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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Responding the the League(Kookdum Alert)

As I posted a couple of days ago, the Pondering American has come to the attention of the radical political organization, League of the South. THe League of the South by the way is an organizaton that advocates for the seccession of the Southern States and to reinstate the old confederacy as a republic. As can be seen on their web site, their main goal as they state:

We Seek to Advance the Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political Well Being and Independence of the Southern People by all Honourable Means.

Yep they are pretty strange. Do not worry my Northern readers, there is no danger of the South attempting to secede from the Union. 99 percent of the great Southern people would just roll there eyes at this nonsense. However, they still deem watching. I have noticed that this organization is getting more radical by the year. Their political thought has become more radical. There association with the Council of Conservative Citizens is of particular concern as well as other groups they are finding common cause with. Their take over of the national office of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is indeed troubling. Go here to a organization of SCV veterans and hear it in their own words.

Mr Thomey in a comment to the post I did, took me to task. I also exposed the League here.He was not the only one that has sent email to me by the way. All of which I welcome. Mr Thomey by the way does not live very far from me in fact. Perhaps one day, we can get together and he explain this kookiness in more detail to me. Now in the post I made previous to this I posted his entire comment to me. It can also be found here in the comment section. His words will be in bold.
It is difficult to know where to begin debunking the falsehoods you’ve written here about the LoS. They are all quite ridiculous, the frightened ravings of an intellectual midget, but allow me to address a few.
We shall see how much he actually addresss

To begin with, the LoS is neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘Republican’ in the senses that I perceive you ascribing to those terms. Through years of observing their actions, one of the conclusions that we in the LoS have reached is that contemporary ‘conservatives’ never conserve anything except the radical innovations of their supposed leftist rivals, or their own superfluous expansions of those same innovations. Based upon our observing their actions rather than listening to their mindless propaganda, we believe that we have rightly concluded that both major political parties are, in truth, mere factions of a single, socialist, fascist, and tyrannical regime. Both believe in, and are committed to, the perpetuation of a centralised, overbearing, police state-like empire that is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Therefore, we say, ‘A pox on both of them.

I am not aware that I ever made the claim the the League of the South was was 'conservative' or 'Republican'. In fact I believe that one of the whole purposes of my post was to point that fact out. Also I wanted to warn conservatives and Republicans to stay away from yall like the plague because you were neither a Southern heritage organization, nor represented the beliefs of southern conservatives or republicans. As to this statements about "empire" I talk about in reference to some of of your other statements.

We prefer to think of our organisation as being rooted in traditionalism. We simply want to defend and advance the traditional principles of our great Southern ancestors - States’ Rights, true free trade, low taxes, limited government, sound money, international neutrality, and ordered, Christian liberty. It always amazes me how people like you see these things as, ‘evil’.

First, as a conservative what you refer to as State's rights , I suppose goes under the term Federalism. I believe in a heathly federalist system by the way. However, that does not go as far as your beliefs in which includes far more than I would attach to it. Including in the end seperation from the United States and other matters. Free trade, I am for it also. But it seems to me, Mr Thomey your organization is about as anti free trade as anything. It seems down right protectionist to me. Low taxes we agree on. Ditto on limited Government, a sound monetary system. International neutrality? Mr Thomney doesn't go into detail what he means here but I think this shirt that they sell gives us a clue.
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The League of the South lives in a genuine time warp here. International Neutrality, I expect means a lot of things to to the League, all of which is quite destructive. Mr Thomney, I have listened to your radio programs , a few can be found here. I have read your web site. Sir, we are at war. We cannot return to the good ole days of old of 1861. Radical Islam has declared war on us. Their goal is worldwide conversion of the world by any means necessary. That has been made pretty clear. We have no choice to fight this and cannot hide our heads in the sand about this issue. That means we must be active. It means we must draw a line in the sand and support our allies and defeat our common foes. This little planet has shrunk a great bit since the 1800's. Pretending it hasn't is just stupidity. Your political ideas are a threat in its on tiny way to our security. The Foe Sir is not the strawmen you put up, but the people who wish to destroy us all.

Silly us, we thought those were the ideals upon which America was founded and built. If your idea of ‘america’ is the current leviathan state under which we all suffer, then is it any wonder why we in the LoS would no longer want to identify ourselves as ‘americans’ or associate with the ‘american empire’? The founding principles of America were, and to us they remain, Southern principles. Thus we are Southrons who desire a free and independent republic based upon those traditional principles.

A quick word on this. The League is just as bad as the far left in talking about the American "empire". Empire is a word they use a great bit just like the far left wackos do. Like I said, it is the Kos wrapped up in a confederate flag. Mr Thomney, I just pulled out my map. What American "empire" for heavens sakes are you talking about. During the last century our people have freed a World. How much of the pacific did we take as our reward for defeating the enemy? Did we take over and keep Japan? Did we rule Germany with a iron fist after WWII and make it the 51st state? How about Cuba? We have told the people of Puerto Rico if they wish to leave our protection, they can if it is there desire. Where in the world is this America empire that the League keeps talking about. Did we take over the Country of Kuwait after we liberated and delcared their oil our own? Of course not. This is radical leftist propaganda covered with the Old Souths' battle Flag and high minded words. Mr Thomney the US has in its history has exported true Southern principles to the world. It has not been a master. As Secretary Powell once stated, the only foreign land we wish to have is a place to bury our dead.

As Southrons, we have not forgotten that it was Republicans who invaded, laid waste to, conquered, and subjugated our once free country - Dixie. It was Republicans who took away our liberty, and over the years they have proved that they don’t have the desire or the will to give back what is rightfully ours. They merely add insult to injury. Thus, we are committed to pulling off their mask, along with the rose coloured glasses through which our people have come to view them, and expose the rotting corpse underneath. So, yes, we will continue to de-legitimate the empire while offering alternatives to which Southrons can transfer their allegiances.

Here we see the kookiness go into overdrive. Mr Thomey, I as well as 99 percent of the south has gotten over General Butler in New Orleans and bad ole Gen Sherman. That was God blessed 1865 for goodness sakes. We have better things to re fight the civil war. Also Mr Thomney, a few facts here. Not everyone in the South were pleased about that war. Many felt that War was a rich mans war. Many in the South felt like that too. But when called they served bravely. Further, lets not forget a great many Southernors(blacks) saw that the Republicans and the Union as Liberators. So please lets get get real here.

We believe that the greatness and stability of the South is rooted in her white, western, Christian civilisation, and that her only hope for the future is in the continued dominance of that civilisation within her territory. We happily acknowledge that other racial groups have made contributions to Southern civilisation, but they have historically done so by assimilating into it, and adopting it as their own. We consider anyone, of any race, who is willing to do that to be a fellow Southron. It is in this manner that relative peace and cooperation among the South’s different races has been, and may continue to be, achieved. The contemporary attitude, however, is that the dominant white, western, Christian civilisation of the South must be overturned and replaced by some centrally controlled, egalitarian, multi-cultural utopia. We contend that this is a fool’s errand, contrary to God’s created order, and eventually destructive to Southrons of all races. Thus, we will fight against such foolishness.

What? Well it appears that the White Civilization must maintain her dominance in the South according to Mr Thomey. What exactly does this mean? If he means the traditions that came down from since the Magna Carta ,amen I agree. Does he mean common law and the respect for liberty? If so I agree. But one gets the sense that Mr Thomey is talking about much more here. Also Mr Thomey what is exactly white? In the 1920's Italians and other Southern European folks were not viewed as white by many. I have seen the edititoral cartoons from that time. They were horrible. What is this "centrally controlled, egalitarian, multi cultured utopia" he is talking about? What does he exactly fear? Heck I don't know but I believe there is something really nasty happening there behind those comments. The US will continue to be a Christian nation with its laws rooted in Christian/Jewish ethic. For instance as to marriage laws, I believe. But again, I find his wording troublesome. Perhaps we can find some illumination on his recent speech on immigration in Florida.

I allege that this immigrant invasion is a Southern problem, not an 'american' problem. For if one chooses to believe not only the immigration statistics cited in contemporary news articles, but also one's own two eyes, then it becomes obvious to all but the village idiot that the primary target of this invasion is Dixie. The fastest growing immigrant populations are in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina - NOT New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts!! Perhaps this is one explanation as to why the yankee government does nothing about this growing menace. Reconstruction marches on!!

Finally, there is the patriotic argument against immigration. Our English word, 'patriotism' derives from the Latin word, 'patria', which means native land; and an associated word, 'patrius', which means an inheritance from one's father. With this in mind, let us refer to the preamble of the federal constitution. It states that the union was being formed, among other things, to, 'secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity'. This begs the questions of: Who is, 'ourselves', and what is meant by their, 'Posterity'? As much as some hate to admit it, 'ourselves' was white, western European, Christian men - men who sprang from a civilisation capable of understanding, establishing, and preserving their liberty through self-government.

Their, 'Posterity', if the word has any genetic and/or ethnic meaning, necessarily means their own offspring, or immigrants who were LIKE THEM culturally, socially, and politically. The specious argument of the, 'but America was built by immigrants' crowd overlooks, or purposely buries, the salient fact that the two major waves of immigrants who helped, 'build America' were from white, western European, Christian cultures and countries.

The vast majority of those immigrants who come here today don't have much, if ANYTHING, in common with the white, western European, Christian culture here. Additionally, thanks to the multi-culturalists who seem to dominate the media and government, those people come here NOT to blend in, NOT to adopt and defend Southern civilisation, but to bring their pagan ways and old grievances, and then demand special treatment from, and dominance over, the native Southern populace.

South still possesses a remnant of the greatness of white, western European, Christian civilisation, and I am resolved that it is worth preserving and perpetuating. Southern independence, and by that I mean our own free and separate republic of Southern States, is the only course that offers to secure the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity. I have one more Latin motto that I'd like to share with you, and I hope you'll take it to heart. It's based on an oldie, but a goodie. Simply stated it is: Meridies Resurgabit - the South shall rise again!! Join me in the fight. For if we fight, we can win, and when we win, then we'll have something that Southerners haven't had since 1865 - a country of our own. Thank you for your attention, and may God save the South!

Good grief. If you wish to read the whole thing go this link. There is so much to be said here. First, one cannot help to think that the valid public policy concern of assismilation of immigrants into the American ideal is being used as a front for just pure white political supremancy. Mr Tomey is talking about the Mexicans here I guess. To hear Mr Thomey talk about it the Mexican immigrant is akin to the headhunters of parts of the Solomon Island region of the world. So much of this thought is such BS , one does know not where to begin. But the purppose of this post is not examine the League of the Souths view on immigration. But Mr Thomey let me ask you this. What pagan ways and customs are this Mexicans bringing in? What about the last migration wave from Asia? Have they destroyed this Country? Back to the scary Mexicans. Why are you acting like these people were not also larely influnced by our shared Western Europena culture. BEcause they still have some native blood in them? For all that is holy most of them are Catholics. Paganways? Do you actually thing they are secretly performing soem Aztec or Mayan rites?

Again one can be concerned about valid concerns of assimilation and other public policy concerns. But one gets the sense to Mr Thomey that his concerns are quite different. Mainly that his grandchildren or other descendants might look a little browner than him. Anywho returning to his original comment.

We also believe in freedom of association in all aspects of life. For this reason, our vision of a free Southern republic is one in which the current plethora of government mandated programmes, regulations, and restrictions will be a thing of the past. Businesses, churches, clubs, schools, and individuals will be free to determine and enforce their own qualifications for employment, membership, association, etc. without government interference.

Well Mr Thomey I agree with you here to a certain extent. We conservatives are very much on protecting free associations. But Mr Thomey, what government has enacted policies that say your church has to have people that you don't want. You talk about clubs? What Government policy has said that your club must accept members it doesnt like? Let live in real world here. I would fight for anyones right here for that. But I am curious about businesses and schools that you mention. What exactly do you mean by that. There are tons of private schools that do not have to open their doors to various groups. Are you talking public schools? Is this code to bring back segregation. As to business, does this mean a return to "whites only'. White's onlylunch counters and the like. Please, I would like to to expound on this line of thought. Don't try to hide behind valid conservative and Republican concerns. What do you exactly envision.

Anywho I took the main excerpts but the full post is there to see. To put it in a nutshell, the League of the South is kookdum. That doesn't change no matter how many Latin phrases Mr Thomey throws around. It's political thought is becoming more radical by the day. I mentioned the radio shows earlier that they largely promote though the net. This is just one source. They are also quite affilated with this trash here on the Political cesspool show. Just take a glimpse though their archives and see the people they are associating with.It is amazing the garbage that is coming out of that. One hears how George Bush is secretly forming a one world Government. That those holding facilties being built to hold illegal aliens are not for them but FOR US. I could go on and on. It is kooky conspiracy theories, Racist code lanquage, and many other things. However as I said they are trying to infiltrate orgainizations. Just ask the memebers of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Its kookdum and is limited in appeal but it should still be watched carefully. The world is becoming a dangerous place. Our enemy in the end is not ourselves. It is those that truly wish to destroy us as can be seen on 911. I will probally return to the Lague of the South in one other post today. I will give an update on their activities as well as respond to one other letter regarding the Confederate Theocrat site Little Geneva. Anywho, time for lunch so I shall leve this topic for now

Back Home

Well, I have returned back to the great sovernign state of Louisiana. It seems like minutegate is getting even more attention out there. I promised I would respond to some of my League of the South friends. I shall do that in the next post.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Austin is Expensive and the League of the South

Goodness gracious Austin Texas is expensive. I just bought a pack of cigarettes, a Coke, and a 6 pack and felt like I should take out a loan from the bank. I have to admit though the apartment I am staying at is nice. I can see the Capitol in the distance. Unfortantly , I arrived to late to go to get a feel of the party scene here. I was hoping to get some scoop on the Bush girls but alas you shall be denied. But I must say I did have a Whataburger Cheeseburger(Thats is a Texas thing) and so the night was not a total loss.
The only bad thing is this apartment has a big nice white beautiful cat. It is pretty but its making my eyes water like its a fountain and sneese like every 30 seconds. So perhaps I will put off my huge response to League of the South till tomorrow. But send a email or comment because I expect I won't be getting any sleep because of this wonderful feline. I am contemplating sleeping on the balcony.
Anywho I shall reprint this tomorrow but I shall respond to this post that my friends at the League of the South has sent me. To say the least they are not pleased. I have received quite a few letters today from this organization. Tonight I am going to try to do some searching to see how my several week old entry caught there eye. Anywho, Mr Tomney is quite perturbed at my view of his fine group.
Re: Your blog vilifying the League of the South (LoS)Sir:It is difficult to know where to begin debunking the falsehoods you've written here about the LoS. They are all quite ridiculous, the frightened ravings of an intellectual midget, but allow me to address a few.To begin with, the LoS is neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘Republican’ in the senses that I perceive you ascribing to those terms. Through years of observing their actions, one of the conclusions that we in the LoS have reached is that contemporary ‘conservatives’ never conserve anything except the radical innovations of their supposed leftist rivals, or their own superfluous expansions of those same innovations. Based upon our observing their actions rather than listening to their mindless propaganda, we believe that we have rightly concluded that both major political parties are, in truth, mere factions of a single, socialist, fascist, and tyrannical regime. Both believe in, and are committed to, the perpetuation of a centralised, overbearing, police state-like empire that is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Therefore, we say, ‘A pox on both of them.’We prefer to think of our organisation as being rooted in traditionalism. We simply want to defend and advance the traditional principles of our great Southern ancestors - States’ Rights, true free trade, low taxes, limited government, sound money, international neutrality, and ordered, Christian liberty. It always amazes me how people like you see these things as, ‘evil’. Silly us, we thought those were the ideals upon which America was founded and built. If your idea of ‘america’ is the current leviathan state under which we all suffer, then is it any wonder why we in the LoS would no longer want to identify ourselves as ‘americans’ or associate with the ‘american empire’? The founding principles of America were, and to us they remain, Southern principles. Thus we are Southrons who desire a free and independent republic based upon those traditional principles.As Southrons, we have not forgotten that it was Republicans who invaded, laid waste to, conquered, and subjugated our once free country - Dixie. It was Republicans who took away our liberty, and over the years they have proved that they don’t have the desire or the will to give back what is rightfully ours. They merely add insult to injury. Thus, we are committed to pulling off their mask, along with the rose coloured glasses through which our people have come to view them, and expose the rotting corpse underneath. So, yes, we will continue to de-legitimate the empire while offering alternatives to which Southrons can transfer their allegiances. Don’t think I’m giving the radical Democrats a free pass, but unlike the Republicans, they are at least honest enough to come right out and tell you they're radicals. However, Republicans are liars. They woo you with talk of conservatism, low taxes, small government, etc., yet they deliver the opposite. We think it's far better to have an open enemy than a sneaky, back-stabbing, ‘friend’.The issue of race in modern America is one that, due to the strangling constraints of ‘political correctness’ on the timid, cannot be openly or honestly discussed. We, however, are not timid, nor will we be bound by such idiotic restraints. It is our assertion that the Southern people are waiting for someone to forthrightly say in public what most everyone thinks in private. Therefore allow me to briefly outline our views on this ‘touchy subject’. We believe that the greatness and stability of the South is rooted in her white, western, Christian civilisation, and that her only hope for the future is in the continued dominance of that civilisation within her territory. We happily acknowledge that other racial groups have made contributions to Southern civilisation, but they have historically done so by assimilating into it, and adopting it as their own. We consider anyone, of any race, who is willing to do that to be a fellow Southron. It is in this manner that relative peace and cooperation among the South's different races has been, and may continue to be, achieved. The contemporary attitude, however, is that the dominant white, western, Christian civilisation of the South must be overturned and replaced by some centrally controlled, egalitarian, multi-cultural utopia. We contend that this is a fools errand, contrary to God's created order, and eventually destructive to Southrons of all races. Thus, we will fight against such foolishness.We also believe in freedom of association in all aspects of life. For this reason, our vision of a free Southern republic is one in which the current plethora of government mandated programmes, regulations, and restrictions will be a thing of the past. Businesses, churches, clubs, schools, and individuals will be free to determine and enforce their own qualifications for employment, membership, association, etc. without government interference. This principle is closely allied to our stand on private property rights. If so-called ‘laws’ and government regulations keep a person from choosing with whom they will associate, or a business, school, club, or other organisation from establishing its own criteria for employment, enrollment, membership, etc. - in brief, if they can't control their own property as they see fit - then they are not free men, but slaves.I think that the foregoing adequately rebuts your specious allegations regarding the topics discussed. I wonder if, in the interest of an open debate of ideas, you'll have the courage or intellectual honesty to post this on your blog. As the great Southern philosopher, Dr Richard Weaver once said - ideas have consequences. The LoS thinks that her ideas will produce good consequences, and it is painfully obvious to us that yours have produced horrible ones. We have the courage to engage in the debate and let folks decide for themselves. Do you? We’ll see.For a free and independent Southern republic,

Mark A. Thomey, MemberLoS Board of Directors

Well , we certaintly are all for debate Mr Thomney and you shall get it tomorrow(really this morning looking at the clock). Mr Thomey sort of goes on a long rant here but he is not very specific about what he takes issues with from my post. Perhaps I am tired and don't see it at this moment. Anyway, I wsa thinking about revisting the League and see what monkeyshines they were up too lately. So this will provide a good opportunity. Also I will try to clean up this post that seems to have some annoying type in it when I transferred it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Minutegate Spreading In MSm and League of the South Discovers Pondering American and are not Pleased

Goodness, have just arrived in Austin and boy has it been a busy day in my absence. It seems minutegate is starting to hit more MSM. AP picked it up. It was a headline on Drudge I hear!!! But I must say it appears for some odd reason the kooky League of the South has noticed my blog and well they are not pleased. I received one email that was constructive and pointed out a possible error as to one Chrsitian leader and Theologian I might have mistaken as someone else. But besides that whoa Nelly, well stay tuned. Let me find a store in this neighborhood to by some smokes and I will give a full report tonight


Well it doesn't just seem like a few bloggers now and ex Minutemen that are exposing this. I suspect this is about to hit big. Wait till they start really digging.

Update-Opps looks like two seperate articles here is the other one on ethe Keyes connection and everything Subway and I ahve been talking about

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Ghost of Katrina- Panic, Euthanasia ,and Moral Choices Revisted.

It is sometimes difficult to remember how bad and chaotic events are after some times passes. 911 is a prime example of how many forget the horror and evil that took place that day. New Orleans during Katrina is another event to where memories are starting to fade at the pure chaos and fear that was New Orleans. Later we learned that much that chaos and fear was prompted by just plan fear and rumor.
There were tales of people being murdered in the convention center, of people resorting to eating dead people, of chaos in the Superdome. Many horrible things happened but more importantly much of what was reported was not happening in reality. People in these situations lose reason and human judgment. That very well might have happened in the case that I hope to follow on this blog. This case will and needs to be closely followed. These people are innocent until proven guilty. Even if they are guilty there should be legitimate discussion about mitigating factors.
But I must say even before the waters starting receding from New Orleans there were stories afoot that something went horribly wrong at the Baptist Hospital in New Orleans. There were heroic stories there as well as at Tulane Medical and the Charity Hospital. But I have a sense again something went horribly wrong here. There is a lesson that neds to be learned from this for the next disaster. Also, we must fight that no matter how bad the circumstance, this cannot be a precedent for Euthanasia. I am sure Right to Die Advocates have their attention on this case right now.

NEW ORLEANS, United States (AFP) - US investigators have charged a doctor and two nurses with murder in the deaths of four patients in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, officials said.
"We're talking about people that pretended maybe they were God and they made that decision," Louisiana attorney general Charles Foti said at a press conference in the state capitol of Baton Rouge.
"This is not euthanasia. This is a homicide."
The affidavit charged that the three gave lethal doses of morphine and another drug to patients at Memorial Medical Center who were deemed too sick to be evacuated three days after the hurricane devastated New Orleans on August 29.
Two of the victims were in their 90s and two were in their 60s, including a 380-pound man who was described as "alert" but paralyzed.

Doctor Anna Pou, 50, and nurses Cheri Landry, 49, and Lori Budo, 43, were charged with four counts of second-degree murder. They were released on bail to await formal arraignment.

The charges followed an investigation launched after rumors circulated that medical staff had euthanized patients whom they thought would not survive the harsh conditions that followed Katrina, including lack of food, drinking water and air conditioning.
The attorney general's office investigated 13 nursing homes and five hospitals throughout the region but found credible evidence of mercy killings at only one.
Four hospital administrators at Memorial Medical Center heard of plans to give patients lethal doses, although none of the key witnesses said they knew who made the decision, the affidavit said.
During a meeting about the evacuation plan, one hospital administrator who has not been charged told employees they did not expect to evacuate nine critically ill patients.
She also said the plan was they "were not going to leave any living patients behind."
Pou later told a hospital worker that many of the patients on the seventh floor "were probably not going to survive" and that "a decision had been made to administer lethal doses," the affidavit said.

At least one patient was "aware, conscious and alert, but he weighed 380 pounds and was paralyzed. Dr Pou decided that (he) could not be evacuated... and that they didn't have a lot of time and that she needed to clear the floors as soon as they could," the affidavit said.
Court documents show that the killings were not done in secret.
Budo was observed giving an injection to a 92-year-old man who said, "That burns," as she administered a lethal dose of morphine.
The attorney general said that more charges could be laid in the case, and that more victims might be found among the 45 bodies recovered from the hospital -- 11 of which were already in the morgue when the storm hit.
He also said he believed the patients "would have lived through it" if Pou and the nurses had not taken "the law into their own hands."
But Pou's lawyer said the attorney general was more interested in staging a "media event" for political gain than in pursing justice.
"It's a year later and the blame game is now shifting to a doctor and two nurses and maybe others," Rick Simmons said at a press conference in New Orleans.
"They're victims of the storm not victims of homicide... There's no criminal misconduct."
Simmons said Pou - who was arrested in her hospital scrubs - would plead not guilty to the charges.
Most of New Orleans was flooded by Hurricane Katrina, which killed as many as 1,500 people across the Gulf Coast. Much of the city was without power, water or transportation.
Emergency generators in the city's hospitals quickly ran out of fuel and hospital staff used flashlights to tend to patients in the sweltering heat and stench of backed-up sewage.
Outside, the city descended into chaos and evacuations were stymied by reports of snipers shooting at medical helicopters.
The decision to impose murder charges does not sufficiently address the issue of motive and the complex ethical questions underlying the situation, University of New Orleans criminologist Peter Scharf told AFP.
"This is a case that involves a clash possibly between moral duty and legal duty," he said.
"The issue that escapes discussion in the action of the attorney general is ... what are your duties in that kind of situation? Were these acts of conscience or acts of crime

The nurses and doctor that are charged are here. All appear to have good qualification and had been in the profession for many years.
Dr. Anna Pou, 50, was an ear, nose and throat specialist at Memorial Medical Center when Katrina hit on August 29. A New Orleans native, Pou studied at Louisiana State University's medical school and did her residency at the University Of Pittsburgh. She completed a fellowship in head and neck surgery and microvascular reconstructive surgery at Methodist Hospital of Indiana.
From 1997 to 2004, she served on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She joined the LSU Health Sciences Center as an associate professor in September 2004.

-- Nurse Lori L. Budo, 43, lived in Harahan, Louisiana. Her attorney, Eddie Castaing, said she has been a registered nurse at the hospital since 1985 and was working in the intensive care unit when the hurricane struck.

-- Nurse Cheri A. Landry, 49, lived in Metairie, Louisiana. Her attorney, John DiGiulio, said she has been a nurse for more than 20 years, more than 10 of them at Memorial Medical.

From the relatives of the those that died:"I consider the nurses murderers. They were in a bad situation, but they were murderers," Lou Ann Savoie Jacob said Wednesday.
Her 90-year-old mother, Rose Savoie, was among those prosecutors say were killed by Dr. Anna Pou and nurses Lori Budo and Cheri Landry at Memorial Medical Center, where patients and staff were stranded for days without running water or communications after the hurricane overwhelmed New Orleans' levees......According to court documents released Tuesday by the Attorney General's Office, Budo was seen injecting Savoie with something Sept. 1, three days after Katrina left four-fifths of the city under water. "That burns," the 90-year-old woman allegedly said when she was injected. The daughter of another patient in the case said her mother, Ireatha Watson, had been very sick, with gangrene in both legs and dementia, but that she had been stable two days before Katrina hit. Watson, 89, had been scheduled to have her legs amputated Aug. 29, the day the hurricane hit.
"I found it strange that she passed away the way she did, and I couldn't get any information," said Paulette Harris, Watson's daughter.
The widow of another victim, 61-year-old Emmett Everett Sr., declined to comment Wednesday. Everett, who was 380 pounds and paralyzed, appeared "conscious, awake and alert" before he was sedated, according to the arrest affidavit in the case

Also there might have been more deaths at were brought on unnaturally. 35 people died in that hospital during this hell that the hurricane brought. These were the ones out of the chaos that looked suspcious

Now I realize that this topic will be emotional. But let me clarify some things. First these patients were not in danger. They were not going to drown. I think people panicked. Their world seemed to be falling apart. There were people dying, in pain, in horrible conditions. I think people lost judgement. There were rumors of gangs attacking children hospitals that was reported on the media ,that I am sure were being factored into this weird chaotic thought process.
However, any clearheaded thinking person would know when help arrived that whatever "Authority" that was would not leave people there. It is unthinkable that the Louisiana National Guard, the State Police, or Wildlife and Fisheries would have said "got to leave the critically ill behind". But it appears that people thought that by some misunderstanding
There will be a mitigating factors. But if this is proven, this can't be allowed to set a precedent by excusing this behavior. This situation needs to be studied by medical schools and hospital management and not just legal minds. There will be another disaster either man made or natural. We need to learn from this and make sure it doesn't happen again

Other related articles

Ethicists: Any deliberate killing crosses the line...

The Anchoress � EMBRYONIC Stem Cells, EMBRYONIC

The Anchoress � EMBRYONIC Stem Cells, EMBRYONIC

I am going to be out of town a good bit of tomorrow. I suspect I will put some things up tomorrow morning before I go. However tonight there are least two or three things I wouuld like to get out.

First, go read the above post on the debate on Embryonic Stem Cell research by the Anchoress. She also discusses how we should be very pround of Bush too for his stance. I wanted to cover this subject some but I have been wrapped up in several other things as you well know. This is a important issue , and she has put into words my thoughts so much better than I can.

One reason I wish you to read that is I will have a post on a related Pro -Life topic tonight. During the Horrors of Katrina, there was quite a man made horror unfolding in the most unlikely of places. That was a Baptist hospital. People were arrested today for that and I expect more arrest to follow. What happened if TRUE was Euthanasia and in fact it was just plain murder. But even so its a very complex and moral tale that will have people debating. I will try my best to follow this issue and tonight will be my first post on this. What happened down there needs not only to discussed by politicians and legal folks. But this case needs to be examined in medical schools and hospital management to make sure this never happens again anywhere. Tonight will be my first post on this issue.

I also expect to do a new "Welcome to my blogroll" tonight and maybe hit on one other topic. Also there was a nice message from the Pope that the media will not talk about I expect nor the net. I am waitingon the English translation on that.

So I will be up. I am such a nightowl lol. So feel free to email me or stop by the blog and comment on something that interest you.

Michael Medved's Excellent Article on the Immigration Debate

A must read today is Michael Medved's thoughts on the illegal immigration issue. Despite the propaganda campaign that is being waged by certain folks, most Americans are not all fit to be tied over folks that might be citizens in 12 to 15 years. His piece references some great polls and also brings some much needed sanity to the debate in the internet. I strongly suggest if you are on a internet forum to post this article. Also email it to your friends. I am hoping that Medved talks about this piece on his radio show today.(He is live now) Also check out Called as Seen as he directs you to what another blogger on my blogroll is saying on this subject.

Following my own advice I have posted this article at this forum. Watch hopefully sane rational thought being developed there.

Save Our American Responds To Pondering American.

Last night, I posted this on all the abortion protest antics that were happening in Jackson. I felt it was proper for me to post a comment to someone associated with this group that I had posted my disagreement with there tactics on my blog. Therefore I sent a post to this blogger. My post was as follows:
"Well I just slammed out on my blog so I guess it is fair to let you know. Let me ask you this. How in the world is it productive to protest at churches on Sunday morning, In Mississippi of all places. This is just going to turn people off. I am pretty clueless how this is productive. Abortion protest are proper but it seems like things are getting out of control over there.IF you wish to respond my email I will post your response to be fair. Or jsut post a comment if you like.Also on another issue. Maybe you can help me with soemthing. I am not to happy with the Pro life movement right now. In fact I am pretty upset. Have they noticed who is behind this whole anti immigration stuff. Why isnt any one raising alarm bells over Tantons groups that are basically radical population control people that are now using this illegal issue to get a foothold in the conservative movement. I talk about it a good bit on my blog. Including about Governor Lamm that is on the FAIR's board. But every ones is asleep at the switch.
# posted by Pondering American : 12:00 AM

The blogger sent me a email which in fairness I will post:

I am aware that Some of the anti-illegal immigration opponents arealso zero population fans.WND published a letter to the editor I wrote this past week abouthow Dick Lamm carried the first abortion law in the land,creating the need for the illegal workers.He needs to repent for all the destruction he has wrought uponour nation.LeslieIt was our intent for some to attend the Unitarian service and others to preachChrist to a church that denies Him. Unfortunately they allowed anarchists to purvey violence against those with which they disagree.The Unitarian church promotes the killing of the innocent at both ends of the spectrum.They support abortion and euthanasia, violating God's word.

Well let me respond. First I still think this is all very foolish and very counterproductive. In the USA, especially in the Deep South, people don't go trying to disrupt Church services on a Sunday morning. I have mentioned here on my blog ,the unofficial social contract that people in the South have as to religion, society, and just getting along with each other. Needless to say that was blown out of the water last Sunday. I am aware the Unitarians on the whole are pro choice and anti life in my view. I also realize that the Episcopal Church USA, where you also protested, has a position that I view is at odds with scripture and tradition on life issues. Nethertheless, this was pretty dumb. Mississippi like Louisiana is not pro choice. However stuff like this turns people away from getting active in the pro-life movement.
Further, let me just state a few things here about this incident. I have a huge feeling that the Unitatrian Church did not hire these anarachist for security purposes. I am pretty sure they showed up because you were there. For all the bashing of the Jackson Police I am seeing from your blog and elsewhere, I have to admit they seem to be doing their job. I am a big supporter of Free Speech. However no right is absolute. For instance, I just can't post on my web site how to make a atomic bomb in 10 easy steps. Not all time and place restrictions on Speech are bad. For instance in your post titled FREE SPEECH ABORTED IN JACKSON MISSISSIPPI, you show a picture of a man getting arrested. The problem is it appears that this Free Speech is occuring on a busy Overpass. I suspect there were valid public safety concerns both for you and the citizens of Jackson that are driving there, whom you are a guest of at the moment. That is a valid place restriction on speech. Free Speech appears to me not being "aborted" in Jackson at all.

Further, it is not clear to me , but it seemed to be the plan to try to go into the Church itself to as you put it "to Preach Christ to those that deny him". Well, goodness all power to you, but don't start complaining when the police look dimly on that. That is also called Disturbing the Peace and probally would have further gone into the crime of something similar as 'Entering and remaining after forbidden". You should just be glad that yall didnt all end up in jail. This is no different when radicals enter Catholic Churches and protest, or the Phelps idiot protests at funerals.

In the end this just backfires, and I do ask you to stop doing this. Mississippi like Louisiana is very pro life and really doesn't need this kind of assistance. I understand the proud tradition of Civil Disobedience. But this is a very bad move to make and again makes it worse for the rest of us in the prolife movement. Also, let me say that your actions are the kind of thing that brings these radicals Pro Choice people into our communities. I suspect these "anarchaist" are not from there, really don't care about abortion ,and just want to act up. I know there is a excitement to all this ,but beware that someone might get hurt in all this. Probally someone innocent.

Problems With Blogger Today

It appears blogger is having one of its fits today. I can publish but only with difficulty. It appears to be affect the comment section too. But stay tuned.

My Thoughts On The New Sign At Tiger Stadium

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hmmmm, What do I think of It?


A Great Post on WorldnetDaily

I hope everone goes to Subway Canaries and sees her expose on WorldnetDaily. It is one of the best she has written and I urge all conservatives to go over there. Frankly, I find the whole site very emabarrasing as a Conservative. I think she does a wonderful job exposing it. Clue folks- A "News" organization that does its best to keep secret its ownership spells trouble. Subway hits right on the nose. It is a Tabloid. It is also nothing more than a self promotion tool for folks. Plus it has Jerome Corsi good grief. It is a good read and shows some stuff that is quite frankly bizarre. It also took down memory lane about someone I forgot. That is that kooky guy VOX DAY. Good grief, last time I remember thinking of him was when he compared the ease of deportation of Mexicans to how easy the Germans took care of the Jews. Vox here made this comment as to how it was not impossible ot deport 12 million illegals because well the Germans did it
"will it Not only work, but one can easily estimate how long it would take. If it took the Germans less than four years to rid themselves of 6 million Jews, many of whom spoke German and were fully integrated into German society, it couldn't possibly take more than eight years to deport 12 million illegal aliens, many of whom don't speak English and are not integrated into American society"

But you know what is funny that statement he made is no longer there. It has been edited out like it didn't exist. Look it is missing.

Wow, so that is how they operate there. Just goole the word jews and VOX Day".You will see it caused quite a uproar. I was pretty darn appaled myself.
Just reading about him and his religious beliefs and how he got his job is worth the piece.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Idiots On Both Sides of Abortion Debate Convene In Jackson Mississippi

I am very Prolife. I have protested in front of abortion clinics. I have held a sign and prayed the Rosary as that evil was taking place not even feet away from inside that tiny building. So I am all for protesting abortion and to fight to make sure that people have the right to do so. That being said some things people do is idiotic.

In case you haven't noticed the nations abortion war has centered on Jackson Mississipi. Actually, with the war and other issues I have been focusing on I didn't realize that either. Well, Mississippi is this month's ground zero it appears. In fact, If I could bebop over to Jackson I would. It seems craizier than the circus. If it is still going on by Friday I just might. I want to make clear as it will be shown these are not local Pro-life people creating the problem. I know some Mississippi people involved for the fight for the unborn and they are great. It is this bizarre group called Operation Save America that has flown into town that is the problem.

This is just what happened on day 3. Now, what drew my attention to this was this wacky article from what appears to be WorldnetDaily Canada office. Now after reading that, I highly suspected that this story was a tad more complicated than this lady was reporting. Especially since Jackson is not known for having Anarchists. I suspect that the reporter might have gotten it from this source that seems to be down there in the midst of it. Well, I still had some reservations about what really happened so I went to the media in Jackson.

At least four anti-abortion demonstrators were cited by police Monday after they carried their protest against Mississippi's only operating abortion clinic to a sidewalk in front of nearby businesses. The protest, one of several activities being carried out in Jackson this week by the anti-abortion group Operation Save America, was held at the Jackson Women's Health Organization clinic shortly before a larger rally at the state Capitol in downtown Jackson. Dozens of people, including parents with small children, took part in the Capitol rally led by the Rev. Philip L. "Flip" Benham, director of the organization that was formerly known as Operation Rescue. Lawrence Reves, 53, traveled with his wife and three adopted children from Palm Bay, Fla. to attend the anti-aboriton rally. "I'd love for Mississippi to be the first state to get rid of abortion," Reves said. Rally participants chanted and exchanged shouts with a smaller group of more than 35 pro-abortion protesters. At one point, the pro-abortion group was moved from a sidewalk to the Capitol lawn. Anti-abortion leaders used a battery-powered sound system to get their message through the crowd noise. Streets near the south side of the Capitol were closed, and Capitol police and other law enforcement officers kept the opposing groups apart. Protesters on each side attempted to walk over to the opposing groups, only to be blocked by police. Melody Drnach, a vice president with the National Organization for Women, said she joined the pro-abortion gathering to provide a response to Operation Save America's push to close the clinic. Drnach said the clinic serves low-income women who cannot afford a private physician. Monday morning, about 50 people gathered in front of the clinic, several holding large signs showing aborted fetuses. At least four people were cited for violations of their city permit. Small groups of protesters also picketed the entrances to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. It was unclear why the teaching hospital was targeted. Operation Save America's activities began this past weekend and included a weekend protest at the abortion clinic and outside at least two churches. Five people were arrested during a gathering outside an Episcopalian church on Sunday. No injuries were reported in the demonstrations. The Clarion-Ledger newspaper said the five arrested outside a church faced charges of obstructing traffic, protesting in a residential neighborhood without a permit and disorderly conduct, police said. Mississippi Reproduction Freedom Coalition plans counter-demonstrations in the capital city during the week.

Oh Great ,now the loony abortion rights people are going to show up. The editor of the Jackson Paper on his blog said this in part
The group showed up in my neighborhood Sunday protesting, of all places, at St. James Episcopal Church. They greeted churchgoers with their bloody fetus signs and paraded a truck adorned with the 10 commandments and anti-gay slogans. Police arrested some for obstructing traffic, disorderly conduct and protesting without a permit. Police were prepared with a busload of riot-prepared personnel and city legal staff on hand to ensure everything was done properly.I spoke with one St. James member today who really couldn't understand what was going on. He is a conservative Republican who opposes abortion and wanted to know why they were at his church. Like most churches, there are diverse opinions on the issue, as there is at St. James and my own church. The idea of protesting at a church is offensive. I guess it shows they are interested only in their own ideas of religion or morality, which is where the abortion debate always ends up — personal belief. They ought to try reading those Bibles they are waving. I think they might have missed some important part.

Attention Operation Save America. WTF?Please go home. You are making the rest of us look like idiots. When you show up in God Blessed Mississippi of all places and start protesting on Sunday Mornings and try to disrupt Church Services that is not a good thing. People now think your just a bunch of kooks and that gives us all a bad name. I mean what's next? Perhaps anti immigration fanatics protesting outside my Catholic Church because they believe we are hiding illegal aliens? This was stupid and I am surprised that some Mississippi Episcopalian didn't go to his truck, get his shot gun and fill you full of buckshot.

Now from the left. I am sure the Pro abortion protestors that have arrived are making the situation even more chaotic. However this brain trust from the Jackson chapter of the National Organization of Women is kinda of a homegrown creation. Here is her interview in full. However let me focus on this wonderful statement:
So what needs to happen to dramatically change this direction society is going in? Do you indeed think we need to drive out the Bush Regime?Oh yeah. I think this bus tour you guys are doing is great. You all have been going to communities that have been left off that map, left for "red states." We need to get back to stuff like you all are doing, get back to the grassroots. When I found out some of the places you were going?[Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana] People in those places need to see this kind of hope. In these red states, most progressive people feel, they really feel like they are the "only ones" [opposed to the way society is being reformed]. And they're not. And yes, we need to get them out, and this is the first step for us?The pro-choice movement in Jackson really came out of the closet on this one.What kind of role do you think the Christian Fundamentalists are playing in creating this new direction for society?Oh, they're totally tied up in the attack. And the attack on all of us, the ones they call the unholy alliance, the deviants. The want us rounded up, by the government, all the ones they consider the most vulgar parts of society. These fundamentalist Christians are to Christianity what the Muslim terrorists are to Islam.

Good Grief where to start. First Mrs National Organization of Womyn, I hope your comments are carried in the local Jackson paper so some members of the Mississippi National guard, many of them Fundamentalist Christians, can arrange to talk to you face to face about what Muslim terrorist are really like. I suspect they know a great deal since most of them spent a year over there. But judging from your earlier comments you would probaly call them baby killers. Please move out of Jackson. Fundamentalist have no agenda in locking up anybody.

Update if there are problems linking to the NOW story try here. It is still front page and the site is quite comic.

A Shout Out For a New Addition to the Blogroll

Called as Seen added some to his blogroll today. I am going to do the same. I have been going through his archives and he is pretty thoughful on a wide bunch of issue. Also, I think my only other Libertarian oriented blogger, Cajun Conservative , needs some company. He talks a tad on the immigration issue ,but currently he is having a very good discussion on the minimum wage. I find this ironic since one of the three likely 08 republicans I might support actually raised States wage lol. But I was also struck by some of his post on religion. Plus I need some good economic oriented type blogger on my list. So welcome Internet Esquire.

A twofer on Kookdum- Also important info on the Minuteman Scam

I am still working away on what shall be the first of several post on Minutegate a,nd how people are destroying the conservative movement. The problem is when I go down the rabbit hole of this ,I find other stuff. Last night about 3 am , I hit another mother lode. I found a big connection between the racist Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens and the Tanton groups. How I found that comes partly from this internet radio interview that occured last month with Joe McCutchen on a kookdum radio station. Please look at the entry on 06/27/06.

A few thoughts. I suggest downloading it. First this archive seem to only run a couple of months and this might go into the internet ether. Second it will be far easier to listen to the section I wish to direct your attention too.

The whole interview is worth listening too because it shows the extent of kookdum and how it has inflitrated certain kooky Southern groups. I have talked about this before on my dear ole blog . Also ask your self this disturbing question. Are you hearing similar kooky things from folks like Worldnetdaly and Newsmax. In fact even on Michelle Malkim immigration blog.

However ,what is important is the first 5 or 6 minutes. Then I highly suggest you GO TO MINUTE 42 OF THE TAPE. Perhaps it was 41 I cant remember. That is where some stuff I am talking about is exposed.

A few words how I am treating these insights by the koodum folks that Joe McCutchen represents. His crazy theories on neo cons, and Bush are of course crazed. But consider this. This man has been involved in the immigration debate since the 60's. He is now quite old. I can tell you he is a true believer in this and his goal is not monetary gain. Also, he was quite involved as you can hear. He and his folks are ones that went down there and actually donated the money. When people donate money and realize it is a scam they get hot. I hate his views. But I must say without endorsing the NEO CON NEW WORLD ORDER spin he puts on it ,heis view of the orgainizations and what really is going on is correct. I have spent now probally 60 hours documenting what they say about the groups that are running this project. Please listen, it is a insight from a insider. A insider that Simcox and others are trying to run from.

NOW A MESSAGE TO THE COUNCIL OF (word Hijack)CONSERVATIVE CITIZENS IN ST LOUIS that I know sometimes visit my site. First thanks for coming. Now a gift from me, the neocon Mexican loving, Diversity loving Republican GOP BUSH BOT, to you in the extreme Paleo Movement. There appears to be a effort to convince many in your group that this is all Simcox. That other movements associated with Gilchrist are pure. Let me give you a hint. Do not fall for that. If I may draw your attention my kookdum friends to these FEC entries for MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS PAC INC and the MINUTEMAN PAC INC. Now I suggest you look at the entries of the new Minuteman Civil Defense PAC closely. I am quite aware that yall are scared of Neo Cons and the JOOOS and are urging Gilhrist to get away from that. This Minuteman Civil Defense Pac is the effort to give the appearance that is happening that is listed on the fec statement . However notice the office where this is registered. 2400 Earlsgate Reston Virgina. It is the same damn office to same darn Accountant and Keyes/Greene supporter. It does seem like every thing leads to this office doesnt it. I suggest googling the address and see what comes up. Anyway this is the same office where the other PAC is registered. Look who gave the first seed money to Simcox's new PAC. Seems familar? Now go look at the Minuteman PAC INC. It is not totally clear to me at this point , but it appears that this PAC is going to keep on going. I suggest to you that this will be promoted as the "good pac" for all those people that are concerned that Bush is forming a one World Govt. Take a good look at at all those documents and in particular the newest statements. See who the money is going to.
Please go to look at the FEC statements that refer to the July report that was just submitted in the Mnuteman PAC. Of course we see our good friends at American caging are racking it in. But please go to the latter part that deals with itemized disbursements.. See any familar names. I suggest researching these companies. But let me draw attention to one name ,that is Anne Breiling that received 2000 dollars on June 28 for her services. Does that name sound familar? I suggest if it doesnt please go here and see who is on the board of officers for this Keyes/Green/Sheldon/Zohidates /Driener organization. That report is full of interesting details. So please get your little white pride little fingers busy and tell me what you find. Also I am curious if some of these people are in fact related.

Also folks remeber to go listen to the link above

Anywho more later

Soldier fulfilling promise to deliver Afghani rug to president(Awesome Story)

I keep telling SallyV she needs to get a blog. We need a good blogger from where she is from. She sends me the most amazing stuff. First I am posting the entire article because I want to make sure it does not vanish into Internet ether. Firs,t really look at that Christian and Catholic symbolism that came fro Muslim hands. Not only the sacred heart, but look what Bush is wearing. It is quite something. Please spread this story around so this rug can get to the President. I have a feeling one day we will have the honor of seeing this in his future Presidential Library.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
MARION - Grayson Gile may have completed his broader mission in Afghanistan as a member of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force, but he returned stateside with a mission of a more personal nature.Gile's mission - one he chose to embrace - involves a very special rug handcrafted by an Afghan man anxious to show his gratitude to President George W. Bush for this country's efforts to bring democracy
The colorful and beautifully crafted rug was hand-knotted by an elderly Hazara man from Kabul. The Hazaras, believed to be descendants of Ghengis Khan, were one of the most persecuted ethnic minorities in the Middle Eastern country prior to the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance's war with the Taliban.The Taliban, Gile said, reserved their most ruthless wrath for the Hazaras."The Pashtuns (another ethnic group) would be kicked in the head, put in the dirt and the Taliban would be done with them," said Gile, 51, a member of the U.S. Army's 7th Special Forces Group. "But with the Hazaras, that was not enough. They would herd them into (steel containers) and leave them languishing in the desert sun until they died. Most of the Hazaras are alive today because of the Northern Alliance."Gile spent nine months in the country assisting the Northern Alliance."Basically, we broke the back of the Taliban's war-making capability in a viable mass. We worked with the Northern Alliance and supplied firepower and close air support," he said.While in the country, Gile got to know many of the natives. "We got to have quite a bit of interaction with the people of the host nation, probably more contact than most soldiers. It took time to establish a rapport with them, but once we established trust, we had friendships," he said.One of those friendships involved a Kabul rug merchant who pulled Gile aside before he left the country. The merchant told Gile the story of an elderly man, so overwhelmed with gratitude to the United States for its intervention in the conflict that he made a gift for President Bush - a gift that was a year in the making and made, given the conditions of the country, under penalty of death.Gile was astonished when he saw the hand-knotted rug, a portrait of Bush, filled with Christian and Catholic symbolism. Filling the center of the rug is an incredible likeness of Bush, dressed in religious vestments, standing at a podium decorated with the official seal of the country and flanked by two waving American flags.Directly above Bush is Jesus with a sacred heart and stigmata carefully knotted into the rug's pattern. The rug also shows cherubs and, apparently in an homage to both Bush and a fallen Northern Alliance leader, two lions."(Ahmed Shah) Masood was often called 'the Lion of Panjshir.' As one of the country's military leaders, he put some very, very heavy licks to the Soviets and then turned around and delivered the same to the Taliban," Gile said. "He was assassinated two days before 9/11."One corner of the rug reads, "President George W. Bush," while the opposing corner has the words, "Number one champion."Gile said he was impressed by the man's efforts."For this man to sequester himself away for a year to hand knot this rug speaks highly of his gratitude," he said. "And for an extraordinarily devout Muslim to have taken very strong Christian and Catholic symbology and incorporate them into the rug is amazing. He may come from a different religious culture, but he was respectful enough to do that, and that is very interesting and humbling."Gile said many in Afghanistan don't understand the concept of separation of church and state."It is hard for them to believe that our president is a secular leader because their leaders are usually religious leaders as well," he said.Gile said the man's efforts could have resulted in his death."The rug is dated October 2002, which was still a very dangerous time in the country. If discovered, he would most likely have been killed," Gile said.It is for that reason that Gile, the Pulaski County state's attorney, decided to oblige the rug merchant and bring the gift back for the president. He has enlisted the help of local Republican leaders to try and make the right connections with the White House for delivery."I think they were under the mistaken impression that I had all sorts of access to the president, but I told them I would do my best - that I would get it to him one way or another. What I don't want to happen however, is for it to go straight into a warehouse somewhere. It doesn't matter what your politics are, anyone who was genuine would appreciate the effort of one little man from Kabul spending a year of his life hand knotting this rug. I was told it was really a gift to the people of the United States from the people of Afghanistan for assisting in the stabilization of the region. It was a labor of love and is a gift from the heart." 927-5633

Great Must Read on Called As Seen

I am still writing some on a few of these posts I hope to put up today. But please go see Called as Seen's thoughts for day. He is talking about a revolt in the GOP and it isn't against people like Bush. It us everyday Republicans. It is a good read and I agree with it. MY tipping point was how the Dubai port deal was handled. Thre are similarties to that debate and how and why it happened and the immigration debate. By the way this is not liberal versus Conservative fight within the Republican party Called as seen mentions people that some might view as Moderate or Liberal. But the "extreme" is doing the same thing to Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Brownback. Both like me very big social conservatives. They have gone after one of the most conservative Congressman in the House. That is Chris Cannon in Utah. How about their threats against Congressman Pence the latest casualty of their rage. Even though his wounds are light for now.

There is a revolt. This revolt will be from people that are tired of the Kookdum and the hate. This will come from people that think Jerome Corsi is pretty much insane and not a voice of mainstream conservative thought. It will come from those that oppose the radical population control theories ofTanton. It will come really form those that are tired of a few people manulipating the debate for financial gain.

I got quite a education last night. It is pretty apparent the Minuteman project under Declaration Alliance is pretty much a scam to funnel money into other organizations. I have no doubt of that now. That money will be used for "future Dubai Port Deal" debacles by the way. Anywho, look how I am just typing away. Go read Called as Seen

Monday, July 17, 2006

Visit my Blogroll

Posting will be almost non existant tonight because I am working on the post that I mentioned below. However if you want to say hi, drop a email or a comment. I am still monitering my blog and other events. One reason for the delay in posting is I awaiting a certain source to come online any minute. That perhaps could be a tremendous source of info. But while you are waiting please visit my blogroll. They are sane conservatives and mostly Republicans(with the exception of a couple of Louisiana friends on there) that are in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Both President Bush's. IN other words no kookdum.


I have some time today and I am contemplating doing a post on minutegate today. What is Minutegate? Well, Minutegate is several things. First it is about a fence that anyone with a brain cell knows is not going to be built. It is also how that money might be being directed in all other directions. But to me it is much more. I have said from the start that this whole debate on immigration has been overheated for several reasons. There are a few unholy alliances taking place that as a conservative I am concerned about. Again as the Wall Street Journal stated in a March 15th Editoral in 2004:
"“So determined is conservatism’s nativist wing that it’s even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative."

Now these Tanton groups are the true believers. Those are the ones I am most scared about. Again, this debate is not about illegals. It is in the end about a extreme population and enviromential philosophy.If you think I am conspiracy theorist just read my blog or google a while. It is not really a conspiracy. Conspiracies have to be hidden. This is out in the open for those that wish to see it. However, they are not the only ones involved. Racist groups such as the the Council of Conservative Citizens have hitched their wagon to this.(By the way Blogmeister of the Council of (word hijack)Conservative Citizen's- St Louis Reichstag, I like Paul Harvey still) . Also the kooks in the "globalist under my Bed" coalition have jumped on. But also there are groups that must make a buck that are a part of this. Perhaps you wonder why the internet is full of "Presidente Jorge" or you are getting direct mail talking about that "traitor" Lindsey Graham, or that any person that talks of compromise on this issue is dealt with like they just blew up the World Trade Center. Well there is a reason. There is a money side to all this. For the record, I oppose much campaign finance reform. I feel that speech, especially political, cannot be limited. But that being said there is a honorable side of this necessary business and then there is the side that stinks to high heaven. That smelly side is involved in this immigration debate greatly. In fact, despite the fact that Republicans and others favor Bush's view on this issue, it is curious why that is not represented in the media or the internet. There is a reason for that. That is there is a ton of money being made on this immigration issue. Dumptrucks full of money really. That is one player in this alliance and why Republican Congressmen are being misled as to what the "base" really want. So today if I have time we might take a look at the latestreports from the FEC on these Minutemen PAC(the political arm of the Minutemen we see on tv) and who is getting what. That is my goal anyway as I continue to investigate this curious chain of events that has President Bush, leading conservative Senators and Congressman, and moi being called traitors and other vile names on various issues. But especially immigration. So I hope to get this out today hopefully.

Mic picks up Bush: 'get Hezbollah to stop this s***'

This thread is so funny in so many ways. First you see a attempt to hijack this thread and make it about the illegals. This happens all the time in these conservative forums. Then it is masked that the President is not being Presidential. Ok you people that are being offended or just probally pretending to be offended in order to bash Bush. When Leaders of the World talk in a private situation it is not all Masterpiece Theatre. Hate to bust your bubble. When Bush talks in private to Blair it is not going to sound like the Gettysburg address. When Blair talks to Bush it is not going to be all Winston Churchill or the the King James Bible. I mean Sh**, do you think Winston was public speaking Winstons when chewing the fat with FDR.

Update II- I think the conversation is pretty facinating. Especially when Blair and Bush use the terms "honey" and "sweet". Grown men generally do not use that term except in a sarcatics way. I wonder who that was reffering too?
Good Lord, at times I just love George Bush. Sometimes something happens like this and I am reminded why I love him. This is from the Times Online(By the way something is happening in the UK that isn't getting any attention here. More later):

President Bush was in no mood for diplomatic niceties at the G8 summit, judging by remarks made to Tony Blair as the leaders of the world's most powerful industrial democracies sat down to lunch today.
Unaware that a microphone at the summit was switched on, Mr Bush, chomping a piece of bread, used the opportunity to suggest a way out of the latest criss in the Middle East.
"See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s***," he said.
Mr Bush also hinted that Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, would take a bigger role, and appeared to express frustration about UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
"I think Condi’s going to go pretty soon," Mr Bush said. Ms Rice is widely expected to travel to the region after a UN fact-finding team returns.
Mr Blair, whose remarks were not as clearly heard, appeared to be pressing Mr Bush about the importance of getting international peacekeepers into the region.
The comments were carried on the G8's official television channel, which normally transmits images with sound that does not allow reporters to pick out individual comments.
The recording also showed Mr Bush, apparently expected to make remarks, declaring: "I’m just going to make it up. I’m not going to talk too damn long like the rest of them. Some of these guys talk too long."
Blair/Bush exchange: transcript

Bush: Yo, Blair. How are you doing?
Blair: I’m just...
Bush: You’re leaving?
Blair: No, no, no not yet. On this trade thingy...[INAUDIBLE]
Bush: Yeah, I told that to the man.
Blair: Are you planning to say that here or not?
Bush: If you want me to.
Blair: Well, it’s just that if the discussion arises...
Bush: I just want some movement.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: Yesterday we didn’t see much movement.
Blair: No, no, it may be that it’s not, it may be that it’s impossible.
Bush: I am prepared to say it.
Blair: But it’s just I think what we need to be an opposition...
Bush: Who is introducing the trade?
Blair: Angela [Merkel, the German Chancellor].
Bush: Tell her to call ’em.
Blair: Yes.
Bush: Tell her to put him on, them on the spot. Thanks for [INAUDIBLE] it’s awfully thoughtful of you.
Blair: It’s a pleasure.
Bush: I know you picked it out yourself.
Blair: Oh, absolutely, in fact [INAUDIBLE].
Bush: What about Kofi? [INAUDIBLE] His attitude to ceasefire and everything else ... happens.
Blair: Yeah, no I think the [INAUDIBLE] is really difficult. We can’t stop this unless you get this international business agreed.
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: I don’t know what you guys have talked about, but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is, but you need that done quickly because otherwise it will spiral.
Bush: I think Condi is going to go pretty soon.
Blair: But that’s, that’s, that’s all that matters. But if you... you see it will take some time to get that together.
Bush: Yeah, yeah.
Blair: But at least it gives people...
Bush: It’s a process, I agree. I told her your offer to...
Blair:’s only if I mean... you know. If she’s got a..., or if she needs the ground prepared as it were... Because obviously if she goes out, she’s got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk.
Bush: You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.
Blair: Syria.
Bush: Why?
Blair: Because I think this is all part of the same thing.
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if we get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way...
Bush: Yeah, yeah, he is sweet.
Blair: He is honey. And that’s what the whole thing is about. It’s the same with Iraq.
Bush: I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Assad and make something happen.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: We are not blaming the Lebanese government.
Blair: Is this...? (at this point Blair taps the microphone in front of him and the sound is cut.)
Transcript provided by Sky News

I can just imagine the conservations Bush must have about Tancredo and other Republican "friends" .

The Anchoress brings us back to a big Reality

The Anchoress � Adoration and the mist, the veil

A little Catholic focus on my little ole blog. The Anchoress is talking about something beautiful and quite powerful. That is the adoration of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. If you ask me how to turn the Church as well as the world aound, I would have a simple answer. Have your parish Adore Jesus in the Sacrament. Have people spend a time in prayer with our Lord. Just on a parish level, everytime I see this happen ,the whole tenor of a parish changes. Lines at confession for instance where there were no lines before.

Some Liberals( so called Church progressives) call it Pre Vatican II this practice. Balderdash!!! There were a lot of things pre Vatican II, including Jesus. Let me give you something very pre Vatican II, in fact from the 300's:
Do not, then, regard the eucharistic elements as ordinary bread and wine: they are in fact the body and blood of the Lord, as he himself has declared. Whatever your senses may tell you, be strong in faith.
You have been taught and you are firmly convinced that what looks and tastes like bread and wine is not bread and wine but the body and the blood of Christ. You know also how David referred to this long ago when he sang: Bread gives strength to man’s heart and makes his face shine with the oil of gladness. Strengthen your heart, then, by receiving this bread as spiritual bread, and bring joy to the face of your soul.
May purity of conscience remove the veil from the face of your soul so that be contemplating the glory of the Lord, as in a mirror, you may be transformed from glory to glory in Christ Jesus our Lord. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen
.St. Cyril of Jerusalem

The reason I am Catholic today is the reality of the Euchurist. That is that that Bread is Jesus, Our Lord. As the the second reading at mass this past Sunday so nicely put it, Jesus is the the sum of all things and all of Gods plan that has been in the works forever. Right therre feet away from us is thateality when we go to adoraton. I love how Anchoress talks about her experience. When I was living in a city that had 24 hour adoration, my time period was also that late night early hour. It was wonderful. We Catholics and Orthodox forget sometimes the treasure that is available for us. That gift that gives life. In fact it reminds me of another reading from a couple weeks ago at Sunday Mass. People could not believe that Jesus this hometown boy was anything special. What? your kidding that is Joseph's boy give me a break. That reading could be titled miliarity breeds contempt. Well, spend some time with the Lord in our Blessed Sacrament in Prayer and that attitude goes away. If there was a week the World needed some folks going to adoration it is this week. But besides for the World, every Catholic has their life touched by spending a hour with our Lord. As the Anchoress said:I heard a nun once say that an hour of Adoration was like an hour of sitting in the sun; you don’t feel any different, but later you realize you got burned. Perhaps today I am pleasantly singed, a little toasty.

Big Lizards:Blog:Entry �The Word On the "Street"�

Big Lizards:Blog:Entry �The Word On the "Street"�

It will not be war all day here , but it will be mentioned. Working from home so I will be posting some throughout the day. Big Lizards has a excellent roundup of the situation.

Coolest Post On the War Today

Well I guess technically it was yesterday. It is easy to get depressed. I hate Hizbullah with a passion. I am trying to keep this in some Christian focus so it doesn't consume me. I am horrified that rockets are coming down in towns in Israel. Yeah, I admit I am a tad irked at Israel at a couple of choices of targets today even though I support them in their mission. I am pretty upset that Lebanon is now hanging in the balance and the infrastructure and economy that the good people that exist there built despite having to live next ot thugs that just really don't care if it exists at all. Terrorist thrive in rubble and darkness. The last thing they want to see is the Paris of the Middle East arise again. But then I see this and it will make me sleep better tonight.


The ever resourceful Sally V has found a link to English tv News From Israel here. Look on the right for link. I can't really watch it since I am on dial up where I am at for the moment but she says it is prety good

A Thought on the Conflict Today in Israel

Israel again has a delicate balancing act. It must severely cripple the terrorist. However, I am becoming more convinced there will no major invasion or occupation of Southern Lebanon from what I am seeing. But, there is one thing that will be a defeat of magnificant proportions for Israel. If the Government in Lebanon is not standing at the end of this then Syria, Iran, and Hezabollah won. There will be no getting around it. In fact the more I study this the more I think that this is one of the desired outcomes of the radicals . Israel in my view better do this quick and well and get a cease fire. If the Govt in Lebanon falls what replaces it I even hate to contemplate. Again it will be a defeat. A delicate tightrope and so very dangerous.

Update-Let me clarify on major- This will not look like anything like 1982.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Truth Laid Bear

The Truth Laid Bear

Wanted to throw this in. This is best resoucres of Blogs in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and else where that is blogging the war. Check it out

Michael Yon : Online Magazine � Blog Archive � Jihad

Michael Yon : Online Magazine � Blog Archive � Jihad

Michael Yon has a revelant piece up he got out today


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
From the AP
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Robert Brooks, the chairman of Hooters of America, Inc. who made his fortune selling chicken wings served by scantily clad waitresses, was found dead at his home Sunday, officials said. He was 69.
It was unclear how Brooks died, but the Horry County coroner's office told The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News that an autopsy would be performed Monday.
Several calls to the coroner's office by The Associated Press were unanswered.
Chris Hardwick, owner of Hardwick Funeral Home of Loris, told the AP he was handling Brooks' funeral arrangements.
Since opening its first store in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983, the chain has expanded across the United States and into more than a dozen foreign countries ranging from Taiwan to Venezuela. Hooters has about 61 million annual visitors to its some 425 restaurants.
Brooks, born on a tobacco farm outside Loris near Myrtle Beach, founded Eastern Foods Inc., which makes dressings and sauces, in 1966.
With a group of Atlanta investors, Brooks bought expansion and franchise rights for the Hooters chain in 1984. He eventually bought majority control and became chairman.
Brooks was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1996, according to the company's Web site.
Area business leaders remembered Brooks as a sharp businessman with a down-home flair, who never forgot where he came from.
"Whenever I saw him, the first question and usually the last question from him was, 'What can I do to help ya?'" said Brad Dean, president of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.
He also shared his wealth, giving $2 million to Coastal Carolina University for its first football stadium, which was named Brooks Stadium in 2003.

In other News Mr Brooks finds that Reincarnation in fact is a reality and comes back as
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Krusty Konservative: Kennedy signs on with Frist

Krusty Konservative: Kennedy signs on with Frist

I might do a 08 Republican Hopeful on New Hampshire tonight. I have been saying I would do that but I keep going back to Iowa. But I felt this is important. It appears that Senator Frist has made a hire up there that has really impressed the Iowa folks. Click above and make sure you go to the comments

The Hedgehog Blog: Illegal Immigration: What's Wrong with The Senate Bill - And With Its Opponents' Position

The Hedgehog Blog: Illegal Immigration: What's Wrong with The Senate Bill - And With Its Opponents' Position

Great post by the Hedgehog blog. He and I are pretty close on this I admit. It is time to compromise. We can have border security and deal with the problem of the illegal here as well as hrier American Familes at the same time. It is time for the hardline to back away from the radicals at FAIR and other population control radicals.

Also it is the Christian thing to do as this article so well points out. I expect this article is going to make some uncomfortable that are Christian that read it. Well good.
President Bush has proposed an immigration reform plan. It toughens border enforcement, but also creates incentives for illegal immigrants to come forward, pay a fine and apply for legal citizenship. Hard-line conservatives call this approach amnesty and oppose it. Among them is Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is attacking Senate candidate Bob Casey for taking an approach that seems pretty much spot on with the president's.
As certain elements of my party struggle to get in touch with their inner Pat Buchanan, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on what the Bible says about immigrants.
The biblical case against abortion is inferential. The Bible doesn't speak directly to the topic. It lays out some principles—sacredness of life, humanity of the unborn—that lead to the conclusion that abortion is not permitted. It's the same with stem cells, child tax credits, faith-based social service provisions, etc.
Immigration is different: The Bible is explicit. In the Torah, Moses commanded, "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt." The Bible is unabashedly pro-immigrant.
The argument is simple: You were immigrants in Egypt, and you didn't like being mistreated, so now that you have your own country, you should treat immigrants compassionately. Compassionate treatment of immigrants is basically an early version of the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you used to want to be treated when you were in Egypt.
The Exodus was an act of protection against mistreated immigrants. The children of Israel had earlier crossed the border of Egypt to seek a more economically secure life for themselves. Eventually they were seen as a threat to Egyptian cultural purity and national security. Much later, King David surrounded himself with immigrants, as did his son, Solomon. The prophets spoke out on behalf of aliens frequently.
Jesus of Nazareth was an immigrant. When he was a child, he and Mary and Joseph crossed the border to Egypt illegally. You see, they had a well-founded fear of political persecution from a Middle Eastern dictator named Herod

A few points. Many will object and say "well these are not immigrant they are illegals". Well if you think you can get that out of God's word and Revelation ok. Also lets gets real the concept of "illegal alien" is a recent idea in reality. Most of our ancesotors got on a boat and were in and out of Ellis Island with 8 hours. But I think you are fooling yourself if you think what God is saying then doesnt have revelance. It seems God is very concerned about the Alien that is among us. In fact he was constantly talking about it. Also, let us remember we have soem culpibility in all these. We have also benefited from their labor. First go here and look at my early thoughts as I examined the bible and immigration. Then go see what Chuck Colsen has to say on it here. He is much better than I expressing those thoughts. How in the Heck can all this bereconciled with the folks that try to dehumanize every alien here. How can this be reconciled with the House Bill? I am pretty clueless on that point. I am also pretty clueless how my friends that agree with me that we should not have Gay marriage and abortion can suddenly ignore the current immigration discussion and not put Christ in our immigration laws. I just don't get it. How is any of this Christian? Compromise folks. The Bible doesn't mandate open Borders and neither do we. It is time to step back and do what is right. For those catholics out there let me leave you with this from POPE PIUSXII.

The émigré Holy Family of Nazareth, fleeing into Egypt, is the archetype of every refugee family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, living in exile in Egypt to escape the fury of an evil king, are, for all times and all places, the models and protectors of every migrant, alien and refugee of whatever kind who, whether compelled by fear of persecution or by want, is forced to leave his native land, his beloved parents and relatives, his close friends, andto seek a foreign soil.

Rockets Hit Nazareth in Israel

Good Grief. I am trying to get updates. I am also trying to check details about the mobilization of the reserves in Israel. I will post a update on this post.

Here is an update from JP.
A barrage of rockets hit the Afula area on Sunday night, which was the southernmost region rockets had reached since the current conflict between Israel and Hizbullah began. Six people suffered from shock.
Afula is located some 45 kilometers southeast of Haifa.
Minutes earlier, rockets landed in Upper Nazareth and Givat Ela. There were no reports of casualties or damage.
Earlier, 15 IDF troops were lightly wounded on Sunday night when a Katyusha rocket landed in the Shlomi area of the Western Galilee.
The rocket caused a fire and the soldiers suffered from smoke inhalation.
Meanwhile, the names of the eight victims who were killed in the rocket barrage that
struck Haifa on Sunday morning were released for publication.
The following people all died when a rocket hit a maintenance depot at the train station: Shlomi Mansora, 35, from Nahariya; Rafi Hazan, 30, from Haifa; Kiryat Ata residents Nissin Elharach, 43, and Reuven Levy, 46; Kiryat Yam residents Asahel Damati, 39, David Feldman, 28, and Dennis Lapidus, 24, and Shmuel Ben Shimon, 41, from Upper Yokne'am.
Just two hours after the fatal attack, a second barrage of rockets landed in Haifa's port area and Nahariya.
A third barrage of rockets hit the Haifa area on Sunday afternoon. Nobody was wounded in the latest attack. Air raid sirens had sounded immediately before the Katyushas hit.
MDA reported on Sunday evening that eight people were killed and 54 people wounded, four seriously, nine moderately, 23 lightly and 18 suffering shock, since Sunday morning in northern Israel.
Since the fighting in the north began, a total of 20 Israelis have been killed including IDF troops.
398 have been wounded - seven seriously, 22 moderately, 142 lightly and 207 have suffered shock

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