely and Gore, Bush, the media and the various media consultants just shifted the debate to what WE wanted to hear. Probally at that time the stock market and economic matters.

Called as Seen has a couple of good post up including this one on the much talked about Senate Intelligence Report on Iraq. I strongly urge you to read it since he has spent some time compling a lot of links that disproves some of this silliness we have been hearing from the talking heads. I intend to take some time out tonight on that post and educate myself on it. He has also has a nice summary of where we are out on this war on terror.

Speaking of the American tone and politics the Caucus Cooler brings us this report on Governor Huckabee and some telling comments he made to us Republicans also. The more I hear from Huckabee the more I like him. This is just a part: "According to Huckabee, voters aren't asking for perfection from their politicians, but they just want their problems solved. "It's almost as if you get people in the political realm breathing that rarefied air who forget that our job is not to make the other team lose, our job is to see to it that those folks sitting at the dinnertable tonight know that their problems are being addressed," Huckabee said. I have to admit I still like Senator Brownback but I am getting closer and closer to coming our full force for Gov Huckabee in 08. Great read.

Conservative Cajun reposts some of the op-eds that he has written in the Vermillion newspaper that were written on past anniversaries. He touches on slightly about withdrawals from Iraq. It is an interesting question what we should do in the future as to that issue after the Govt in Iraq can support itself. If Iran get the "bomb" then we are going to have to revaulate all this idea of massive withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. There were reasons why even when the US and the Soviets had weapons that could destroy the World 10 times over why we had a massive troop deployments in West Germany.

However good ole Lafayette Louisiana is anything but vanilla so we go from the almost Libertarian Views of Conservative Cajun to the wild left of Not Right About Anything who also published a op ed on a past anniversy in the Vermillion. Good Grief where to start. I must say that like all heresy we find in religious thought there is a certain kernal of truth in it. Yes, there was some misguided anger in the early few days but it was pretty much letting off steam. But as history has shown despite our short tempers we are quick to forgive. We went from signs and T - Shirt that said nuke Afghanistan to in few months rebuilding that country. It should be noted that Bush played his own role in trying to extinguish that rethoric as Not Right About anything calls the "vocal release of the racist and chickenhawk tripe that even the most ignorant ranter would normally keep to themselves, or speak only behind a hood." As to Const. Shredding pleaseeee.

Our Anglican in the know brings us this amusing story that some religious hierarchy of Episcopal Church USA want all this blogging religious debate to stop. I find this very amusing. I have always wondered why the typical man in the pews in the Episcopal Church couldnt seem to get themselves organized to stop some this nonsense that was occuring in that esteemed but seperated branch of Christanity. Where now as Drell so well puts it they have through blogs and oh some people are not pleased.

Last but by not least is Subways Canaries provactive post called Founding Fathers on Church, State & Religion - Not What You Think It Is!. I have read though it and enjoyed it but I think I shall engage it a bit more and see if Subway and I can come to more of a middle ground on this.

Subway Canaries has a Mother Blog and that is Pink Flamingo that is updated on a almost daily basis. She had a great post last night that I urge all to read here. She hits on what the insufferable Congressman Tom Tancredo is doing. Also you check her post and see the message that two Republican Parties in two States(including Tancredo's own) is sending to him via political dontations. Good grief why dont we hear about this on TV. Thank God fo rthe blogs. Also TT is down in South Carolina bashing Rep Sen Lindsey Graham and God knows what other shennigans.

One last thing. I think we shall on the mondays following College Football weekend check in at the TIGERSMACK SITE and see how
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Comeaux the Clairvoyant Corndog did on his predictions. A little background on this corndog thing. For some reason that is beyond reason opposing schools in the SEC starting to referring to us LSU fans as Corndogs. For some reason I think it is because they say we smell like them. Well, I must say in my average experience the typical LSU fan on Saturday smells a hell of alot more like Bourboun than Corn dogs but whatever. ANywho now there are ton of Farks relating to LSU and Corndogs so us LSU fans are starting to have some fun with it. Well in the Second Week Comeaux the Corn dog has done quite well , perhaps I need to take him to the track.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well I Just Saw Part I of the Path to 911

Let me say that the Democrat reaction to this movie reminds me why its likely we Republicans are still going to be in power next year. I cannot believe the Dems would threaten lawsuits and removal of licenses from TV stations if this was aired.

On the whole part 1 was pretty good and to be honest seemed to get it right. To all the Berger/Clinton Defenders out there please visit this site. Tell me what's false there. Please no google bomb Dem underground talking points please.

Anyway , I am sure that the part II will lay into Bush and associates but unlike Saint Clinton he can handle it. He certaintly has enough experience as well as the rest of his allies at being attacked unmercifully. I suppose the obvious contradiction between Democrats saying that Bush wants to destroy our civil liberties and the Dems actions this week has just floored me. We have school Children in New Orleans that think Bush blew up the freakin levees because of propaganda that is promoted by the extreme left and their various conspiracy theories. Think about that for a moment. Mostly black School kids think Bush blew up levees(this by the way is far more damaging for race relations than anything Nagin ever did) and the far left is threatening lawsuits and in a uproar over this movie.

Anyway, let me say this. We are all to blame for this little vacation from reality we took for decades. It still boggles my mind that Iran was able to keep our people for nearly a year and there was never any retaliation. I was a small kid back then but I can't imagine that happening today. Yes we had excuses and at times we had to make some horrible choices but in the end we individually and collectivelly were asleep at the switch. Yes that includes our St Reagan and Bush I. So please grow up and admit that mistakes were made under the glorious Clinton.

But more importantly lets all admit we as Citizens were not paying enough attention and demanding action. Is that so hard. Maybe if we admit that, then we can figure out what the hell we are going to do about Iran and their little nuclear bomb ambitions. Talk about a issue in the post 9/11 world that should be non partisan. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I mean we can argue about abortion, immigration, the minimum wage, Social security, medicare, affirmative action, stem cell research , Euthanasia, welfare, education, and a million other issues. However it would be nice if we could all be unified and willing to stand together and walk off the cliff together on this Iran thing especially since it is likely a choice is going to have to be made right smack dab in the Presidental Primary season.

Let me clarify the above paragraph. The question we face is if we cannot stop the Iranian Nuclear program by Diplomatic means do we take military action to stop it? That mini series should have you, me, and this entire nation asking this question. I am slightly perturbed that the the left just seems to be ignoring this urgent question. I have a slight feeling that many hope Bush will do it but don't want to share responsibility in this horrible choice if things get uncomfortable for us because of it. Good grief how can the left expect power to be given to them if they don't stand up and be counted on this one way or the other. Oh to my friends on the extreme right. Your participation is needed too but please leave the talk about a "war against Islam" at home. Unless we are about to enact the draft and enlist every male under 55 that solution is pretty much not leaving the starting gate. So we are stuck with the sticky issues of how we are going to protect our Islamic allies such as the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the young Government in Iraq if we have to take this drastic step.

Anywho unless the left goes bonkers tomorrow I shall try in the spirit of things try to keep the day non partisan.

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Big Earthquake in the Gulf and the Looney Left are Blaming Bush and Others

Update- Check out the Comment section for more good news(sarc). We Saw That confirmed that other earthquake I was talking about that happened last year. Maxedoutmamma has some other facts on the New Madrid fault(remember when that Scientist made that prediction in the 80's and we were all buying Earthquake Insurance) and some other good info. Pink Flamingo is trying to calm me down a little on living in the Louisiana Earthquake Zone. Still I must admit I have never heard of this seismic activity being so strong down there.

I received word from a reader of a pretty big Earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico that was felt in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. My reader from Alabama told me that her friend's house was swaying back and forth for a total of four minutes. Here is some of the latest info .

Let me say these quakes are starting to worry me a bit. This area is not know for this type of activity and as the article states this past February we had another quake in that area. Also I swear last year we had a small quake just off Louisiana.

Anywho, MaxedoutMamma has a great post on how some people at a prominent Liberal site are already blaming this on Bush , Chevron and other sinister forces. Too rich.

Motre Good info on the quake here.

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The Infamous "Arizona Jumping On the Tiger Eye" Pic

There has been a tad of controversy down here in Tigerland. Wild rumors started spreading that the Arizona players and Coaches were spitting and jumping on the Tiger Eye in the middle of Tiger Stadium during the Pre Game. Well of course to LSU fans this had big shades of similar actions that the Auburn Football team did that sent LSU fans into a fury and is now part of LSU/Auburn Football lore and is retold countless times. Well a person on my blogroll has a great pic and some of the facts. It should be noted that Arizona says they always go to the middle of the field and do this and that no disrespect was intended. Anywho here is the pic of the action at the Scene of the Crime lol . Click on Pic in body of post


Update for more Pics of the Game CajunTiger has a link to some that he took.
Update II- Tiger Smack wishes to avoid any confusion on what happen is this additional post.

An Example of Why Immigration Hardliners Want All Discussion Stopped

On Friday night I was having dinner in Vicksburg Mississippi where I had a illuminating and typical conversation I am finding as to immigration. While I was waiting for a table I saddled up to the bar to watch a little tv. The man besides me was pretty much a typical white southern late 40's Mississippi man. As a rule they are often very vocal folks and don't mind telling you what they think. Well he was ranting on about the illegals and all the stuff that Pat Buchanan was talking about. His concerns were wages, jobs for Americans, assimiltion(he didnt use that word but it is what he was getting out), and security issues. Well after about 15 minutes of this I found a way to interject myself into the conversation.

Basically, I told him that in fact I shared many of his concerns. However I thought the House bill and the Tancredo approach had some problems. Those problems being related to the work force, the fact that we could be dividing countless families, making fatherless homes, and other related issues. I explained to him and I prefaced it that I was a Conservative and a Republican. I then asked him this. Would he be ok with the following:

(1)Real Security at the border that woiuld include a walls ,motion devices etc
(2) A guest worker program that all would have be register within a set period of time or face deportation
(3) Heavy fines for employers that go outside that program and deportation for those workers that go outside the program
(4) That the Worker program be monitered on a Quarterly basis to take in account economic indicators
(5) That all illegals that a history of serious criminal offenses be deported
(6) that all illegals pay a fine , learn English, keep their nose clean, try to keep steady employment and if they do that in 12 to 15 years they can apply to become Citizens

You know what his response was? Basically he said "that sounds fair"? You see he has valid concerns and in fact shares concerns that I have also. However the debate has been so one sided because of the Lou Dobbs of the world that he never it seems heard another conservative approach to this. In the end he said he would go for that. This is not the first time I had such a conversation with a person of his mindset.

This is one reason why the hardliners have to scream Anathema at any Republican that dares to talk about anything like the above. Americans, yes my Democrat readers, even good ole boys from Mississippi that are conservative and Republican are fair minded. They have valid concerns and want them addressed. There is no wonder that even the Congressmen Mike Pence's of the world are silienced with threats from the Tancredo minded folks. You see the compromise is not only the right appraoch but it is a winner.

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Thoughts on LSU, the SEC, and Next Week

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LSU ADVANCES TO #6 IN THE NATION in AP poll and # 7 in Coaches poll

Coaches poll
link (go to Link for top 25)
1.Ohio State (59)
2Southern California
3.Notre Dame
5.West Virginia
9. Georgia
10.Florida State

AP poll-(link)
1. Ohio State
2. Notre Dame
3. Auburn
5. West Virginia
6. LSU
9.Florida State
10. Georgia

More on this polls later

One final football post for today after last night very satisfying win against Arizona. First as in all games there is stuff that can be improved on but I was very pleased with the Tigers performance last night. I along with the rest of the State loves Broussard , but Jacob Hester is the real thing and exciting to watch. I expect him to do big things against Auburn next week.

A word to Arizona. Take heart we have been where yall were at last night. I think Arizona has some talent and is still a rising program. However one word of advice. For God sake make sure you have competent medical staff is with yall next time. I have no idea why QB Tuitama was still playing out there after taking those hits. It was evident to everyone that the poor kid might have suffered a concussion out there on the field. OH an let me respond to this :"Tuitama was being treated by trainers and unavailable for comment after the game. Offensive coordinator Mike Canales said the hit, which drew a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer, was "pretty malicious." "It was, straight on, a shot to the head," he said. "No excuse." I am not looking at this throught purple and gold glasses but I wouldnt say it was malicious. It was a legitimate penalty and LSU was rightly called on it. But after seeing the replay several times and rewatching the game on replay last night I am not convinced of the "malcious" nature of it. Anyway Tuitama has talent and I look forward to watching him play in the future.

Next Weeks Game - The Biggie LSU Vs Auburn-

I hate that this Game is up next week. We all love to dream during the Season. At the end of the night on Saturday one teams dreams will be dashed. Lets face it who wins this game will in all likelihood go to Atlanta in December to play for the SEC championship. Also one team's National Championship Title hopes will be dashed. This game is always a nailbiter and this year it will be played at Auburn. We learn today that the Auburn Coaching Staff has been preparing for this game since January!!!!!.``We've been planning for this (LSU) game since January," Tuberville said. ``We've talked to people about LSU. We watched film all summer. We've been making subtle preparations for this game all along." For the past two weeks, every good thing his team did, Tuberville wondered if it would be good enough to beat LSU. Every mistake his team made not that there have been many Tuberville worried what such a mistake might mean against LSU.........

Needless to say this game will be rockin and I predict that many employers in Alabama and Louisiana will have a hard time keeping their employees mind on work. More on this Game during the Week.

I predict that ESPN will schedule its gameday show not at at the LSU/Auburn Game but at another venue likely USC/Nebraska. Of course this makes no sense since the Auburn Game will be the most important game next Saturday in the nation but the USC lovefest must continue at all cost. I am hoping I am wrong on this prediction.
Update-As I was typing this the AP Poll came out. The AP to my amazement had Auburn jumping USC and taking the #3 spot. LSU is #6. I agree with those rankings. In this poll we jumped Florida which they have ranked at #7. If freakin Gameday goes to USC next week it is time for ESPN to get some real competition.


Miss State in Full meltdown mode after blowout loss to Auburn-
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It is not pretty scene at Miss State today. Just go take a look at their message board. Coach Croom did not help matters with these stupid comments. Tulane is a must win for Miss State next week.

Ole Miss Gets Stomped by Missouri. HAHAHAHA. I have to admit I was little shocked at the extent of the loss. Especially after watching Ole Miss play Memphis State the week before.

Alabama I am sensing is in trouble. Alabama had a narrow escape last night playing against Vanderbilt. This is right after a narrow escape against Hawaii the week before. If you are a betting man I would be looking at the ULM(Univ of Louisiana at Monroe)/Bama game next week very closely. ULM nearly beat Kansas St last night and is in my view a dangerous team. I suspect ULM smells blood and is highly motivated.

Tennessee barely gets past Airforce. Let me say that there is no reason why Tenn should have dropped freakin 6 spots in the Coaches poll(link above) because of the nail biter of the game. I so wished this game was televised last night. Air Force is a dangerous team and was playing some wild offense last night I am hearing. The score in other words does not tell the whole story.

Arkansas beats Utah and shuts them out. It seems despite this there are alot of Arkansas fans not happy about the Hogs performance. I think that is pretty silly myself. Get beyond that USC loss. I know you wanted to unleash your frustration on Utah St and beat them by 50 but sometimes that doesn't happen.

Florida looks good.

SEC Poll Rankings
In the Coaches Poll the SEC has 4 teams in the Top Ten.

The AP poll correctly puts four SEC teams in the top ten and puts Auburn ahead of USC. LSU Number 6 with Georgia and Florida in in the correct spots.

Other Games-
Fresno State is one team I am concerned about that is on our schedule. Fresno State is in the WAC and to refresh peoples memories almost beat USC last year. They came close to beating the Oregon Ducks last night and is really a scrappy little team. Also Fresno State of Course is a big Concerned to my other favorite Team Louisiana Tech. Fresno needs to be watched closely and if the stars align for the Tigers we need to make sure they are not sidelined by this team this fall.

ULL get clobbered by Texas A@ M . Well I was hoping this game would be closer. ULL has some young talent and I expect good results in the future

Notre Dame- They're good but to be ranked number 2 in the AP? I don't think so.

Texas gets beat by Ohio State. This didn't suprise me honestly. Ohio State is at this point the best team in the nation.

Oh by the way the
SAINTS JUST WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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