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Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend and Geaux Tigers

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Well heading out a little bit earlier than expected for the Holiday. Everyone have a safe one. Blogging will resume in earnest on Monday Night

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Possible Big Scandal In THe Louisiana Dept of Corrections

Here is the link to the story that tells of the high ranking official with the Louisiana Department of Corrections that is now cooperating with the FEDS. THis could be huge.

Louisiana sometimes gets a bad rap as to corruption in State Government. Much progress has been made since the years of Edwin Edwards. However one area that is still a major problem is the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge of how things really work there. It in a word is not pretty. The individual wardens of the Prisons are like Feudal Lords and are involved in so many business enterprises related to the prisons it is just ridiclous. It is time for the whole house of cards to fall down if you ask me.

At times it is apparent how powerful they are. Gov Blanco seemed incapable of getting rid of Secretary Stalder who runs the whole thing even though she wanted too.
If you watch much TV I am sure you seen of the many shows on the famous Angola prison. I have to admit everytime I see one of those shows I have to laugh. THe warden of Angola is Burl Cain. Everytime he is on TV all we know is how he loves the inmates and is helping to spread Jesus to them. HE is a hard nosed warden that has reservations about the Death Penalty. Oh how the media loves him. If it would not cause real grief to a certain person, I could tell some stories on him. The list goes on and on. It is not isolated to Baton Rouge or Angola either.

THe most shocking think about the Department of Corrections is just how plain open they are about it. Want to become assistant Warden or even a Warden one day, well just sleep with the boss. I am not kidding. I never could keep up with whom was sleeping with whom and who was having affairs with whom. I am sure the Viagra prescriptions are somehow being done through the Prisons pharmacies. I was involved with a person that saw that up close and personal and when she became a problem to people she was pretty much crushed.

Prison Enterprises appears to be a problem that will not go away. The investigation into this has been going on for years. I thought the Feds had given up on it. Apparently not.

Anywho, this could become a big factor in the Governor's race coming up. If this breaks like it should people will be shocked and horrified what has been going on for decades.

Anyway, I have a very personal interest in this story because a person that was very close to me got hurt because she basically was to honest to work in that mess. I suspect she was one of many. I think most of those people have moved on. However some that were involved have long memories. Including me. Stay tuned.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bush is A Class Act

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The above pic is Bush at St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Behind him by the way are Governor Blanco and her husband. First, let me say that I think that pic shows the great prayfulness of the President. Some things can't be faked. Anywho, The Anchoress has some great thoughts on the above at her post entitled “How a Non-Catholic respectfully communes at Mass” The point of the post as you shall see is not to give a protocal lesson for Non Catholics at Catholic Churches. She goes and nicely shows the contrast with a certain former President who in the exact same situation does quite the opposite of Bush.
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Some Anglicans Want to Get rid of Bishop Polk it Seems

Drell's Descants has the scoop on all this silliness. I think the comment section is worth a look at as to this nonsense. If we get rid of and denounce Civil War Bishop and General Polk then Washington and Jefferson will be next. I added my two cents in the comment section. But I felt this comment really hit the nail on the head.
I think it was CS Lewis (Problem of Pain or Mere Christianity) who warned us not to think too much of our modern accomplishments and then think of those of the Middle Ages as violent, cruel and barbaric. Their sins may be trivial compared to our lack of courage, our craven devotion to comfort and things, and our vast pride in our own accomplishments. Chronological chauvinism at work.

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Understatement of the Year

The Leader of the Republican Party in New Mexico chimed in on his view of how the immigration debate is affecting the Republican party. Tip of the hat to Pink Flamingo for pointing this article out. He said:

"You always have self-serving politicians who are focused on one thing - getting elected or re-elected - and they put rhetoric ahead of what's good for the country," said Allen Weh, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. "We're going to have some collateral damage from this rhetoric." -

Well it would be nice if Lou Dobbs of CNN can quit his daily political commerical for the minutemen and Tom Tancredo and perhaps have this gentlemen on. Perhaps Sean Hannity can quit listening to his good friend Connie Hair and perhaps have him on for a few minutes. It seems that his is a voice that perhaps we should hear in the party since he is actually on the scene. Oh well, perhaps Michelle Malkin will call in sick and he can be a replacement.

OF course , this is the huge example of the year of this happening. The Dubai Terminal deal was also not the Republican Controlled House's finest hour.

I sometimes visted a very Progressive Liberal Immigration blog called Migra matters. Which reminds me I still have to respond to his responsesabout one of my post. Anywho, we disagree a great deal on certain specifics of what immigration reform would look like. However , it is nice to be able to discuss these matters with someone whose first reaction is not to tell me to shut up and to call me a traitor. Anyway he had this piece up the other day:

"What I wanted was witnesses who agree with me, not disagree with me," said Congressman Charlie Norwood(R-GA) at last Tuesdays Congressional field hearing on immigration in Gainesville Georgia held by The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. The hearing was intended to gather information about the impact of undocumented immigration on the state's Medicaid program and health care delivery system. Apparently though, "information" was not really what the House Republican wanted to hear, threatening a witness when she failed to present testimony to support his views. At one point he scolded immigration specialist Alison Siskin, of the Congressional Research Service, saying he was "disappointed" with her testimony and that he intended to complain to her supervisors at CRS after she said there were no studies to show "rampant abuse" of government healthcare programs."

Well oh well that is what I like. Republican Congressmen threatening to go the the "Boss" because he wasnt hearing what he wanted too.(SARC)

It appears the Local paper agreeded with my sentiments
When it was announced that two Congressional hearings on the subject of immigration would be held in North Georgia, we heard from many people who thought the hearings would be little more than opportunities for politicians to pander to their political bases.
They might have been right.
With his comments, U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood made it clear he wasn't interested in gathering information.
"What I wanted was witnesses who agree with me, not disagree with me," the congressman said.
He also threatened to call the boss of an immigration specialist with the Congressional Research Service for no other reason than he didn't agree with what she had to say.
It's little wonder people don't trust politicians when they see their elected officials close their ears to facts.
Why should we vote for someone who refuses to listen? Why have a hearing if you've already made up your mind on the issue?
People want answers from their leaders, not just someone who repeats what others have told them. That's not leadership, it's pandering.
And what about poor Alison Siskin, the immigration specialist who Norwood threatened? Siskin said studies had been unclear about whether illegal immigrants had much impact on government health care.
"The studies are all over the place," she said. "There are not studies that have shown rampant abuse."
Norwood said he was "disappointed" in Siskin and said he would call her boss to complain.
So now we are to assume that Norwood wants government officials to forego research, data and facts and simply go to Capitol Hill to tell politicians what they want to hear. What does this tell us about how our government works?
Norwood clearly believes the anecdotal evidence about immigrants being a drain on social services, though, as Siskin points out, there isn't a lot of hard evidence to support that. No doubt, health care for the uninsured is a problem, but there is little data that shows illegal immigrants are a disproportionate part of that.
Of course, if there was data to the contrary, Norwood would probably throw it out.
The congressman is clearly playing to his base. "I know what they are saying in my district. ... They want this border shut down and they want it secured."
On that point, we agree. We do need to close the borders, not just to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but also to help protect us from terrorists who might see the unsecured borders as an easy way to enter the country and attack us.
But we think that's a different debate from deciding what to do with the millions of immigrants who are already here. Illegal immigration is a real problem that needs real solutions, but those solutions should be based on facts, not guesswork and predetermined notions.
The Norwoods of the world are merely playing to the emotions of their voting base instead of trying to act like statesmen and solving problems with their heads.
We deserve better

Well again been there done that. We were treated to a horrific sight this past year when Congressional Republicans were ignoring the pleas of our Military to give them the time to present a case as how the treatment of the UAE in that terminal deal was a very bad thing. There were American Businessmen on the plane from the UAE to give the facts to Congress. Oh well didnt want that did we. The ever present Lou Dobbs was ranting and raving as well as Sean Hannity. SO what did we do? Well certain Republicans put a rider on a MILITARY APPROPRIATIONS BILL FOR OUR TROOPS!!! to make sure that Dubai did not get the leases. To me that sounded very much like a Democrat Tactic. Oh well at least it gave a few people a talking point for the upcoming elections.

Sadly to say the Gainseville Times hit it right on.

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Looking at the Blogroll

Posting will again be a tad hit and miss at least till tonight when I return home. Here is a quick look aroung my blogroll.

Big Lizards has an excellent discussion of the concept of Jury nullification. HE argues that in some cases it is appropriate. I agree. Sometimes in rare cases the following of the law to the letter in a individual case can cause a greater injustice as to to the indivdual being tried. I was involved in a case where that happened and the jury basically came back and found the person not guilty. Everyone knew it was a case of jury nullification. The Assistant District Attorneys involved in the case privately thought what the jury did was correct.

For those who think preserving our historic buildings is important, Called as Seen updates us on the situation with the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria Louisiana. I am constantly horrified that our historic past is often having a losing meeting with the wrecking ball. Hopefully this has been averted as to this important landmark.

The Anchoress has another great piece entitled “All that I hate, I am become!”. THis relates to Sen Allen from Virgiana and perhaps how it is time also for the Dems and liberals to look themselves in the mirror.

Maxedoutmama has sane and reasoned post on the Muslim violence we are seeing.

The Strata-Sphere has a good post up on how the recent revelations as to the Plame has boosted the the Libby defense.

Oh one of my Political bloggers and Analyist Emily Metzgar was quoted in a Fox article. That article is here. I pretty much agree with her. Especially this part "She said Hurricane Katrina amplified the problems and Blanco may be in more trouble than the polls indicate.
"I'm tempted to say that these polls don't really get what's going on right now," said Metzgar. "I'm not certain that [Nagin's] election is representative of the rest of the state
." The National media never took the time to analyze why Nagin won. In fact they seemed thunderstruck when he did. I wasn't and many other bloggers were not nor were local people on the scene. Nagin's victory I do not think can giveBlanco much comfort. I have a view that in fact it should give her great worry.

Anyway there is much more on my blogroll. So check it out.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Urgent Matter Regarding Minutegate, American Caging, and the Randy Graf Race in Arizona

Because of some evil Spam , I am currently working in trying to get may Email cleared of over a Thousand Spam messages. However as I am doing so I have read with interest some comments that are posted on my blog that are sent to me via Email. I have voiced concerns about the minuteman Pac headed by Simcox. I have also raised concerns that certain questions must be asked of Randy Graf in Arizona regarding his involvement with American Caging, the Simcox Minutemen, and other matters that concern me on his FEC filings. As I have stated there is only two weeks left in that primary in Arizona and we need to ask these questions, not the eventual Democrat opponent. It appears I have received two comments regarding urgent information that is wished to be conveyed to me about these matters. I have no idea at this point if a email was sent telling me the details. Like I said I am in spam email city right now as to my account so it is taking me a bit to get to the legit email that I have received since Saturday.

If you have sent a email please resend it so I can review it. If you have left just a comment and wish to convey information please do so by email if you fell uncomfortable doing so in a comment. Any information will be confidental by me as will be any matters regarding you. I shall hopefully be able to respond tonight if I am able to wrap up my business and return home. Again Thank you for concern. Needless to say time is of the essence.

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Ok Conservative and Republicans Time to Talk Reality on Immigration

Called as Seen has some great things on his blog today. I want to highlight this one. It is a post called On Pence, Cannon, Bush, immigration, and reality... Yes it is time to revist this issue. Congress has a limited time to after labor day to get this done. We truly need to put this baby to bed soon. Because of irresponsible comments and especially people like Pat Buchanan( That is not Even a Republican) we I feel are losing Hispanic and Latino support as a party on a daily basis. This will come back to haunt us big time if we do not stop the bleeding and soon. The majority of Hispanics and Latinos are of course against illegal immigration. Polls show that. However, largely their other valid concerns especially about the House bill have not been listened too. Extremists call listening and engaging these communties Hispandering. I call it democracy myself.

Anywho, like Called as Seen I much favor the "Cannon Plan" to the Pence approach. However, again we conservatives that favor a comprehensive approach on the whole are willing to compromise yet again. This "My way or the highway" approach by the hardliners is getting to say the least tiring. It is also insane. Deal with us conservatives and Republicans that share many of your same concerns or possibily deal with Democrat controlled House in the fall. That is a possibility.

Two other things I wish to comment on. The extremist, racist, and others like fellow travelers are using us and this debate to legitimate themselves. I agree with Called as Seen on thisThat must stop. Everytime I bring this up, I get the response of "Quit playing the Race Card you are just as bad as Liberals!!!!!!" Sorry that doesnt do it for me. If you start a political movement then you are responsible for policing it. The kooks involved in this is amazing. Subway Canaries has complied a lot of links showing that . It is called
Neo Nazi Connections to the Whole Anti-Illegal Movement . Now I know that is a provactive title. I am also aware that all hardliners are not racist and Nazis. However I urge you to take a look at this. Now I am sure that people will complain that many of these links and sources are coming from Liberal sources. Ok fair enough. However, I dont think it is too hard of filter out the Liberal bias and to look at the charges themselves. I have spent a lot of time looking at their allegations. Much of it is true. Now, I am pretty sure that the average Conservative or Republican has no idea this is happening. I am sure that for instance 99 percent of the USA has no idea for instance what the Council of Conservative Citizens is or for what they stand for. For those that don't know the CofCC is the child of the old White Citizens Councils. I have spent much time on this blog exposing them. So when I see this on their Mississippi Chapter Site I get very irate.
Great Southern (June Meeting Report)
June 30, 2006 Members and friends of the Great Southern CofCC held their June meeting at 7pm at Bo'Dons Seafood Restaurant near Jackson, MS. Several orders of business were discussed, especially business on immigration reform. What a crowd! One of the largest in a while. Immigration issues are heating up all over the state of Mississippi. The Great Southern Chapter also made plans to assist (MCIR) Mississippi Citizens for Immigration Reform in a petition drive at Puckett Day on Saturday July 8. They also voted to assist MCIR in a petition drive against Illegal Aliens at the Mississippi Watermelon Festival which will be held on Saturday July 22, in Mize, MS. The chapter would like to thank the special guest that were on hand for the meeting. It is always good to have state senators and representative in attendance.
04 Jul 2006
A few other words on this. First I have been unable to Locate this MCIR group. There are three possibilities. One is that this is a real group and are just starting up. The Second is that this is a typo. The third is that the The Council of Conservative Citizens is in fact intentionally misleading or hiding the real group it is associated with at that organizations request. The main anti immigration group group in Mississippi is called MFIRE(By the way I think we are all against illegal immigration). That is the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. This is the Group that hosted Chris Simcox in his recent trip to Jackson in July. A meeting that I wanted to attend myself so I could challenge Simcox in person on Minutegate. A summary and pictures are available on this site. Yesterday because of a million problems I was not able to check into this. However tomorrow once I am home and near a phone I intend to find out if MFIRE is involved with this group. If it is I am going to raise Holy Hell even if it means I have to do a seat in at the offices of the Clarion Ledger in Jackson till they report this. Like I said I don't know yet if that is the case and I want to make that clear. But I intend to find out the facts.. THe Council of (word Hijack) Conservative Citizens is not something to play around with no matter what the cause.

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Coming Up

We shall try to get some posts up today. I am having some connection problems. I am on the road today but if I shall have access to a computer some today. By the way if you have sent me a email just be patient. I had some MAJOR spam problems that the junk filter didn't catch So when I am getting a connection I having to clean out like a 1000 spam emails. Anywho. I am coming across valid real emails as I go along.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Huffington Post has Outlandish Attack on Baton Rouge

You know I wonder if the Huffington Post has like Editors or someone that looks at the content that is being posted on their blog by certain writers. I mean this is pretty offensive.

It is entitled MY Truth about Baton Rouge. This is written by a person currently residing in New York. Basically we learn from her that Baton Rouge is full of bigots and is very anti Jewish. Why does she say this. Well she is a expert, you see she lived there till she was 14. As a person that lived in Baton Rouge let me say that she is way off. I will not comment to much on this. The comment section is full of people that do a great job of correcting this budding journalist. But let me add one thing. For an area that is anti Jewish I find it strange that if that was the case the city has a State Senator that is -drumroll please is JEWISH. Yes, powerful Baton Rouge State Senator Jay Dardenne is a Jew. He by the way is running for Secretary of State. Oh wait he is Republican we can't count him I suppose. HE must be one of those pretend Jews I suppose. By the LSU Hero Skip Bertman is Jewish also. Didn't know that? Well there is a good reason for that. We Louisiana folks don't really care.

Coming Next Week- Liberal Yahoo Couldn't get date for Jr High Dance 15 years ago-- Slams Mobile Alabama-

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Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks Out On What the Democrats View As the New Threat to American Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I recently highlighted Cajun Rant's post on how politicians are attacking Walmart. I found this today. Iowans For Huckabee blog has a a link to a letter that Gov Huckabee has released in reference to these silly attacks. Good read. Mean while Senator Clinton is speaking up for her former Friends(NOT!!!!!!!!) Despite the fact that Hillary served on the Walmart Board for 6 years, that her husband political career has almost always been backed by the Waltons, and oh that WALMART gave countless jobs to Arkansas and mega bucks in donations to places of Higher learning in Arkanasas, she too is playing th anti Walmart Card. Oh that Clinton Loyalty. Seems like old times

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Welcome to My Blogroll

Time to do another Welcome to My blogroll post. I try to get some very interesting blogs that one might not be aware of.

First let me highlight an excellent blog form Georgia. That is Maxedoutmama. I have been following Maxedoutmama for some time and always find the topics she talks about fascinating. She has a lot of common sense also in her analysis. She is a conservative blogger and thankfully unlike some of the political oriented blogs not an echo chamber.

Another great find and also a conservative blog is From Sea To Shining Sea. His decription of himself is This site is dedicated to providing moderate-right opinions, and information and articles that counter some of the nonsense being inculcated in our young people by public schools and by many colleges and universities. It rejects multiculturalism, embraces the melting pot and celebrates the idea of America. I must say that again I find it fascinating that now his views are described as moderate. He had some great post the last few days. Check them. Again another sane blog.

Two quick Louisiana blogs. Both are religious in nature. First a nice Catholic blog from South Louisiana. That is From The Recamier. I like this blog because she often highlights the Saint of the day. Also this blog will be of interest to those that like to know what happen on this day in history type thing. That is a large part of her post too. She decribes her blog as Catholic saints & theology, historical events, births and deaths, and my daily activities, so there should be something here for everyone. I agree. A very plesant blog that is nice to check in with on a daily basis.

The other blog that has a religious nature is from a young man that is from the Anglo Catholic tradition. He is from North Louisiana. HE is Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican. I am hoping he starts posting on a more regular basis. His link list if your're Espicopal is something to take a look at. Speaking of Religious blog. I am looking for a good blog from the Orthodox tradition to put up. That faith will have much more of an impact in the US over the coming years. Especially in the South.

Back to politics. I am adding another Iowa blog that is focusing on the upcoming Republican Prez race. That is The Caucus Cooler. Part of my mission today is to find a good New Hampshire blog. I think many of us Repubs are trying to decide who to support for th 08 race. I hope this addition as well as Krusty Konservative is a help. There is a lot of interesting things happening up there in the Buckeye State that the MSM or for that matter the blogworld is not reporting.

Ok one more Louisiana blog. I swore to myself I wasnt going to put him on till I found a good ole fashion Louisiana Republican blog. In fact if I find one I like I might update this post. His blog is called Not Right About Anything and is from Lafayette. He is a prime example of the unhinged left lol. In fact at times he makes one of my other Louisiana liberal bloggers look like he is a member of the John Birch Society. But I have to admit I enjoy his blog and plus he has a lot of output. Also, I think its times for us Louisiana Bloggers no matter what our viewpoints to band together a bit. There are some issues that this we can and need to unite on for dear ole Lousiana. Speaking of Louisiana Republican blogs. If anyone has a good one send one to me. I am lookin for a Republican blog that is proud to be a Republican with no bitchin, no caveats, and no exceptions and has a attitude of YES WE WILL WIN IN 06 AND 08. I swear I am tired of hearing I am Republican "but". That seems to be vogue nowadays but in politics is not a winning attitude.

Finally a couple of blogs from the UAE I wish to put on my blogroll. The first is An Emirati's Thoughts. The Second is a American that is teaching in the UAE. That is The Emirates Economist. I am visit their blogs quite a bit and both are informative. I am doing this for several reasons. First it is time we start paying attention to the Arab blog World. Second , because we need some local insight on the issue of Iran. I also plan to revisit soon the stupid handling of the Dubai Terminal deal by our Congress. Not its finest hour.

Some Good News For Louisiana (Hurricane Ernesto)

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A couple of observations. First it is way too early to tell for sure but the track looks good for not hitting Louisiana. But of course despite revisionist attempts, Katrina track kept changing too and it was sort of late in the game when it became apparent New Orleans was in very real danger. Second, this again shows the dangers of having the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida right in the middle of worst part of the hurricane season. Sorry Jeb!!!.

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Please For the Love of God Jimmy Carter Just Shut Up

I swear President Jimmy Carter is the most self absorbed politican I know. I remember watching him at the King funeral this year. Jesus, Mary and Joesph, He talked about his Nobel peace prize and his Carter Center, etc etc while he was suppose to be eulogizing Mrs King. But this takes the cake. I swear the man is senile.

From Yahoo news-
"Former US president Jimmy Carter lashed out at British Prime Minister Tony Blair for being "so compliant and subservient" to the Bush administration in Washington.

"I have been surprised and extremely disappointed with Tony Blair's behaviour," Carter told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper as he promoted his new book "Faith and Freedom."

"I think that, more than any other person in the world, the prime minister could have had a moderating influence on Washington, and he has not," said the 81-year-old former head of state.

He faulted Blair for not having been a constraint on US President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 -- an invasion which, he said, subverted the fight against global terrorism.

"We now have a situation where America is so unpopular overseas that, even in countries like Egypt and Jordan, our approval ratings are less than five percent," said Carter, who was in the White House from 1977 to 1981.

"It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs, and I hold your British prime minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient"

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What can you say about this. Words just fail me. Rossalyn Carter if you are reading my blog please for all that is holy get the man a hobby.

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