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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Minuteman / Minutegate Update- American Caging, Maureen Otis, Alan Keyes, Simcox, and other Monkeyshines Continue

Well it has been an interesting week. These shennigans are slow getting picked up byu more media. I am working on two projects here for some upcoming post. I am still thinking I might just produced a sort of Minutegate for Dummies type post so newcomers can see the picture.
This Update shall include
(1)What is the Current Status of American Caging.

(2)The Connections between the Simcox Faction of Minutemen and the GilChrist Faction to all this mess.

Is American Caging a Corporation yet?
American Caging in public statements , on its letter head, and statements filed by others is always talked about as if it is a Corporation.

Now as talked about on this blog, We have realized that American Caging has not been a Corporation for over a year. A little Tax payment problem. Well According to Connie Hair, spokesperson for the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp that was all just a Government foulup. On the LibertyPost Forum she posted this Email by Maureen Otis on August 4th-
Email from Maureen Otis:
Several years ago we received notice from the Texas Comptrollers Office that Franchise Tax Returns had not been filed, when in fact, they had. We found out that there was confusion with regard to our Federal Tax ID #. A clerk in the Comptrollers office assigned the wrong tax id number to ACI and was confusing us with anther corporation. I wrote a letter and sent a copy of the letter from the IRS assigning our Federal ID #. I assumed the issue was resolved because I haven’t heard anything about this in years. This will be resolved immediately.

Maureen E. Otis, Esq.
Law Offices of Maureen E. Otis, P.C.President.

Now a person that claims to be in the know at Liberty Post and does seem to have connections and intimate knowledge of these events(note he like others with intimate knowledge on other forums have clammed up this week) said
"I called the Comptroller's toll free number this morning and got the ever popular "Oops, we forgot to update the website..." speech from some minion." JackelopeBreeder posted on 2006-08-05 01:25:54 ET Reply Tracee

Well of course I knew this was BS because I had called the people in Austin that day twice in fact and there was no talk of delays in updating Web sites. There was no doubt in peoples mind that American Caging was not in good standing and in fact was not a corporation. Also I must say as to Maureen Otis she does seem to have the worst luck. Her personal Professional Law Corporation lost its status too for the same reasons.

Well I decided to get an update yesterday from From Austin. Truth be known , I expected this business to be cleared up by now and American Caging would have done something to get their status back or to reapply for it. Well From the State of Texas as of yesterday:

Registered Agent: MAUREEN E OTIS
Registered Agent Resignation Date: State of Incorporation: TX File Number: 0118826500 Charter/COA Date: April 4, 1991 Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 30114634063 .
Oh well maybe next week , but I have my doubts.

Does the Minuteman Project headed by Gilchrist having anything to do with this mess?
LEt me say that this point it seems that Gilchrist is not involved with this syndicate. That is information that I aware of right now. However that was not always the case. I am trying to establist a timeline for all this right now. I am fairly comfortable in stating that Gilchrist was the one that approached Simcox about joining forces. That info is from people that were on the scene and witnessed the interaction first hand. Also, it must be noted that Gilchrist Campaign for Congress had all these same characters involved. That is American Caging, Mary Parker Lewis, Keyes Insiders, Response Unlimited , and Reponse Enterprises. That can be seen by just looking at his FEC statements. Gilchrist is doing a desperate public relation campaign to try distance himself from this group. However I think the following is telling. The Following comes from the Trademark office in DC

Trademark application for Simcox's Minuteman Civil Defense Corps-

Word Mark MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a non profit organization organized for the purpose of promoting through education, advocacy and activism, a nationwide citizens neighborhood watch along the US border; Minuteman Civil Defense Corp will raise contributions from the general public to support its efforts; Information about the organization and its activities will be sent in the US mail

Standard Characters Claimed Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK Design Search Code Serial Number 78626641
Filing Date May 10, 2005
Current Filing Basis 1B Original Filing Basis 1B Owner (APPLICANT) Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
CHARITABLE CORPORATION ARIZONA 168 4850 Wright Road Stafford TEXAS 77477 Attorney of Record Maureen E. Otis Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Abandonment Date June 15, 2006 .

Now its important to remember that Maureen Otis is an attorney she provides legal services also for her clients. This I can see being a part of that. Note, she has until Sept 15 to file to have this reopen. I am not sure why this was allowed to lapse. Perhaps because of non profit status problem. But this is interesting

Word Mark MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC. Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Minuteman Project, Inc; is a non profit organization formed to promote through education, advocacy and activism a nationwide movement endorsing volounteer citizens operations within the law to further the enforcement and reform of our immigation laws; MPI will communicate its message and solicit contributions to support its charitable purpose through the internet, television, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, books, magazines, newspapers, personal contact, etc
Standard Characters Claimed Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK Design Search Code Serial Number 78630151

Filing Date May 15, 2005 Current Filing Basis 1B Original Filing Basis 1B Owner (APPLICANT) Minuteman Project, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 22 Vista Del Valle Aliso Viejo CALIFORNIA 92656
Attorney of Record Maureen Otis Type of Mark SERVICE MARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date June 16, 2006.

Now I find this real curious. Maureen Otis and American Caging are red flags to look for when ever this syndicate is around. Why would Gilchrist use Maureen Otis's services for this? This is the first evidence outside the Gilchrist Congressional run that involed these characters with the Minuteman Project. That and the curious filing in Deleware. Why were both the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp headed by Simcox and the Minuteman Project headed by Jim Gilchrist Corporation papers filed by the same lawyer(not Maureen Otis) in Delaware. At some point there was a falling out between the two men. Why that was is not clear. But it is apparent that the Minuteman Project was involved with these people at least a year ago. I think it is safe to say a this point that the Minuteman Project is not associated with the Declaration Alliance people to the degree that Simcox is now. But that was not always the case.Stay Tuned for more details.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Look around the Blogroll

TIme to see what the blogroll is saying

First American Papist gives us a update on this so called Pro Choice Saint that USA Today Canonized for that cause recently so go see Suspicions confirmed: St. Antoninus not a "pro-choice Catholic saint" Good stuff here. The pro choice press and some media do this stuff ever so often. I have a million times it seems that Thomas Aquinas was pro choice and other such nonsense Christianity and the Catholic Church has always been against abortion. One of the oldest Christian Documents(maybe olser thatn the bood of Revelations) is the Diache .The Diache says: "you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is born".

Pink Flamingo has a good post up and its several topics. She links to a story that talks about the Texas Labor shortage. In that link "SAN ANTONIO Texas produce growers said Friday they are facing a labor shortage because heated discussion about immigration reform, coupled with what they call inaction on the issue, is scaring away Mexican workers. Texas Produce Association President John McClung said that if Congress doesnt resolve differences between House and Senate immigration bills, the produce industry will "outsource" its business to south of the border by shifting operations and growing there. Well that is great news. Jeez, well perhaps Mr Tancredo can explain how this is a good result of all this nonsense we have been getting out of Washington. She also has more on Tancredo and especially where Christianity fits into all this Immigration debate. A topic that is hardly discussed on Christian forums by the way. What an indictment.

Called as Seen has a good post on the Airforce Transport plane C-130J. I think it is a important read since the Criticism that he goes after comes from the media will portray as a "watchdog group". The past conflicts and the shape of the future ones strike me as reason to support this

Michael Totten is back in Southern Lebanon and is giving us the news they media will not give. I like going to his comment section and intend to when I finish typing this entry.

Done with Mirrors has a excellent post on how not too long ago, the European left loved Israel. Also another good post on that Crazy woman that was on that Plane that caused all the Ruckus on the 22nd. I guess since it seems to be the Ramsey girls muder case 24/7 I must have missed this on the news about what a flake she was. Also it appears she is political too. "Over there, though, she's a heroic "American journalist" speaking truth to power.
In a rambling 2003 column for the Daily Times of Pakistan entitled "An American in Pakistan: A new kind of arrogance," Mayo criticized the United States
. Good grief, go and read more.

LSUnpredictable has a non football LSU sports post up. Yes the LSU Basketball Schedule has been released.

We Saw That has some great News on the Old Hotel Bentley in Alexandria Louisiana.
The Hotel Bentely is quite a Historic Hotel that has been closed down for a number of years. Patton and other Generals planned out the Invasion of Europe on cocktail napkins there in the Hotel bar while they were training the troops. Hopefully this Hotel will be back in business.

One my Louisiana bloggers son is off to Duke. I will refrain on the Duke jokes for now since this is great moment for their family. Ernietheattorney has quite a touching story about his son and should give many of us some inspiration.

Wild Turkeys Forum has a good post up that concerns the upcoming elections and all the GOP doom and gloom we are hearing. I agree to a certain degree. I would like to see a list of House Races that are in serious danger. So far I keep hearing the words "trends" etc but no real facts.

Well there is much more on my blogroll. Tonight I think I shall try to post a sort of Minuteman Minutegate Post for Dummies. Soert of an overview of what this is all about , what we know, what we suspect, and what we dont't know as of yet. Stay tuned.

Senator BrownBack- 08 Hopeful Update

Senator BrownBack of Kansas is one of two people that I am leaning toward in supporting in the 08 Presidential run. The Weekly Standard had a excellent article entitled Mr. Compassionate Conservative. It is a very good read and you learn much about the man. If he gets the nomination he would Brownback would be the nation's fourth and the GOP's first Catholic presidential nominee. Since so many 08 hopefuls are in Iowa for the State fair I attend to do a roundup this afternoon or tomorrow of the 08 race in Iowa and perhaps a little New Hampshire.

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Eucharistic Adoration, THe Real Presense,Augustine, and John Calvin

Pontifications is one of my favorite religious blogs. THe Catholics and Calvanist are having a debate on the Reak Presence of the Euchurist and what that means via St Augustine's thought.

Eucharistic Adoration and Pontificator’s 11th Law-

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Breaking- Pondering American and Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis Agree on Something- Sign of the End of Days

I must say I checked in with by friend the blogmeister at the Council of Conservative Citizens ST. Louis Chapter was doing. For those that don't know the St Louis Chapter is sort of the unholy version of the Vatican of the Council of Conservative Citzens. It is even where its Pontiff , Mr Baum, is located. However much like the Vatican and Italy and the power and prestige of the Church, the power of ther CofCC I sense has shifted to other areas

A word of note on this blog and the person that runs it. I noted on the post below that I suspect there were factions in the Kooky Council of Conservative Citizens that were not too happy with embracing of all this extreme Jew Hatred. Anti semitism has been there in that organization but at different levels of degrees. Just from observation, I think perhaps the mother Church of the movement is an example of that. The blogmeister appears to be very sort of Ole School in the Citizens movement. I note very few Jewish Conspiracy stories on his blog. Even though I think he throws in the occasional "Amero" and "North American Union" koodum stories for keeping the crowd happy. It appears that St Louis Reich chapter is pretty much behind the times. Mainly stories that concentrate on how all the blacks are pretty much ruining things with the occasional Hispanics are causing the country to go to hell post thrown in and we are all about to be conqured by the brown people.

Anyway, enough History. Like I said I agree with the blogmeister on a issue. That is the issue of google and perhaps we should be doing things to make sure they are not the only game in town. I was not thrilled at some of the actions that google and yahoo have done in places like China. Anywho here is the link with reference to a good article and what we should consider doing while we are typing on our keyboards.

Oh we agree on one other thing. The Minutemen associated with Chris Simcox(Minutegate) is one big ole huge scam. In fact members of their organization ,the CoCC, were some of the first to bring this story to light. True it was because of silly neocon and globalist under my bed theories, but they should get credit. Even though their theories about the ultimate aim and goal of the Simcox Minutemen is pretty laughable. No NeoCon Conspiracy kookdum folks. Kristol from the Weekly Standard is not the man behind the curtain and neither is this some secret "open border lobby(oh how I hate that term) shell game. It is simply about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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Kookdum Explodes- Kookdum is Splitting on the Whole JEWISH/MUSLIM Issue- Are Jews Welcomed in Kookdum?

There are interesting developments in kookdum. I have been watch with some fascination how these extremist groups are dealing with the whole Jewish and Muslim issue. Basically , it comes down to who to hate and who to support .I shall do a furhter post examing that in the future.

Good read that I think people should take a look at. It involves Kookdum and all the usual suspects are there. Jared Taylor, the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, stormfront etc. All the characters that are trying inflitrate our conservative movements in order to gain legitimate standing. The Entry is entitled Irreconcilable Differences-A schism over anti-Semitism threatens a key 'white nationalist' group. The outcome could be critical to the radical right. Now this article is from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are in the forefront of fighting this kookdum. Now to say the least this organization has a liberal orientation. Also, there are certain issues that people bring up regarding the this organization that are valid. However, that does not mean one just discounts everything that is being said by them. I think from my personal observations of this group that much of their reporting is right on. My main disagreement with them is how they sometimes characterize this incorrectly as coming from extreme conservatives or the Right. Those are terms I wish they would stop using. After looking at these movements for some time they represent a viewpoint that is nothing like the conservatism I know. In fact some of these groups have views that are held inm common with the left. Nevertheless that is a another discussion.

I concur with their findings. I monitor these extremist groups on a daily basis. Part of the reason , I do that is warn people and conservatives through emails and this blog that there will be an attempt to inflitrate their organization or event. I have noticed this split as to whether to support jews or muslims in the current World affairs. I think the article is a good read and again this Conservative Republican can find nothing in the above that is false. I wish to point out quickly two things.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is Not being Truthful

In the above article I notice these two gems.

Gordon Baum, the St. Louis-based CEO of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, has Taylor on his editorial board and fights to preserve the "racial integrity" of white people. But, he said, the CCC welcomes Jews. And, adding that the CCC has no interest in "skinheads," Baum rapped Duke for believing that "race isn't even important, all that is important is the Jewish issue."

• Baum's new editor for the CCC's publication, Citizens Informer, seconded his boss' opinions. "Attacking people with Jewish lines of descent is complete nonsense," Joel LeFevre told the Report, adding that he was "very put off by Mr. Duke's behavior" at the conference. Separately, LeFevre wrote on the AR List that Duke and his "puerile loser" followers should be banned. "Duke has his own conference where he can rant about the Jews all he wants," he said.

Let me say with all due respect this is a much of BS. I am suprised that the SPLC let this stuff slide so easy. I do suspect that there is some anxiety among some factions of the Council of Conservative Citizens on this matter. In fact AI suspect that in certain areas of the Country, especially the south and in places like Mississippi, the turn toward this Jew Hating is very troublesome to many in the rank and file. However it is happening. Also this should be added. The political left needs to take a good look at itself in the mirror. The irresponsible rantings about neocons and secret plots that is rampant on that side has done nothing but add gasoline to this fire of rising anti jewish feeling.

The Council of Conservative Citizens welcomed with open arms at their National Convention members of Storm Front, which is a White Supremcist and Nazi organization and generally full of wackos and dangerous folks.

The chief of Staff and editor of Storm Front said on this thread that focused on that National convention:

It's those breakfast meetings and lunch meetings that are important, and the hundreds of hallway meetings, rubbing elbows at the bar, hanging around the pool, and like that.Vigo Indy unfortunately couldn't stay long and I only talked to him for few minutes - caught him on his way out. But I did get to meet him, and I liked what he had to say. That's the kind of thing that bonds this community far stronger than internet memos here on the forum. While Stormfront makes it all possible, it's only a beginning.There was a good number of young Volk there, Old Blue, you would have been heartened by that.James Edwards was there with the new Mrs. Edwards, DeutschPride, PanzerElite, Hawthorne, too many of the young lions to remember all at once here!Plenty more music than I was expecting, with acoustic string concerts both on Friday night in the meeting hall and on Saturday night by the pool. I am convinced Stormfront is doing the right thing expanding in this direction, continuing to build and diversify (if you'll pardon the word) and developing as a media project in every sense of the word.

Hey - live, on the air, AM 1380 WLRM, the real deal! With host James Edwards out of good old Memphis, Tennessee, 7 to 8 PM, Central Time:
Political Cesspool1-866-339-9047Proud recipients of the Boot Stomp of Approval.

If it had been known in 1885 or 1900 that the Jews then being admitted en masse into America would dedicate themselves as a group to the undermining of the American nation, would the America of that time have let in all those Jews? Of course not.- Lawrence Auster, Jewish commentator.

What is the Who is James Edwards and this Political Cesspool Show. Well basically it is the unofficial radio presence of the Council of Conservative Citzens. To learn more about them please go to my posting here. There you will learn more about this National Convention and all the speakers and what stormfront particiapants said. To deny that the Council of Conservative Citzens is not engaging and incorporating this element of kookdum is just to deny reality. Every month that goes by it is becoming clearer that it is going in that direction. Oh by the way, David Duke was on the political cesspool show last week.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Declaration Alliance and Alan Keyes Needed the Minutemen

A interesting thing has surfaced:

That is the 2003 Declaration Alliance Annual Report that was filed with the Illinois Attorney General
The pfd file can be found here

This is from page 27 of the above-
As indicated in the accompanying financial statements, for the year ended December 31, 2003 Declaration Alliance has had recurring decreases in net assets and, as of December 31, 2003, Declaration Alliances’ current liabilities exceeded its current assets (working capital deficit) by $157,322 and its total liabilities exceeded its total assets (net deficit) by $157,122. These factors raise substantial doubt about the organization’s ability to continue as a going concern.

Management of Declaration Alliance is developing a plan to reduce its liabilities through seeking additional sources of revenues and reduction of expenses

Well, what was that plan and what were these additional sources of revenue? First some interesting facts. This is looking at the 2003 figures. However if you look at the report you will see that this report was compiled and finished in December 2004. The above statements are from the auditor Robert D. Ben-Kori. He of course is also the accountant for some of the William Greene interest. Where did the money go? Basically it appears as to these figures Declaration Alliance was in serious trouble. It needed money in the worst way.

Now I have taken a look at the 990 for Declaration Alliance for 2004. This can be looked at by registering for free at Now at the end of this physical year they ran a deficit of $213,258. After they carried over the deficit from the previous year they were in the red $370,380.

The are some more things that have come to my attention that connect a certain person at American Caging and others as to a time line. I am researching that now. Also there is some information I have received that I am awaiting verification. IF its true it will be explosive. I have received other indications that things are starting to fall apart of a sudden. Stay Tuned

One final thing. Any Republican that touches the Minuteman PAC money is in danger. I am getting more and more uncomfortable about where that money that is in that PAC came from. Ignorance might not be enough if this breaks in the last days of the primary.

Finally. Questions must be asked of Randy Graf in Arizona. He is running in a Republican Primary to replace KOLBE. Now he has connections to the Minutemen. Very close connections to the Simcox faction. But what is disturbing is that AMerican Caging is a big part of his campaign. LEt me say that they are not involved with many campaigns. The ones I have looked at that they have been for , such as Gilchrist in California and Lewis in West Virginia are raising big red flags. We cannot afford a scandal breaking in that race in October. Please any one associated with that race needs to spend a day looking at all my entries or email me so I can point out the revelant info you should be looking at. I hope that everything is fine with Graf. But from a thousand miles away the FEC reports are troubling and question must be asked now. If we don't do it. The Dem will

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The Real Presence and The Sacraments

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I am working on another Minuteman / Minutegate piece that comes from some information I discovered last night. I hope to have that out in the next couple of hours.

However I ran across a jewel at what appears to be a very High Church Anglo/Catholic blog. When one converts to Catholicism ,especially if one is Evangelical/Fundamentalist as I was, a whole mindset must be changed at times. The Church Fathers were a great assistance to me in doing that, Sometimes when I try to explain the Sacraments to my non Catholic friends, I get some incredible looks. Not too long ago, I thought a woman was going to faint when I told her, "Yes, we Catholics really do believe that is bread and wine Jesus and in fact we even eat and drink him." Now of course I can understand why some people of course are shocked and look at me like I am from Mars when I am attempting to explain these mysteries. I need to remember that when I try to explain our faith, I really just need to go back to the Church Fathers. They explained it so well. I was going to post excerpts from this blog posting but the beauty of the prose and truth is so broken up when I do that. So I have pretty much took the picture at the site(which shows quite vivdly how the quite big things happen in ordinary places) and cut and past the whole thing. Partly because I want easy acess to it

St Ambrose is quite an interesting guy. He was born in 341 ad and died in 391 AD on the holiest night of our year, that being Holy Saturday. He was the Bishop of Milan. Go the link for more. Anywho here it is
Ambrose: Concerning the Mysteries IX-

In order that no one through observing the outward part should waver in faith, many instances are brought forward wherein the outward nature has been changed, and so it is proved that bread is made the true body of Christ. The treatise then is brought to a termination with certain remarks as to the effects of the sacrament, the disposition of the recipients, and such like.

50. Perhaps you will say, “I see something else, how is it that you assert that I receive the Body of Christ?” And this is the point which remains for us to prove. And what evidence shall we make use of? Let us prove that this is not what nature made, but what the blessing consecrated, and the power of blessing is greater than that of nature, because by blessing nature itself is changed.51. Moses was holding a rod, he cast it down and it became a serpent.63 Again, he took hold of the tail of the serpent and it returned to the nature of a rod. You see that by virtue of the prophetic office there were two changes, of the nature both of the serpent and of the rod. The streams of Egypt were running with. a pure flow of water; of a sudden from the veins of the sources blood began to burst forth, and none could drink of the river. Again, at the prophet’s prayer the blood ceased, and the nature of water returned.64 The people of the Hebrews were shut in on every side, hemmed in on the one hand by the Egyptians, on the other by the sea; Moses lifted up his rod, the water divided and hardened like walls, and a way for the feet appeared between the waves.65 Jordan being turned back, returned, contrary to nature, to the source of its stream.66 Is it not clear that the nature of the waves of the sea and of the river stream was changed? The people of the fathers thirsted, Moses touched the rock, and water flowed out of the rock.67 Did not grace work a result contrary to nature, so that the rock poured forth water, which by nature it did not contain? Marah was a most bitter stream, so that the thirsting people could not drink. Moses cast wood into the water, and the water lost its bitterness, which grace of a sudden tempered.68 In the time of Elisha the prophet one of the sons of the prophets lost the head from his axe, which sank. He who had lost the iron asked Elisha, who cast in a piece of wood and the iron swam. This, too, we clearly recognize as having happened contrary to nature, for iron is of heavier nature than water.52. We observe, then, that grace has more power than nature, and yet so far we have only spoken of the grace of a prophet’s blessing. But if the blessing of man had such power as to change nature, what are we to say of that divine consecration where the very words of the Lord and Saviour operate? For that sacrament which you receive is made what it is by the word of Christ. But if the word of Elijah had such power as to bring down fire from heaven, shall not the word of Christ have power to change the nature of the elements? You read concerning the making of the whole world: “He spake and they were made, He commanded and they were created.”6

9 Shall not the word of Christ, which was able to make out of nothing that which was not, be able to change things which already are into what they were not? For it is not less to give a new nature to things than to change them.53. But why make use of arguments? Let us use the examples He gives, and by the example of the Incarnation prove the truth of the mystery. Did the course of nature proceed as usual when the Lord Jesus was born of Mary? If we look to the usual course, a woman ordinarily conceives after connection with a man. And this body which we make is that which was born of the Virgin. Why do you seek the order of nature in the Body of Christ, seeing that the Lord Jesus Himself was born of a Virgin, not according to nature? It is the true Flesh of Christ which crucified and buried, this is then truly the Sacrament of His Body.54. The Lord Jesus Himself proclaims: “This is My Body.”70 Before the blessing of the heavenly words another nature is spoken of, after the consecration the Body is signified. He Himself speaks of His Blood. Before the consecration it has another name, after it is called Blood. And you say, Amen, that is, It is true. Let the heart within confess what the mouth utters, let the soul feel what the voice speaks.55. Christ, then, feeds His Church with these sacraments, by means of which the substance of the soul is strengthened, and seeing the continual progress of her grace, He rightly says to her: “How comely are thy breasts, my sister, my spouse, how comely they are made by wine, and the smell of thy garments is above all spices. A dropping honeycomb are thy lips, my spouse, honey and milk are under thy tongue, and the smell of thy garments is as the smell of Lebanon. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed.”71 By which He signifies that the mystery ought to remain sealed up with you, that it be not violated by the deeds of an evil life, and pollution of chastity, that it be not made known to thou, for whom it is not fitting, nor by garrulous talkativeness it be spread abroad amongst unbelievers. Your guardianship of the faith ought therefore to be good, that integrity of life and silence may endure unblemished.56. For which reason, too, the Church, guarding the depth of the heavenly mysteries, repels the furious storms of wind, and calls to her the sweetness of the grace of spring, and knowing that her garden cannot displease Christ, invites the Bridegroom, saying: “Arise, O north wind, and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, and let my ointments flow down. Let my Brother come down to His garden, and eat the fruit of His trees.”72 For it has good trees and fruitful, which have dipped their roots in the water of the sacred spring, and with fresh growth have shot forth into good fruits, so as now not to be cut with the axe of the prophet, but to abound with the fruitfulness of the Gospel.

57. Lastly, the Lord also, delighted with their fertility, answers: “I have entered into My garden, My sister, My spouse; I have gathered My myrrh with My spices, I have eaten My meat with My honey, I have drunk My drink with My milk.”73 Understand, you faithful, why He spoke of meat and drink. And there is no doubt that He Himself eats and drinks in us, as you have read that He says that in our persons He is in prison.74 58. Wherefore, too, the Church, beholding so great grace, exhorts her sons and her friends to come together to the sacraments, saying: “Eat, my friends, and drink and be inebriated, my brother.”75 What we eat and what we drink the Holy Spirit has elsewhere made plain by the prophet, saying, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man that hopeth in Him.”76 In that sacrament is Christ, because it is the Body of Christ, it is therefore not bodily food but spiritual. Whence the Apostle says of its type: “Our fathers ate spiritual food and drank spiritual drink,”77 for the Body of God is a spiritual body; the Body of Christ is the Body of the Divine Spirit, for the Spirit is Christ, as we read: “The Spirit before our face is Christ the Lord.”78 And in the Epistle of Peter we read: “Christ died for us.”79 Lastly, that food strengthens our heart, and that drink “maketh glad the heart of man,”80 as the prophet has recorded.59. So, then, having obtained everything, let us know that we are born again, but let us not say, How are we born again? Have we entered a second time into our mother’s womb and been born again? I do not recognize here the course of nature. But here there is no order of nature, where is the excellence of grace. And again, it is not always the course of nature which brings about conception, for we confess that Christ the Lord was conceived of a Virgin, and reject the order of nature. For Mary conceived not of man, but was with child of the Holy Spirit, as Matthew says: “She was found with child of the Holy Spirit.”81 If, then, the Holy Spirit coming down upon the Virgin wrought the conception, and effected the work of generation, surely we must not doubt but that, coming down upon the Font, or upon those who receive Baptism, He effects the reality of the new birth.

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5th Anniversary of 9-11 and Good Anti Koodum 9-11 Site

It is hard to believe that 5 years have passed since that horrible and historic day. It is sad but many have seemed to forgotten. We Americans are at times cursed with short attention spans. I have added a banner on my sidebar to mark the coming occasion. If you want to add one to your site just click on it and the code is available. Everytime, the page is refreshed a new victim name and picture is shown.

One other site I wish to give a shout out too. Five years ago , I could not believe all these Arab conspiracy theories about who was really behind 9-11. Yesterday I received a comment on a post concerning Israel. It sort of had that mindset too. I sort of have a different view toward those comments especially if they come from overseas. OF course they are still kookdum but I don't look at comments like that with a sense of American/Western superiority as I once did. We have some many conspircay theories from both far left field and the far right Field that is dissicult to keep track of them. These 9-11 conspiracy sites are both on the kooky right and the kooky left. I suppose it shows stupidity is a world wide thing. Even here in the very well educated United States.

The site Screw Loose Change is a site that is dedicated to exposing the lies and myths in the movie Loose Change. That movie was a Kookdum 9-11 Conspiracy film. He has a lot of sources and links to people that disprove this nonsense. Please pay a visit and say thanks. It is not like he is getting paid to do this. These movies and theories are dangerous. I found this entry troublesome:

Loose Change Inspires Terrorists?

now Cynthia McKinney is no longer the biggest idiot to have watched Loose Change. One of the men arrested in the airplane bombing plot may have seen it as well:

After 9/11 and 7/7 Waheed was sceptical about whether Muslims could have been responsible. He watched conspiracy videos on the internet. He believed them and thought they made sense. Like most people in the world, he was anti-war. But his solution was: fight the enemies of Islam by showing them the real Islam, a religion of peace

That's a friend of his talking to the reporter; obviously he appears to have intended something quite different.

That terrorist was supposed to be on a plane today. Again this is a serious matter. I have seen too much of this popping up on the left and the right. Not all our enemies are foreign born. This conspiracy stuff is ate up by the Timothy McVeighs of this country.

Anywho a good read and site.

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I discovered yesterday that the controversal Laine Lawless that was involved with the Minutemen and still is quite involved in the illegal immigration issue has a blog. Laine Lawless has been quite a inflammatory figure. I posted on here. Now I refered to her as a extrem wacko. Well to say the least I still find her tactics and beliefs bizaree. However she has spoken out and is trying to defend herself. A email is attributed to her that is quite horrid. Basically it is email that ask Nazi like groups to come to the border and use violence against illegals. Well. Lawless is saying that is not her email at all and she never advocated that. At this point, as I posted on her blog, I am not sure to believe her or not. However, I know this. IF that email was manufactured that needs to be exposed. If it was a false EMAIL then the group that did it needs to be exposed. If it was Mrs Lawless's email well that needs to be confirmed. I might disagree with Mrs Lawless , but if the email that is attributed to her is false that needs to be cleared up. That tactic is unacceptable. It could happen to any of us on any issue. Any way here is the link to her defense and post Nasty Nazis, Rabid Racists, and Lesbian Witches.

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A look at the Blogroll

Pink Flamingo has a excellent post on Tancredo and again continung a great conversation with Called as Seen Blog over the issue of Life Versus Freedom. I am still pondering this my self. Please go check that out,

American Papist attacks the silly USA TODAY article that claims references a supposed "pro-choice Saint". Take a look at the comment section. Some interesting topics are touched on.

For those that think we are losing in Iraq they might want to take up that matter with my Blogger Bandit 36 who is actually in Bagdad. If you want to get his recent perspective please go here, here, and here. I constantly see people(some on my blogroll) make all sort of assertions about what we are doing there. Well his comment section is open. Discuss.

Speaking of Iraq , one of my other Iraq blogger ,Midnite in Iraq, decribes a rgp attack he was under and his close encounter with pssible death great read. Say a prayer of thanksgiving he is alive.

Let me do a Louisiana Round Up here in the middle of this stroll

Conservative Cajun has several post. First he takes on immigration. I voice my concerns in the comment section to some things he brings ups. This post updates on us on the interesting developments in the oil and gas lease situation and the unhappy outcome here.
Update to this entry-Between the Lines blog thinks this is a great outcome. I am not to sure about that. Since Conservative Cajun is not only a conservative but also in the industry I tend to listen to his views on this a little bit more on this subject or to be more precise give them more weight. But Between the Lines does bring up some different aspects

Paw Paw House has a good post on in the issue of passenger profiling. I again am trying to figure out my position on this. It needs to be discussed that is for sure. Somehow we balance security versus freedom. A hard task. You might want to visit his comment section. A louisiana resident mentions what appears to be a great service that gets around all those pesky registrations you have to do at news sites. I plan on checking it out

Marshall Fannin is conducting a online poll of the Shreveport Mayors race.

Emily Metzgar has an update on the ACLU and their report at what happened in the jails in New Orleans during Katrina. The ACLU is not my favorite organization. I also realize that the well being of prisioners is not a high concern of many. But here I am voicing big concerns and Agree with Mrs Metzgar. She in her column that she links too also posses some uncomfortable questions to Attorney General Foti. Remember many of these prisioners were kids.

One final Louisiana guy I wish to highlight. He is not on my blogroll but is going on it. That is Bobby Kennedy and his Catholic Orthodox and Anglican blog. I am glad he is blogging again. If you are Anglican and even if you are not stop by and say hi. Even though I am a Roman , I respect greatly the tradition he comes from and the courage that it took for him to convert to this faith despite the current troubles. His post on why he didnt swim the Tiber or go Eastern but to go Anglican is here. He has a wonderful post today here also.

Returning to Non Lousiana matters

I was tempted to this give this a seperate post today. Michael Totten talks about his experiences in Northern Israel the past two days here. Totten is quite fair and tells it how it is. His comment section again is awesome and a important part of your visit to his blog. Great pics too. His blog should be on everyones blogroll.

Statra Sphere has a excellent post today. In fact I just talked about this a few days ago(Dont worry I am still going to respond to Migra Matters). Seems in one race The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sponsered an ad that many Hispanic groups don't like. Basically the ad visually equates Terrorist with illegals. A few comments on this. Of course border security is a legitimate issue Especially the Southern border. That must be part of an comprehensive plan. But again not does not mean anything goes of course in trying to convey that message. I will send this to Migra matters today.
Update-The liberal/progressive blog Migra Matters has commented.

There is much more on blogroll that is worth reading. Please visit.

A Closer Look at Brent Sanders Libertarian Candidate in the 5th Congressional District

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A couple of days ago I did a profile of the 5th Congressional District Race in Louisiana. This District is represented by Republican Congressman Rodney Alexander. After , I did that the profile of the race the Libertarian hopeful contacted me and we had a very nice discussion via email. Even though as a Republican I support Rodney Alexander, I think it is proper to give Mr Sanders some exposure. As I told him there are areas of this district that are in a hell of a mess , and I welcome any new ideas. The following is his Press release.

Brent Sanders of Alexandria, qualified yesterday and formally announced his candidacy for 5th District Congressional Representative. Sanders is a Libertarian who graduated Holy Savior Menard High School and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Louisiana College.

He said he will work to reduce the size of the federal government by voting against pork barrel projects and working to reform or shut down programs which do not work. He says he is not willing to make promises just to receive a vote.
"I want to go to Washington to work for the people of the 5th Congressional District and working to cut pork barrel projects will help us all," Sanders said.
Another issue Sanders said is important is Social Security. Sanders said the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are responsible for the Social Security System being in such a mess. “The Democrats and Republicans should have fixed the system years ago when it was first pointed out that there was a problem and not pass the problem on to future generations.”

Sanders said as a Libertarian he would work to initially shore up the system so it can meet the growing demand the baby-boomers will be placing on the system and so the federal government can meet its obligations to all citizens. He added, “In the long term, I would like to see the system move toward privatization so the public can invest there hard earned dollar but first we have to meet our obligations.”
When questioned about the War in Iraq Sanders said, “While the main population now opposes the war, people shouldn’t forget the Democratic and Republican Leaders in Washington almost all voted unanimously to go to war. It truly is the Republican and Democratic Parties who have gotten us into this mess.” Sanders added although he would like to see an immediate withdrawal of troops he realizes this would be difficult.

In the long term Sanders would like to see a 2 year timeline put in place. He said, “Our goal was to remove Saddam Hussein, his corrupt leadership, and eliminate any weapons of mass destruction. While no weapons of mass destruction were found, our mission has essentially been accomplished.” He added, “ Our country should not engage in nation building and that is exactly what we are doing in Iraq. We have stabilized the new Iraqi Government as best we can and now it is time to let the Iraqi people determine the outcome of their future.”
On gas and oil Sanders said it is past time for our government to stop subsidies to the oil companies. He said he can see no reason why the federal government should continue to subsidize these oil companies while they continue to net major profits at the cost of the consumer.

Sanders said by removing oil subsidies it would create a fairer market place in which alternative energy could freely develop as the market demands.

Sanders feels illegal immigration and the burden it places on our country is extreme. He said he would like to see existing laws enforced. He feels immigration should be allowed but illegal immigration should be prevented.
He pointed out immigrants have always had a role to play in our country. While he opposes using military to patrol our borders with Mexico for illegal immigrants he is not opposed to increasing the size and training of our Border Patrol.

In regard to tax dollars and illegal immigrants Sanders said, “Our school systems should not be required to educate people who are here illegally. Our hospitals should not be required to provide services, other than emergencies, to illegal immigrants at the expense of tax payers. This charity to illegals needs to stop now before it completely drains our resources

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


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Congrats Congressman Jindal- Congressman Jindal Has to Deliver His Own Baby

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Well it appears that the man I hope to have as our future Governor had a busy night. It seems his Baby came so quick he had to deliver it himseld in his Kenner Home. I am sure they will make a great picture on Governor's official Christmas Card in the future.

Drell's Decants has the details

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Enough of This Nonsense On Israel

“We must always think about things, and we must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be.”
George Bernard Shaw

“Public opinion, though often formed upon a wrong basis, yet generally has a strong underlying sense of justice"
Abraham Lincoln

When I observe the past few days discussion on Israel and what it should have done in Lebanon, these two quotes are apt and both are true. I was a supporter of what Israel was doing. However at the same time, I did not hesitate to voice concerns over certain targets, strategy, or the end game of all this. There is a vein of thought that is rampant that Israel lost this conflict and totally screwed up. I have to say I am at a loss to see why this is so.

If you have that view please take the time to read the following. Michael Medved has an excellent piece up entitled Who Won the Lebanon War?. I think its excellent. The answer is Hezzbullah.
He says in part
" Meanwhile, Israel's war aims remained distinctly more modest than Hezbollah's, and the ceasefire resolution actually brought the nation closer to their achievement. Yes, the Jewish state wanted to disarm if not destroy Hezbollah, and to free its two kidnapped soldiers, and the Army (because of poor strategic decisions from the Cabinet, particularly at the beginning of the war) achieved neither of these goals. But the broader purpose of the conflict was to create greater security for Northern Israel and to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for Hezbollah to launch random attacks, without consequences, whenever they chose to do so. The UN force headed for Southern Lebanon can't prevent those attacks with absolute assurance (after all, the international army will be led by the French) but the presence of blue helmets will insure that future Hezbollah strikes bring international consequences. The cease-fire specifically reserves for Israel the right to defend herself -- ruling out only "offensive military action." Moreover, the presence of 15,000 UN troops to stiffen an additional 15,000 Lebanese troops will make it all but unthinkable for Hezbollah's co-sponsor, Syria, to reoccupy their neighboring nation"

Its a great and simple read. Also a blogger that is on my Blogroll had this to say:Hezbollah lost position and operational tempo. They lost their dug-in, heavily tunnelled base in southern Lebanon, and they lost a lot of top leaders to capture and killing. And regardless of how they spin the fight, their Shiite supporters in Lebanon must notice that Israel is still present in south Lebanon, but Hezbollah isn't -- at least in nowhere near the numbers they had. Big Lizards had much more to say and I think he hits it right on.

First off let me repeat"“We must always think about things, and we must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be.”

I am not sure what people wanted or expected here. I have seen during this conflict a huge amount of armchair quarterbacking from people and now Monday morning quarterbacking. Well we bloggers do that a good bit of that .That is why we blog. But some of this is just unreasonable and not fact based. I have seen people that have not posted on Lebanon in almost a year become experts on the whole political, religious, social environment of that country. Also, I have seen people ignore certain truths. To basically just pretend that these facts do not exist. They were in effect seeing the World as they want to see it not how it is.

(1) Fact one- Israel wanted that Government standing in Lebanon at the end of the day
If the current Government had fallen in Lebanon that would have been a defeat for Israel. It is true there are elements of Hezbullah in that Government but they are the minority in it. If the Government had fallen what would have replaced it? Well the answer is Hezbullah and other Syrain and Iranian Cronies. There was only so much that Government could take. People go well--- Lebanon should have joined the fight against Hezbullah. Well the fact is that I doubt at this time and place Israel would have wanted that to happen. Why? Because the tiny weak Lebanon army would have got their ass kicked to be blunt. Thus allowing Hezbullah to take effective control of the Country. Also it must be pointed out many of the people that supported the Government and are against Hezbullah had to flee the country. The longer that conflict continued the greater number of people that yearn for sane government might just throw up their hands and say the hell with it. I am not going back. Israel did not want that either.

Israel met enough of its objectives to win the day. Israel wants Lebanese troops on that border. At least now there is a chance that might happen

2)Syria is the big Elephant in the room. There was much talk about Syria. I have even heard talk about how Israel should have bombed Syria and got Assad out of there. First this ignores another reality. What would replace ASSAD. Syria is a enemy but Israel knows there are far worst things than him that can be ruling there. In order for this plan to be successful then Israel would have had not only to occupy Israel but Syria too. Ok time for reality. That wasn't going to happen and thank God it didn't. People fail to notice but we have 130,000 thousand troops in Iraq trying to bring rational Government there. This was not a good time for World War III. I suspect the Pentagon agrees.

“Public opinion, though often formed upon a wrong basis, yet generally has a strong underlying sense of justice"

One reason why people have these views is because of the above quote by Lincoln. Hezbullah is evil and unjust. The Syrian Government and Leaders in Iran are leaders and unjust. To put it plainly these terrorist and their tactics and aims are unjust. As a people with a sense of Justice we feel that. However, Public Opinion as to specific actions cannot be overly colored by that emotion. We must be patient. Again we must live in the World as it is. There will be no magic battle or military victory that causes all this to go away at the snap of a finger. This is long term. There will be ups and downs but victory shall be achieved because of decades of work. Not weeks. Perhaps we need to go back into now into what seems like ancient history and think of our 50 year conflict with the Soviet Union. I suppose we could have declared War when the Soviets invaded Hungry. Perhaps we could have duked it out in the 60's over Cuba and settled it once and for all. Well I am glad we didn't. We very well might not had been here. The cold war was a long term struggle. This conflict with Radical Islamic will be the same. Israel in the end achieved important goals and results. We should celebrate that. We also should not forget that Government in Lebanon and the people that are now returning to pick up the pieces. Our hope much like Israel's hope lies in them. Of course we might all be jumping the gun here. The last time I turned on my TV, it seemed Hezbullah was trying to start some stuff up again. Why would they do that? Because they know they are weakened politically. Terrorist thrive in death and chaos not light and life. Lets just try to create a situation where the Soverign State of Lebanon can get troops on that border.If that happens this death and destruction might have been worth it.

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A Hello to my fellow Conservatives at Liberty Post and Fellow Travellers

Before I move on to non immigration and minutegate matters a little Housekeeping. I of course follow the threads on all the forums. Especially the conservative forums because they have such good information. Liberty Post is another one of those forums that is worth to keep a eye on. I am a news junky so I pop by there a good deal.

Here is another thread to watch and to keep your eye on. Now one doesn't have to lurk there long enough to realize this forum is very Minuteman friendly. In fact many people in involved with the Minuteman movement are members and are talking about Simcox, the Simcox Minuteman faction, and things I have been talking about here. There are defenders of the Simcox faction and there are Minutemen that to say the least are asking some tough questions. Until the Media decides to take the guts to look at this , it is the best place for information.

Now, of course my blog is mentioned there and especially on the above thread. Let me say there are many posters there that even though we might disagree with each other are asking tough questions. It is fair to point out that their efforts have also helped me. Now some posters accuse this blog of being part of the "open borders lobby" and other things. Well, of course I don't believe in any concept as open borders or any rash concept as that. I believe in a comprehensive plan because I think first its the only solution to this problem. Second because I find it to be the most moral and Christian plan to solve a problem we have ignored for 30 years. So no I am not a member of any "open border lobby" , and I am not a secret advocate for the supposed "North America Union" . I am just a man that has been involved in Republican and conservative politics since I was a kid.

Hopefully at some point this name calling will end on both sides. Again there is no secret plot here. It seems to me that if I wished to retard the progress of the minutemen. I would not be exposing this. It would be far more in my interest to continue to hope that 80 cents out of every dollar to continue to go to things besides the "cause". Also, even though I am not a big fan of Gilchrist, this seems to make him even more of a force. So if have some agenda , I am going about the wrong way it seems.

If you notice on here, besides the immigration issue, I have tried to take this to a higher level. I know that when people are involved in a movement it is all consuming. The same has happened to me in the past. It is natural really. Well to put it bluntly it is not all about you or immigration, or illegal immigration. There are a ton of issues that these groups use that basically take precious funds that could be spent more wisely elsewhere. Those conservative issues go from a to z. Also one must ask if these groups are part of the problem with discourse we have been having.

It is hard not to have a day go by and not receive a email calling so and so Republican a Rino. Some of these purported "Rinos" have stellar over 90 percent conservative ratings. It is hard for a day to go by and not having yourselves accused of being a traitor , or part of some conspiracy. I have sat by and watched even my Church get defamed in the wildest conspiracies that really belong in a Jack Chick comic. I suppose people think that such actions are good pollitics. One must ask why that is happening. Why has the Conservative blogs and forums often become what we laughed about just a few years ago. That is a Conservative version of the Democractic underground or Daily Kos. One should ask who fianancially benifits from that.

Well, I frankly am getting tired of it. Also I think a lot of people are getting tired of it. I find it amazing that when people agree with perhaps 80 to 90 percent of a position or concerns that 10 to 20 percent disagreement is deemed worthy enough to enact a scorched earth policy on fellow conservatives. I know that this blog is getting mighty fiesty on some issues. Well let me say that is partly from having the expereince that my views are not important, not conservative and just shut the hell up. Well, many people are going to blogs now because they have felt intimidated elsewhere to even speak. Even going to conservative forums nowadays is not that enjoyable as it once was. Perhaps, maybe it is more fun when we are in the minority as a group instead of actually having discuss how to govern. I hope that is not true. There is much talk about if we don't do "x" the so called "base" might stay home. Well its time to consider that perhaps we might get so tired out from this nonsense and name calling that we might stay home on election day. I am hearing that out there in many places. I am surprised that is never given a thought by the "base". It is strange to type that sentence because a Political Scientist who studies this would call me a "base" voter in Republican and conservative circles. If I am getting tired and at times consider washing my hands of all this then I hate to think who already has. Trust me it is immigration today but it will be something else tomorrow. Also one other point. When we campaign for Canidiate X we often become emotionally invested in them. Just something to think about when statements are made against such people as Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Sen McCain, Gov Huckabee, President Bush, Congressman Cannon, Congressman Pence, Senator Martinez just to name a few. It is wise to consider if you make them the enemy as some 24/7 365 days out of the year if you we conservative and Republicans don't tune out what you have to say. Even the valid points. I should point out that Liberty Post is not the only or even most horrible offender as to this.

That being said even though we might disagree with the specifics on the solution to this issue , I have learned much from those that are in what I call the "Tancredo" camp. Those concerns and experiences that are voiced believe it or not I incorporate in my thinking. That is sort of how this process is suppose to work.

So anyway, thank you for coming by. I like any blogger like getting hits on my blog. If you think I have treated someone or someone's cause unfairly by all means leave a comment. For instance I just noticed that someone that I have had done a entry on has spoken out in her defense. I shall post that soon in fairness. That is one reason I started this blog. The sole purpose is just not to have me type for my own vanity. You might not be able to change my mind a hundred percent but perhaps while engaging each other you might change my mind on a couple of issues.

One final issue. I know that many people get unhinged when people are called racist and etc. I don't think that all Minutemen or people in the Tancredo camp are racist. Some of my friends have the same beliefs. However, when you create an organization and movement there comes responsibilty. It is hard I know having a movement that is not inflitrated. I think we have all had experience with that. So yes when Simcox and Gilchrist appear on shows like the Political Cesspool show I shall call that out. When the Council of Conservative Citizens are used to organize anti immigration rallies I will call that out. When bloggers associate with people that have connections to extremist groups , I shall point that out The thing is this. For better or worse you represent a vein of political thought that is considered Conservative in the public square. There are people that will use this in order to become mainstream in the public eye. It is all of us Conservative's business to make sure that does not happen. Perhaps in these groups someone should be hired to monitor more effectively who is trying to use you, That would be great. Because I tell you it is happening.

Well anyway that is my screed. Keep up the good work and hopefully by the time the elections roll around we will not be carpetbombing each other. I learn alot there at your forum. I won't mention names because my admiration might be viewed as the kiss of death, but there is one poster over there that as I observe her post these questions that has even made my debating skills on the net better by watch how she zero in on the issue. And again if there is something you disagree with. leave a comment or send a email. Dont worry, this shall be the last time I shall mention this. I just felt it was appropriate especially looking at the disturbing trends I am seeing for November that must start being reversed.

Sincerely and Still a Fan of LP
Pondering American

More Minuteman Minutegate Satire

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These incredible quotes just from the past week:
From the Washington Times:
"Mr. Simcox, who has been criticized by current and former MCDC members for a lack of leadership and financial accountability, had referred The Times to Mrs. Otis, saying she could "tell you everything" to clear up the concerns. Instead, Mrs. Otis issued a statement saying only that all Minuteman donations have been "securely collected, counted and deposited" in MCDC bank accounts ."


"Maureen E. Otis -- president of American Caging Inc. in Stafford, Texas, an agency hired to collect, deposit and disburse donations to the civilian border-patrol group -- told The Washington Times that neither MCDC President Chris Simcox nor the group's board of directors had given her permission to "disclose any numbers"

From the Arizona Free Republic.

"Simcox estimated that MCDC has raised $1 million, plus about $600,000 to build fencing along the border but said that he can't be sure of the amount. He said the organization hired accountants and consultants in 2005 and set up a "caging" account controlled by a lawyer to ensure that donations were handled property."

"Board member and Executive Director Al Garza said he has no idea about its finances. When asked how much money his organization has received in contributions, Garza said: "Oh, geez, I don't know. I don't make it my business. I refuse to even ask for the figures. . . . They're donations being well spent, I can tell you that." "Only our auditors and our caging company know exactly how much we've raised," he said. "It's not my job. That's why we've hired the best independent auditors."

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"Connie Hair, a spokeswoman for the group, said its financial situation is simple. "There is no controversy," she said. "There is no impropriety."
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Shreveport Television Stations Under Investigation For Fake News

Marshall Fannin blog has been follwing this interesting story coming from Shreveport involving KSLA-12 and KTBS-3. It is on his August 15 entry. This involves allegations of bought and paid for advertising pretending to be news. Also he hits on the fake phoner scandal, where a reporter appears to have been portrayed calling in live from a Courthouse when in reality he was in the next room!!! Jeez how much of this stuff happens and we never know. Stay tuned.
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Breaking Washington Times Does More On Minutegate

Well late tonight/this morning a New Washington Times article was released about Minutegate/ Connie Hair/ American Caging/ Diener/ Mary Lewis/ Simcox/ Reponse Unlimited and the whole sorid bunch. Oh and by the way this is not a retraction.

Border group's finances a secret-

A Texas firm that manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps says it has not been authorized to divulge a detailed accounting of the funds, despite assurances by the MCDC's top official that it would do so. Maureen E. Otis -- president of American Caging Inc. in Stafford, Texas, an agency hired to collect, deposit and disburse donations to the civilian border-patrol group -- told The Washington Times that neither MCDC President Chris Simcox nor the group's board of directors had given her permission to "disclose any numbers."

Mr. Simcox, who has been criticized by current and former MCDC members for a lack of leadership and financial accountability, had referred The Times to Mrs. Otis, saying she could "tell you everything" to clear up the concerns. Instead, Mrs. Otis issued a statement saying only that all Minuteman donations have been "securely collected, counted and deposited" in MCDC bank accounts.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This scam is so disorganized. This folks remind me of the people in that Movie The Fish called Wanda or perhaps ITs a Mad Mad Mad World .

Telephone calls to Mr. Simcox in Phoenix, where he reportedly is on paternity leave,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting(Wasn't Simcox just a few days ago like a Thousand miles away giving out checks from his PAC and appearing at events?)

were routed to Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair in Virginia, who said the organization was not going to release "any unaudited numbers." She said that an audit will be completed in November and that any release of figures prior to that "is just not going to happen."
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mary Parker Lewis, a top MCDC consultant, has said the audit seeks to establish MCDC as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. She told The Times that MCDC would meet "all its legal obligations" in seeking to organize. In April, Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Hair declined to answer 17 written questions submitted by The Times concerning MCDC finances after several current and former Minutemen first raised questions about money coming into the organization. They also did not respond to a follow-up list of seven questions in June. MCDC has not released any financial or fundraising records since its April 2005 creation to either the public or its members. Disclosure statements promised to The Times by Mr. Simcox in October and later in April were never delivered. He since has accused critics of being racists, anti-Semites and "a small handful of disgruntled people who have been terminated."
Send more Money thoughPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last month, several Minutemen questioned what happened to donations collected since the group's first border vigil in Arizona in April 2005. They said they had no idea how much money had been received, how it had been spent or why it was being routed through a Virginia-based charity headed by conservative activist Alan Keyes. Some of them have since challenged claims by Mr. Simcox that MCDC "spent probably about what we collected" to pay for supplies for Minuteman volunteers on the border, including satellite phones, radios, flashlights, maps, portable toilets, thermal imaging cameras, night-vision cameras, computers, water and food.

Mike Gaddy, a retired Army veteran of Vietnam, Grenada and Beirut who helped organize the Minuteman's April 2005 vigil as a field coordinator, said that if Mr. Simcox spent about what was collected to purchase supplies for the volunteers, he didn't see any of it. "An awful lot of the equipment I saw was donated," he said

Other Minuteman members confirmed last week that much of the equipment they used during the border vigils, including night-vision binoculars and Global Positioning Systems, was donated. Gary Cole, MCDC's former national director of operations, said he personally collected "tens of thousands of dollars" in donations during the 30-day border watch in April 2005, but was never told how much money had been collected or where it went. He said he later was fired by Mr. Simcox as a national director "for asking too many questions about the money."

Last month, Mr. Simcox said $1.6 million in donations had been collected, although he had no documents to verify the claim. He said $1 million went directly to MCDC and $600,000 for a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border, all of it handled through the Herndon-based Declaration Alliance, founded and chaired by Mr. Keyes. Mr. Keyes has endorsed the Minuteman organization as programs of Declaration Alliance and the Declaration Foundation, another Virginia-based charitable organization he heads. He also accused critics of being "decidedly racist and anti-Semitic," saying they had been removed as members of the Minuteman organization. For a fee, American Caging manages money collected by nonprofit groups, their telemarketers and direct-response agencies. Caging firms give nonprofit organizations the ability to receive and disburse donations without having to hire a staff.

In addition to MCDC, the firm's clients include Declaration Foundation, Declaration Alliance and the Declaration Alliance Political Action Committee. It also has handled funds for Mr. Keyes' unsuccessful political campaigns, including his failed 2004 senatorial race in Illinois, for which it was paid $30,530. American Caging also handles other clients aligned with MCDC, Mr. Keyes and the Alliance organizations, including Diener Consulting Inc., which serves as the Minuteman group's public-relations arm, as it did in Mr. Keyes' unsuccessful presidential and senatorial campaigns; and Renew America, a fundraising organization founded by Mr. Keyes that provides a link for donations to MCDC through Declaration Alliance. Other American Caging clients include Response Unlimited, which makes mailing lists -- including the MCDC membership -- available to conservative mailers and telemarketers and has an "exclusive contract" with Declaration Foundation; and, which raised $500,000 for Mr. Keyes' 2004 senatorial campaign and helps raise Minuteman donations through a link on its Web page to Declaration Alliance. Mr. Simcox also serves as "honorary chairman" of the Minuteman Political Action Committee, which says it has spent $350,000 this year to help support several candidates. Mrs. Lewis, who served as chief of staff to Mr. Keyes in his presidential races and has been affiliated with Diener Consulting and Renew America, is the committee's secretary

Oh Mr. Washington Times reporter. Please see if the Washington Times can spare some pocket change to send you to Houston so you can check out this Amrican Caging thing. Important questions would be are you really a corporation and if not why have you been saying you are. Of course be prepared that Mrs Otis might not open the door. In any event if she refuses to talk to you may I suggest you might talk to current and past employees of American Caging. I am hearing they want to talk. That might be profitable as to finding out what is really going on.Also sidestops at the the civil record section of Harris County Courthouse and neighboring Fort Bend County might likewise be illuminating. Plus a interview of this Peter Kunz who works for Diener in Penn and is a lawyer(but doesnt practice law in Penn or anywhere it seems) and on some Minuteman/Diener memos as a their lobbysit(but doesnt appear as a registered Washington DC lobbyist on any records) and also is the Fence Contracter on other records might be nice. Till then let me tell what I think this really is-

We appreciate your interest in FrEeing the Republic from the infiltration of troublesome Greenbacks which come into this country through a number of nefarious ways.Millions, perhaps billions, of them move among us undetected.

We have it on good authority (read it at LP) that several of these Greenbacks have been spotted in your area.They're everywhere.Your schools, your grocery stores and your churches.If we fail to act now, how can we ensure a future for your children free from the worries these Greenbacks inevitably bring with them?

Please take a stand with us to get these Greenbacks off our streets once and for all.Our MCDC (Mucho Cash Dinero Cha-ching) Chapter volunteers are ready to station themselves in your backyard to observe the movement of the filthy lucre in your neighborhood and to protect you and your family from ever having to come into contact with the unclean menace. (You can never be sure where they've been).

Our volunteers are in need of the necessary equipment to monitor the situation in your neighborhood as they are all volunteers and never get paid a whit to follow their avocation.We know we can count on your support for these True America Luvers.

Enclosed you will find an envelope for any Luv Offering you can send to support our mission. (Please confirm your mailing address and any email addresses so our Chapter volunteers can find you.)For prompter service, call us at 1-900-GOT-CASH and one of our many telemarketers will be happy to serve you.
We accept cash, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Savings Bonds (matured only) and PayPal.Please, no checks and NO NORFEDS.


God Bless,Chris & Connie
Your Professional Greenback Removal CONsultants and Media Darlings
MCDC is a wholly and holy owned subsidiary of OLAS UNIVERSE, Inc.
We will get around to telling you where the money goes when we damned well feel like it.

What do y'all think?They seem like a legitimate organization to me.I mean they sent me a business card and everything.
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(the Above satire was shamelessly copied from this thread on Clown Possee. I am not that original and funny. Above is pictured Connie Hair of Diener and associates and Chris Simcox of the minutemen-OLAS is a term that of course means Our Lord and Savior but in internet political forum lingo refers to Alan Keyes because his supporters view him as the true Savior of the Conservative movement)

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RINOS (Republican In Name Only)

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I am sort of rearranging my posting schedule. As to my response to the blog Migra Matters, I am having some good interaction on email with him and want to consider what he has said before I just type out a response. Furthermore, Before I review the rest of the State races I am attempting to get some information on the libertatians that have put up quite a slate in the rest of the State. Especially since I have some readers that lean that way.

That being said when I was checking up on the what the insufferable Congressman Tom Tancredo was up to I ran across this interesting topic on a Internet site in Colorado. That is the whole topic of RINOS -Republican in Name Only. I shall post the piece but I do recommend that you visit the site and look at the comment section that is very interesting . I suppose I shall have to register to give my two cents. Anywho here is the piece with my Commentary at the end.

Republican In Name Only. I cringe whenever I hear this term. What does it mean? Is it a way for Republicans to say to other members of their party "you are a fake because you do not hold my exact opinions, or even worse are a dirty stinking moderate"?
Being a Republican can mean a lot of things. It can mean you think the absurd amount of government spending should be reigned in or cut dramatically, or it can mean you think we should CUT taxes while increasing our spending and being forced to borrow money because "our economy will rebound and save us".

Being a Republican can mean you are a rancher who wants his water and land protected from oil, gas, and coal interests on your "split estate" land or neighboring public lands. Or, it can mean you think the government should eliminate the review process for the energy industry when they seek to harvest natural resources (or, as the 2005 Energy Policy Act states, remove "impediments and delays"), because our nation is thirsty for the resources.

Being a Republican can mean you believe in God and the Bible when it says not to kill or be sexually immoral (and that abortion and homosexuality fit that description). Or, it can mean you believe in the Bible when it says to care for the poor and to not leave debts unpaid (deficit spending and an exploding national debt, anyone?).

When I hear people say "RINO", or see it written, I throw up a little in my mouth. Being a "Republican" is not definitive in this day and age. Being a "RINO", therefore, is even less definitive and even more confusing

Perhaps one day I will go into what I see as what a Republican is. I will say at its base it is for limited Government, Indivdual rights, and yes there is a religious/moral dynamic to it that cannot be ignored. For those that want to condem the Religious right one should remember that our Party was largely formed by Aboltionists. Aboltionist that were viewed in the same terms as the religious right is today. To deny that the evolution of and maintentence of this Christian/Judaic ethic or principle is not a part of this party is just to deny fact.

RINO used to mean something. The Republican Party is a much bigger tent than the Democrats but of course we can cannot be all things to all people. That would sort of defeat the purpose of having a party and would of course not advance the competion of ideas that is necessary. When I think RINO I think of people like the current Senator Chafee. I must say his actions before the 04 campaign just reinforces my view he will jump parties if the Dems take the Senate. However now the term is too overused. I suspect it like the word NAZI. Calling a person a Nazi or a Facist used to have power. Now people like George Bush and regular Republicans are described in such a way. Nazi is a word that has lost its power and original meaning I hate to say.
Now RINO is used if you disagree slightly on a whole range of issues. That word has largely lost its power when people like Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Gov Huckabee, and Senator Martinez are called that on a regular basis. The term Rino has been over so overused that it has become our version of the word "Nazi" or "Facist" as when the left describes us in those terms. It is now a cheap slogan in my view which has lost of much meaning because of its over use in daily blast emails and like things. RINO has nothing to do with left or right in todays useage. Basically if you pay Keyes/Sheldon or any of their enterprises enough they can call anyone a RINO. That seems to me what that term has been reduced too. But I must say that if those people I have mentioned are RINOS then this social conservative proudly takes that term as his own and embraces it.

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