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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Researching Tonight

I will have a couple of Post up tonight likely. I am deep in researching all this mess. It is quite something to see. I have just gone through tow Minuteman PACS and to say the least it is quite interesting. More later

Hmmm A few Things I Wish to Record Before they Disappear(Minutegate)

Just having a time looking at certain aspects of MinuteGate. Perhaps I will do a fuller post on that today. However I was looking a last Night at the mysterious Americancaging as well as its owner and operator Attorney Maureen Otis. Well someone better have somebody send more money. This from a search at the Texas government site dated July 15, 2006:
This is in response to your inquiry about the status of
This corporation is not in good standing as it has not satisfied all state tax requirements
If you need any additional information or assistance, please contact the Texas State Comptroller's field office in your area or call 1-800-252-1381, toll free, nationwide. The Austin number is 512-463-4600. If you are calling from a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), the toll-free number is 1-800-248-4099, or in Austin, 512/463-4621.
Taxpayer number: 30114634063
File number: 0118826500

I would not read to much into this right now. I suspect this happens all the tme when people are late but I shall be following it as I am many things. But one other interesting tidbit on a related organization that is all involved up in Minute gate and making quite a bundle. That is Response Unlimited. We shall be getting into all the interesting connections and who sits on what boards and who is robbing to pay Peter to Pay Paul later. But boy mailing lists generate quite a bit of money it appears as you can see from this part of their web site. Now there is nothing wrong with this of course. But one can ask when all the same groups own and are paying each other perhaps out of donations for a "Fence" if all this is very proper. Looks like the minutemen list is paying quite a bit of dividends.
67,414* Active Donors..........$120/M
57,491 Direct Mail Donors......+$10/M
9,923 Internet Donors.........+$10/M25,763

85% Direct Mail15% Internet
$31 Direct Mail Donors $62 Internet Donors
StateSCF/ZipRun ChargeSplitsGenderMulti-DonorsDollarSource
Updated & CASS-Cert 6/28/06

Oh and don forget to go here to see who is buying this list. We shall see if the same people own some of this very groups. Wow, I went in the wrong field

Again we shall be getting into all the incest later.
Hmm, let me also give a preview of coming attractions, and show why I don't think this is all just honest people making a good honest buck. This example will be important later on:

Commentary - Schiavo Foundation Doesn’t Endorse Terri’s List PAC
William Greene, president of, is shamelessly circulating email solicitations using the name of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, claiming that he’s raising money for a political action committee known as Terri’s List even though the Schindler family has asked him to stop doing so.He’s exploiting her name.Greene said he founded the new PAC using Terri’s name in an effort to match the fundraising efforts of the PAC created by Michael Schiavo, and infers that it’s being done with the support of Terri’s family.Such is not the case.The formation of Terri’s List was done by Greene without the family’s knowledge or consent and has prompted the Schindler family to place a disclaimer on the website of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation at"Any sources soliciting contributions on behalf of Terri other than the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation are not affiliated with or endorsed by Terri's Foundation or the Schindler family. If you are receiving any contribution requests of this nature, please bring this immediately to our attention as they could be mail or internet fund-raising schemes"."People like this who fail who obtain permission to use Terri’s name exploit her name", her father said."Don't Let Terri Schaivo's Name Be Exploited" shouts a headline from Greene's website above a picture of the disabled woman who died last March in Florida, killed by judicial order at the behest of her estranged husband. Supposedly the headline appears on an ad that Greene has placed nationwide. But when you click on the ad or the verbiage underneath that says "view our nationwide ad to support statesmen who tried to save Terri Schiavo", you’ll get a "this page cannot be found message".So where’s the ad appearing, or is this a case of false advertising?"Please make your best donation", Greene’s propaganda implores. "We need to raise money".According to Greene’s website, the purpose of the PAC is to raise and distribute funds for, to and independently on behalf of conservative candidates in targeted primary and general federal elections across America.However, according to the quarterly and year-end reports for 2005 filed for PAC by Greene, PAC treasurer, although contributions totaled $49,200, the total contributions to federal candidates was only $3,100 which included $1,000 to Bob McEwen for Congress Committee in Batavia, Ohio and $2,000 for the Lewis for Senate Inc. campaign in Morgantown, West Virginia. The year-end report shows a $100 contribution to the House Conservatives Fund in Washington on Oct. 25.Individual contributions for 2005 according to the reports filed with the FEC totaled $5,150 from 10 individual contributors. Unitemized receipts for 2005 totaled $44,050.The total disbursements for the 2005 reported to FEC were $44,058.RightMarch paid SICM a total of $15,861 for rental fees, or in other words, going from one pocket of Greene’s to the other. In addition to being the president of RightMarch, Green heads the Buford, Georgia-based Strategic Internet Campaign Management (SICM) an organization who says its mission is "helping non-profit organizations, corporations and political candidates to achieve a better bottom line by using the Internet for fundraising and grassroots activism".Greene’s modus operandi is to flood conservatives with Christian Response "E-Alerts".SICM says it "specializes in online fundraising for political candidates and organizations".Greene’s "patriot" at RightMarch and his media director is Phil Sheldon, son of Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. The email contact address for the PAC is that of Sheldon’s at Diener Consultants of which he is CEO and president. Sheldon also heads Response Enterprises, both entities which profited handsomely from RightMarch.In 2005, according to FEC filings, of the $44,058 disbursed by the PAC, Response and Sheldon pocketed $12,752 while Diener took in $12,916 for a total of $25,669 for Sheldon. While the reports indicate that the bulk of the money was paid to Sheldon for advertising, Sheldon was also paid rental fees for email lists.OF the total $44,058 in disbursements, over $41,500 went to Greene and Sheldon organizations.Other disbursements in 2005 went to William Constantine who’s listed as the PAC’s CPA at $5,182; the $3,100 to federal candidates, $2,000 to Special Guests of Naperville, IL for advertising and several small amounts for rental fees for mailing lists.www.fec.govLast April, Bill Berkowitz penned an article for Media Transparency entitled “Deathbed Dollars” about the radical right wing Christian groups who were raising money from the Schiavo case, in particular Greene’s Unlimited of Waynesboro, VA, which is also the home of Sheldon’s Response Enterprises, was renting a list of Schiavo supporters for $150 per month for 6,000 names and $500 a month for $4,000 email address of people who had responded to an email plea in the Schiavo case. After being publicized, the list was quickly removed from the Response catalogue. Zodhiates operates Response Unlimited and is an associate of Sheldon’s in another Internet organization called Conservative They bill themselves as being "involved in political and Christian activism for decades", and realized the "need for someone to harness the technology of the Internet to make our voices heard in mass".At the Response Unlimited website, in a FAQ section, in answer to a question if “my email or postal address will be sold or loaned”, Sheldon and Zodhiates responded that they don’t "sell addresses or information to anyone. We do occasionally send out emails on behalf of others or allow someone to use the postal list only when we feel the product or service will be beneficial to you or have a significant impact on the kingdom of God or our nation. You may opt out if you wish, and we will honor that request. Each message contains an opt out opportunity. The opt out message is at the bottom of each email. It is also on the page when you sign any petition". Greene’s media director at RightMarch and his partner Zodhiates "ask for $3,000 from organizations that do a petition with us. They get a great deal in return, including contact information on all who sign", they proclaim."Through its "Christian Response e-Alert," has become one of many right wing groups that concoct campaigns to "convince people that there is a 'them' out there -- liberals in this case -- who are out to destroy America's moral fiber and are thus responsible for working-class misery," Berkowitz says.While Greene attacks Michael Schiavo’s PAC, his PAC is under the FEC microscope and has twice in 2005 received requests for more information from FEC. Most recently, on Jan. 20, the FEC questioned Greene’s quarterly filing for October of PAC, requesting "information essential to the full public disclosure of your federal election campaign finances" FEC asked Greene to clarify expenditures he has reported for advertising. Although Greene was given a deadline of Feb. 21 to file a response with the FEC, to date he has not done so according to the FEC website where reports are required by law to be filed within 48 hours of receipt.Greene says, "Don’t Let Terri Schiavo’s Name Be Exploited".That’s right, don’t let William Greene exploit Terri Schiavo’s name. The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation is the only one authorized to solicit funds in Terri’s name and according to highly reliable sources, Greene has been asked by the Schindler family to stop using Terri’s name in his fund-raising efforts."> link June Maxam 2-19-06
© 2005 North Country Gazette

Friday, July 14, 2006

Live Blogging Middle East Crisis(Updated till 4 AM Central)

This shall be the Live blogging Post for the Night. I will be putting up my other links from the other night as well as adding others. I am trying to use this also to collect other resources I find as wander the Net That will be useful if God Forbid WWIII really occurs becuase of this episode in the future
News Sources
Free Republic-Thread links to all Post regarding Israel as Keyword. Needless to say good place ot look for latest article that are being posted as well as threads place to get info. Also some folks there at times know what they are talking aboutNews Papers and other News Sources
Kol Israel International- News Plus live radio. Might have some English Broadcast on the radio. Also TV Broadcast throught net
Jersualem Post
Jersualem Online Another New outlet with video recaps of the news - Israel
Haaretz News Flashes-Israel Good place to see breaking news and lays out a nice timeline of events as it unfolds
DEBKA-Israel -Read with some care Sometime their Breathless headlines and scoops never materalize but good to keep a eye on anyway.
Daily Star-Lebanon
Blogs-(These are Blogs I am going to For Info- just because they are on here does not mean I endorse Everything they Say)
Hyscience-A good blog/news site with updates often
AtlasShrugs is a blog I cannot recommend enough go to her for updates
MichaelTotten-A American on my blogroll knows the situation in Lebanon well. He is on Hiatus (vacation)but his blogroll has tons of bloggers including many from Lebanon and other regional resources. I am hoping he might check in to give us his insight
Redmeat Conservative- is providing updates
Israelmatzav-Israel (Good Blog bringing some Good updates)LebaneseBloggers-Lebanon-A good place where several Lebanese blogger post. Providing updates-good comment section
Ontheface blog -Israel
Lebanese Political Journal -Lebanon-Good read too. Again I recommend going to comment section
OpenLebanon-Lebanon-realtime news and blogs
Free Michel Kilo Now-Syria
Rantings of A Sandmonkey-Egypt

Live blogging
3:04- Last post thought I could make it till 4 am but pooped out till tomorrow
2:49- A Lebanese blogger is saying that Evacuation of US Nationals will occur through Cyprus. So I assume since the airport is out for a while that means boat?
2:14-From a poster by the name of Rebel Yell on this thread at Free Republic
You all might find this damn funny, but my sorry ass is marooned in Beirut, where I have been working for the IMF. If anybody has any helpful suggestions on how I can get out of this war zone, I would be most grateful. Right now, the road to Syria is the only way out of Lebanon for anyone, including U.S. citizens, and the Israelis are bombing that road. I am NOT happy with the Israelis right now. I understand their concerns about their kidnapped soldiers but bombing the Beirut Airport was not going to help them in any way
1:54 Australian Broadcasting Company has a piece on the 3 conditions for a ceasefire by the Israeli PM
1:27. By the way you can listen to English news from Israel on the link below when clicking on "English News" on sidebar. They uddate at at 06:30, 12:30 and 20:30, local time Israel
1:10am Much better. Ok adding good link Kol Israel International. Very good news link, also radio live on net. Might have some english broadcast on radio from time to time.
1:00am- Goodness what happen to my blog everything is way down there. Working to correct.
12:38 Reader SV sent me this regarding the attack on the Israeli ship. I am sure that caught Israel a little off guard. Again the guy they mentioned is also responsible for killing our troops in the past:
The fact that two separate ships were struck at the same time, very likely with UAV fired antitank missiles, indicates a level of sophistication far beyond that of Hezbollah. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and Imad Mugniyah clearly have a hand in these operations. The coupling of a UAV with an anti-tank missile requires extensive research, development and testing. It is unlikely Hezbollah conducted these efforts without attracting the attention of the watchful Israelis to their south. And the Iranians possess the technological capabilities; the Raad anti-tank missile is from their arsenal. The use of multiple UAVs over the Mediterranean Sea indicates Hezbollah may have a fleet of these UAVs, which must be maintained.

12:37 From a Syrian sympathetic to Lebanon Dear World Leaders,This letter is a plea from the Lebanese people, and friends of Lebanon . We urge you to exercise any political influence you may have to guide a cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Negotiations must take place. The violence that has escalated in Lebanon has gotten out of control, it is insanity! The people of Lebanon are suffering; the Lebanese economy will suffer deeply for years to come. As I am sure you know anger, resentment, and poverty can only lead to further extremism. For the welfare of Lebanese citizens, Israeli citizens, the stability of the Middle East , and indeed the world, we implore you to take action as soon as possible to prevent further violence, destruction, and casualties.
Friends and Citizens of Lebanon
Of course there can be disagreement about this. Wheter the goal should be the giving a massive blow to Hezbollah. Also as a commenter stated it is pretty stupid to depend on a tourism industry with these guys around. However, I think there is a truth there. I am sensing the average Lebanese would like Israel to take care of these folks. Also I see a senitment out there that is basically"quit bombing us and bomb Syria". Shows the delicate balancing act Israel as to do.
12:07 Israel pounds key Lebaneseinfrastructure-Good Read from the Beirut paper on on what has been hit by Israel
11:58 Jersualem Online added to Links
11:52 Hezbollah TV station: New IAF strikes targeting roads in south Lebanon (Reuters)7:42 Lebanon time
11:46pmBloc Québécois disapproves Prime Minister Harper’s statements of support for Israel’s right to self-defence
11:27pm-added HyScience to Link list
11:14pm -Hezbollah Debuts Its Armed UAV Capability Good commentary and analysi on the attack on the Israli Navy Ship by the Belmont club
11:02 pm-Four Israel Navy sailors missing after ship hit by Hezbollah drone (Haaretz)3:50am Israel time

Rising Tide Blogger Convention and New Orleans quits their Bid for the Dem National Convention

Let me give a plug for something the Right hand Thief has been plugging. That is the Rising Tide Blogger Convention in New Orleans. The blogs in New Orleans have been doing a hell of a job since Katrina keeping people informed and being a advocate for the average New Orleans Citizen. This convention will have bloggers from New Orleans , but it is for anyone anywhere that cares about New Orleans and having it rebuilt. It will be held August 25-27, 2006. I think anyone that wants to come down and be a part of this is welcome so contact them if interesteed. Seems like a fun reason to go to New Orleans to me. Right Hand Thief has been working hard on this kike I said. Here is a post on further details on the event.

In related news, Ashley Morris Blog tell us all about New Orleans taking themselves out of the race for the 2008 Dem Convention here. Lot info there

By the way, Tampa is very much in the running for the Republican National Convention with it being neck and neck with Cleveland. I have admit Tampa has certain advantages. It is a battleground State, its is fun, Jeb is there, and of course Again Jeb is there. It would be interesting to see the watch if he was picked for the VP slot in his home state. In fact some cynics are suggesting that maybe some people want an atmosphere conducive to that happening. The main draw back-Hurricanes. During the last convention if you remember many delegates from Flordia had to leave early when a hurricane was bearing down on their State. I can't even imagine the mess if we have to cancel the convention and have all those delgates vote someplace else. I suppose there is some contigency for such a horrible disaster.

That is why I propose the following.

That in a remarkeable show of national unity both Conventions decide to hold their conventions in New Orleans the same week!!! This could be accomplished by having a week long convention. Each party would share the Superdome. Dems and Repubs would alternate days and nights in which they would be speaking and on TV. Talk about exciting and showing the Country that Americans don't let Citites die

If a Hurricane comes we are both screwed
Save Money. We get to share expenses on the Dome.
It has never happen before and Media would flock there like never before
Boring convention coverage? I think not with all those people in town.
Great Protests, wow can't imagine the colorful people that would show up for this
Great Nightlife. Dueling Republican and Dems singing at Pat O'Briens Piano Bar
The chance to be sitting at a Bar with Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd all at the same time

Seriously someone should propose this before it is too late. I think it might work and sounds like it would be fun to boot.

Friday Night Update

After a delicious dinner out tonight. Time to settle in for the evening. The appears to be some sort of 24 marathon which is quite exciting. So I might do a few blog entries tonight. It won't be all War oriented but I am keeping a eye on it. Starting at 10 pm Central ,I will probally do another Live blogging as I monitor events.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This picture is very interesting That Hole and rubble those men are standing around was a Hezbullah Strong hold in Lebanon that was just destroyed by the Israelis. As you can see in the background, these terrorist are very good about what they set their stuff up next to
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There are of course many Americans in Lebanon right now. Including the good Priest above that is head of St Louis University. From a upi Article I ran across
The president of Saint Louis University, Father Lawrence Biondi, is in Lebanon, awaiting word on when he can return home to the U.S.
Biondi traveled to the Middle East this week to deliver the commencement address at Beirut's Notre Dame University. That event has since been postponed because of fighting between Israeli and Hezbollah forces.
SLU spokesman Clayton Berry says Biondi is okay and is keeping regular contact with his office.
"Everyone who has spoken to him has said that he feels very safe and secure, he's in very good spirits," Berry said, in an interview. "He's currently staying in a hotel that's located outside of Beirut and has been in contact with the U.S. embassy - he's awaiting their direction about the timing of his return."
Biondi was originally scheduled to return to St. Louis July 25. Berry says Biondi still plans to meet with local Lebanese religious leaders.
The Reverend Andre Mhanna, a Catholic priest from St. Louis, is traveling with Biondi. St. Raymond's Maronite Catholic Parish, where Mhanna is rector, says as of Thursday night, Mhanna reported he was okay

A couple of more bloggers to add
From Syria I believe-Free Michel Kilo Now and from Israel- Ontheface blog to which I have ran across of on the past and enjoyed.

Is Governor Blanco Making Moves on LSU?---Possible Big benefits to ULL and LA Tech

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have been talking about this for months but as usual the people in Baton Rouge and at the LSU campus are so arrogant they refuse to believe anything like this is possible.
From the Advocate:
Two former LSU Board of Supervisors members said Wednesday they lost their spots on the governing panel because they opposed Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s unpublicized agenda for the university system.
Ron Anderson of Ethel and Stewart Slack of Shreveport, who were notified of their dismissal Tuesday evening, said they opposed rumored plans to give some LSU campuses to the University of Louisiana system. Nor did they approve of an alleged plot to install UL System President Sally Clausen at the helm of the LSU system, they said.
Slack said a top governor’s aide told him the Blanco administration was in a hurry to get an LSU system president in place and wanted the new board members set before that happened.
“There are those who would like to diminish LSU’s strength,” Slack said. “I think there’s some urgency to get a new president in there. They probably thought I would not be controllable.”
Leonard Kleinpeter, who oversees boards and commissions for Blanco, did not return a phone call or message Wednesday.
LSU System President William Jenkins announced his resignation plans in February, though he will serve until a replacement is found.
Since Blanco’s election in 2003, LSU officials have been wary of her ties to the UL system, a separate string of colleges. Her husband, Raymond “Coach” Blanco, is an administrator at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Anderson said Blanco’s decision not to reappoint him is a sign that the governor should be watched.
Blanco’s apparent favoritism toward the UL system “is a real concern that they should watch,” said Anderson, who added he was chastised for voicing his concerns to the media.
Both former board members say they’ll continue supporting LSU in other ways.
Taking their places will be telephone company President Alan Kimble of Baton Rouge and John George, a Shreveport doctor.
George is a Gov. Blanco supporter who helped in her 2003 campaign.
He’s not the first political supporter Gov. Blanco has rewarded with an LSU board membership. She gave an interim, two-year appointment to Lake Charles lawyer Benjamin Mount, husband of one of Gov. Blanco’s legislative lieutenants in the state Senate, Willie Mount, a Democrat.
The terms of two other board members — Charles Cusimano of Metairie and Marty Chabert of Chauvin — have also expired, which means they may or may not be reappointed by the governor.
Story originally published in The Advocate

The gound work is being laid for sometime for this. Let me say I have mixed feelings on this. I went to LSU for grad school and love LSU. But I am also an Alumni of Louisiana Tech. Louisiana Tech is a great school and should be funded better. What is ironic is that in typical fashion most people down there see this as a LSU versus University of Louisiana Lafayette thing. However they are ignoring that LSU's big campus in Shreveport might go under Lousiana Tech supervision if what is happening is allowed to continue. In fact there is real talk that the LSU Medical School might come under Louisiana Tech and the University of Louisiana system. There are some real important people talking about that up here. Once that becomes known -boy just watch out.
I have to admit I love LSU, but I like the thought of my alma mater having the MED school up here. Well, LSU still would have the other one in New Orleans . However, I imagine they would think that wouldn't be such a good deal.

update- the folks at tigerdroppings are not taking this well

Departure of Intern Hurls Office Moral into The toliet

Tragic, Just damn Tragic

Best insightful Comment of The Day

Sol:The poor Lebanese...when you're the "condom" between Syria and Israel, you get the muck from both sides, and the pleasure from neither.Sucks to be them.Regards;Bilgeman 07.13.06 -
10:58 am #

Let me state that not every Lebanese is innocent or does not have responsibility in this. It sucks to be Lebanon because often it is hostage to events and powers outside its control, and it sucks to be Israel because Lebanon can't control its borders and is so weak that Israel is put in constant danger. Such as we have seen the past week.

However, as someone that is pro Israel, I shall speak up for the countless people there that are suffering in Lebanon as well as Israel. What we need to do is to promote something that in the end will help both countries and promote peace there. Do they bear some responsibilty. Well I suppose they do, but remember we pulled out of their mighty fast in 83 after the bombing. In fact after that incident we continued on our little vacation from Reality for a number of years as radical Islam kept increasing in power.So as someone told me when you point your finger of blame there are three fingers pointing back.

It is to say the least a very complicated and sad situation for people on both sides.

Again, I can't recommend enough Michael Tottens's blog. He has some great wiriting and pics on Israel and Lebanon His comment section is great. Just look at the entires since April.

Update- Rantings of a Sandmonkey is covering too.

Update on the War(Updated)

I was just speaking about how Bloggers are a great source of info from them I got the info on the Israeli Warship being hit way before the Media reported it.Again go to the comments sections.

From This Lebanese Blogger Forum Post.

Iran-Syria Axis Fully Materializing
I don't know what to say anymore. Sayyid Nasrallah is still alive and declaring an open war. Where is our President? Where are our Ministers? Prime Minister? Members of Parliament? All these institutions and the guardians of these institutions are obsolete at this point. Nasrallah is leading the show. He's defying everything and everyone. He is assuming the position of the guardian of the Prophet's Family, against all odds. This is not about Lebanon anymore; this is about Nasrallah's pride. The Iran-Syria Axis has just fully materialized!An Israeli warship was hit on the coast off of Beirut, the same warship that hit Hizbullah's headquarters which housed Nasrallah.Lebanon is a hostage and all the Lebanese people are a pawn in the hands of the few

If anyone has any Blogs from Israel or others from the region that are reporting on this warthis email me or put it in the email. I support what Israel is doing but it must be so careful here.
Also from WorldNutzDaily:Report: Syrians shoot at Israel Lebanese sources predict provocation from Damascus. FIRST OFF JUDGE ANYTHING FROM THIS SOURCE WITH EXTREME CAUTION. I am real doubtful that the Israel Bureau (whatever that is)of this outfit is getting a lot of info that is credible fro, Lebanese politicians. But i shall be watching this. Pajama media has some good round ups.

Michael MedVed Rocks(He even attacks Kookdum)

Why can't we get this guy on talk radio more. A entertaining, conservative, rational voice. It is sad to say but I can't get him on the radio in Louisiana. Perhaps he will soon be here No over the the top kookdum. All thoughful and fun. Here is a link to his main page. Last week, he was talking about and combatting this kooky Amero, North American Union Conspiracy , and Super Highway conspiracy nonsense. He also calls Tancredo out on some things. I think I might subscribe to his site. However, I suspect he can be listened to on the net real time through some station that are carrying him live. I will try to find one and post it on a update

Monitering the Israeli/Lebanon Conflict through the Blogs.

I have been following the blogs on this current conflict. Of course one must filter a tad of this news because post get rather emotional as you are hearing bombs go off. However, I am finding that I am getting some good stuff through them.

Michael Totten has post on this as well as a open comment thread, with bloggers and others commenting on this. Some from the War zone itself will be checking in I bet. I would keep a eye on it.

Also go here where Done With Mirrors has posted a blogger and media link list. Some good finds

I recommend both very strongly. It appears that post at Done With Mirros is being updated still.

So, what is it like to spending time with Ashley Judd

Thanks SV for this link. I have to admit this is a pretty funny article and probally hits it right on and was a good way to start out the morning. Ok it is not morning I am getting a late start. But hey no work today. Anywho, Mrs Judd is quite something for instance she has many problems that assault her everyday life:“I will never fly Virgin again. Last time, Dario and I were in the first-class section, and they seated us where we could hear EVERYTHING going on in the galley. Clink, clink, clink, the whole time. I asked them to stop, and the little motherf**kers(edited for people with pesky filtering devices) gave me such attitude. It was horrible — my husband saw what was coming, and he reached out to hold my hand, and I bawled all the way from Los Angeles to London.”
Also we find she is a great sports fan,"She showed us this photo of her rallying the Cats fans at a Kentucky basketball game. She said, “Have you SEEN this photo? I LOVE this photo. We weren’t doing so well, and so I came out at halftime — even though I was on crutches! — and rallied the crowd. And they SAY….” — dramatic pause — “….that that made the difference in bringing us victory.” Goodness the article is a hoot, nice read for Friday

Be sure to hit the link to the glamour article too. That is fun too

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Savage and other Matters

Good Grief just got home. Listened to Savage on the great AM frequency. This man is ill. Also he savaged our Secretaty of State. What conservatives listen to this guy? Oh I heard the reason the fence is not being built is because it is to hot. Oh Lord. Also everything the ABC local affilate says is lies yeah ok. Lies Lies Lies. Well my goodness that settles it I guess we should all go away

Clown Posse -Background to the Controversy

This shall be a very limited background to what has happened. I am very rushed for time and must be leaving to go out of town for the afternoon. I shall update this post this evening and provide some more needed linkage with in the post itself. Till then just use google darn it if I don't provide the link.

There are numerous conservative forums on the internet. They make all elements of the conservative movement. Many in fact develop quite a personality because of the type of poster that goes there, that is quite independent of politics. If I have to rate a possible big three, I would have to say the Granddaddy is Free Republic,, and I suppose Liberty Post. The history of these forums are pretty fascinating and at times quite amusing. Often one finds that these forums are made of ex members of other sites. There are numerous reasons for this. Often this is because certain people have been banned. The whole topic of banning and why certain people are banned is also the talk of endless spectualtion on these forums. I might go into that a tad bit more when I clean and update this post tonight

Background to Controversy
In the background and what must not be lost sight of is what started this mess. That is allegations against leading memebers of the minutemen and that being at this moment Mr Simcox who is perhaps next to Gilchrist its most leading light. People ask why this immigration debate is so over the top? Why that no rational discussion can take place? Simcox is but a one reasjn for that. That is the ultimate scandal behind all this. But I will leave that for later. Simcox basically under his minuteman group is building a fence that doesn't exist. In fact people are sending their lifesavings to this man to build something that is nothing than a scam. Now he is saying he needs to raise 55 million dollars for this Berlin Wall type Fence that will run across the Arizona border. Well, lets just say if some one sits down and thinks about this, one realizes that is balderdash. That will not happen.Why? Well what about Issues of private property, who pays the taxes for these improvement on private land, zoning issues, liability issues etc etc. This is right up there with the televangist scams. But it goes much much deeper. You see when one starts to look into this organizaton one notices something. That is it is much like what we call in Louisiana a typical Arkansas resident's family tree. It doesn't go up and down but is Hortizontal and in some cases circular. Ok just a little humor there. It has become apparent that this money for this fence is most likely going to actually consulting firms, caging companies, promotional companies etc. The problem is that everyone is involved in this either owns these companies, work for these outfits, receives a check for their servcies from each of thes outfits that its gets quite ridiculous. Its takes a week to figure it out. Much of this goes to the usual suspects. Including some major alt media owners in DC. The same folks that own firms that make money off conservative politics. At this point in the investigation it was quite apparent that certain Alan Keyes assciated organizations and outfits were in the thick of it. But it is so much more than Keyes. HEck he might be just the public face,There is so much more of course. However let me move on

Clown Posse
Clown Posse has a particular niche in the conservative forum area. It is very anti Free Republic. They are for the most part ex freepers. Now let me say , for the most part their commentary is pretty amusing to watch. There is quite an exchange between Clown Posse and Free Republic. Most of this is quite harmless and beyond the point in my view. Clown Posse has/had a section called Kook Kronicles. Here they examine Kookdum. Well, of course I liked that. Their looking glass was just not on the Free Republic by the way. Well, much of the time what was going on was harmless. They would comment on the posters on the fun threads of the day at FR, and the folks at Free Republic would pretend they were not going over their to see themselves talked about. All in All pretty harmless. But Clown Posse I noticed had a serious side. They had a few that could really investigate matters. In fact it was a place where the "investigators" it seemed to me could operate and not be banned for going into forbidden territory as it were. That brings us to this week

It Starts to break
This week a wonderful thing happened. Finally on Free Republic what many posters wanted to ask came out in the open. You see folks people are getting paid to spam conservative forums. For the past year one could not even have a Ice Dancing thread without someone trying to turn it into a illegal immigration thread. This is one small tactic that has been used among many in this debate. Many people had questions about Simcox , the minutemen and the people behind this debate. But everytime this was mentioned posters would descend out of nowhere and engage in a flame war. In fact the rethoric would become so over the top the thread would have to be pulled. This is in fact what they waned to happen. No nasty record of questions or dissent to be found by using a search engine . However on this Free Reublic Thread the posters that were getting tired of it said enough is enough. This thread could not be controlled. Questions were being asked and they were being asked to a guy that should have some knowledge of the answers. I ask you to look at it for your yourselves.
Well by Glorious Happystance the Clown Posse was look at this issue , But they were looking at it from the analysis of a liberal blogger that wrote quite a piece exposing the scam and how everyone was spilling the beans on Simcox and company. Then Clown Posse noticed the FR thread. Again I believe that was the chain of events. Well the CP went into full investigative mode. They discovered by their investigation of public documents that there was a ton of money being made by people. The links were appearing to be so incestrious that that the depth of this blew ones mind. Well FR was looking at this CP thread.W hile the FR members were interrogating the guy, CP was feeding them information on questions to ask him. Well this guy didnt like it and at times tried to pull the ususal antics to get the thread pulled. Well, it didn't Work. Well other people in the internet World on other forums were watching this and talking about. Also not only were people talking about the FR thread they were also talking about all this raw information that was being gathered at Clown Posse. Clown Posse was starting to pull together what different areas of Internet had been talking about but had never been able to connect the dots because often these forums didn't interact. Well things were becoming clearer by the post. Somewhere during this saga someone said "Houston, We have a Problem". In fact if you look at the legal connections and certain outfits associated with this that might might have been a literal statement.(Start looking at American Caging, Declaration Alliance , and their Legal Counsel and start going down the rabbit hole from there).

Well to make a long story short some mysterious complaint came in and Clown Posse goes offline. This also concides with some interesting activity in other online Forums. CP went off line as well as the info they were collecting. This was a mistake and people overplayed their hands. The timing of this is very suspect. Now pretty much we all know what happen. This was getting out of hand!!!. Again one can smell the fear on that FR thread. I leave it to you to examine that thread and decide for yourself.

Well this was a horribly rushed post and is not my best work but I must go. Later I will update add links etc. Again let me clear, it is still not proven to a certainty why Clown Posse went offline and because of "what complaint". However I wasnt born yesterday. Neither are hundreds others that are right now busy as little bees on computers and perhaps looking at Courthouse records. Who knows who is all involved in this. But this is developing, I t appears CP is pretty peeved. Watch out for the Fireworks and what comes f rom it Anywho later.

Update I see today that FREE REPUBLIC was Hacked briefly this morning . I do not know if this has anything to do with this situation

Israel/Gaza/Lebanon and a Update on Clown Posse

I have business today, that calls me out of town this afternoon. However I wanted to get two quick post off. First, the situation in the Middle East should be on my minds the most today. This is truly explosive. However, there might be some good that comes out of this affair. On the whole, I support what Israel is doing. I just hope they are smart about it. My memories of Beirut are recent. I am not old enough to remember when it was the "Paris of the Middle East". My first memories go back to the early 80's when I was a young Kid. My memories are of the PLO, Wonderful Hotels destroyed, violence, and of course a great loss of American life in the Marine barracks bombing. I support Israel in this fight, however they must be careful. The majority of Lebanon does not support this Iranian and Syrian backed factions. They have destroyed this country. As much as it could the areas that were not under Radical Islamic control were coming back. It was in in fact showing signs of maybe becoming what it one was. These people are largely victims. Overnight a 4.5 billion dollar Industry that employ perhaps 400,000 of a 4.5 million population very well might have gone poof over night. I will lose quickly lose patience with Israel if it does not act responsibly in this situation. It sucks on all sides. Plus remember from Lebanon are our oldest Christian roots. The ancient faith is still there. I will perhaps post on that tonight.

Clown Possee

Before I leave, I am going to give some limited background on the whole Clown Posse controversy. Since , I have some sleep I feel better about my judgment in what I write at this point. Blogger is a free site that countless people use. Until I can save this material,to which I can going to figure out how to do tonight, I am wary of being as aggresive in this as I would like. I am sure if this blog becomes very noticed, there is a chance that something similar to what happen to Clown Posse might very well happen to me.I am pretty sure that because of the numerous complaints on TOS that blogger gets they might believe the most simple action would be just to hit the delelte key if some legal person called up. I many ways, I doubt this would happen. But one minor character of this saga is aware of this blog. So stay tuned for a post of the background of the Clown Posse/Simcox/Minuteman/Keyes Controversy with in the hour.

Did MinuteGate Shut Down Internet Forum that Was Exposing Scam?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clown Posse a Conservative Internet Forum is Offline. When You access their web page here, as you see you get the following:
We are currently closed, thanks to the paragons of FRee speech. Watch this page for info and updates. Members may contact us at griftertips at hotmail dot com.

If you have been following this blog as well as Subway Canaries, you will realize that the minuteman fence scam was breaking. That forum and all the information that was being collected appears to be gone for the moment. Too many questions were being asked and it was attracting way too much attention. From what I can gather a "complaint" was issued and the web site was taken down from the hosting company. May I say that it is going to be more involved than that. There are some very mad people right now. People that normally have no love for Clown Posse are horrified at what has happened. However that information has been copied and is being duplicated as we speak on another forum. Certain people have overstepped tonight. This is a battle of Free Speech, a battle against intimidation, as well as against a scandal in the conservative movement. There are some big players here. I shall not name them right now. Again I want to get my facts straight. Also , at this point I do not want to wake up and see my blog deleted because of a "complaint". At least till I can copy the contents of this blog in case I must move to another site.I urge you to go to this thread and study it.In fact if you can save it or print the whole thing out at your office. This thread might disappear too. Who knows. I am pretty confident though the owner of that site will not do that. I will provide more links tomorrow. I leave you with this.

There would be a delicious irony. What if some of the leading Minuteman and associates that we have seen in the media have to flee to Mexico and while there get arrested for being an illegal Alien.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

War in the Middle East!!!!(UPDATED ALL NIGHT LONG)

Well this is getting serious real quick. I turned on my TV and was pretty shocked at how quickly this has escalated. Israel has done some excursion into Lebanon for the first time in 6 years. Also, bombing the Foreign Ministry in Gaza seems serious to me.This could spread quick if we do not take steps to help contain this quick IMHO. I will keep this thread up till midnight at the top of the page and continue to update. I will attempt to find what local bloggers and the news is saying.

Free Republic Thread-Good source of news throughtout the night. This will be updated by the second.-note I don't endorse all comments there or sometimes the over the top kill them all rethoric some use, Also many posters knowledge and comments about Lebanon and its people is tad simplistic for my taste.(If they combine or start a new Thread I will update)
update on Free Republic Thread- Several thread going till they are combined or one becomes the thread for tonight click here place to get info. Also some folks there at times know what they are talking about
News Papers and other News Sources
Jersualem Post - Israel
Haaretz News Flashes-Israel Good place to see breaking news and lays out a nice timeline of events as it unfolds
DEBKA-Israel -Read with some care Sometime their Breathless headlines and scoops never materalize but good to keep a eye on anyway.
Daily Star-Lebanon
AtlasShrugs is a blog I cannot recommend enough go to her for updates
MichaelTotten-A American on my blogroll knows the situation in Lebanon well. He is on Hiatus (vacation)but his blogroll has tons of bloggers including many from Lebanon and other regional resources. I am hoping he might check in to give us his insight
Redmeat Conservative- is providing updates
Israelmatzav-Israel (Good Blog bringing some Good updates)
LebaneseBloggers-Lebanon-A good place where several Lebanese blogger post. Providing updates-good comment section
Lebanese Political Journal -Lebanon-Good read too. Again I recommend going to comment section
OpenLebanon-Lebanon-realtime news and blogs
----------------- -

Updates(all times central usa)
3:07 That is it for the night. This situation is getting very serious in a hurry. I am adding two links above . I will attempt to add some more links to some local resources tomorrow. PLease go to red meat conservatives also for updates throught out the night link above. Stand by for a important Post.
2:55 Well this has gotten very serious in a hurry. You don't have to have a PHD in diplomacy to know what this action is. When you blockade a country it is a de facto act of war. There better be a resolution to this soon or it is going to get very bad in a hurry. The ball is now in the court of the Hezbullah faction in Lebanon. Gaza, I must say for all the events that are occuring there is quickly going to become a sideline in my view unless the Palestianians can do something very aggresive.
2:53-JERUSALEM, July 13 (Reuters) - Israel said on Thursday its naval ships were in Lebanon's territorial waters to enforce a blockade after Hizbollah guerrillas captured two soldiers in a border clash.
Israeli planes earlier attacked Beirut's international airport in another step to sealing access. Israel's Army Radio said other airports in Lebanon could be targeted too.
"Since this morning Israeli naval vessels have enforced a full naval closure on Lebanon, because Lebanon's ports are used to transfer both terrorists and weapons to the terror organisations operating in Lebanon," a military spokesman said.
The spokesman declined comment on whether Israel was also enforcing a closure of Lebanon's airspace.
Israeli media said the aim was to put pressure on the Lebanese government to act against Hizbollah, which seized the soldiers and killed seven others in an attack on Wednesday. The government in Beirut has said it is not responsible.
Israeli air raids on Lebanon killed 22 civilians on Thursday.
"We will take all necessary measures to bring an end to the rogue behaviour of a state that does not assume responsibility and put an end to the activities of a major partner in their own government," cabinet minister Isaac Herzog told Reuters
2:38 Blockade confirmed by JP Post
2:26Israel intends to impose sea and air blockade on Lebanon (Army Radio)(10:15 Israel time) This is a big development and a huge ratching up of the situation. Trying to find other confiramtion
1:54 Well appears from our blogger friend in Israel that the TV Station is still on the air. Well I guess bombs can't stop the Islamic version of Captain Kangaroo. That is dedication.
1:23 Israeli aircraft hits Hizbollah TV in Beirut, 6 hurt
12:48 Meanwhile in Garza on the Second Front- Israel kills 23 in Gaza, targets Hamas commanders
12:47 Look more news links soon
12:46 MUST READ My reader SV sent me this great link about Imad Mugniyah likely behind the capture of Israeli soldiers. Why should Americans care about this. Well first he is a biggie and known to associate with Bin Laden Groups. But here is a tidbit
His more infamous terror attacks include the April 1983 bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut, killing 63; the October 2003 simultaneous truck bombings on the U.S. Marine and French paratrooper barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Marines and 58 French soldiers; the hijacking of TWA 847; the kidnappings and murders of U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic personnel in Beirut; the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992, killing 29 people; the bombing of an Israeli cultural center in 1994, killing 86 people. He is suspected of direct involvement in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 U.S. servicemen
Maybe some people have forgot about all those American deaths but I have not. I don't remember Vietnam but that is my first recollection of massive casualties in a war like situation that occured in Beirut. I suspect the familes of that episode and the others quite know his name. Good read on what happened and how Israel was really caught off guard.
12:45-unrelated if anyone has any info why clown posse political forum is not off the net let me know my email or comment. I find the timing curious.(I aint talking about the band)
12:30- JP reporting possible emergency unity Govt might form in Israel(That strikes me that this stuff aint ending soon)
12:10- I am not sure Israel striking the Airport is such a great idea but that is me. I don't work in Mossad so what do I know? Seems counterproductive in my way of thinking. Most folks in Lebanon are powerless against these terroist/thugs. Plus now all those damn tourist are stuck there. hmmm Thoughts?
12:08 JP-12 wounded as Katyusha rockets land in Nahariya Saw on Fox news that reporter is in that area
12:04Thank God CNN international on now. Good news
12:02am- Fixed browser problem-note to self get to Israel as soon as possible those women are rockin
11:42 While trying to correct browser problem Fox saying Beriut Airport tunways hit. Not clear if gunships or planes. Both being reported. 150 strikes on Lebanon last night. Israeli officials say response will be porportional
11:41- Good grief by accident went into some Israeli porn site and now its is hijacking my browser-awkward
11:12 I finally got a link to that would work. It is going up in the links now.
10:27 Israelmatvzav gives us a update condern that rockets could reach highly populated in Hafia regions including powerstations in Israel
10:17 Update on what has happened so far From the Jpost Some Excerpts:
Earlier, in a series of air strikes, IAF aircraft bombed Kfar Shuba and Sheba Farms. The communications infrastructure connecting Beirut to the south of the country was also damaged by IAF strikes.
The strikes followed an attack by IAF warplanes and navy gunboats on a Palestinian terrorist base south of Beirut late Wednesday in the closest raid to the Lebanese capital since fighting erupted......

According to Herzog, Israel is holding Lebanon responsible for the attack, which was carried out from its territory.
OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said the IDF was preparing for a widespread operation not only against Hizbullah but also against the Lebanese government. The IDF, The Jerusalem Post learned, has drawn up plans to bomb main infrastructure, including power stations in Lebanon

9:57:not war related ugh I just saw the grossest thing on the CNN Cooper show. Japanesee Toilet training catonns. Gross it was like watch South Park
9:23- Interesting read from a Lebanese Link I just posted- Hezbollah Surprised By Their Own Attack was posted at 12:12am Lebanon time
9:10 I will be having some news on Gaza but I am more concerned with the Lebanon thing right now. I suggest go to Michael Totten Blog look at his april 28th entry and May 1st for a excellent read. Also look at one his last pieces that I believe are in the June Archives about his trip in Hizbullah occuped region
8:28 Lebanon's Ambassador to US called back to Beirut
Lebanon's Ambassador to the US Farid Abboud was summoned back to Beirut on Wednesday night after expressing his support for Hizbullah in the US media.
Abboud was reported as saying that Israel was the only one who could bring about the release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers by agreeing to negotiate with the movement via mediators.
Officials in Beirut stressed that Abboud's view did not represent that of Lebanon, which is vehemently opposed to Hizbullah's actions on Israel's northern border

8:10 Personal thought- Cable news sucks. Can we get the talking heads off TV for one night and cover this.
8:07pm Hugh Hewitt has thoughts
7:01 pm- Israelmatzav reports Air force, navy pound PFLP base south of Beirut (11:50pm Israel time)

What is Happening on My Blogroll

Well your home from works perhaps have a few minutes to spare and want to see what is happening in the World. Well ,my Blogroll is a great place to start

First let us go to Called as Seen. Called as seen as some good post today. Go see his latest addition to his blog roll here regarding a site that documents Saddam's support of terror. Also this is sort of a "what is on my Blogroll" twofer. Called as Seen is talking about the new CleanFlicks ruling that deals with editing movies and getting rid of the "obscene" content of movies. It is a twofer because he is linking also to what the Hedgehog thoughts on this topic are who also is on my links. Let me say my first impression is to agree with Called as Seen but I want to examine this issue. It is very important for many reason if you are concerned about Free Speech, and the write for a artist or writer to have his work protected. Also of course there are content issues Hedgehog is talking about. I think I might add my two cents on this tonight

Now, Lets go the the Pink Flamingo and its sister blog the Subway Canaries. Over the past two days she has asusual has had some good post on both blogs. I have been talking about Minutegate. Well please go to her entry here where she gives an overview. Thank God this is being exposed. I don't care where you are on the immigration issue but this is a scam. Also check out here two other post she has does recently on Ronald Reagan and immigration and on a related topic her post on that that silly "conservative leader" blackmail letter that was signed by supposed conservative leaders. I suugest to take some time on that post. She spent alot of work on that one and it shows. I might take a stab at this too later about my concerns with a few names. But let me point out one glaring problem is that several folks on that letter are involved in this Fence scam. Pink Flamingo had a great post last night too. She hit a lot of subjects especially keeping us to date with the latest utterings of Tom Tancredo(good grief).

By the way, not on my Blogroll but someone I keep track of, is the latest news from our extreme paleo conservative friend from the Council of Conservative(word hijack) Citizens- St Louis Reich headquarters branch. He has been busy as every giving us his wisdom. However, I noticed that he has a new talent. Yes he can predict international. terrorism. I never knew that the blogmeister was such a devotee of this occultish prediction by numbers business. It reminds me what a certain Leader in Germany was into in the 1930's and 40's. Oh well, HI Blogmeister if you are watching. Please, tell me if you know what the lottery powerball numbers will be this week. Don't post it though send it in a private email.

Sweetness and Light has some good stories up. Especially this one had Putin is blaming us for Russian Diplomat murders in Iraq. Yeah right. I am getting more tired of Putin by the name and I have not quite figured out his game yet.

AJ at his blog the Strata-Sphere has several good post up. He talks about the whole Novak coming clean business here. I am anxious to get to my TV and see the stuff on this tonight.

By the way isnt it a relief you don't have to go to michelle malkin to get news off the blogs. You can go to other good blogs that don't link to racist sites like VDARE. I am sorry but I am boycotting her as a main source till she gets that crap off her link list and quits asscociating with it on her blog. I will keep track though when she goes to the dark side.

Good Grief, my fellow Lousiana blogger poisoned himself while cleaning the toliet. Stop by and wish PaW PAw a speedy recovery.

One of My bloggers in Iraq , Midnight in Iraq, has a real cool post up called right now. He is not a bad dude even if he went to Bama. Oh I have some good Bama farked pics I can't wait to roll out

Krusty Konservative is our Republican eyes on the ground up in the important and soon to be very important State of Iowa. I haven't talked about Senator Allen much for 08 but he has a post on him here. I suggest taking a look. Allen is going to be a force if he survivies and his re election this year. To which I pray to God he does. Important stuff for us Repubs. Everyone needs to get active and support someone. It is our duty as citizens.

Done With Mirrors is one of my favorite blogs. He reports that a important witness in the whole Enron scandal been found dead in a park in London. I have to admit it sounds rather odd. By the way he has a take on the Cleanflicker case too. Hey Called as Seen he agrees with you too.

American Papist has some good Catholic news up. I haveing trouble linking to the individual stories but look at his July 12 stuff. One is an interesting article on the Vatican Budget. Yes, Believe it or not ,we might be the ONE TRUE CHURCH as we so call ourselves, but we don't have a money tree growing in the Vatican gardens. Someone still has to pay the lightbill. But look at his article on the Upcoming visit of the Pope to Turkey. I cannot stress how important this visit is. What results from this visit might effect so many things in the World. Including the beginning stages of how all us Christians are going to deal with Worldwide Islam and somehow do that without blowing ourselves up

Well there is much more, nut its is supper time. Till tonight.

If You Bring Your Business To Louisiana We Will Throw This In

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Picture much more clearer on link)
Well, maybe I am tad exagerating a tad that this come come with your new Louisiana Citizenship papers. But all the girls in Louisiana are as pretty as this. Promise. Well this was from quite a memorable night from Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. This was quite a production from the LSU Golden Girls that night. It met with quite a bit of approval from the crowd. I am posting this for three reasons. (1) I like this picture a lot and want to look at it more often, (2) LSU football Season is approaching, and (3) Give you something to look at while I am drafting my 'what is happening on my blogroll post. By the way this talented young lady in the forefront of this pic is Kenley Minchew. She is also on this years squad again. I think that deserves a great Hold that Tiger Cheer. If you wish to see more of Kenley go here.

Debunking the Jerome Corsi Conspiracy Theory (Kookdum Alert)

As you might know, I spend some time trying to defeat assorted forms of kookdum that is trying to mask itself as conservative and Republican. One reason I do this is that it is dangerous. The second reason is it makes conservatives look like idiots to the the average joe.

Well Jerome Corsi is writing a new book all about how George Bush is secretly plotting to get make one North American Empire. That is that the US, Canada, and Mexico will all merge together. Well one can be against Nafta and other things but this is just nonsense. The supreme Court is not going to disappear one day and be replaced by some trialateral thing. However , if you are on the internet much no doubt you have heard of this Kookdum. I talk about it here and here just to name a few places. This rumor and conspiracy theory is getting quite out of hand. This is right up there with the theory that was rampant in the african american community that Kentucky Fried Chicken causes black men to go sterile. No, I am not kidding I heard that numerous times. Well, this is about absurd as that but this rumor is the "white conservative" version of the Kentucky Fried Chicken BS. At least that is who it is being marketed too. I expect it will make an appearance among the radical left, we see that protest Starbucks and cause vandelism and destruction. Gosh, it probally already has.

Anyway, while over at conservative cajun's blog I noticed a poster that had a blog from Jefferson County Oregon. Well this blog is called Born Again Redneck. I like his blog , but be warned it is a very aggresive pretty conservative smack you right in your face kinda of blog. I think perhaps I will add it. Plus, I like him. He is from South Africa and fought apartheid. Don't you hate when conservatives don't fit that easy cliche that so many want to put us in in. Anywho, he has a post here on debunking it , or at least the highway portion of it. The pdf file he references is here that debunks this highway conspiracy junk.

Anyway folks, it is called trade. I know several people on my blogroll don't like Nafta. But this stuff doesnt help anybody. Plus. for goodness sake looking at the demographics of Europe in 20 years ,we better start thinking of new markets and trade solutions if we want to fund our nation as well as our armies. If we want our same standard of living ,we must get aggresive on this trade thing. But anywho that is another post. Just remember Jerome Corsi = Kookdum

Protecting Louisiana Coast is A National Security Issue

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I wanted to highlight again conservative cajun's efforts to save Louisiana's coast and also to protect this nation. First if you are unfamilar with this probem go to his site and check out his post and and his link page. This is just not a Louisiana problem. Besides the fact that the United States is surrendering a football field worth of land every 38 minutes, that a entire people and culture are at risk, that a entire eco system is at about to go bye bye, that what is happening if unchecked will cause economic problems to the US, it is also a matter of National Security.

I suppose if we had the population and the Congressional delegations of states like Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, or California we would not be in this problem. I realize that in the end there is a limited pot of money and every one wants it. States with bigger delegations often have the power to be heard. See as an example the Everglades in Florida or the Big Dig in Boston. Now I am not downing these States at all. God bless you for being in the position to where you have a voice.

However ,Louisiana on the whole is a rural State with a small population and a small congressional presence. I had hopes years ago that when Congressman Livingston of Louisiana was about to become Speaker of the House, our Coastal problem would have a voice. Well as you might reall this was after the impeachment thing, that Hustler magazine injected themselves into the debate and went into the soon to be Speaker's personal life. Well, needless to say he didn't become Speaker of the House. One victim was the Louisiana coast , as we had to again wait countless years to have our voice heard while watching out land literally disappear.

I urge you to go to his links and then please write a letter to your congressman. Are you coming to Louisiana? Traveling through on I-10. You email me and I swear If you got a a half a day I will find someone to show you up close and personal the problem. Louisiana supplies a tremendous amount of seafood to this nation. That is at risk. Rice? That commodity we use all the time. Well, a significant portion of our domestic Rice production is in danger. If you have ever seen a rice field, the amount of water needed for it is great. Many miles away from the coast more farmers everyday are not able to irrigate because of Saltwater infusion coming into the water table. The culprit? Coastal erosion. Plus coastal erosion also makes the damage from hurricanes so much severe. Hurricane Rita was off the TV screens pretty quick. But the damage was so widespread. Many farmers has land that flooded that have never flooded in anyone's memory. Many can't grow crops because of the saltwater damage from the flooding. Much of this was because of Coastal erosion. Every barrier Island that vanishes or every foot of marsh that's go bye bye increases the problems of flooding hundred fold. Those delicate marsh lands do the job of sapping the hurricane wrath as to tidal surge quite well. If it is not there we are in trouble. Feeding our selves is a national security issue.

Oil and Gas? Well Cajun Conservative works in the in industry and he has great insight. That is that natural gas, oil , and gasoline has to come from someplace. Much of it comes from here. We are one major hurricane hitting in the right place to cause one darn of a national crisis. This is a national security issue. So please go and read his letters, posts, and links. If you got 20 minutes to spare this week please write your congressman. Please we need your help.

Soldiers Angels

I wanted to highlight this women's work and this organization. One of my goals today is to put there banner on my sidebar. They are doing incredible work. This woman who founded this organization is incredible. She is one of those people who really need to be considered to be guest of the President at the next State of the Union. These are not just American women by the way. There are many Germans over at the German Branch of this organization comforting our wounded servicemen in their spare time. Also it is just not women. They have men angels too. So if you want to do some things for our service people check out this link. I often wonder if we did simple things such as mention this organization at our churches for instance how much easier their work would be. After you read the article go here to their web site.

Words Just Fail Me Sometimes

Cajun Tiger is a Louisiana Blogger currently in Iraq. He is probally having the type adventure of a lifetime over there that is only be fully appreciated after a couple of years back home. Before,I go on with my main object of this post go here to see how God is using this young man over there. That let get to the point of this post. Cajun tiger had this incredible post on the swearing in some new American Citizens in Saddams old digs no less. Let me just post what he said in part:
What an amazing thing to do on the 4th of July. Today, 89 LEGAL immigrants participated in a naturalization ceremony and became US citizens. Not only did they do it the LEGAL way, but they have already and will continue to put their life on the line in defense of the new citizenship they have just earned.

Now you can see from the rest of his entry and in the comment section that he and I differ on the illegal immigration issue a tad. That is ok. But I wanted to point out his above statement as the appropriate awe a rational American would have at hearing and reading about such a event. Now lets leave a American that is sane and rational and go elsewhere.

A couple of days ago the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs gave some pretty damn emotional testimony on immigration and the fact that we have immigrant and non American Citizens serving and dying for this country at this moment. Well Kennedy brought up the fact that often these guys come from mix familes(legal/illegal) and perhaps we should consider that when honoring their contribution. I think that is good point. There are of course some issues here that reasonable people can disagree on. Well yesterday I wandered over to one of the anti illegal Forums. That is the Forum for Americans for Legal immigration. Well like many sites for "legal immigration" they spend no time talking about reforming the system or anything to help legal immigrants. It is mostly talk about illegal Mexicans 24/7 over there. Spend some time around the forums I think it is pretty over the top. This thread talked about the General's speech. He are a couple of responses:
Maybe we should remove the eligibility for non-U.S. citizens to serve in the military and earn citizenship because they become anchors for the rest of their family. This is an opportunity and a gamble. Also, the vast majority of our military men and women are not deployed in Iraq or even in a war zone. Let's put it this way Teddy, there are 24,000 non-citizens in the US military earning citizenship, instead of returning home and applying for citizenship. It's a different path and more noble than amnesty but it is still just a path to citizenship. Teddy, since you seem to hear and aid whiners, what special perks are my children getting for serving in the military that will compare to citizenship? What perk will I received that will compare to giving citizenship to the soldier's family? What reuniting family bonus will I receive that compares to citizenship?

and not to be outdone

An Illegal Immigrant who joins the Military to gain favor such as Citizenship is a Mercenary, i don't care how many Metals he wins, he will always be a Merc lacking the true honor of a patriot. A Person who joins the Military as a matter of the Princple of defending his country without gaining favor of any kind is a True Soldier and Patriot. As a matter of History as i already stated, many countries that hired Mercenaries into their armies contrubuted to their downfall.

Youy know sometimes I am speechless how people lose all perspective ,when they get wrapped up in some issue. To Dixie, so what if it is a pathway to Citzenship, they are risking their lives for you to type your very thoughts on that forum. Your comments about being near a Warzone is also an insult to those serve ,American or non, in bases all over this country and around the World. Also ,If a new Citizen comes back from Iraq, can we please consider not deporting his wife for instance. Is that beyond the pale. I think that not so much to ask. Especially if God forbid he returned in a coffin.

Finally to the last comment. I think you need to go to a quiet Church someplace, and pray a bit for some peace. I don't know how many of these people had an irregular status as to residency before joing the military. For instance some might have been here for years , like since 2,and sort of crossed back over the border to Mexico for instance to apply to the miltary from there. I don't know. But to call any of these folks mercenaries is so beyond the pale I don't know what to say. Words fail me!!!! Get help.

I dont' have time right at this second but I am going to post a link to a terrific story on these Non American heros in about 30 to 40 minutes by Michael Yon

Update- A great Yon article ,one of his best ,on this issue. Also check out this one and this one too. Mercenaries, I think not.

Great Opinion Piece

Sorry for the lack of posts last tonight , but I as well as others were trying to expose some much needed light and truth as to minutegate tonight.(todays fun started about post 1100) It is a good read because it shows some everyday conservatives are getting fed up and asking a person in the know some important questions.

Anywho this is a great Editorial
This is just an excerpt. This is why I am so vocal in part on this issue. For full article go here

A battle is always raging for the soul of American conservatism. It is a battle between those who would find a familiar place to hunker down, and those who would risk engagement with ideas and the world.
There have always been those who would reduce the conservative impulse to something narrow and mean and afraid - an exclusive little club restricted to Our Kind of People, rather than a great, open, embracing faith.
The great political achievement of Ronald Reagan was to transform a cozy club into a populist movement, and his example remains instructive. Much like Lincoln before him, The Great Communicator was willing to accept the know-nothings' votes, but he drew the line at substituting their prejudices for his principles.
In Mr. Lincoln's day, the Know-Nothings actually had a party, and its bogeyman was the Roman Catholic Church. Today's demagogues use the latest wave of immigrants to much the same effect.
Today the party of Lincoln is being told it should demand that all illegal immigrants be deported, even if that means breaking up families, disrupting the economy and denying immigrant mothers medical care and their children an equal right to a college education.
Does anyone think these children will forget how their families, their mothers and fathers, were treated once they grow up to become voters, as they surely will? Childhood hurts endure, and their fruit is bitterness.
Do we really want to let that kind of bitterness take root? Immigrant families once instilled an undying gratitude and reflexive patriotism in their children. I know. I was an immigrant's child. Are we now going to plant resentment instead?
Cracking down on these newcomers and their children may be a good way to win the next election - and lose the next generation.
Tempting as it may be to demagogue the issue of illegal immigration, now is no time for conservatives to retreat to that dark little shop

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bombings in India

On a more serious note what is happening in India is tragic. Please go to Al Strata for his posting on the Crisis and bombings there. I agree with everything he says. To the left that thinks getting political points on a lame ducked President is more important that ourNational Security wake up. First Canada now this. Bin Laden and his crew has seriously screwed up here. India will not take this lying down. Already India is becoming more of a force in that Gulf Region. THis is desperation. FOlks we are at war and it is world wide. Radical Islam(not Islam itself) is at war with us. How much does it take to see that our efforts to back brave Moslems in Iraq and else where that will fight this stuff is not an option. Again Al Strata has tons of links and updates. Pray for the poor souls whose lives were lost today.

New Republic Writer Goes Undercover to Write About The Conservative Studs on A Conservative Internet Dating Service(Including Someone On MY Blog Roll)

Called as Seen has some very good post today, I made an earlier promise that I would put two non immigration posts up before I did anything more on the "illegal" issue. Well Called As Seen had a excellent post on that issue here as well as some good links. So I was about to find something "non immigration I could put up" so I could link that , when Called As Seen Comes to the rescue. It appears that the New Republic(A magazine I still like, but not as much as I did in the late 90's) decided to find out what the guys were like on a conservative internet dating site. That is So they sent out a undercover reporter. Well as you can see in his post that one guy had a few negative things to say about this undercover episode. Personally, I wouldnt have minded seems I would be flaunting it all over the place to try to get more girls. However Called As Seen appears to be one of the three men that were involved in these "dates" that is profiled. Alas. I cannot access the full article but I will surely stop by the Library to see if it is in the new edition. Well I think Called as Seen is really being nice and very chivilarous here and is trying to correct what he views as some very incorrect things said about the writer(date) of this piece.

Anywho. two questions
One Called as Seen at least did they give you a free subscription to NR and did they offer to reimburse you for this date.

If anyone else has any experiences with especially like lets say in North Louisiana please email me. Especially if it works!!!!

Oh and by the way after you read that remember to read his links on immigration.

Update- I manged to find the article on the Net. I am glad Called as Seen commented on this. It really is not a bad piece at all. See not only do I have good informative people on my blogroll but they are of a special quality. More reasons to return here

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Jew hater Bush?!??

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Jew hater Bush?!??

I was catching up on some of my folks on my blog roll ans saw that Done As Seen had highlighted this blog and post from July 2. It seems that Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle who wrote a little gem of a piece is a complete idiot. Please read it as well as the blogger's response to the charge that the President is just attacking the New York Times because it is code for Jew bashing. In a way, I hope it is just that Carroll is a idiot, and not doing this with malice. I never get this attitude that Republicans or conservatives hate jews. Every time I see this or encounter this in liberal forums and blogs my reaction is always -wtf? I guess this caught my eye because I ran across this insanity in this blogger's comment section just yesterday. Here are the highlights:
"Isn't it strange how supportive the GOP is of israel when most of it's base probably detests Jews..."

"Keep in mind most of its base also "supports Israel", even though the same base also tends to be anti-semitic.This is not as contradictory as it at first might sound: don't forget that most of these people appear to believe in some sort of crazed apocalyptic theology derived from very specific (and very shaky) interpretations of the Book of Revalations. Part of this theology includes a "script" which they consider, basically, a formal magical spell to invoke armageddon. And it's one they're working toward actively.The relevant parts of this script dictate that "Israel" must be a nation, and that the borders must be the same as they were in Biblical times--goodbye, Palistine!--but also, all of the Jews must be converted to Christianity or dead.So their support of Israel and their hatred toward Jews themselves both finds support in their apocalyptic theology.

Good Grief, I wonder if these folks have ever met any Republicans. There of course is still anti Jewish feeling but it is on the extremes. In fact that is why I try to expose groups that have that these views that are trying to inflitrate the Republican party and the conservative movement. Republicans and conservatives are appalled by that. Note- these groups hate Republicans as much as they hate you Mr Carroll and others.

That being said the fact that people think the average Republican hate Jews is pretty stupid. I think most people where I live have the attitude as me. How can you be anti Jewish when Jesus and the Virgin Mary are Jews. It never made sense to me. Plus I have to admit I never detected any anti Jewish sentiment among my older relatives. In fact, it seems at times people like my Grandmother miss the jews we had as neighbors quite a bit. You see the Deep South in the cites and especially the river towns had quite a bit of Jews in the ole days. From the small towns like Lake Providence Louisiana, to Port Gibson Mississippi, to bigger places like Natchez, Vicksburg, and Shreveport. They were not only the political leaders but often were some its most important businesspeople. I still hear tales of how the Jewish merchants would open their stores on Christmas day for food and drink for the Christian customers to come by and celebrate. How in places like Natchez that great dances with cars lined down the street would occur at the area where temple was held. Of course that is gone. Magnificant southern Jewery is about dead now. My grandmother when mentioning a Jewish Friends son or cousin would often say "They are have gone to Atlanta. It seemed to me like every deep south Jew had gone to Atlanta.

But there was one place where southern Jewery was hanging on and it was magnificant. It was in my beloved New Orleans. I enjoyed going to Saturday night mass uptown on St Charles Ave and Carrolington. It was like a traffic jam when you went getting out of there and then going out to dinner. Catholics and Jews all going at the same time to worship and offer praise. I liked that. It reminded me of my own roots in a way. But that now I fear has been lost forever. Katrina very well might have destroyed that in a space of a few hours. Oh, Jewish New Orleans residents returned just like everyone else, but still in far less numbers just like everyone else. Is it enough to survive and thrive for the future? I hope so but I see realities. That was one victim of Katrina among many that doesn't get much attention. Just like perhaps that special Deep Southern big city Catholicism might very well be.

So in many of these southern towns there are but a few Jews left. Soon it will be just the graveyards. To which I say to Mr Carroll of the San Franscisco Chronicle, even us republicans will make sure are cared for and maintained just as the Christian ones. I am against hate crime laws on principle. It makes me nervous making a crime of thought and ides. Even when those ideas are abhorent. However if the day comes those are enacted on a large scale, I hope in fairness it is a crime to hate a Republican or conservative. It is only fair isn't it. But this myth continues in some quarters that the base hates the Jews. It is a shame that a person would use a great faith for such cheap political gain.

Update-Let me plug a delightful little book related to this topic. It is called Confederates in the Attic. This is a great book. the author is a Jewish man that comes to the South and looks at all things confederate and Civil war and so much more. However there is a chapter dealing with him happening upon the last few Jews Of Vicksburg ,Mississippi. I happen to have met the people he is talking about that own that still activeDrugstore/ Medical and Cannonball artifact center. It is still going by the way and is just a part of the charm of ole Vicksburg. Anyway, I recommend the whole book, but if you are in bookstore read the chapter regarding Vicksburg.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Minutemen go to a Republican Meeting

I swear I will put some other non immigration issues next up for those who don't like my particular soapbox issue. But while I was doing my research on Minutegate I came across this Gem I missed this week. What happens when American Patriots our very own minutemen come to a local Texas Republican Lunch Meeting to share their views. Well Read and Learn.

The Texas Minutemen brought their borderline paranoia to the heart of Aggieland this week. A Republican club invited the Wise County-based Minutemen to tell about their escapades guarding the Rio Grande. But what they heard was too loony even for Aggies.

When the Minutemen's quirky leader started rambling about a secret plan to "merge Canada and Mexico with the United States," Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the good Republicans in the home of the George Bush Presidential Library started squirming in their chairs behind half-eaten barbecue plates.
When a Minutewoman from Dallas started complaining that ranchers can shoot diseased cattle at the border but not humans, and blamed permissive immigration on the "greedy business people" of America, their Republican host finally had enough and stood to cut off questions.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"Thank you," said Dan Garcia, 29, an Iraq war veteran and now a Texas A&M University student. Almost apologetically, he told the Brazos County Young Republicans, "Our goal was just to set up a forum where we could hear different opinions."
Later, he said the discussion "got out of hand a little too quickly."
"I don't think disease should be part of the issue," said Garcia, a Brownsville native and the son of immigrants from Mexico who earned doctorates. "Some of the things they said, I totally disagree with. As Republicans, we're not xenophobes. We just want to know who's coming into the country."
It was his idea to invite a Minuteman to draw more people to a meeting when some Young Republicans have gone home for the summer. It worked: Instead of five or six Republicans, the meeting drew 25 guests to C & J Barbeque.

Garcia said he looked up Minutemen on the Web and found the Wise County group.
Shannon McGauley, 42, a private investigator from Boyd, leads one of two factions of Minutemen volunteers in Texas. His faction reports to a California man who is affiliated with a Bible-preaching fringe political party and who openly opposes allowing any other "cultures" or languages in America besides his own.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That part bothered Garcia before the meeting.
"What makes America great is that we pull the best from all cultures," he said in an interview. "As a Republican, I value hard work and personal integrity. People bring those values to the U.S. from all cultures."

McGauley agreed to make the drive to Bryan for gas money, Garcia said.
McGauley and other Minutemen have eagerly accepted invitations from border-minded Republican clubs lately, using the opportunity to promote their financially struggling volunteer effort and to preach their conspiracy politics. In Bryan, their handouts included something about the Trilateral Commission.

McGauley, a stubby man with a necktie that stops about four inches too soon, called himself a "bail bond enforcement agent." He and a brother bill themselves on the Web
as the only known pair of twin bounty hunters.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(The guy in the center is Shannon McGauley, the head of the Gilchrist chapter that is based in Arlington)
Before they hunted border crossers, they might have been hunting something else. In a Yahoo discussion group called "smalltowntexassingles," somebody using his brother's name posted a 2002 ad introducing twin brother private investigators looking to "get to know" singles.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting They have also advertised a lawn service.

Early last year, after volunteering in a Minuteman Project patrol in Arizona, McGauley registered the name Texas Minutemen.
The other faction is the Falfurrias-based Texas chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which emphasizes lawful borders more than fear of Hispanic "culture."

For the Bryan audience, McGauley began with a routine report on risks along the border. He described the cat-and-mouse game Minutemen play watching the border, the rumors of Iraqis crossing illegally and the plans for another patrol Sept. 11 along the Rio Grande near Laredo and Del Rio.

The volunteers simply watch for border crossers and alert the Border Patrol, he said. They carry concealed weapons for self-defense, as allowed under state law.

A small group of Hispanic students and adults from Texas A&M University watched from a front table. Hispanic students have been part of the Gig 'Em tradition since at least 1894, when an Aggie from Hidalgo, Mexico, named N. Valdez scored A&M's very first football touchdown

They bristled when McGauley's co-founder, a retired Dallas software engineer named Sandra Beene, started talking about shooting "varmints" and about how ranchers used to shoot cattle that crossed the border for fear they might have diseases.
"Now, we're bringing all the diseases that we wiped out right back in," she said.

Then, a barber from Bryan spoke up from the crowd to complain about trucks from Mexico using the planned Trans-Texas Corridor toll superhighway.
"Trucks are going to roll all the way into Kansas City from a foreign nation," McGauley said as if free trade is somehow sinister.
He mentioned the secret "plan" to merge North America, which must not be a secret up in Wise County.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Late in the discussion, Beene made this telling comment:

"Once, in this country, we imported a lot of people who were black, and we created a slave class of human beings," she said. "And we're still paying for that, through all the resentment. And black people are still paying for it, too."

Lesson 1: Some of these Minutemen don't want anyone of another color or culture in Texas.
Lesson 2: Republicans need to be careful about welcoming the Minutemen

What a bunch of Yahoos these Republicans at this Texas Republican meeting. I mean don't they read WorldnetDaily, NewsMax and listen to Jerome Corsi and all the great stuff about the North American Union and the mexican invasion they are warning us about . I mean if Michelle Malkin and Rep Tom Tancredo have drunk the Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting why not them. Stupid Aggie Rinos why don't they listen to the "base".

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