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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Shout Out In the South For an Important Event

A reader gave me this and I thought it was important to give it an shout out. I will be posting also an appeal from the Kinghts of Columbus later that relates to Lebanon.

Stand With Israel Rally

Birmingham Jewish Federation Community Event with Yossi Olmert
Date: Monday August 14thTime: 7:00 pm Samford University - Wright Fine Arts Center(see address & map at bottom) Contact Person:Joyce Spielbergerjoyces@bjf.org205-803-1518
Two Birmingham, Alabama teenagers, who just got back from Israel, will speak to our community Monday night August 14th as part of our "Stand With Israel" rally. Mountain Brook High School seniors Betsy Tuck and Jamie Barstein were in Israel on a B'nai B'rith Youth Organization trip when the war broke out; they stayed for the duration of their three week trip.They will be among the speakers at the rally which will be held at Samford University's Wright Center 7 pm Monday, August 14th.

Yossi Olmert, a well-known Israeli political commentator and brother of Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, will highlight the rally.The gathering is being co-sponsored by the Birmingham Jewish Federation and State of Israel Bonds. It also is being co-sponsored by the national office of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. This well-known organization has done a superb job developing Christian support for Israel. George W. Mamo, Executive Vice President of the International Fellowship, will speak at the rally on why it's important for Christians to support Israel.

ENTIRE B'HAM COMMUNITY INVITED "Stand for Israel" is open to the entire Birmingham community. We encourage all members of our Jewish community to come and to invite non-Jewish friends. This will be a unique moment to get an update on the situation in Israel from Dr. Olmert and to join Betsy, Jamie, Mr. Mamo and Dr. Olmert in standing for Israel.Be proud. Be strong. Be involved. Israel will prevail.
Thanks to funding from the BJF's "Freedom from Terror" campaign and other Federation emergency campaigns more than 700 air conditioners, 625 televisions and 2,650 emergency lighting systems have been provided to 1,179 bomb shelters across northern Israel


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It appears that Connie Hair has made another statement through her screen name at Liberty Post Forum. Needless to say it is not being taken very well. Basically the Spokeswomen for the Minutemen under Simcox as Well as spokesmen for various other enitites is now issuing rather explicit threats of lawsuits if everyone doesn't shut up and quit asking questions. Of course one must wonder why we must always hear about these "news releases" via chatrooms and Internet forums. Oh well. First Connie Hair speaks as she speaks through her alias at Liberty Forum lol:

The part where the excitement occurs is located here at post 176. To access go to the bottom and click "full thread" You don't want to miss the responses that I don't include.
176. To: Gatlin, Goldi-Lox (#44)

Gatlin, you guys have got to be kidding! It would take me and 10 other people 24/7 to answer all the questions everyone has put forth here, with the subsequent questions that will, warranted or not, come out of each answer. I will not play this game. I've got not the time nor the patience nor the desire.

You can find the media email address on the HQ website, I'm sure, and I will ask that that email be forwarded to me and address ONLY your email if you put "Gatlin" in the first re line so I'll then recognize your email address.

Since you seem to be a rational person asking questions here with no personal perceived melodrama or wounds to lick, please put your questions in ONE email and I'll put the email in my "to do" file and answer as time allows (after I answer your first email in its entirety, follow-up questions allowed). If you'd like to share the answers with the folks here, that's fine, as well. If that's amenable to you, that's the only way I'm going to be able deal with the volume. If not, se la vie.

And, per the question asked about American Caging, Inc., I sent an email to Maureen Otis and got this response and am posting with her blessing from a follow-up email requesting that permission. BTW, American Caging, Inc. is not some fly-by-night company. They represent over 50 clients and they are watching the accusations here (I sent Maureen the link). I'd be careful in any libelous statements regarding this very large company.

I'd also like to add here that I have a full roster of media clients that I serve as an independent contractor, only one of which (MCDC) is affiliated with Diener Consultants, and/or Declaration Alliance, and/or American Caging, Inc., or any other of the various and sundry entites libeled here. This assault on Chris Simcox by three entities working in concert is a matter that I'm responding to here of my own accord, on my own personal time and of my own initiative. These three enties remind me of a certain Boober who wished to jump in front of a movement that has already been built in the usual loser fashion of, "Where are my people going that I might lead them?" They were left in the dirt and can't lead, won't follow and in their obstinance refuse to get out of the way.


Email from Maureen Otis:

Several years ago we received notice from the Texas Comptrollers Office that Franchise Tax Returns had not been filed, when in fact, they had. We found out that there was confusion with regard to our Federal Tax ID #. A clerk in the Comptrollers office assigned the wrong tax id number to ACI and was confusing us with anther corporation.

I wrote a letter and sent a copy of the letter from the IRS assigning our Federal ID #. I assumed the issue was resolved because I haven’t heard anything about this in years.

This will be resolved immediately.

Maureen E. Otis, Esq.
Law Offices of Maureen E. Otis, P.C.

Cal posted on 2006-08-04 23:38:55 ET Reply Trace

Well goodness me where to start with this nonsense. First I count several statements about lawsuits.I sent an email to Maureen Otis and got this response and am posting with her blessing from a follow-up email requesting that permission. BTW, American Caging, Inc. is not some fly-by-night company. They represent over 50 clients and they are watching the accusations here (I sent Maureen the link). I'd be careful in any libelous statements regarding this very large company. WTF what liberlous statements? Everything I have seen is in the public record. In fact the forums have been very careful about not saying that Otis or American Caging was involved in illegal activity. In fact many including this blog have held back information that was deemed not appropriate to this discussion about the affairs in Houston regarding American Caging, even though all of that is public record.This assault on Chris Simcox by three entities working in concert is a matter that I'm responding to here of my own accord, on my own personal time and of my own initiative. I suppose she is referring to the Internet forums Free Republic, Clown Posse, and Liberty Post. Uh Connie dear you know that the reason there are three forums is that has to be because all the personalities clashed on a daily basis. The fact that these three forums and their owners/managers would be working together is pretty bizaree. You can do better than that. Also can you please give us a update on the Washington Times. I was hearing threats of legal action against them. Hmm it is now DAY 14 no retraction from the Times Connie. Oh well enough talk of Connie trying to supress free Speech throught the threats of lawsuits. As to her comments on American Caging.
On the American Caging thread a poster commented as of today that he/she had called the proper Government officials in Austin and confirmed that American Caging has not been in good standing since 95. I have no reason to doubt that since I performed those same calls twice in the last two weeks. There appears to be no misunderstanding in Austin. Further in that same American Caging Thread from CP to which again I have below, that Mrs Otis's personal Corporation has been disolved for the same problem. I have to think the chances of this occuring by chance is a tad extreme. That coupled with the other matters regarding American Caging and Staff/owners is indeed troubling. By the way I was informed they could get their corporation back in good standing if they pay the damn taxes. It really is a side matter but it raises red flags when combined with everything else.

Mrs Hair the problem you have is that so much of what has been exposed is a scam but still legal. Just not moral. Currently is perfectly ok to take 80 cents out of every dollar and spend it on any thing other than the cause. It is perfectly legal if you know how to do it to spend that 80 percent of the dollar on your own companies and enrich yourself instead of enriching the cause. That has been what has been exposed. There are hints that people have crossed the line. There are troublesome signs that in fact there may be something more. But that will be found out. Mrs Hair there will be no lawsuits. However I suspect there may be lawsuits as to these firms if they continue in this harassament of people that are asking legitimate questions if they are doing so through you as their agent.

THe Saga continues. Stay tuned for more on Minutegate.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A Urgent Post To All Political Arizona Bloggers

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Over the past month many conservative and Republicans have been voicing concerns about a situation that is occuring in your state. If the allegations are true then this could be explosive and cause conservatives and Republicans great damage in the general election this November on a nationwide basis. This concern has developed into far more than just chatter. Conservative and Republicans have on blogs and internet forums taken considerable time in researching these rumors. What is being found is getting more troubling by day. This could affect many of our Republicans hopefuls in the general if this is not explored now. Some Repub canadiates involved know exactly what is going on. Others might be damaged by sheer ignorance.

This revolves mainly around the Minuteman project. The Washington Times has come out with reports involving matters of grave concern about this. As you shall see this only scratches the surface. Also there is another urgent matter for Republicans and Conservatives in Arizona. This matter might touch a race that is occuring in the Republican Primary in District 08 right now. This is of course the district where a Republican Primary is occuring to replace Congressman Kobe. This also involves a Republican that has embraced the Minuteman Group under Chris Simcox as well as people that are receiving money under this pac

I have several post on this subject and the players involved. However this info comes from mainly the work of others. At the bottom of this post I shall comprise a list of every blogger that I have sent this post too. I will leave it to you to ask the appropriate questions of the people in your State. May I suggest if we don't the Dems will in the General Election.

Washington Times Stories as to Minutemen and possible Fence Scam
Minutemen skeptical of ties with Keyes project.

This article discusses The overview of the scam. Including the following Players- Diener Consulting associated with Phil Sheldon and Williame Greene of Renew America that is associated with Alan Keyes, The Sheldons and William Greene. Response Unlimited and Response Enterprises that have the same associations. that hof course is related to all the beforementioned. And of course Mr Chris Simcox.

Minutemen not watching over funds
Another informative article that goes into allegations of mismangement

Minutemen put trust in their finance firms.
A piece on how the Minutemen responded to allegation

Questionable books
A Washington Times Editoral degending their reports and demanding answers.
Note the Minutemen have demanded retractions. It is now day 12 and the Times still has not retracted

Human Events Story
A important artricle to look at and especially when examing this issue with the thread that will provided below. Please focus on American Caging. For you people in Arizona this is important. Mr Graf that is involved in the primary has given 20,000 dollars in "caging fees" toAmerican caging. This should be examined as well as his FEC reports that have been submited for other connections to the above characters.
Note- American Caging is a important link in this. American Caging is not a corporation and has not been since July of 2005. That fact is not disclosed. Read this with other threads closely.

Threads from Conservative Forums that must be read.

I will list these groups in order. Each forum has members that bring particular expertise to the issue. In fact on one forum Minutemen and Spokewoman Connie Hair speak. Much origianal research is contained in all these threads and forums

Conservative Forums (note there is goodnature sniping between these forums as you can see lol. But the meat is the info. Consensus is on all three forums is there is a major problem)
I have not listed any liberal forums that is because it is not being talked about. Ask yourself why and if it is because they are holding their fire.

CLown Posse
Ready for Primetime -- American Caging, Inc. -- A work in progress....
A very important thread. A must read with much original info and links. This is of interest of all people involed in the beforementioned Republican primary in Arizona

CaL speaks about Simcox/MCDC at LP! Grab your popcorn.
A important thread that references a important Liberty post Forum thread. Poster Cal is Spokeswoman Connie Hair.

Simcox responds to the Washington Times (again)
Another thread with more info

Simcox/MCDC/OLAS -- The LP threads
Commentary on LP threads. Again useful because the commentary again focuses on people that are actual minutemen and know the situation.
Major thread to read. This touches on race's around the country. Again involvement of these groups are having to have questions raised so we can clear our Republicans names so not to be used against us. More American Caging, More Keyes, More dubious folks
update- I have been contacted and told info on Graf that needs to be seen will be added top the above. Again just question but questions we need to ask not Dems.

Anyone know anything about this organization?

A humor filled thread but actually gets the point across quite nicely

More Fun-Filled Simcox/MM Reporting
More commentary and origianal research on Washington Times articles

Free Republic Threads
This threads of course come from the largest Conservative forum on the Internet where the discussion has been quite insightful. Please read with care. Much Original research and commentary about the people involved from people in the know

Broken Borders: Broken Promises (Simcox-Minuteman)
First major thread on the Subject. This is when seed from which the Power of Conservatives to investigate their own was unleased Long thread. This was when the questions were being formulated. Also linked to explosive and troubling Arizona TV expose-Good Read- Free Republic is again there asking the tough questions much like in the famous filegate episode. Kudos to them

Minuteman Civil Defense Project President Chris Simcox Answers Critics
Important thread/ More Questions being asked Big picuture becoming clearer to freepers.

Minutemen not watching over funds (Simcox Questioned Over Funds)
First thread in which FR examines Washington Times Charges again more research. Including interaction again with people involved with the group

Minutemen skeptical of ties with Keyes project (Funding Questions)
Explosive. Interaction with Minutemen- Also Keyes Supporters. Questions being asked. People starting to spin then evade.

Questionable books (Minuteman-Simcox)
Another good thread more questions and more evasions. More research that can be accessed.

Chris Simcox calls WT article "offensive" (John Gibson radio interview, transcript included)
Good thread. More research with links that can be accessed. Again major questions asked and Simcox to be honest refuted.

Keeping the trust is the first order (Minutemen-Simcox)

Good thread more questions and answers from FR freepers research. Unfort no answers from people involved with intimate knowledge. Just evasions Based on Jewish World report that can be accessed there.

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Responds to Washington Times (Simcox).
More research and links.

A time for war (Keyes invokes Bush doctrine)
Important and latest thread on FR. Forum participants quickly turn the heat on the true subject behind this Keyes news release. Important info also around post 200 about Keyes/Minutemen organization that you might not have been aware of.

Update - Newest thread on FR to talk about topic
Latest Aerial View of the MinutemanHQ Border Fence
Also has a humerous take as can be seen in the pic

Very important read Minutemen Involvement on this thread. People who Know the actors in this Drama. Including Connie Hair, Chris Simcox, Jim GilChrist. Important Minutemen From organization in Texas and California speak-

Simcox’s Minuteman PAC plans to spend up to $125,000 in Michigan to “get-out-the-vote.” (My Title
Very important thread and needs to be read urgently
Raises legitimate Questions about Minuteman Fund Pac funding that is being released. questions of illegal shifiting of funds. often Republicans that are receiving this have no knowledge that questions are being raised. potential big problem

Minutemen Defense Corp Respond To the Washinghton Times.
Important thread Cal(who is Connie Hair) speaks. Minutemen and others not satified big questions raised

Updated- Connie Har made a another appearance on Aug4/aug5 and threatens people again lol. She is under poster name cal and that action picks up in the 170's area
More Minuteman Threads to be added on Updates

Blogs that have examined the issue

Subway Canaries -major exposes(Republican blogger)
This blogger has also known Simcox and offers hers thoughts in her post. Great reporting on American caging and also other figures

Note the following post
Minuteman Mess - Let the Games Begin!

Who is Laine Lawless, Former Xena Groopie and What Is Her Connection to the Misc. Minutemen, et. al.

Chris Simcox and His Band of Merry Little Minutemen .

Important info For Graf Race in Arizona
Now I take no pleasure in this. For the record I am not employed nor a particular advocate for any person in this Republican Primary. For full disclosure Kraf is not where I am at on the immigration issue. However, if he wins his connection to the minutemen and to other folks is going ot be very problemactic if there is fire too this ton of smoke.
Major thread to read. This touches on race's around the country. Again involvement of these groups are having to have questions raised so we can clear our Republicans names so not to be used against us. More American Caging, More Keyes, More dubious folks
update- I have been contacted and told info on Graf that needs to be seen will be added top the above. Again just question but questions we need to ask not Dems.

A Liberal Blog In Arizona starts to make some connections(I don't think he or she realizes what their blog was on too)
Randy Graf holds the unusual distinction of being the darling of the left and the right, simulaneously. Heck, I've even considered a donation to his campaign. He is the champion of the far Right, yet many liberals feel sure that he is the best hope for Democrats to overcome our slight registration disadvantage in the district by pushing independents and moderate Republicans into voting Democratic. We'll see.
Considering that Graf has been running pretty much continuously since 2004, his numbers don't look so hot. He brought in over 60K this quarter, but he also spent over 60K. The graph below is incorrect. Graf started the quarter with about 25K on hand, and ended it the same way. Graf is living off the land. His major expense has been fundraising. He spent 20K for services from
American Caging, alone. Coincidentally (or maybe not), American Caging boasts of the Minutemen among their clientele. Throw in over almost $7,000 in payments to Compass Bank for 'fundraising', $2,500 in payments to Graf himself for 'mileage and fundraising', over $13,000 in payments to various 'political consultants', and over $6,400 to a 'High Noon Campaign Products' for a fundraising letter, and the rest of the operation is pretty spare

I am very worried about this race. Graf might be pure as the friven snow. But that American Caging connection raises big flags. For an example examine the recent Lewis race in the West Virgina Primary as Exhibit 1

Please take time to LOOK at Graf's FEC filings. Better us to ask the questions now than the Dems in October.Hopefully everything is ok.

The important thing to look at is the disbursements. Especially to out of state firms. Ask who are they? Again hopefully everything will be in the clear

I will be posting in their comment Sections as well as email the blogs in Arizona. I will post over the night and email any Arizona Blog that has updated within the last 10 days. On Saturday Night I shall mail this post to all media in the State of Arizona. I suggest we bloggers be the watchdogs we should. Arizona this is in your own backyard. We are depending on you.

I shall send this out to at least 50 blogs tonight. I have a list. I shall update this post throughout the night as I list blogs that have been given this info

Blogs Contacted-Note these are all Political Blogs or Blogs in Arizona where at least it seems they mention politics once in a while . We Republicans are in control of our Destiny right now since we are in the primary season. At this point I am not going top spend 10 minutes per blog trying to find political leanings of each blog. Even though I am trying to hit the Conserv and Repubs one in Arizona

ARIZONA BLOGS THAT HAVE BEEN CONTACTED-(plus my observations of some of their blogs)
Jaded Sunburns ,
AZ Perspective and Junk
ZONTICS Arizona's First Political Blog Emailed only no comment section good blog by the way
VOX - musings, rants, rambling, and general nonsense (nice blog by the way)
Machers World
-He has been banned in India thats cool
DownTown Chick Chat Cool Sexy Mermaid graphic too
Event Horizon A blog devoted to current events commentary- Nice read too
The Smallest Minority Cool Blog for Blogroll consideration. I am coming back to get that Lebanon banner
Rings of Benzene -conjugated/aromatic/carcinogenic Nice blog They JUST got married so I left the gift of knowledge as a present
Infinite Monkeys- Cool blog to check out Conservative has music focus too. Fun post about
Brainster -Cool Blog too. Pretty updated and really hits the national and local scene well

The View from My Chair cool blog and different. In fact I liked it so much I subscribed


There will be three post today. One will be a roundup of my bloggroll. Another one will be a post on the political expose on the Political cesspool show that will come out tonight.

However, my most important post will be coming up next and might cause quite a stir. It is becoming apparent to me that we might have a huge ole scandal that will tar all Republicans our in the general elections. Right now, certain questions need to be raised in particular Republican Primaries. If we don't ask them now they could really hurt us. In fact if it explodes at the right time it could put the Continued Republican control of the House in danger. This will be a post that I will be sending by email to Every Arizona Political blogger I can find. Stay tuned

Post coming up

Some Post coming up for weekend enjoyment.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

THe Air has been Fixed

Well now I am back in the 21st Century. Thank God. I thought I was going to melt. Anywho. We shall have some posting later on when I get some spare blocks of time. Please visit my bloggroll. I havent had a chance to visit it too much because of all the other problems today. Look out for my expose on the Political cesspool show tonight and its link to the Council of (word hijack) COnservative Citizens.. Now that it is not 100 degrees in my house I feel like typing it

Fellow Louisiana Citizens and Expats - I need Your HELP on Exposing Minutegate

I am one of several Conservative bloggers that are trying to expose Minutegate and the Sheldon/Keyes/Greene/Zohidates syndicate that is robbing us conservatives blind and causing other problems. It is just not bloggers but some other average conservatives working through emails and conservative forums. Connie Hair is a big part of this. I am trying to locate some revelant info on Ms Connie Hair. I have some idea of her life while in California and her shortlived life in the movie and Entertainment Industry. However there is a part that is largely a blank slate. That is her time in Louisiana.

Connie it appears graduated High school in Alexandria around 1977. This could have been in Pineville I don't know. She attended LSU and received a degree from that fine institution. Now this is where it gets interesting. I keep hearing that she worked for the Edwin Edwards Administration or Edwards himself at some point. Being that this might have occured in the 1980's many of those records are not available on the net. I have an interest in this of course for obvious reasons. Also the irony of Connie Hair being involved in the current monkeyshines and a past relationship with fast Eddie has not escaped me. If she did obtain this job after graduation that would be a period where Edwin was out of office. Dave Treen was Gov for that period. However, we do know who was pulling the strings at that time. But she could have been working for him during the 84 to 88 administration of Edwin also. Well anyone that was around in that period knows the shennigans that were occuring down in Baton Rouge on a daily basis as where as elsewhere. All info will be held confidential and I have no interest in making unrelated personal details of her life public(even know I am nosey and you can share all you want with me). I have to go to Baton Rouge on business soon and will do a little research of past state records when I am there to see if there was a connection. But any leads would be helpful. Again I think this as you can see is a valid inquiry especially if she was on the public payroll for us at one time. I shall attempt to find a suitable picture of Connie Hair to put up before my next post. Again, to be clear I will not be putting any personal stuff on Connie( like Past boyfriends, unless it was Edwards lol, relationships, college hijinks etc). I am more interested in info related to any possible relationshup with Edwin Edwards. If there was none I can at least shut that avenue of inquiry and move on to other topics in exposing this scam. Thanks.

Also I am thinking of writing a letter to Edwards at the Prison itself to ask him.

Sort of related-Just curious. I campaigned against Edwin Edwards and was not pro Edwards at all. I only voted for him when Duke was running against him . But , I really don't want too see him die in jail. Perhaps I am too sentimental. How many folks would support A Bush Pardon of Edwards befoe the President leaves office. BY the way I am writing a letter to the White House asking that Bush consider a Pardon of Jim Brown for full disclosure. Also a man that I never supported but got convicted in the most stupid Federal case I have seen in a while. Thoughts?

Good News ON Tropical Storm Chris

Very Good news indeed. Yesterday it kept flirting with becoming a Hurricane. In fact I think it did for a tad. It has weakened slightly but the real good news is that the current track shows it having to go over the Mountains in Western Cuba before it hits the gulf again. That should weaken it quite a bit. Lets keep oour fingers crossed.

Oh by the way the air is back on thnak you Mary, Jesus ,a and Joseph. More posting today. Including on the Kooky Council of Conservative Citizens.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Alan Keyes and Connie Hair's New PR Scheme to Take the Heat OFF MinuteGate

Well it appears that after a week of thinking how to handle the PR Disaster that minutegate has become Connie Hair has come up with a solution. Try to change the subject. The Answer is have Alan Keyes invoke the Bush Doctrine and for the US to declare War on Syria. Yes Alan Keyes spoke today throught Worldnutz Daily and said we need to come to Israel's Aid with American troops. Well one problem is I don't think Israel wants American troops there but besides that hey why not. This is of course quite a very transparent attempt to transfer attention from the scam that is now gaining more attention,

However, the members of the KEYES organization have gone into battle with this latest nonsense.

To read Keyes statement go here. That thread is golden because of the Keyes's boys is getting his butt kicked on this subject.

PawPaw's House: Quarter Icee

PawPaw's House: Quarter Icee

It just not because I find it hot as hades right now and contemplating how in the world did we survive without central air down here in the deep South. But I find PawPaw's post about the ICee real nice and appealing. I loved Icee's. Evidentally PawPaw had Icees as a kid. I had no idea they were that old. I thought they were a 70's thing. I agree with PawPaw Coke Icee's were the best. Plus I did the bourbon and Icee thing too in High school. So slide on up to the Icee link machine and had a refreshing sip. In fact I think I am going to get one now

Having Your Central Air Break Down on Aug 2 sucks.

OHH posting has come to almost a standstill tonight for a bit till the Air is fixed. Hopefully this will happen tonight even thought the repairman is making comments that are leading me to think that might not be happening tonight . Anyway, I still have some thoughts on CNN and their segement that just occured on Mel Gibson . Michael Medved was on and was in fact very reasonable and thoughtful in this matter . The anchor was just psycho on this issue(That was Paula Zahn). Maybe I am a evil person , but it appears the rest of the World doesn't have failings or demons of their own to battle. You know I never commented on the failings of Rush as to his problems or for that matter on Congressman's Kennedy's missteps. I am amazed that people pounce on human weakness like this.
Mel needs to find a real converson if he is truly anti jewish. He also must so true contrition if he wants to come back and be a voice and role model. But this piling on by some is becoming unsightly. By the way Jewish conservative Michael Medved talked on this issue. yesterday. Here are his thoughts.

People if they wish to condem need to condem the right things. Stay tuned to the next post.

The Illegal Immigration Debate is Just About Illegals We love Legal Immigration--Right(Sarc)

The talking points a few months ago was that his this whole illegal immigration debate was about the rule of law. I kept hearing, "Oh we are not against legal immigration just illegals". BLAH, bLAH bLAH. Everytime, I try to point out that major players in this debate in fact pretty much want to stop all legal immigration I get shouted down I hear charges of QUIT LYING YOU OPEN BORDER'S TROLL or some other great response. Well, as I have pointed out there are major players in this debate don't want anymore immigration and want to slow it to a trickle. If you go through my blog I have talked about the Tanton groups at length. I have also pointed out other groups that are involved in this that feel quite the same. But again to mention that factoid brings down the wrath of Hard line Zealots on this issue. Sally V sent me two great pieces of info today.

Lets look at the following that a reader of my dear ole blog sent

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well goodness me, a tempoarary moratoriaum. How come I never hear this discussed in the media. By the way, if you think this is temporary let me sell you property that is guaranteed never to flood in the ninth ward in New Orleans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist of figure out waht is going on here. Just look at the Tanton groups. Look at groups they have taken in as allies like the racist Council of Conservative Citizens and the koofy League of the South that wants to keep the South white at all cost.

Oh by the way this piece of Direct Mail came from the American Council for Immigration Reform. Well good gracious what is that? Well I shall find out. I suspect they are related to this group some how that believes in this wacko theory that the US population should be reduced to 150 million people. A Tanton group by the way that is pulling many of the strings behind all this debate. Stay tuned I will update this entry. Researching these groups are fun because often when it gets out who and what is behind groups like these Republicans start getting nervous and start asking questions. Thank God that might start happening soon. Anywho another Tanton spinoff that is quoted non stop in this debate and sends out blast emails everyday sent out this gem. Here is part of email

Experts believe that the H.R. 4437 bill (which the U.S. House passed last winter) would quickly increase the exodus from 200,000 to 500,000—and more every year.
It took 20 years to build up this huge illegal population. It may take 10-15 years to get rid of most of it. The important thing is that under H.R. 4437 the problem would be reduced every year and life in American communities would improve every year.
In Washington D.C., the name given to this plan for illegal immigration is ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT.
It is the true middle-way solution between: (a) massive roundups and deportations of illegal aliens, and; (b) massive amnesties and rewards for illegal aliens.
Right now not one of the 535 Members of Congress is proposing massive deportations.
The choice is between ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT (H.R. 4437) and MASSIVE AMNESTY (S. 2611).
Please tell your Members of Congress that you want ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT

Wait I am confused,. I thought the problem was that they were coming here illegally. Oh and as to this starvation policy. What are we going to do about all the American kids and spouces that are married to this illegals and slowly starving to death. Perhaps we can give tax beneifits to the American Spouse and kids of a illegal if the wife divorces the illegal. That is real pro-life. Also 15 to 20 years? Is that the what is this supposed time frame of this supposed tempoarary solution Tancredo is talking about. Also Mr Tanton, do you really expect us Republicans to be in power if we endorse this starve them all across the border policy. I expect not.

Good grief, Astroturfing folks as I talked about below. But this astroturfing if it is paid attention to is going to make us conservatives go the way of the whigs. Perhaps it is time for Tancredo and others in this debate to put all their cards on the table. I think that is fair. I am getting tired of playing games on this issue.

Kickbutt Louisiana Bloggers and is Senator Mary Landrieu about to switch Parties

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Let me say Louisiana has some kick ass bloggers here. It is a shame they are not consulted more by State and especially National Media. You see in Louisiana we have a tad of a problem. That is that most of our papers are owned by Gannett. The result being that local Newspaper's quality goes up and down like a yo-yo in my view. Especially as to local news. Good grief, the sports section of the Shreveport Times has just started to recover. Anyway we have some great people blogging here on both the left and the right but again the media doesn't use that resource it appears much in finding out what is really going on. Case in point the New Orleans Mayor's race. The whole world was shocked that Nagin got reelected. If they had been paying attention they would have realized that Republicans and conservatives were returning to Nagin's camp and Landrieu was in huge trouble. I know I was one of those working for Nagin's relection.(Don't throw the tomatoes at me yet, perhaps one day I will explain why) However you didn't read that in the papers or TV but you were reading about in on the blogs. More why this is important later on in the post.

I have some more Louisiana bloggers, I will be adding but let me point out three of interest. Conservative Cajun has a good round up of what the blogs were saying yesterday around the state. In fact he talk about two stories I am going to reference in this post.

First We Saw That has a post on a little bill that Republican Congressman Rodney Alexander proposed. Kudos to him for pointing out what is really going on with that bill. Now if you noticed, I sort of stood up for the good Congressman in the comment section. Congressman ALexander was a Dem before he saw the "light". Others as you can see believe that conversion was maybe not for such pure motives. Well, I sort of know what went on there with that and I think Rodney was sincere. However, how he did it is still a subject of great debate lol. That race where Rodney ran the first time was NASTYYY with a captial N. That was the same year that Republicans in Louisiana managed to screw the pooch across the board. I was very involved with the Suzie Terrell US Senate race at the time where all the LOUISIANA REPUBLICANS MANAGED TO AGAIN FORM A CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD ON EACH OTHER . By the way Called as Seen since you are from that area , if you see the good Pastor Mangum can you please ask him where all the Pentecostal vote that was promised to Suzie went on election day . Well, I know where it went and it wasn't to us. Well perhaps soon , I will get to ask the good man himself. Well lets continue. That Congressional race was bad. In fact in that district 20,000 people that voted for the Senate race decided to take a pass on the Congessional race that was on the same ballot. I think Rodny Alexander beat Lee Fletcher by less than a thousand votes. It was close. Now I have on good authority that the good Congressman is eyeing a possible race against Dem Senator Mary Landrieu. So I expect to see more of Rodney in the news.

Now on to Dem Sen Mary Landrieu there are rumors in DC that Mary Landrieu threatened to switch parties if the offshore revenue bill wasn't passed? So the question is

Is it likely that Sen Mary Landrieu is about to become a Republican and what to think of these News reports ? My response is

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Good grief, Let me give a big shout out to my Liberal Louisiana blogger on my blogroll ,Right Hand Thief for talking about this story out of Roll Call and his comments. By the way I agree with his analysis completely. If the Hill Newspaper and people in DC think that Sen Landrieu would become Republican or could be elected as Republican here in this state , then they are clueless about what is going on. But hell if they fell for it and we got some votes I can't complain. So a rare Kudos to Sen Landrieu from Pondering American for playing that poker game bluffing with a very weak hand. Again, national media consult some of us bloggers perhaps at times on the political situation down here. If Republicans came together to reelect Nagin in part to stop the Landrieu Dynasty, I don't suspect they are going to be voting in droves for her if became a Republican. Mary has got problems but she is a Dem and d Dem she will stay.

Go See part One of a Important Subject

I am starting to guest post on the always good Subway Canaries now. I have part one of a important subject already posted. Part two will hopefully be out today or tomorrow. That subject revolves around the question if everything that appears in politcal internet world is what it seems. In a word the overall topic is astroturfing. Astroturfing is of course when groups do activities to give the illusion of massive grassroots support. I am focusing on the conservative side right now but I will later turn my eyes toward the Dems. There are several reasons why I am focusing on the conservative politcal aspect of this. First, I am a conservative and have to deal with it often. Further, I think some of this astroturfing on certain issues is creating a disaster for us conservatives and Republicans. We nned to be aware it is going on. Two examples come to mind.

First was the Dubai Port Termianl deal that caused all the ruckus this year. That issue my friends came out of no where. I have not quite figured out who was really behind that. I suspect it was the Dems to be frank in a unholy alliance with some Republicans. If I have a few days to spare, I am going to go back and see who actually profited from getting Dubai Port World out of the loop. Anywho. That attack was so coordinated and efficient there was no way that what I saw in the politcal world and on the net was the result of a natural process. Even the White House was caught completely off guard. Too many people spamming and flamming conservative forums with too many similar talking points. Ditto for the blogs. There was far more to that than meets the eye

The second issue is the immigration issue. Now there seems to be a huge disconnect between what I am seeing in polls on this issue and what I am seeing on the net. Again, like the Dubai Port deal, to many people flamming others on the net when this was discusses. Also way too much uniformity among certain parts of the blogsphere. Anywho that is what has got my attention to this subject. The question is what issue is next? So please read part one about a little firm to watch. Part II will also talk about this Netadvocate creature and the bigger picture.

There is alot to talk about today. I shall be posting a good bit.Stay tuned

Tropical Storm Chris could grow into hurricane today (Time to Get On Our Knees and Start Praying Again)

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I bet the Almighty receives a ton of prayers from the State of Louisiana during this time of year. We are now starting the dangerous part of The hurrican season. In the southern part of the state it seems almost every icebox has a hurricane tracking map along side pictures of the kids an relatives.

The Shreveport Times has the full story on tropical storm Chris that could very likely become Hurricane Chris today. Here of course we have been looking at this storm when it was a tiny zygote of a disturbance.

"All the models are saying this could be a hurricane later today,” said Terry Ryder, executive counsel to Gov. Kathleen Blanco and the governor’s office liaison with emergency responders.“It’s way too early to know what’s going to happen,” Ryder said this morning. “It is almost twice as far from the tip of Florida as the tip of Florida is from the mouth of the Mississippi River.”The five-day forecast shows the storm on a projected path that would take it south of Key West and into the Gulf of Mexico at 2 a.m. Monday.Ryder said the high-pressure system hanging over the Georgia-Alabama line is forcing the hurricane to take a more westerly course. If the high stays in place, it would be more likely that the storm would go into Mexico or Texas, he said."

"The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Hurricane Protection, which has 24-hour monitoring of the Atlantic and Gulf weather patterns, was preparing to activate its crisis management team Wednesday night, said Mark Smith, spokesman.“We are monitoring the storm,” Smith said. “We have a conference telephone call later today with Frank Rivet of National Weather Service in Slidell. We will get more specific information from them about what they expect from this storm,” Smith said.Louisiana officials are on heightened readiness levels because of the vulnerabilities that still exist in South Louisiana due to damages from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita last summer, Smith said. “We have an amazing number of supplies and commodities prelocated around the state ready to move as needed.”State Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Louisiana is ready. “We don’t need another hurricane,” Thompson said, “but we are better prepared than we were last year at this time.”Behind Chris, there are additional storm systems, including a low front moving off the coast of Africa. This signals the beginning of what experts call the Cape Verde Hurricane Season, when multiple storm seasons move from Africa westwardly through the Camp Verde Islands."

Also on a related topic. Have you snailed mailed or emailed a response to this silly paper in Wisconsin that Conservative Cajun talked about? I have.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well it has been a Exciting Day so Far

I must say the post below and that link is still providing excitement. I shall be observing Liberty Post to see the reaction of that crew. Perhaps Connie Hair will make another hit and run appearance. If anything breaks I shall let you know. Anywho, I was on Free Republic and posted something similar to my Coach Saban post of yesterday. Which reminds me. When we discuss anything LSU Related we must post a pic of our favorite LSU Goldengirls
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Anyway, views points at FR weredivided on this issue if Saban should have skipped football meetings and gone chow down with the Prez. I suppose people don't realize how driven ole St Nick is as to football. By the way, I love Bush. I would almost do anything to eat dinner with him But a question my LSU fans. What if you had this choice. What if you could eat dinner with the President or go watch LSU play live in the National championship. If the event occured on the same night what would be the choice. Well, any tiger fan knows that answer right away.

Attention Council of Conservative Citizens- St Louis. I am going to mention yall tomorrow so stay tuned blogmeister in St Louis. More specifically I am going to talk about their goofy kookdum unoffical radio show. I might if I have time mention it tonight. I am going to try to get that post out for Subway tonight so we shall see. I will check back in later.

Breaking Info on American Caging and Minutegate

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Stayed tuned to this Entry. I have been informed by some people that have visted my blog that they too had concerns about American Caging. Some info has come to light and is now on the net. I just got the email and link and I am examining now

Update American Caging and Some Valid Concerns

Wow, it seems my blog has been of some use to some people out there. It is nice to see that I am not speaking into a vacuum. I strongly urge you yo go to this site and see the thread on American caging. American caging is wrapped up in this whole KEYES/SHELDON/GREENE thing I have been talking about. I you remember I voiced some big concerns over American Caging on July 25 on this blog. Hopefully now from the info going public I will not have to make that trip to Houston. Much of the information that was some of the basis for that concern is contained in the above link . However it appears far worse than I first thought.

Folks, it is time to ask some valid questions here. American caging and it appears the owners are having some big finanacial problems. THe freakin copying people are sueing them over the copy machine for non payment. They are not in good standing for failure to pay back taxes. I have examined American caging and that place makes a ton. There could be many reasons for this. However let me offer a possibility that must be checked out.

I have examined how this groups operate. Every Service they buy is from each other. They buy that throught the donations that we conservatives and Republicans donate to this nonsense. It always struck me funny why American caging was always there in almost everything I examined. Could it be that much of the caging fee's are either (1) going back to the Greene/Sheldon/Keyes/Zohidates syndicate or 2) that perhaps the true owners of American caging are not the ones we believe to them be. That is a valid hypothesis and to be honest I find that likely looking at the history of Court Records and liens discussed there. Again, there is something rotten with American caging in my view or at the very least in needs a bath. There is a lot of smoke. And according to that site there is alot more smoke than even I was aware of. Stay tuned.


If you happened to be in the know about this Castro situation please inform me. I am very interested in topics such as if Castro is dead and this is all just a facade so Raul can rob the bank accounts. I think it would be cool to break the NEWS on my blog before that annoying situation room on CNN talks about it-Thanks. Also interested in any future business opportunities in the new CUBA. Preference is near the Beach. I don't know Spanish but I am a fast learner. Also I think I would have special talents for new Resorts that would cater to the European Sunbathing crowd and their particular needs. Thanks Again. VIVA CUBA


Si usted sucedió estar en el saber sobre esta situación de Castro por favor infórmeme. Estoy muy interesado en asuntos por ejemplo si Castro es muerto y éste es todo apenas una fachada así que Raul puede robar las cuentas bancarias. Pienso que estaría fresco romper las NOTICIAS en mi blog antes de que el sitio molesto de la situación en el CNN habla e'l-Agradece. También interesado en cualquieres oportunidades de negocio futuras en la CUBA nueva. La preferencia está cerca de la playa. No sé español sino que soy un principiante rápido. También pienso que tendría talentos especiales para los nuevos recursos que abastecerían a la muchedumbre europea de Sunbathing y a sus necesidades particulares. Gracias Otra vez. VIVA CUBA

Spanish Translation Coutsey of Babel Fish

Update On William Greene of and Related Enterprises

I ran across something interesting on William Greene the other day I thought I should post. Williame Greene if you are new here is sort of a force now in our conservative politics. In his prior life he ran a Diploma Mill scam all under guise of a Church that seems connected to TBN. Well, I guess that is ok since it was done for Jesus. Anywho, to learn more go here to my previous post for more details on that. Oh and he is also involved in Fence Gate. Well in this post I made the following observation.
.......Also this new kooky Constitution Party is troubling. This is the party that Gilchrist the minuteman is associated with by the way. It is popping up all over the place. Now those folks that believe in that stuff normally vote Republican. They might have some misgivings about the Republican party on some issues but generally they are loyal Republican voters. Now I am seeing this party appear all over the place. Thye are not a huge factor but they are draining votes off the regular Republican running could use. We really can't afford that to happen when control of the House is so close. PLus remember its not like we won the last Presidential race by a landside. Why, Am seeing these same folks fingerprints all over this thing. A third party would kill us conservatives politically. But it does help get more money into certain pockets and helps the old mailing list business.

My reference to fingerprints was to the Green/Sheldon alliance. I came across this past interesting blast email from Mr Greene.
ALERT: Are you tired of seeing illegal aliens and their supporters marching in the streets, demanding American citizenship rights for lawbreakers? Then you're lucky you live in Georgia -- because Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, is going to be speaking at a patriotic rally -- AND at a special dinner -- on Thursday, April 6th. Chris Simcox will be speaking at 12:30pm at a press conference in the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta along with other political leaders, legislators and candidates. The topics will include what needs to be done to secure our borders, what Governor Perdue needs to do with regards to immigration in Georgia, and especially with regards to his need to act on Senate Bill 529. Then on Thursday evening at 6:00pm, Simcox will be the keynote speaker at the Constitution Party of Georgia's State Leadership Conference, being held in Buford at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Simcox will address the current state of our nation's security at our borders and how the leadership of the major national political parties has exacerbated the negative impact of illegal immigration on Georgia's communities. Everyone is welcome to come and hear Simcox discuss what must be done to secure our borders, and see footage of the work of the Minutemen and the impact of our nation's current open borders policies. CP State Chairman Ricardo Davis noted, "Georgia owes a debt of gratitude to Simcox and the Minuteman Volunteers. In the spirit of the Minutemen of the Founding era they have not resigned themselves to complaining about the current state of affairs. By their actions the Minutemen shame every elected official who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution but thus far has refused to fulfill their obligation to protect the nation against foreign invasion. In light of the fact that Georgia is the second most popular transit point for illegal aliens passing through our southern border, Simcox's message is relevant for Georgia today." TAKE ACTION: You WILL NOT want to miss either of these events! As you know, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is the PREMIER citizen's group working to defend our nation's borders against foreign invasion. Come and hear Chris Simcox's powerful message: 12:30pm - The press conference will be held in the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, at the Washington Street entrance. Chris Simcox and others will be addressing what needs to be done in Georgia on the immigration issue. DON'T BE LATE! 6:00pm - The 2006 CP Leadership Training Conference will be held in Buford at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1420 Rock Springs Rd (less than 1 mile from I-85 & Ga. Hwy. 20). To hear Simcox's powerful presentation, and to take advantage of this conference's practical training for grassroots activists at every level of experience, register online at call 770-720-3185. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS DINNER. See you there!
Sincerely, William Greene,

I think this email is very interesting. First to all people that think this third party stuff is great. Well if that is your view more power to you. My view is that Constitution Party is kooky as all get out. Further, despite the misgivings we all might have about our Party on a particular issue it is the best avenue for us to advance our views. If you don't like certain aspects of the Party well by all means get involved. It is not Rocket science. It is quite easy to get yourselves as well as like minded friends elected to positions in the party leadership where you can make a difference. Americans like politics but there is just so much they will stand. This isn't Italy or some place that has a Parlimentary system with tons of parties. This Country will remain a two party system as I see it. The problem is everytime this nonsense is attempted all it does is make the party that is more aligned with your views lose. IE see Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. My main complaint is that the Republican party really doesn't need this nonsense happening during the next two election cycles. If you disagree just let it happen and see the Dems take over and see truly how bad it can get.

Anywho, to the letter. When people send their money to Mr Greene, I think most suppose that they are sending it to an organization associated with the Republicans. Well Buyer beware. Everytime you send money to the latest Greene Coalition or pay him money to send faxes to Congressmen ,that money might be going to other things you might not be in agreement with. I am sort of keeping a eye on this Const Party, and I can't help but notice that I am seeing evidence of the "usual suspects" involvement in it. Now this all might have happened by glorious chance. Since Mr Greene has been hired(actually that isnt correct since in reality he and others own the Fence thing and tSimcox's minuteman projects) by Simcox to give him PR. But I can't help but notice that this email seems to be a lot about promoting this Const Party. Also note that this event is occuring in Buford Georgia. What else is in Buford. Well Mr Greene Company SICM is as well as the registered address of this new religious network he is setting up. I find this Church interesting too. This is the PCU branch of the Presbyterian Church. Besides having leading leaders of that church involved in the kooky League of the South(ie Pastor Wilkins of the Auburn Ave Church in Monroe Louisiana) it is also has some of its leading lightrs associated with this Const party. Perhaps Mr Greene goes to this church? Who knows. Maybe if someone is from Buford and you are reading this blog you might pop by there for Sunday Services this week. Anyway just something to watch.

I am still trying to figure out of there are connections to this Party if it is truly because of genuine belief in those principles or as I suspect this is just being taken advantage of for the $$$$$ making possiblities. It is of course fine to make a buck. But there is a rule in DC. You have to chose sides. I am all for COunsultants and PR's people making a buck. They are needed. But I am not for it if they are pretending to be serving us while in reality we are getting the shaft So if anyone has any info email me or leave a comment

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson and What I think About the Whole Jewish thing

Lets Give Mel Some Slack

Yep that is my view. I think it is time to Mel a little slack here on the anti Jewish comments he made while he was drunk. But first some Clarifications.

Mel Gibson is not a Catholic

I keep hearing that Mel Gibson is a Catholic or a Roman Catholic. I have had five different discussions with people today on this issue and they keep calling Mel Gibson is a Catholic. To be a Roman Catholic one must be in communion with the Bishop of Rome. Commonly known as the Pope. I think its is pretty clear that Mel Gisbson is not in communion with the Bishop of Rome. He belongs to a schismatic church that I suspect doesn't even recognize the POPE. From what I gather his Dad's beliefs are perhaps a little bit more wacky than Mels. However if Mel Gibson is taking the Sacraments there and helping build schismatic Churches in Malibu he is therefore not a Catholic. Ok I feel better.

What is Mel Then?

Now as to Mel Gisbson's supposed Catholic beliefs. There are tons of what are called "Traditional Catholics" by the press. I generally don't like that term. I view myself as a "Traditional" Catholic. However, that term in common usage is one that attends and advocates the Latin Mass. In reality thats even more complicated. The term in fact seems to cover people who think the "new mass is invalid",and/or that Vatican II was not valid, and/or that the See of Peter is currently vacant and there is no Pope right now. These people are called Sedevanctist . I just happen to call all these people Protestants myself but that is me. Also there are people who are Sedevanctist and solve the problem by having their friends elect them POPE.

Is Mel Gibson's Relgion Anti Semitic?
I would have to say officially no it is not from what I know. Now I suppose there are some Jewish groups that would say that it is. However, I must disagree with that. What is often viewed as anti semitic theology or worship practices are genuine discussions of debate. For example this whole tiresome business if it is appropriate to pray for the Conversion of the Jews on Good Friday. However, I do notice some very disturbing trends of anti Jewish thought in several of these movements. I am not familar with the Church Gibson attends so I am not sure if that stupidity is prevalant there. But it would not surprise me if Gibson is exposed too it. That is the horror of schism. Evil creeps in because of Schism . Its even worse in some ways for these groups of "catholics" because their sacraments are valid but they are in rebellion.

Time For a Come To Jesus Moment

I don't know about the rest of you but I am a human being. I still have to battle the evil of prejudice. I live in the deep South. At times my demons are against prejudices against blacks. Blacks have to battle their prejudices against whites. Does that mean I am racist. No. The key is to recognize those feelings and correct it immediatly. In some places it's American Indians , Asians, Hispanics, Jews, and now more and more arabs. It is called being human. I have said things while drunk,in anger, or without thinking I have regretted just like maybe Mel Gibson did. I suspect I am not the only one.

The key here is that he was drunk. In fact since he is in recoveryand it seems had mistep , perhaps it might be important to think of how much of what he said was not rage against Jews but rage against himself. Does that justify the whole thing? No of course not. But I think we know enough that perhaps we can ascertain that his Dad gave him certain beliefs or at the very least he was raised around it. During the whole Passion of the Christ incident many Jews that worked with Gibson came to his defense. That should not be forgotten. Let me put it this way. If you said the word Nigg** while in a rage or drunk should your entire life now be judged by that. It is ok to hold Stars to a higher standard at times. But maybe we should be wondering if we are in fact committing a sin ourselves by doing that to the degree that some people are trying to hold Gibson too. . In fact they are reveling in it. Just saying.

I am much more concerned about the statements that are being said by people cold sober. If we want to talk about anti semitism then lets get real. Have people been on the net lately. It is on the left and the right. This one World Government and Neo Con Conspiracy junk is full of it. Lets condemm that. The comments against Arabs and Mexcians I have been hearing lately makes my blood curl. Do people remember what a certain Senator from New Jersey said during the height of that made up Dubai Port scandal. Oh and let me say this to the black community that has been AWOL on this immigration issue. I am not letting you off the hook either. It is amazing the pure anti Hispanic venom that is occuring there. Oh and lets not forget a certain Georgia female Congresswoman's anti Semetic remarks either.

Gibson's Critics
Some of Gibson's Jewish Critics have a agenda. Before everyone gets into a rage about that statement please don't. People that purport themselves as Christians have agendas too. I think some of this relates to the Passion movie. I remember when that happened. I sat with amazement at how the New York Times bashed that movie for two weeks straight. In fact, it was pretty clear that some people were using that as a agenda to bash Christians and conservatives. Thankfully many in the Jewish community stood up to that nonsense and exposed the true politcs behind it. There are people that are condemming Gibson that I am still waiting to be condemmed. I have a blogger on my blogroll that I didn't even realize was Jewish till today. Big Lizards devoted a whole post to this today. I agree a hundred percent. He says in part:

What does it tell us that when Gibson gets pasted, he rants about the Jews? It tells us that he grew up in an antisemitic household with a father who thinks the Holocaust was "fiction." When Gibson is six sheets and a top-gallant to the wind, he is not rational... so big deal, big antisemite, he says irrational things when he's irrational. Who cares?
But by contrast, Abraham Foxman was presumably perfectly sober and in his right mind when he said of Gibson

"It's not a proper apology because it does not go to the essence of his bigotry and his anti-Semitism," he said in a statement on the organization's Web site. "We would hope that Hollywood now would realize the bigot in their midst and that they will distance themselves from this anti-Semite."

and elsewhere

The glee with which he has jumped onto this momentary, drunken harangue by Gibson is more boorish than the rant itself. What is the danger from what Gibson said? Gibson was clearly channeling his deranged father; many slaves of the grape, when under the influence, revert to long discarded beliefs and stereotypes of their childhood, things they would never say when sober because they no longer believe what they believed when they were seven or eight years old.
When a blotto Mel Gibson bellows about the "f***ing Jews," is that going to encourage more people to become antisemites? Of course not. Far more likely is it that Foxman's demand for what amounts to a hate-speech code, preventing any Christian from expressing beliefs about the necessity of being "saved" that come straight out of their Bible, will infuriate so many of the majority religion that some, at least, will turn their backs on the Jews and on Israel.
Not that Foxman would care; it would only confirm everything he's always hated about Christians. And yes, I do indeed "know what is in his heart," because I take the man at his word.
When drunkards drink, they revert to their childhood and mouth words that Papa or Mama used to say. This doesn't prove them racists, bigots, or antisemites; it proves they're human

Read the whole thing and tell me where he is wrong? I realize this is a touchy topic. I really don't like talking about it myself. I don't like talking about it because (1) I don't want to hurt peoples feelings and (2) I don't want people to think I am anti Jewish. But it must be talked about. I have talked before how my grandparents in the South knew tons of Jews. Well, when I came along they had all moved to Atlanta as they said. Besides our visits to New Orleans I can't actually remember meeting a Jewish Person that I knew to be Jewish till I was 18. He happened to be in my golf class at college. I think I spooked him because when I found out he was Jewish, I pelted him with questions. I am sure he felt like I viewed him as some exotic alien from outer space. Of course as I expanded my travels in college and my time in New Orleans I met more Jews. But, along the way simple questions I had or wanted to talk about seemed to be off limits? Like are Jews a race or ethnic group or a religion or all three? By the way I am told Jews are not an ethnic group or Race and to say that is horrible but then I hear Jews refer to themselves that way so I am still confused on that point? Why are so manyJews so pro abortion . pro- Euthnasia and so pro Government control when last Century a man in Germany tried his damnest to kill every Jew on Earth? Why do Jews say you are being anti semitic when you try to convert Jews to Chrisitianity? How is that different from me trying to convert a Baptist to being Catholic? When I asked some of these questions I was accused of being anti semetic by some. So what did I do? Mostly I quit asking questions. That is pretty stupid if you ask me. But some people that are criticising Gibson won't be satisified t appears till we excise half the text of the New Testament. That is not all but some. Also perhaps some of these people in Hollywood are just plain jealous and it has nothing to do with religion at all. I am glad to say that one of my readers has turned me on to Michael Medved who is a great jewish conservative talk radio host. He does a lot more than that actually. I am learning some tidbits to my questions there

Of course some of the critics of Gibson are just anti Christian period. They have this prejudice against Christians. Hey some of it from past experience is based on some things that are valid. But I must admit their agenda gets tiresome. Especially when it is against Evangelicals. I remember once I was going to the Courthouse with a friend when this lawyer we knew just collapsed dead on the courthouse steps right there in front of us. Well my friend that was Baptist told me the lawyer was Jewish. So we go to the hospital where he was announced dead. Now I remembered from some episode of a Comedy TV Show about a Jewish Doctor in Alaska that you just don't treat a dead jewish person like you would a dead Catholic or a dead Baptist. It was one of those moments of "why didn't they teach us this in school???".
The problem was after my Baptist Friend and I powwowed with the Methodist nurse we couldn't remember what we should be doing. So I spent half the day trying to find any Rabbi or Jew within a 50 mile radius to get to the hospital and help us out with that. In the mean time a nice Assembly of God minister happened to be come along and gave us the details and said we should just sit with the body till some Jewish help showed up. So in other words complete Christian strangers came together to make sure this JEWISH man's beliefs were respected even in his death. So needless to say I find this anti Christian agenda by some that is behind this sometimes quite tiresome and incorrect. Espically that conservative Christians hate jews.

Well What About Mel and What to do ABout Him?

Well, what to do about Mel. First is pray for him. As a Catholic I will pray he will leave all this kookiness in the schistmatic Catholic movement and return home to Rome. That might help a lot. Gibson will have to show the world he is contrite and truly is not anti Jewish. If Gibson has some other problems also I think it is appropriate to let him deal with that too before demanding public mea cuplas all over the place. I think Mel Gibson.s heart is in the right place. Only time will tell really. I can give him that. Let me speak as a Christian to Christians. I think we have a role here too. First we can't let a public figure that represents himself as Christian take a total pass on this issue. This should be dealt in the proper way. Further, we must ignore the crazed rants of so called Jewish groups that are demanding an inquistion on a drunken statement. There are two reasons for that. First I suspect that some people that get on the media do not speak for the Jewish community. Second because of how they are attacking this it will just harden our own hearts because we might feel our faith is under attack. We all remember the rants about the Passion movie. Further, it would be nice to use this as a dialouge. I am disturbed at the rising anti Jewish feeling I am seeing. Its just not amonga few wacked out arabs or kkk idiots. There seems to be a resurgance of anti jewish rethoric that is occuring on the left and the right. Maybe we can use this incident to nip that in the bud. Perhaps in the end Gibson might be a part of that.

A look around my Blogroll

Called as Seen has a good post on a possible compromise on the immigration issue. I agree with his thought about how the Cannon plan is the best plan to follow. I made a comment on that entry of one problem I see with the Pence plan. He references a artitcle by one of my favorite Journalist. That is Ruben Navarrette. Be sure to read what he says. I agree with his thoughts also. Navarrette says in part:But here's the part that is helpful. After all the nativist pollution in this debate, the Hutchison-Pence plan clears the air. It forces the anti-amnesty crowd to finally come clean about what really bothers them. If it is merely the fact that people are coming here illegally, then they should have no problem with the Hutchison-Pence plan. After all, those who participate in the guest worker program have to do so with a legally issued visa. But for those whose concerns have less to do with words like "legal'' or "illegal'' than with what they see as the erosion of the Anglo-Saxon culture and the English language, then this plan won't offer much comfort.

Exactly. Your call Tancredo

The NYT takes a hard look at Monaghan and Ave Maria Florida is a lead story by American Papist. If you recall there was talks of a "Catholic" town being planned in Florida by the founders of Domino's Pizza. This is a pretty hard look at the whole thing. Also American Papaist is upfront about knowing many of the people interviewed. Also the comment section looks lively. I would check this out.
I missed this somehow on the news. American Papist brings us news also of our Secretary of State's concert activity this psst weekend. Condi Rice is no amatuer. I recall that Condi got too hook up and play with some renown Pianist at the White House one time. He made a great comment. The pianist said she was no amateur at this piano thing. Also it was important for people like Rice to show their collegues that this isn't just a hobby. For a link and to hear her play go here.

Conservative Cajun has a post from a couple of days ago that I wish to highlight. One issue he really hits is some idiotic Editorial out of Wisconsin complaning we Louisiana folks are going to get to much money out of oil revenue sharing plan. Cajun hits it right on. He also hits on the Israel topic. I find his post interesting because that view is advocates is the view many people I know have. I am in a tough spot because I agree in part and sort of disagree with certain aspects. I might use his blog entry as an aid to explain my views on the subject later. In the meantime LOUISIANA FOLKS write that paper he is talking about in Wisconsin. We have to fight for our state.

Krusty Konservative from Iowa has a good entry on Romney's latest trip to Iowa. Also , Romney use as a word during a speech that I bet he won't use again. IF it was a slow news day that fauz pas would have gooten more news. Check out the rest of his recent entries. It is always a good read.

Michael Totten has some grim news about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I am not going to go fully into it now but I agree with his sentiments. I have consistently said if that if the elements of the Lebanese Government that are friendly are not standing at the end of this this will be a defeat. Sorry, if people disagree let me know and I will incorporate those thoughts in my upcoming post. I am praying for Israel's success by the way. I encourage people to read the comments. I guess its clear, I am going to talk about this tonight in a post lol. PLus Sally V,one of my readers is sending me good stuff to use.

For more on the War and just good general wisdom just go the Anchoress blog. She has a lot of stuff I agree with on too as to this conflict and other things.

Do me one more favor. If you got the time do the following. Say thanks for people for serving. Just leave a comment and say hi. I will take my own words of advice and do this by tomorrow. Go to Cajun Rant and say have a safe travel back to Iraq. He is a Civilian contractor heading back over. Go over to Birth of a Solider and say hight to a new military mom from Lafayette. I am sure she is watching these events in Lebanon with a different view and mindset than than us. Also visit Bandit36 and Midnight in Iraq and say hello. Better yet go to and find a one of almost 2000 milbloggers that are serving this Country and browse for a while. I hope to add a new milblooger tomorrow.

There is much more on my blogroll but it is dinner time. On Mondays I give myself a treat. That is Fried Chicken from KFC. Now there is one topic I have not discussed that is being talked about. That is all this commotion over Mel Gibson. That is being talked about on my blogroll. I have some thoughts on this and I think a few clarifications. Till then see you later tonight.

Saban declines offer from Bush-

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Saban declines offer from Bush
Dolphins coach too busy to dine with president

From todays Sport Illustrated.

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- When the White House called with an invitation to dine with President Bush, Dan Marino took it. But the coach of his former team said no.
Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban said Monday that his obligations at training camp took priority over a chance to meet the president.
"It was really a tough decision," Saban said. "I feel like my first responsibility is our team. That in no way disrespects the importance of the opportunity I would have loved to have had to spend dinner with the President."
The invitation was for dinner with Bush on Sunday night at Joe's Stone Crabs, a landmark Miami Beach restaurant. Marino, a former Dolphins quarterback and an NFL Hall of Famer, did attend, Bush said in a speech Monday.
Several Dolphins players said they weren't surprised that Saban put his team ahead of the president.
"We all know Nick is serious about what we're doing here and is committed to it," defensive end Jason Taylor said

Let me say people can debate if Saban's choice in this matter was proper. However, I can tell you he did not mean any disrespect by it. LSU has never had a driven Coach like Saban. This just shows the extent of his drive. LSU's loss was Miami's huge gain.

NOTE- Since the most beautiful time of the year is approaching. That is LSU football season, I will be attempting to put more LSU related football stories on ponderingamerican.

Developments on Minutegate Over the Weekend

Several Interesting things happened as to MinuteGate over the Weekend.

Update on extreme wacko Laine Lawless.

First, let me give a big shotout to a great Entry that Subway Canaries did on Laine Lawless. Ms. Lawless if you do not remember is the lesbian pagan high priestess Nazi white power woman that was involved with Simcox early on as well as others. Of course now, many people are saying they were ignorant about all that. Yeah right. In my view people like that are not exactly shrinking violents about talking about their views like 24/7 and to anyone that is not in a coma. Anywho, Ms Lawless despite being a major dangerous wacko loves Xena. Subway has a link to that hilarious post. Anyway go here to see her great expose.. By the way I am working on something to post at Subway Canaries. Stay tuned here for the link when it occurs.

Connie Hair Minuteman Spokeswoman/Diener and William Greene Mouth Piece

There is an interesting forum called Liberty Post. Liberty Post is a forum largely inhabited by people too extreme for Free Republic. They seem to dream of neo con conspiracies in their sleep. Connie Hair , who by the way was spokesman for FR before she was banned, spoke out on that Forum yesterday in a very long post. Liberty Post is a good forum to moniter for many reasons. Many of the minutemen and the people that have intimate knowledge of the players in this drama post there. In fact, it has been a treasure trove of information. Well Connie Hair broke her silence in a long post that filled with veiled threats of lawsuits and putdowns. Basically she said nothing. She goes under the name of Cal on that forum. Her longwinded post is located at post 28. Needless to say you can see the diehards were not impressed. I thought this comment in response summed it up nicely.

"Goodnight, sfvgto
.....likewise.......I'll sleep much better now that you shared all those specific facts and details about the sitution.....hey, wait a minute, there were no facts or details. We're back to "everythings cool, trust me, it's all good".......rats
! "

Let me say that Connie Hair sucks at PR and damage control. Look in that thread also for some links to some very disturbing court transcripts about Chris Simcox. I will have a few thoughts on ehr thoughts at the end of the post.

American Caging and the Mysterious Maureen Otis Speaks from Houston.

Good grief, it was like Christmas for me yesterday. Yes the mysterious Maureen Otis from the mysterious American caging firm speaks out. Go here , for all the details. By the way this was a huge tactical mistake in my view. The people involved in this do not want attention drawn to that little firm. However some use came of it. The Founder of American Caging Michael Fred is mentioned in a accountant report she mentioned. This is important because not only did he found this company he is also Maureen's ex husband. It appears he still works there. That is significant because I have spent half a week trying to track him down.

Maureen if you are reading this blog to which I suspect you are. I am not accusing you or your company of skimming money in the accounting room. So lets not go down that red herring path. What we want to know is, how did you hook up with these people, and what are your true finanacial arangements with Greene/Zohidates/Sheldon/Keyes. In other words how much money in caging fees are really going back to their enterprises. Also Ms Otis who owns American Caging in reality? Anywho, I don't think it is going to be a good week for Maureen Otis and American Caging. I mentioned earlier in the week I had some major concerns about things I discovered that were happening in Houston. A source tells me that others had that concern too. It will soon be unleashed upon the internet in its full glory for all too see. Especially for reporters that are looking at this forum threads.

A few things that are occuring here. THere is a mad and ineffective effort to hold off till Novmember to issue any reports. This is stupid in many ways and no one is buying it. First this report would only have 2005 expenditures in it. In other words there would be no talk about the bulk of the donation and expenditures from late last year to the current date. I also have been monitering current expenditures that are going out from the Minuteman PAC in various races. Especially in races occuring in Colorodo and in Michigan. There has been much activity on that front as well as from their assorted allies in thge past week. Questions have been raised if some ,lets say illegal, shuffling of funds from the groups I have been exposing is finding its way into these PACs. Stay tuned.

Whats Up for Today

Posting to this blog will get a tad bit more to normal today. Several former Shreveporters come to my blog and I wanted to keep the Herby K murder story on top yesterday. Also, I wanted to keep the Greene expose at the top of the blog too.

I will be posting a roundup of some interesting developments that happened as to Minutegate in my next post. I intend to do a round up on what is happening on my blogroll as well as some other matters. By the way, I am on Yahoo messenger this afternoon. The name is theponderingamerican of course so give me a hoolar if you like.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tragedy In Shreveport Louisiana- Herby K Owner Shot Dead

Sad news on so many levels. The Shreveport Times has the full story here. Some excerpts:
Herby K's co-owner Adrian Johngene "John" Bean Jr., 58, died early Saturday at LSU Hospital after being shot during an armed robbery at the restaurant shortly before 9:45 p.m. Friday. Witnesses told police that a masked man dressed in all black was robbing the restaurant when he and Bean began fighting. The assailant shot Bean and fled through an alley.

On Saturday, shocked and grieving friends placed flowers, cards and posters outside the restaurant at 1833 Pierre Ave., a Shreveport dining institution since 1936, where a handwritten sign on the door read: "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE."William Myar, 50, a family friend and sometime restaurant worker, went Saturday to finish cleaning up from Friday night's dinner crowd. He put some food in the freezer and threw away perishables such as cole slaw. He said he doesn't think Herby K's will re-open anytime soon.

Bean's energy had become a vibrant part of the historic restaurant since he married Janet Kaye Thrasher Busi, who had become a part of the Busi family through a previous marriage. Herbert Busi Sr. opened the restaurant -- with walls covered in artist renderings of the building, old license plates and university logo stickers -- 70 years ago.Bean's gentle manner, Myar said while sitting in the booth nearest to the patio order window, made him a true "people person.""It always made me feel good to work for him," said Myar, wiping his eyes with a napkin while a tear dropped onto his tattooed right arm. "He'd loan me his last 50 cents."

More at the Times link. John was truly a great person. Like many people, I sure we will hear the full extent of it after he is dead than when he was alive. I almost stopped by there for Lunch last week. I regret I didn't now.

Besides the death, I think the sadness will be double here. Herby K's is sort of a Shreveport institution. It refused to die away and had a very loyal customer base. It was not only for the food that was great. but because we felt things as special as Herby's should be maintained. I am not sure if Herby K's will reopen now . Perhaps it will. I hope so. But I have my doubts. No one has been arrested yet , but I personally hope that the person that did this receives the Death Sentence myself. This by the way is the 17th violent deasth in Shreveport this year.

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