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Saturday, September 09, 2006


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LSU 45 Arizona 3-

What a Night-- Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!

Next up Auburn!!!!!- The Real Biggie

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A look around my Blogroll

Since I have been absent a couple of days on my Mississippi adventure, this is sort of expanded Blogroll post.

The Pink Flamingo has a couple of good post as usual. The Flamingo talks about the idiotic world we live in when some people call Sen Lindsey Graham of South Carolina too moderate. Graham is a Conservative with a big ole C. She has a good defense of the good Senator. If I were certain folks I would be careful about this needless bashing of the good Senator from South Carolina. This man is going places and one day I believe could be on the ticket. Also check out her post here where among other things she talks about Hannity's treatment of Tony Snow. You know I don't really dislike Sean Hannity but lets be honest what he is. He is someone playing to a particular demographic and telling them what they want to hear. I suppose I was most disappointed with him after the Dubai Port deal. After that episode I realized that he was not a great source to get all viewpoints that are competing for attention in the conservative world.

Called As Seen had a couple of post I wish to highlight. First he has a link to all this ABC mini series stuff. I have to admit since I was busy on job interviews and treking over 16 miles on foot in the Vicksburg civil war park I am just catching up on this. Right now I can't imagine the reaction if Karl Rove had sent a similar letter that the Dems have. He also has a good post discussing a recent Townhall piece on how some social conservative hardliners have been rejected in the GOP primaries. I have mixed feelings about this and I feel the issue is a tad more complicated than the pundits let on. Conservatives might need to be careful thinking that social and religious conservatives are the big problem with the GOP right now. In fact they seem to be the only group that is not constantly bitching all the time. I might do a post expanding on this later this week.

A big Congrats to Conservative Cajun and his entry into the printed word. He will be appearing in the Lafayette paper it appears on a regular basis

The Anchoress has some great posts as usual. First she has a ton of great quotes from one my favorite Catholic Author Chesterston. I think Chesterton should be required reading in some of our Universities. Here are just a few quotes:
Those who complain of our creeds as elaborate often forget that the elaborate Western creeds have produced the elaborate Western constitutions; and that they are elaborate because they are emanicpated.- The New Jerusalem

The Declaration of Independence dogmatically bases all rights on the fact that God created all men equal; and it is right; for if they were not created equal, they were certainly evolved unequal. There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man.- What I Saw in America

People will tell you that theology became too elaborate because it was dead. Believe me, if it had been dead it would never have become too elaborate; it is only the live tree that grows too many branches.- Tremendous Trifles.

and my favorite
The man who is content to say “We do not want theologians splitting hairs,” will doubtless be content to go on and say, “We do not want surgeons splitting filaments more delicate than hairs.” It is the fact that many a man would be dead today, if his doctors had not debated the fine shades about doctoring. It is also the fact that European civilization would be dead today, if its doctors of divinity had not debated fine shades about doctrine.- The Resurrection of Rome.
Go check out the rest. Also she hit on the ABC controversery as well. In this post she goes back and reminds us of what the Dems were saying then about the controversal Reagan mini series. She has other post on her blog about this issue also that I intend to read after all the games are finished up tonight.

If you are Catholic, I urge you to visit Cor ad Cor Loquitur blog from time to time. It is one of the best Catholic and Christian Apologetic blogs on the web. He has two nice quick post on the issues of "Is the Catholic Church the Enemy of the Bible?" and "Does the Catholic Church thinks its superior to the Bible and its Creator?"

The Strata Sphere blog has several post that should be read. First some good news in that Penn Senate Race. I have been very worried about the Santorum race and the poll he reports on is very good news. If the Repubs can keep this seat it means good things for the Fall I think. HE has some more good news here.

By the way I am watching the Notre Dame Game and its the Half- I think Notre Dame is for real this year

Caucus Cooler has a link to a good story about Gov Huckabee who is of course running for Prez. I keep telling people this man is someone to watch. Especially since the Allen implosion a few weeks ago.

The Hedgehog blog is talking about his frustration that the idiot Michael Savage is replacing Hugh Hewitt on the radio time slot in Salt Lake City. Sorry if your a Savage fan but I am not. Conservative discourse is not helped by the likes of that man.

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Well it is about 4 and half hours till kickoff for the big Game of the night. No not Ohio/Texas but LSU/Arizona of course. I shall be experimenting with a new Buffalo Wing Recipe on the grill that I hope to unoffically unveil when I go tailgaiting at Death Valley in a few weeks.

Thoughts on the game-
I think LSU Fans are a tad overconfident as to this game. I caaught the editor of Tiger Rag on the radio on Wednesday and he was talking LSU winning 40-14. I think it will be a tad closer than that. However I must say that the Tigers looked great last week. I do not read too much into Arizona's peformance last week against BYU to which they had a hard fought win. I have seen to many similar first games performances by the Tigers over the years. A fact that LSU fans seems to have developed amnesia over. Still should be a good win for the Tigers.

Anywho to join in the fun and ranting during the game go to the offical Game thread at Tiger Droppings in the rant room.

If by chance you want to see things from the Zona Side go here

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Back Again

Took an extra day in Mississippi so I could tour the Military Park. If you are in driving distance it is worth the trip. Anywho, the football games are on and I shall be posting a tad till the LSU/Arizona Game

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conservatives Versus Republicans - A Needless and Silly Battle

I wanted to spend some time on a very good post that the Pink Flamingo put up yesterday called Rush Admits He Will Go GOP over Conservativism! Maybe He Gets It.

I think she makes some important points and I want to hit some of them and add my own. First, let me say that I differ a bit with the title of her post. Some of this hot air that I hear from some has precious little to do with "conservativism" Second let me say I am a Conservative. I believe the GOP is a conservative party. Also I want more conservatives elected to the Republican Party. I also belive that despite the rantings of some unhinged radio folks and bloggers it is still a conservative party. Does that mean I think all things are fine and dandy with the Republican Party. OF course not. But unlike others I have no intention of having a temper tantrum because some things are not being run how I would like to to them to be and abandon the GOP to "teach them" a lesson.

The Pink Flamingo hits a simple truth when she commented on Rush's comments about the need for GOP Victory "The whole thing is simple - if you want to keep reasonable conservative government, you gotta win. You lose and the liberals take hold. I have been so concerned about Rush being assimiliated by the Hannity/Tancredo/Buchanan brand of ultra-hate RINO conservativism, but I think we have dodged a bullet"

You know I don't know what is hard to grasp about the above point. Also is it me but is this ranting really just coming from same ole complaining crowd that threatens to stay home every two years. Basic Civic lesson here. If you don't like what the party is doing get involved. Get elected to Local and State Party offices for instance. It is not rocket science and in fact most people could get elected if they just got their friends to the polls to vote for them. Second the last time I looked we have this thing called PRIMARIES. Yes Primaries the last time I looked still exist. If you don't like the Republican you got in office well by all means try to vote the bastard out. But for all that is holy, if you are on the losing side just don't sit home and pout. The GOP guy in the end will be a lot more closer in your views than the Dems. Also lets be honest here. If you support a guy in the primaries and he doesnt win, is the problem the GOP or is it that the voting public doesnt feel the same as you? It doesn't mean you are wrong but you know political change and engaging the public is a long term deal. I have learned that reality and so have countless others.

A word on third parties. I know that certain folks have this romantic idea of third parties. Guess what they just come back and kick us in the butt. I wish Americans were more politically engaged than they are. I am willing to bet come next December 9 out of 10 Americans will not be able to tell you who is running in the Gop and Dem primaries for President. That is a reality. Lastly this isnt Europe and the Congress is not a Parliament. Thus making third parties even less likely. Americans might say "Gosh I wish we had a third party that dealt with what was important" but in reality each American has definate ideas of what is important to him and assumes everyone thinks the same. Once you get beyond single issue x, that is often what third parties are based on, then things start falling apart. If you want to vote for the kooky Const. Party well go ahead. Just be prepared for your worst nightmares coming true after the fall when the Dems take over. If you notice the Democrats are pretty unified this year. Despite the Lamont/Liberman Fiasco, I am not sensing that the "progressive" wing of the Democrat Party is going all Ralph Nader this year or in 08. They know how it is to be out of power and don't want that anymore. It is hard to believe that certain conservatives have gotten amnesia as to how that felt.

If you are thinking of staying home please take a look at the other side and the people who might take control. We are War and I have extreme discomfort at the thought of people like Bennie Thompson of Mississippi being Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

A final word. I am not to happy with some folks that heading up our ticket in certain areas. For instance it appears that Randy Graf in Arizona will get the nod in that House primary. The thought of that makes me sick. But despite that you will not see me advocating for the Democrat in the general election. Further, despite my EXTREME dislike of Congressman Tom Tancredo you will not see this blog advocating for his Democrat opponent in the Fall. The stakes are just too high right now. In a sense I am trying to practice what I am preaching here. I have learned that there people that have different views than me in the GOP on certain issues. I have been the biggest critic of certain elements of the GOP on issues like the Dubai terminall deal, immigration , etc. However that is life. Hopefully, I will be a part of something that changes that in the future. But in the end I rather be with people that I agree with 80 percent of time than help a party gain control that I am in disagreement with 80 percent of the time. In the end it is that simple.

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Blogger Problems and Comments

Well it seems that blogger is being quite the sickly patient again today. I have tried to leave comments at From the Evil Center and We Saw That(all on my blogroll) and I get some "cannot service your request at this time" message. I don't know if people are having similar problems on my blog but please try again because I love feedback. To top it off I am having problems opening my yahoo email account which I havent Checked since before I went on Vacation last week!!!!! So if you are sending emails you are not being ignored on purpose. I have to leave tonight for Hattisburg Mississippi but shall be back tomorrow tonight. So please send a email if you can't leave a comment in the interim. I have a couple of other Posts though I hope to get out before I leave so stayed tuned.

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Great Energy News and Why Louisiana Is Important Part 123

Updated- From the Evil Center Blog touches on this topic also. Let me say, I disagree with him a tad on his view of the Const amendment and on some issues of subsidizing residents. However he brings up some valid points that will not be too popular to the residents of the other 49 states but in fact shows a painful reality. Those issues could be compromised on in a effort to reach a solution.

Well this really isn't post 123 on why Louisiana is important but it is a subject that is often posted on my dear ole blog. PawPaw's House brings us news that a new field has been found in the Gulf that could increase our Nation Oil Reserves by 50 percent.

Great news for the Country and for Louisiana. Again, it shows the importance of Louisiana. You see those oil wells that you might pass by on your cruise boat on the way to your Mexican vacation are not run by robots. Real flesh and blood human beings are on those rigs. Those people , it might shock you, have families that must live in things called communities. Those oil wells are just a small part of the process. That oil must be transported, and there are literally hundreds of support industries that are on the coast that support those oil wells, etc, etc. You see we are a "working coast" in Louisiana. That means that the people who run these industries such as oil and Seafood that is vital for the nation must live on that coast. However everytime a Hurricane comes along I hear a litany of voices that say "Well Its there fault for living there why Should I pay for it!!!!!!" From Homeland Security funding and to Coastal erosion Louisiana is always it seems on the short end of the stick. Well, As I keep saying unless we do something soon this Nation is going to be in a hell of a fix and I have no doubt when the disasters start happening there will be much finger pointing. However , I doubt those finger pointers will be pointing those fingers at themselves for a portion of the blame.

One of the biggest threats this Country faces is the Coastal erosion problem in Louisiana. It threatens lives, a entire Culture, a unique ecosystem, a vital part of the US food industry, and not the least the US energy sector. We service much of the Nation's Energy needs and some of our problems as to Coastal erosion can be linked to that. The ground is literally disappearing under our feet. I strongly urge you to take some time to educate yourself on this issue. Conservative Cajun has the best links on his site to numerous resources about this major problem of Coastal erosion. Please pay a visit. After you do that, I feel you will be very alarmed at the problem. IF you are please call your Congressman and share your concerns.

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A look Around My Blogroll plus a little bit of LSU/LOUISIANA/CATHOLIC/CIVIL WAR HISTORY

The Hedgehog blog has an excellent post on the Iranian President speaking at Harvard. Good piece. I slightly disagree with Romney's stance on this whole issue though as to providing security. First if anything happens to him over here the Arab as well as as the US Conspiracy theorist on the looney right and left will be off to the races. Second, I want to know what he and all his associates are doing at all times.

A Little 08 Republican Primary news. The Caucus Cooler has the Iowa Schedule of Governor Huckabee(who I am liking more by the day). He also has a email that the Michigan Pro Lifers sent out against Romney and there are a ton of comments on that post. Things are getting interesting in Michigan to say the least.

Speaking of Blogroll Roundups , The Anchoress has a great one herself. She also has a very thoughtful post on the Fox Journalist forced conversion issue.

Called as Seen has a excellent post called Disagreement is not disloyalty. It is about Powell and Armitage but as he so well puts its the attitude that demonizes these men is what is partially wrong with segments of the Conservative movement. The issue is not one of conservative Republicans versus Moderate or liberal Republicans. It is mainly a issue of this insane demand of having to be in lock step on what ever this mythical "base" says we should be on to the tinest detail. You see it on this immigration debate and we saw it on on Harriet Myers, the nuclear option(gang of 14), and the Dubai port deal.

My unhinged Liberal blogger, Not Right about Anything, from Lafayette ,has a good post I enjoyed reading this morning.It is very LSU related and its about the Tiger Rag, tradition, and my gosh the ever present LSU purple and Gold confederate flag issue. First we find that the band no longer plays the TIGER RAG during the Pregame!!!!!!!WTF! When did this happen? I disagree with him a tad on the LSU confederate flag issue. The flag is below.
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First lets be clear about something. Reading all these hysterical post on both sides of the "LSU Flag" issue one might think that these flags are being flown all over the place. Well they are around but this isn't Ole Miss. I find the tradition quite harmless and I think Not Right About Anything is misreading what the General public will think if they happen to see one of these flags on National TV. I suppose if you had to put me in a box where I am at on this issue it is pro LSU confederate flag. I do resist this effort to demonize everything Confederate. I think it is shortsighted and is twising history for political purposes and often just plays into the hands of the extremist groups. Also it really takes the focus off the groups we really should be concerned about(Such as the loons at the League of the South).

I suggest a grand compromise. The first President of LSU was the famous and , in some quarters infamous, Union General William T. Sherman. From the historical record, it appears that General Sherman loved LSU and was loved by the cadets. He left LSU at the start of the civil war. I always thought it was a shame there was nothing named after General Sherman on campus. So a compromise. IN exchange for some fans being able to wave the purple stars and bars we shall rename something significant at LSU after Sherman. Perhaps a Shermans Death Valley Tiger Stadium , or the the Sherman Parade field. I suggest naming the campus fire station after him would not be in keeping in the spirit of this compromise. Thoughts?

By the way History lovers a another Louisiana/Sherman fact. Sherman's son became a Catholic Jesuit Priest. General Sherman was in fact received into Holy Mother Church right before his death. Well for years Father Sherman served the people of New Orleans as a priest. He is buried in fact in the Jesuit Cemetary at Grand Couteau Louisiana.
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For more information on this interesting man go here. The next time I pass by Grand Couteau I plan to stop at his grave and say a Rosary for Father Sherman's soul as well as the person beside him. You see buried besides him is another Jesuit Priest by the name of John Slater. Father Slater is the Grand Nephew of Alexander Stephens who of course was Vice President of the Confederacy.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Senator Allen Problem

I was away from my computer for a few days but this morning I had to check up on what good friend the Blogmeister was doing in St Louis. The blogmeister is of course the internet face(in a unoffical way) for the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens in St Louis. I noticed he had a few things here to say about my noticeable lack of post about Sen Allen's latest problems of late. Don't worry Blogmeister football season hasnt distracted me that much. Also, I think we all care about illegal immigration , but some of us don't think the deport all big and small solution is going to work.

For the record, I am very troubled about Senator Allen and some of the allegations. First there was the comment using that much debated French word. To be honest, I am not sure what to think of that. Part of me thinks that Senator Allen must not have known that the term was not exactly a term of endearment simply because to say it knowing otherwise is just insanity. There has been quite a debate on Louisiana boards among the Cajun French if that term was a racist term. TO be frank, I was more upset at his comment of "Welcome to America" to the man of Indian descent. Even that in context could have have been intended to mean welcome to the real world America versus the America that the beltway, the NYT gives us on a daily basis.

However, I must say that supposed connections to the Council of Conservative Citizens is a big problem. To be honest all I have seen is a photo at a event in which he posed with the Mr Baum and other leaders of the CofCC at the yearly CPAC forum back in 96.
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I hope to God by the way the CofCC is not at this years CPAC conference in a offical capacity. I shall check on that. BUt to say the least people pose with tons of people at events all the time for photos. I have big doubts that Mr Charlton Heston who is also in that photo is a big fan or even has knowledge of the Council of Conservative Citizens Radical racist agenda. Especially when one recalls how Heston went out of his way to make a statement against that in the great (some say cheesy) movie The Omega Man.

One reason, I have not commented on Sen Allen is that I am waiting for the facts to become clearer. If his only connection to the CofCC is this picture then it strikes me that more needs to be found before connecting him at the hip with this extremist group. I have no doubt that if Allen is a big fan of the Council of Conservative Citizens then the evidence is out there. Until then I am withholding judgement.

One problem is the media has confused matters. They have confused associations with the Council of Conservative Citizens with such activites as then Governor Allen's signing a proclamation of Confederate Heritage month in Virginia. Well good God most of the Civil war was fought there, I have no doubt he did so. So instead of focusing on if Sen Allen is a "racist" and works with "racist" groups the whole issue has become clouded with unrelated issues relating to the Rebel Flag and confederate history. Issues that people on both sides of that tiresome debate get to irrational about.

Now this is not a defense of Sen Allen. To be honest as a person that will be backing either Gov Huckabee or Sen Brownback in the 08 Race, Sen Allen's problems help my guys to a great extent. So, right now I have a wait and see attitude. If there is a real connection between the Cof CC and Sen Allen then I will have to condem that. Right now in my view it is a tad early from the evidence I have seen.

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A Look At the Louisiana Secretary OF States Race

Between the Lines blog out of Shreveport takes a look at the very important Secretary of State race we have coming up in our fine state of Louisiana. I am a still undecided which of the Republicans I will support in this race. The people running are Democrat State Senator Francis Heitmeier out of the New Orleans Area. Republican State Senator Jay Dardenne out of Baton Rouge and former Louisiana Republican Chairman Mike Francis. Well there are others running but everyone knows that the job will go to one of the top three.

Let me say I think Between the Lines has a good post on this race as well as does the Shreveport times article he post that focuses on this race. THe Secretary of States offices is a very important office. Most people do that have a clue of what they do or how it is important we get someone competent in there. The Shreveport Times does not help matters when it says

The secretary of state's office is largely administrative but performs the important function of running all elections, including being the central registry of all voters; buying, maintaining and delivering voting machines; hiring polling commissioners; and counting votes. In addition, the office maintains all state and corporate records and runs museums. The office must also attest to the signature of the governor on every single official state document.

I love how that maintaining all corporate records thing is almost a after thought to the Shreveport Times. The Elections division is of course one of its most important duties but it is not its only one. I would love to actually hear a little bit about what each of the hopefuls plan to do to make these records as well as other State records more accessable to the citizens in this internet age. As someone that cares about the cultural heritage oif this State, I would like to hear about their plans on that front to via the Museums and other venues that are under the Secretary of States control.

Again, I do not know who I will support in this race as of yet but here are a few of mine thoughts. There seems to be a lot of Jay Dardenne bashing that is occuring out there already. Hey it politics so no big deal. But I must say some of what I am hearing is a tad unfair and has little to do with running the Secretary of States office. As to Mike Francis that seems to be the favorite of many of the "base" as it were, Color me a little under impressed with his management of the party while he was Chairman. To be fair there is the Gov Mike Foster factor that did everything in his power to neuter the power of the state party. Was Francis a part of this? If he was there is no way in hell he is getting my vote. However if he fought it and was a casuality of fighting it then my esteem goes up a great deal for him. Those are questions to which I will be posing to Mr Francis when he is my neck of the woods. Regardless the GOP must pick up this office next year.

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A Look Around the Blogroll

Well I hope everyone had a splendid Labor Day Weekend. Mine was excellent.

The Pink Flamingo had some excellent post over the long weekend. She really hits hard on Republicans that are trying to distance themselves from the President in the upcoming 06 Races in Novemember. I agree. This is one reason why I am so anti Senator Chafee to be honest. She also hits the immigration issue pretty hard again in this post. She pegs it right on. THe hardliners in this debate have got to give a little. It is time for a tad of common sense to come into this debate.

The Hedgehog blog points out that those forced conversion to Islam by those two Fox journalist might have more consequences for them that has been let on.

Subway Canaries was again very busy this weekend. She has a excellent post on all this supposed Aztlan and La Reconquista nonsense. It is nonsense because it is largely a myth. There is no real plot. Surprise!!!!!! It is a good read.

From the Evil Center has a great post I urge you to read on why we ALL need New Orleans to succeed. I must say a good part of my weekend was having to defend New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole to my many out of State relatives. It again is a complicated mess. However, there has been progress. Not enough but progress regardless.

By the way Our Pope is going to Germany for a little homecoming. I intend to be glued to EWTN for all the events. American Papist gives us a preview of some of the events we can expect.

There is much more on the blogroll today. Please take a look.

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