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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Mormon Question

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Pondering American Tackles the Mormon Question and will without a Doubt offend Countless others.

A little poll by the LA Times and Bloomburg ,set the blogs and politicos talking this week. In that poll 37 percent said they would not vote for a Mormon to be President. Well you can just imagine the reaction of the Romney camp to this poll. Full attack mode. I have noticed that beside how organized the Romney camp is on the internet , it is also quite ferocious when angered. Well more on that in a bit. Romney needless to say is a pretty active Mormon and comes from a pretty big political tradition From the above article:
The governor is from a family that is almost as political as it is Mormon. His late father, George Romney, was a three-term governor of Michigan who also made a brief, unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination. Lenore Romney, the Massachusetts governor's late mother, lost a Republican bid for the U.S. Senate.Mitt Romney, who made a fortune as a venture capitalist, suffered defeat in his maiden political outing in 1994 when he ran against Democrat Edward M. Kennedy for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.As a young man, Romney was a Mormon missionary in France. He graduated from LDS-sponsored Brigham Young University in Utah. Romney was president of an LDS stake — a group of local congregations, comparable to a Catholic diocese — in Belmont, Mass., where his family settled more than 30 years ago. He has also overseen a local Mormon congregation as a bishop.A great-grandfather had five wives, but the church now opposes polygamy, as does Romney. The Mormon Church has about 12.5 million members worldwide, according to the church website; a little under half are in the U.S.Romney is reticent about his religion, citing privacy and contending that candidates should not be judged on their "brand of faith." But he regularly describes himself as a Christian, saying, "Jesus Christ is my savior."

So what to make of all this. The big question that the media and some campaigns are trying to bring up is , will Americans and in particular the Evangelical community vote for a Mormon?
First a little bit on this poll. Besides the 37 percent that said they would not vote for an Mormon , 10 percent said they would not vote for a Catholic and a whopping 21 percent would not vote for a evangelical for President. So it appears that many of these people just don't want anyone very religious at all and are pretty much bigoted and believe all these fanciful sterotypes about Christians of a certain mindset. A couple of Romney blogs commented on this poll including this analysis. I would say that besides for a few minor points, I would agree with this guy's conclusions. It should be point out further that this poll is sampling the whole Univerise. It is not sampling likely voters for the most part.

At some point this whole "Are Mormons Christians question " is going to explode full fury on the scene. I expect some well known Republican or perhaps a Conservative Religious Leader is going to say something about this and there will be quite a firestorm for a couple of weeks. Romney and their folks are preparing for this and will in my view come out the winner in that saga. If you asked me if the Mormon religion was Christian ,I would have no problem without hesitation saying NO. I expect many Christians such as myself have a idea that if a group calls its Christian it needs to look something like Early Christianity and be something similar to the Nicene Creed. In reality, what is the deal breaker historically is how a group calling itself Christian views the Trinity. The Trinitarian GOD and allegiance to it, is often the major point in deciding if something can be classifyed as connected to Historic Christianity or not. Needless to say that is one of many doctrines where the Mormons differ. I expect Mormons would not be to offended by what I just said because according to them what I call Historic Christianity went off the rails just as soon as Jesus left this planet. However, is that going to matter to the average "Christian Voter"?

I think not. First, we have cases where we have seen things like this. For instance, Pentecostals in my State are a very active group in the political scene. I have been to more Pentecostal Church services with political hopefuls than I can count. In Louisiana, Pentecostals often vote in bloc and getting their vote is a must. Now, if you hang in Pentecostal churches very much you will notice that in certain branches of that faith something is a tad off if your not Pentecostal. In most Pentecostal churches down here, such as the UPC, it becomes quite apparent that their view of the Trinity is quite nonexistance. As I told one campaign staffer after a event at a rural UPC Church in North Louisiana, I felt I had been transported back in time and was listening to a congregation of Arians led by Bishop Arius in 340 AD. By the way, again is this offensive? I think not because Pentecostals are quite open about their disapproval of this Polytheism as they call it. Do we go around calling Pentecostal Arians or non Christians? Of course not. That would be improper but the issue is still there in the background. So here we have a group that like the Mormon's cannot be classifyed as Historical Christianity as defined by over a billion Christians. It also by the way , is often accused of being a cult similar to some charges against the Mormons. It also has some practices that are outside the mainstream Baptist church just down the road. However, everyone goes and ask for their votes ,and people from the Pentecostal faith run for public office all the time and get elected. In other words , do folks on the whole keep the issues of ,"is the UPC Pentecostal Church really Christian" and who they vote for in the voting booth pretty separate. I am pretty sure they do. I know I do in that and similar situations. There are similar examples I guess with people that practice the Christian Science Faith and certain Branches of the 7th Day Adventist Church. Again, I am living in the middle of the Bible Belt as it is called and I just use this as example of something similar to a Mormon situation. Another example are folks that think the Catholic Church is pretty much the whore portrayed in the Book of Revelation , but they keep voting Catholics into office.

Now , I am not naive. Mormons are not Pentecostals or Catholics or for that matter Jehovah Witnesses. Mormons have needless to say some different views. I am sure by January 2008 we will know more than we want to know about "Baptism for the Dead", Special Clothes for rituals, and secret ceremonies(all available on the internet by ex Mormon's which by the way nothing too shocking is going on), this kinda of UTAH Pope like figure in Salt Lake City and a good bit of stuff that Mormons don't believe but will passed off as fact by anti Mormons. But is it going to be a factor with the non mormon population in voting? Well ,unless there is some verse in the Book of Mormon that indicates the end of World will happen when a Mormon is elected President I think not, especially in the South. I have a secret suspicion that the Romney campaign might be wanting this whole debate to go on for a while. First off most people have visions of Mormons as all being great upstanding folks that are all Moral and Family loving . I used to think this sterotype was correct till I saw Senator Reid lol. That provides some cover to positions that Romney's opponents will call Liberal. Second, it keeps Romney in the news and at least makes him interesting and something different. Third , this could very well backfire on the person that is perceived to make a issue of it. From what I observe, most folk's view as to religion qualifications as too elected officials, is they don't want them to be a raving Atheist or into something extremely weird. Weird like Wicca for instance or snake handling. If Romney gets up there and says the famous phrase ,as he has , that "Jesus is my Savior" and is viewed as sincere , I think that will be fine with the majority of the folks in the pews. Romney has much bigger concerns over the issue of Gun Rights with the person in the typical Southern Church than any doctrinal stance of the Latter Day Saints.

However, again groups have to be careful here. If Romney is attacked on his religion down here I predict it will backfire big time. Why? Because in the Bible Belt despite what the media and Hollywood portrays, religion is not some monolithic Creature with a few Catholics, such as myself, sprinkled in. In the small town I live in there are numerous churches. Many of them in direct quite spirited opposition to each others views. It has been like that forever. The key is that outside these deep held Religious beliefs there is also a another cherished view. That is to make a issue of someone's religion as to politics, business, friendship, in one's family or moral standing is rude, uncalled for and uncouth. People are quite comfortable down here beliving that your Church's teaching might be the work of Satan but that in no way means you are not a good and responsible person and also would you please babysit the kids tomorrow night. That's what has always made the very religious south work. It is respect for ones neighbor despite religious differences. Convert people all you want , but just keep all the religious controversy out of business and social life. That is one reason why Catholics and Jews have since the 1800's thrived here both in social and political life for the most part. Most of my friends think , that I am endangering my soul and blaspheming because I pray to the Virgin Mary. However that doesn't stop us from having a good time working together and having fun at the hunting camp. It is an unoffical social contract. Woe to the person that violates that. So all this talk of problems I believe in the Southern primaries is overblown. Romney will deal with more thornier issue than religion down here

So I have pontificated. Lets take a glimpse at how he is doing. I am quite frankly surprised how well Romney is being received by Evangelicals and conservative Christians. Especially since one of his competitor is a ordained Southern Baptist minister. Early indications show that people are impressed enought to want to hear him out. The big Southern Republican Event in Memphis was quite a success with Romney coming in second to homestate boy Bill Frist. Even though reports of events like this is from perhaps a biased source, I have read the same reports from other sources. I suspect that events are planned in the South. His wife by the way may be a big asset on the trail. I found it interesting as this poll was being conducted that this site appears. Evangelicals For Mitt. This blog like the others one is quite aggresive for this stage in the campaign. In fact, they are on the whole not holding back as to attacking(not all in a bad way) the early perceived leaders in the race. Also, he is going after the Mass going Catholic Vote in a effective way.

Of course the Internet can be deceiving as to true strength. I am sure that many have questions over Romney political stance as well as the Mormon issue. I am convinced that most will come to terms with the religious issue the politics is another issue. I am not quite convinced yet that Romney y is Pro-Life like George W Bush for instance. When I see people being quoted that Romney is the only true viable social conservative , I find that a little hard to believe at this point. IF the Huckabee or BrownBack campaign catches on then Romney might have problems. In the Southern Primaries, Huckabee I think would do quite well. IS this why I see early signs of trying to portray Huckabee, BrownBack, and McCain as perhaps too liberal on certain issues? That is of course laughable but the image and perception is important not the reality. What is his position on the 2nd amendment? On what issues has he had to make compromises on in Massachusetts that would not be considered conservative? Did he have to make those compromises to ensure re- election in Mass? Does that matter? I have other concerns. I like Huckabee and Brownback's view on the illegal alien problem better. I know that puts me in the minority- oh well. And of course one of the most important questions-What kind of War leader will he make? I am still open to Romney and he still has a shot at my support. I must say putting States into play that Republican have not had a chance at since 1984 is very tempting.
I am having fun already and can't wait till it really starts to heat up. It is becoming apparent to me that this Primary campaign could go far longer than we are used too because each man has cetrain strengths with Demographics and Geographical areas. OF course there will be no fire wall set up in States like South Carolina now for the Establishment guy. Because Cheney is not running and thus there is no GOP establishment hopeful in the mix..

Update- I thought I would clarify my comments about the Mormon Religion and Pentecostals Religion not being Christian. First the above is not met to be an Exhaustive post on such issues as possible non valid Baptisms, invincible ignorance, Baptism of Desire or other complicated issues. The above is just what I view as the political reality that will play out. As a Catholic even though we are taught we are the Church, we are also taught that God's Grace cannot be bounded by his Sacraments alone. Therefore, nothing above should be taken that it is my view or the Catholic Churches view that Christ cannot be at work in individual believers of those traditions.

Some additions to blogroll -Welcome!!!

I thought it was time to add a some more names to my Blogroll and introduce them. These are blogs or sites that I go to a good bit and I am, slowly intoducing. is not a blog but it is the best forum for LSU Sports. It is that big banner over there on the left. I finally figured how to get that image to link back to the site. On the site the Tiger rant room is where all the LSU sports action occurs. They also have a Saints section also. IF you are not into LSU Sports(I can't imagine anyone wouldn't be) you might go their political board. It is pretty active and at times coarse but it is pretty fun. The overtime lounge is raw but fun at times.

Cajun Tiger's Rants and Raves is a blog that I just found again. I you are like me, I often find blogs while not my personal computer and then forget the name of it and it takes a while to find it again. I remember seeing his and found it interesting and did not find it again till I saw him comment on another blog. Shane is currently in Bagdad as a contractor. He is from Lockport Louisiana which is around Houma way down there in Lafouche Parish. He talks about Iraq, Politics, Christian issues, and other things. I am trying to find any Louisiana blogger that is over there and he is the first to be put on the blogroll in that group.

Iowans For Romney is another Romney blog ,I am putting up there on my list. I want to have a a few interesting blogs for the major 08 Repub that I myself am consulting. I will be putting some more blogs for the other guys too. So far I am looking at Brownback and Huckabee closely but I have not committed yet. Also, I want to put him on the roll today because I anticipate I am going to take a stab at the whole "Mormon" issue today. I will try to find a good Pataki or "Rudy" blog this week as Well as a McCain one.

Krusty Konservative is another important blogger to watch over the next year and a half especially. He is from Iowa and is a font of info on how your favorite GOP hopeful is doing in that important state. I shall be going to him often. What I also like about his blog is that he has a very active comment section where one can be led to other important sources of info.

The Hedgehog Blog is a blog that I am being wanting to put on my blogroll for some time. I like their analysis a good bit. Also, they focus on some foreign policy issue a good bit , that I have an interest in.

Sweetness and Light is a great blog. This blog hits alot of news and does it well. Like Cajun Tiger's blog this a blog that I lost for a period of time. I first came across it when they were following Cindy Sheehan as she was trying to take advantage of our whole Katrina situation. It was incredible the current info they had.

Cor ad Cor Loquitor is great blog by an Catholic Apologist by the name of Dave Armstrong. First let me say that his index page on the right is best source of Catholic info on the net. It is priceless and often when someone ask me a question about the faith I don't know the answer to I go here first. Also what I like about this site is the dialouge that occurs between him and others especially in the Evanglical and Reformed traditions of Chrisitianity. The level of discourse between our faith traditions has increased dramtically in the past decade. His blog is an example of that. If you go through his archives in the past he has debated some rabid anti Catholics such as the infamous James White who just keeps on saying mistruths despite being corrected like a million times. Also he has had debates with the new leading light of that movement Eric Svendson. He has quit debating these folks lately which is good. The current debate and discussion with the people that might have some disagreement with Catholicism on particular issues has been much more healthy, informative, and Christ filled. However, I would visit his anti Catholic section when the usual suspects publish another book for responses.

Evangelical Outpost is a blog you might wish to visit. I have been saying I wanted to put up a few non Catholic Christian blogs that I enjoy and he is the first. He talks about religion, politics, from and culture from an Evangelical Worldview. I often find his post quite engaging and his link section is great. There are few lesser Reformed and Evangelical blogs I will put up that are quite good but lesser known.

Before I put another Iraq oriented blogger on I m going to put two servicepeople in Afghanistan first. I have decided which two but they will probally come from this list. Visit them all, they all appear to be recently active.

Anywho these should be on blogrolling tonight.

Colbert and His Catholic Faith

I was browsing the net and I found that the Anchoress has found another interesting topic as well as blog. The subject was Colbert who of course is the controversial Comedian and also host the Colbert report. Read this link that also the Anchoress links to. Well , it seems that Colbert is a pretty devout Catholic and in fact makes no bones about it on his show. Colbert might be more liberal than me on doctrianal matters, but it is refreshing to see such open and genuine display of religious faith from the entertainment mindset. I mean this is pretty stunning to hear from the Hollywood folk:
I love my Church, and I'm a Catholic who was raised by intellectuals, who were very devout. I was raised to believe that you could question the Church and still be a Catholic. What is worthy of satire is the misuse of religion for destructive or political gains. That's totally different from the Word, the blood, the body and the Christ. His kingdom is not of this earth.

I also like this mormon2catholic blog that of course had the original story. Being a convert to faith, I like convert blogs. Plus, it gives me a way to help as new Catholics go throught the up and downs of their first few years as Catholics. Te archives seem pretty good and I guess if there is a possibility that we are going to have a Mormon President, it seems like a good idea to find out more in detail what they believe. I have knowledge of some of their beliefs but not all. She seems to give an unbiased account of the basics on most things. This brings ups a related question that has been going around. That is the big elephant in the room, Romney and his Mormon faith. I have stated a couple of times that in the end I think this issue and how the Christian right would view it has been overblown. However a couple of people have emailed and begged to differ. So I am going to do a post on that later today perhaps and go into these controversal waters. I am sure I will end up offending half the world before it is over. However, this poll has created a little bit of a stir among Romney supporters so I might as well delve right into it -more later.

Zarqawi Meets the Virgins

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Friday, July 07, 2006

So the Dems finally get some one to Challenge Congressman Boustany

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This is one of three Louisiana related posts that in a row. If you wish to see some non Louisiana stuff scroll on down , but I do wish you would take some time on the revenue sharing post. Read through those that post as well as Right Hand Thief post and then go to Cajun Conservative and examine his thoughts as well as his links on the issue. I feel that you will see our point. Please contact your US Senator as ask him to support this legislation that is important for the Nation.

Any who I see the Dems have got someone to challenge first term Republican Congressman Boustany. I am not familar with Mike Stagg. I seem to recall his name for some reason though. However, it appears to me that this will be largely a failed effort to me. Perhaps someone frrom Lafayette can enlighten me. Boustany is someone that very well could challenge Senator Mary Landrieu in her next election in 08. Mike Staggs's campaign web site is here. The Lafayette dem blog has a post here with some info on him as well as posts he has authored on the blog. At this point I am unimpressed and don't think this will be a serious challenge. He sounds way to liberal for this region of the State. This is no former Congressman Chris John. He also runs a another blog here. Also this is interesting.

Congressman Jim McCreary Gossip
There are rumors afoot that Republican Congressman Jim McCreary of Shreveport will have a challenge. In a politcal news FAX update that many locals get it was announced that a prominent Female Democrat would run against him. After talking to a liberal friend, we were both scratching our heads who this could be. My theory is possibly former Television Anchor, and Former Assistant to outgoing Shreveport Mayor- Liz Swaine. Liz Swaine has said that she will offically announce that she was going to jump into a already crowded mayor's race. She raised an astonishing 200,000 dollars at one event. Could it be she is looking for something higher? Jim after William Jefferson goes bye bye will be the Congressman that has the most senority out of the entire Louisiana delegation. Also he is about to get a nice chairmanship if the Republicans stay in control. It would take quite a campaign to unseat him.

Your Right Hand Thief

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Your Right Hand Thief

Your Right Hand Thief from Nola brings us Louisiana folks some hopeful news. Congressman JIndal is predicitng passage of Oil Revenue Sharing bill in the Senate. Like Right Hand Thief,I hope his optimism is well placed.

I am not to pleased that Louisiana is not getting more of what is really its fair share. More money needs to be devoted to this awesome problem of Coastal Erosion. Jindal and others have gotten us farther than any other politician has in 30 years on this important issue.

I encountered Mary Landrieu once when she was was campaigning. I told her that she and then Senator John Breaux should filibuster the whole damn Senate till this Coastal erosion problem was addressed. You think that is extreme? Well I think the fact that for years we have been losing land the size of a football field every 38minutes is pretty important. If there is ever a reason to filibuster and bring the Senate to a halt till a serious problem is addressed, I can't think of one better than this one.

Conservative Cajun has all the links on his sidebar that address this issue and how it effects even people in Landlocked Nebraska.

The Lastest From Our Governor(Plus Background)

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State Treasurer Kennedy(Left) Senator Katrina Mary Landrieu(middle) Gov Blanco (right)

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Thursday that she is undecided on whether to veto any of $31 million-plus in legislators’ pet projects from the state budget.
However, Blanco said state Treasurer John Kennedy shares the burden for scrutinizing some of the projects since he “signs the checks.”
Kennedy said that is news to him.
He said his responsibility amounts to clerical work — getting the correct mailing address for the projects, ensuring they are registered with the state and getting their financial information.
Kennedy accused Blanco of throwing up a smokescreen to obscure the fact that she cannot make the politically tough decision to cut the pork from the $26.7 billion state budget.
“The governor either has the courage to veto some of this junk out of the budget … or she does not,” Kennedy said. “If she wants to pass the buck to me … I will be delighted.”........

Background to Governor Blanco
Ahh Mrs. Blanco. First let me say a few things about Governor Blanco. Governor Blanco was our former LT Governor and before that was a elected member of the Public Service Commission. A few years ago she won a close race against Bobby Jindal who is now a Congressman. He will be running again against her next year and I expect he will beat her.

Blanco beat Jindal for various reasons. It was a very heated campaign at the end and in my mind Bobby should have responded to an all out lie on his record that was used to scare all the old and poor folks. However she also also won because of a good bit of support From North Louisiana. Now there is an annoying theory that keeps going around that all those North Louisiana people voted for her because they were racist and did not want a Indian- American Governor. Well besides being stupid that theory is pretty insulting. It generally comes from the same people that downgrade North Louisiana and say we are not really Louisiana folks but really Texans. Trust me I have seen the business, the industry, the roads, the schools etc etc in Texas. There is no doubt we are in Louisiana. Anyway, before Governor Blanco we had a true RINO Governor by the name of Mike Foster. Well, besides destroying the Republican party, he went out of his way never to visit us good folks. IN his entire 8 years in office he visited the largest city up here a total of 4 times.
Blanco . then Lt Gov, was here constantly. I swear she must have had a second home up here. You couldn't pick up the paper without seeing some event she was at. Well, people actually like the fact that politicians consider them important , and plus Blanco was up here so much and shook so many hands that people remembered that. That is the reason she is in office today. North Louisiana voted her in because she was about the only State Wide office holder that thought we were important too. Also you can say alot about Blanco but she is honest and not corrupt. Trust me after years of Edwin Edwards that still means something.

We have one other problem in Louisiana, and that is almost all the newspapers are owned by Gannett. The result, I have observed, is that many resources that the paper used to cover things from local sports to politics start ot dry up. This is important because North Louisiana folks were pretty clueless about how the people in Blanco's home town and Parish down south viewed her. It seems that the good people of Lafayette and and the Parish of Lafayette, where Blano is from, had certain misgivings about Blanco. Especially since on election night she could not carry her own Parish or city. The reason for those concerns , or there were concerns at all, were not conveyed through the media to voters up here that thought in blissful ignorance that Blanco was great.

Then there was Katrina. But we were seeing warning signs before them that perhaps Blanco was going to have problems

The current saga.

What you are seeing is that Governor Blanco is trying her best not to annoy anyone. As Secretary Kennedy(D) said she is trying to pass the political buck a tad and not really wanting to take the heat for using her Line Item veto. Kennedy and the Governor do not get along by the way. In fairness it should be said that this "pork" if it truly is all pork is at lower levels than the past. What you are about too see in my view is a Governor that will be cutting or keeping programs on the basis of the future 07 race. That of couse is to be expected and truthly I am not really offended by it. It is how the game is played. But if she wants to play it she needs to do so and not trying to put it on some elses shoulders.

Metzgar got it right on her blog she said:

An article in the Advocate raises some interesting questions about who’s making decisions (or not) in Louisiana, who’s responsible for ensuring state monies are well spent (or not), and most incredibly, about who’s actually in charge (or not).
Who knew it was the state treasurer’s job to exercise the line item veto? Last time I checked the state
constitution that was the governor’s bailiwick.
If the governor has no intention of exercising the veto to cut pork from the $26.7 billion budget then she should just say so. Trying to convince voters it’s not her job isn’t going to work –especially with voters paying a bit
more attention than they have in the past.

Cajun Conservative hit on a related issue of spening and what we and our elected officials should really be worried about here.

Also Bobby is not repeating his past mistake. I am happy to report he was far from his district last week and speaking to a very large and Enthusastic Neighborhood association last week in Shreveport. North Louisiana should be his next time.

VDARE- A Case study in Scare Tactics(Kookdum Alert)

Vdare is the poster child for extremist rethoric in the immigration debate. The site is so extreme that even very conservative Forums such as the Free Republic will not link to it. No matter where you stand on the immigration debate it is hard to deny that this site, named after the first white Child born in America, is just racist filth. That is one reason why Michelle Malkin and should be held accountable for linking to this nonsense. The fact that she is a prominent conservative journalist and links to it in a way tars all of us. For more on VdAre go to Subway Canaries excellent post .
Well Vdare has a blog too. Heavens how blessed are to have this opportunity for more bile. I go over there to see what this part of kookdum is saying. I ran across this incredible July 4 post.

Hispanic Criminals in Jackson, Missisipi State Of EmergencyPosted By James Fulford On 4th July 2006 @ 10:47
Drudge Report is carrying this story. [City state of emergency to continue, By Kelli Esters, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, July 3, 2006] Sounds like a headline from the era of civil rights marches, doesn't it?
But things have changed--the Mayor of Jackson,
Frank Melton, is black. The "unrest" may be Hispanic. Conflict between blacks and Hispanics in Jackson is becoming serious.
The latest incident is this
After midnight Friday, Jackson saw its second homicide during the state-of-emergency period in a
quintuple shooting outside a west Jackson nightclub.
Uriel Castillo, 22, of Pearl was shot and killed outside the
Taqueria Mexicana in the Bel Air Shopping Center at 1999 U.S. 80 West. Castillo was shot once in the chest and once in the arm, Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said Saturday.
Police would not release the names of the other four men, but described them as all being in their 20s.

Ah where to begin. First, one gets the impression from this that the whole town is being taken over by crazy Hispanic criminals. First the facts. Jackson and the County it is located in is a whopping .08 perecent Hispanic or Latino according to 2000 Census figures. Lets say that has increased slightly which I doubt since the population of the city is actually decreasing. But lets say it is up to 1 percent. That should be a big clue right there. Furthermore one of articles he sites in his propaganda piece about Hispanic and black conflict in Jackson occured in Forest Mississippi. A town that is 52 miles away from Jackson and has a population of 6000. Most of the links unless you go to them have nothing to do with Jackson Mississippi, but you wouldn't know that at first glance. Now as to the tragic shooting involving a hispanic he mentions I found this
Rocio Gonzales, a frequent client of the nightclub, said talk is that the shooting "happened due to a love dispute between a young girl and her ex-boyfriend."
Fights do take place sometimes in the facility, especially when alcohol "and girls" are involved, she said.
"In my opinion it would be helpful if this place had more security," she said. "But look, this is a good place, it's a center for Latinos to gather and have fun."
A man, who identified himself as the owner but refused to give his name, said in Spanish through a translator that his business is "100 percent secure."
"(The shooters) apparently were waiting for them outside and were coming from another nightclub," he said.
Some who worked in the area said the Bel Air shopping center is generally a calm place, with occasional rowdiness at the club.
"The problem is, when they get drunk, they start fighting," said Carlos Garcera, 51, a cashier at Tienda La Guadalupe, a shop that, like the club, caters to the Hispanic community. "But it is not so often."
Vance, whose precinct includes the center, said the shopping center is generally a safe place, though it is not unusual for police to respond to calls at the club.
"We've had calls out there before. Disturbance ... fight-type calls," he said. "But at the same time, it's not like we're out there every week

So it appears that the State of Emergency has not been caused by those "hispanics" in Jackson Mississippi. In fact looking through the articles relating to this, I can not see any evidence of any major Black vs Hispanic gang activity there. What is happening in Jackson is the tragic black on black crime that has benn going on there for some time.

Is the situation tragic that occured in Forest? Yes it is and I am not surprised that there are in areas animosty between blacks and whites. Are Hispanic gangs a problem? Sure just like the black and even white gangs are. In fact there is evidence that one shooting in New Orleans was the result of a very violent Hispanic gang.
Again though this article is typical of trying to make everything a Hispanic or illegal immigration issue with Vdare's usual nasty racial overtones. The purpose of this is spread this story through e mails and throught the net. This being an example.

Catholic and Reptile Lover Site of the Day

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I believe it was Saint Augustine who once wrote (and I paraphrase) that "the greatest of creatures are but crumbs of bread fallen from the table of the Creator, yet even the smallest of creatures are love letters from a Friend we have not met, and news from a Homeland we have not seen."

Saint Thomas Aquinas is less emotional, yet more analytical that Augustine. While standing on the shoulders of another giant of thought, Aristotle, he would say that "...all things created reflect the four transcendental perfections of goodness, truth, beauty, and unity, each thing in its own way and degree."

Regardless of one's leanings toward either one or the other of the aforementioned means of expression, it remains true that God creates nothing evil, nothing ugly.

All things come from His hands are Works of Art: the apparitions of His Majesty... the heralds of Highest Reality.

To allow His art to speak to us, we only need to keep open the eyes and ears of the soul. With that fundamental virtue called reverence we are able to acknowledge in awe that all creatures are theophanies of the Good Maker, for He cannot but make them good (Genesis 1: 31) as He shapes Chaos into Cosmos (Genesis 1: 1-3).

Sometimes, I see a Priest and wish so hard that he could be my "Father". Some Priest are not only so Holy but so way cool. This Priest loves Christ , and loves nature. Especially reptiles to which is his passion as you can see below. So for a wonderful site go to Father Sanchez's Web Site of West Indian Natural History.

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The Anchoress has Done it Again

The Anchoress has again supplied a great number of links to stuff we should all be reading. She has a talent on finding the best stuff out there and many topics.

By the way getting of tired ouf American Talk radio and need a break. Well go to my favorite new find. London Talk radio on LBC 97.3 fm. I have enjoyed listening to it a great deal while I am on the net. Right now they are doing a special on the one year anniversary of the London bombings. Link.

Afghanistan- Our Forgotten War?

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When Michael Yon writes on a topic I pay attention. His writing on Iraq has been excellent. His later piece is great and also is very disturbing about our efforts in Afghanistan. From the video we see it is easy to believe that this country is sparsely populated. However, it has a population of 31 million which is 7 million more than Iraq. Our combined forces in the region is 21,000 . Yon points out some hard truths that need to be corrected and soon.

Also, go the the links below. Leave a comment too, I bet they would love it
Milbloggers from Afghanistan
...from Afghanistan -Scott Gurley is a 27-year-old, single, communications specialist for the Florida Army National Guard, currently deployed to Afghanistan

AfghaniDan - A excellent blog from a Marine in Iraq. He is quite fun to read . His description of his blog is A young man's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.

Afghanistan Blog- a pretty good blog from a serviceman that is embedded with the Afghanistan Army

Bruce's Deployment to Afghanistan-updated weekly

Chris's Blog -I like this blog a great deal- Plus like many mil bloggers he has a great since of humor. His description of his blog is "Dedicated to the dogged pursuit of UBL, and the freedom of humanity to choose burkas or man-dresses"

Farfromcanadahar -This a military blogger that is representing the great White Norths efforts . He is the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar, Afghanistan

KGW Afghanistan blog -Blog of a reporter embedded with a National Guard unit in Afghanistan

War in the SandBox... - Is again a excllent blog by A Navy guy that is witht the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion. Want to know what its like getting hit by an Suicide bomber? Go here

Where are we at on this Immigration Bill

Called as Seen is talking about the immigration bill and has a link to to a blogger that live blogged the Larry King interview of the President last night. I was unable to watch it but from what I ahve heard it went very well. Called as seen also confirms despite all the rumors to the contray, that the President is is not backing off a comprehensive approach. There has been some talk of a trigger appraoch. Like Called as Seen. I am very wary of this trigger approach.

First, many of the people behind this illegal immigration debate want to for all purposes to shut down immigration period. They are not concerned really about fixing the flaws in the system to make this whole process work right. To be blunt, I doubt here good faith and good will. Second, No one has exactly explained how this concepts of triggers would work. Will these triggers be contained in the bill itself or is it as I fear a way of saying we will deal with the "people that here problem" later in further legislation . As I stated, I think many have no intention of doing so. Third, I believe a comprehensive approach is part of the solution to the border security problem. Lastly a political point. We have to get this issue behind us to a certain degree. I have stated that of course this issue will have to be revisited to work out any kinks in a immigration reform bill. But the GOP cannot put off having to deal with the "people that are here" problem forever. In fact the longer this continues the more the Republicans suffer fallout in the Hispanic community. Needless to say I think so far the Tancredo bunch and their allies are killing us image wize in that community. Further, this is starting to cause real problems with Party unity. This debate at it's current temperature level cannot go on much longer without realing damaging us. I like the Cannon aproach myself. However, at least the hardliners should take a look at the Pence approach instead of slamming it. Compromise folks

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The First Republican Convention(Happy Birthday)

Well as I noted yesterday, my extreme paleo friend in St Louis had a little post regarding this historic date. Many people do not realize this but Lincoln was not our first Party's Public face. Today the Republican Convention met for the first time in 1856. Now our first nominee to say the least had a colorful past , a past that I am a tad surpised that is not highlighted by the kooky people in the League of the South movement. In the spirit of the people who represent Rational thought and our relations with our kooky friends ,I shall provide a link to the our Party's first nominee. I present Civil War hero, Gop Presidential nominee for President ,and controversal figure John Fremont.

I have to run, but I have not forgot my friends on my blogroll. Please visit them and also I will attempt to do a run down of what they are saying tonight.

Also, I almost had a heart attack watching the final votes tallied in Mexico last night. For a few hours it looked like there was a true disaster in the making. Again we dodged a bullet. Go to Markinmexico blog for the latest.

Joe Biden the Gift that Keeps on Giving(Also watch the GOP Screw this UP)

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I love Joe Biden. I really do. He is such a goof and as a goof myself, I enjoy a kindred spirit. Joe Biden to me is a light version of what a Chris Matthews in the Senate would look like. Someone who really enjoys to hear themselves talk. Biden as some of might know has had a habit of saying the funniest things way before the past Alito Hearings. I can't wait for next month when Joe Biden spends 15 days in Iowa. Someone needs to follow him with a video camera
Now to Biden's latest goofiness

From Hotline we have this:
July 06, 2006
Biden Say What?
A Biden Moment, as it were.
In thanking a young Indian-American man for the support of his Indian-American group, Sen. Biden touts how Indians are the fastest growing immigrant group in Delaware
and says, "You CANNOT go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without an Indian accent."
Posted at 08:23 AM

Now I suspect everyone is asleep at the switch at the GOP headquarters and of course is missing an opportunity to have a good bit of fun with this as well as miss a good opportunity here for serious political points

Of course we should not act like the Dems and scream Racism all over the place but we could do the following
(1) Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is biggest public face of the increasingly powerful and wealthy Indian- American community. He is also has a rock star like status in India . When Bobby ran for Governor I was shocked how many Indians that were here. They also have bucks. This bloc could be ours for the taking. Not all Indians vote alike of course but in these early stages of them actively going out in the political realm they are taking notice who supports their concerns

(2) Bobby Jindal is also running for Governor and could get some free publicity out of this plus talk about his efforts on Louisiana Coastal erosion while he is on the talking head shows

Now I know Bobby, and he downplays his background a lot. But, if he was asked to do this in a good nature way that was playful I bet he would consent to be voice of this community that is just not down at the 7-11.

WIn Win- But I suspect we will let it pass(sigh)

The Libertarians Have Their National Convention(Oh the CLAMITTY !!!)

Did you realize that the Libertarian Party just had a National Convention in Portland Oregon. No? Well I didn't either. If you are wondering , this convention went exactly like you think it would when you get a much of Libertarians in one room. It appears that there was a concerted effort to moderate the platform. I guess it is occuring to folks the message is not selling. Well from what I can gather most of the platform was removed , however no one could agree what to replace it with. Then they had to adjourn. Ah the saga continues. Well, this delegate gives a pretty fun account of all the goings on. A pretty good and funny read.

It appears though that some folks did not find the what happen in Portland as funny as me. In fact it appears a Libertatian faction wants to form a new party because of the "debacle". Well it appears this new movement got started pretty quick. Like the day after the convention. Libertarians it appears act while the emotion is hot. A Thomas Knapp, a big activist in the movement is all ready to go. There new party is Called the Boston Tea party. They also have a new well thought out slogan that I guess was thought out over drinks on the plane ride home. The rally Cry-

Time to party like it's 1773
Reading his entries you get a sense of the turmoil. Thank God I am not a Libertarian. I think I would live in a continous world of frustration.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE07/05/06P.O.C. Thomas L. Knappinfo@bostontea.us314-705-3042
"Cyberia" (PRWEB) July 5, 2006 - Citing the Libertarian Party's "abdication of its political responsibilities to the American people," activists have founded the Boston Tea Party ( as an alternative, Internet-based vehicle for libertarian political action.
"For various reasons, the ball got dropped in Portland," says Boston Tea Party founder Thomas L. Knapp, referring to the Libertarian national convention, held over the July 4th weekend in Oregon. "Factional disputes led to a wholesale gutting of the party's platform -- a muddle in which the party was left without a mechanism for expressing its positions on several of the foremost public policy issues facing America's voters."
Rather than setting up the new party as a splinter group, Knapp says that he thinks of it as a "hopefully a pinch hitter, going to bat for America while the LP nurses its wounds and prepares to get back in the game. Until and unless that happens, the Boston Tea Party will fill in. Americans deserve -- and desperately need -- a pro-freedom party which forcefully advocates libertarian solutions to the issues of the day."
Those solutions will be set forth in a program to be put together by the new party's organizational convention, to be held online, Knapp says, in the next 30 to 60 days

Ah Libertatians in turmoil. It does seem the next day though after this press release he was advocating a return to an entire seperate party as you can see on the above link. We shall try to follow this saga as it unfolds.

Tip of the hat to the thenextprez blog.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The 08 Republican Primary Race(IOWA)

This will focus on just IOWA tonight. Because Organization is such a Key there versus a Primary state, there is alot of info. I will tackle New Hampshire and elsewhere in a seperate Post

Well it is time to look at what the Republican hopefuls are doing. In doing these post I am going to be fair as possible. I think by looking at my post so far , a person can tell that I really like Gov. Huckabee and Senator Brownback alot. However several others are still on my list. Those include Allen, maybe Romney, and yes even McCain. I will not make a choice I feel till after the the 06 elections this year. I will talk about the Dem race at a later date.

Anywho lets go.
The George Washington Iowa site notes some future visits that they no about in the next two months:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich plans to visit the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on August 12, 2006.

>Sen. Sam Brownback is scheduled to speak to the Des Moines chapter of Legatus in Des Moines, Iowa on August 10, 2006.

>Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Gov. Terry Branstad are scheduled to be the special guests at a Larry Noble for Senate reception at the home of Steve and Rep. Carmine Boal in Ankeny, Iowa on July 10, 2006.

I found that this site missed a few:

Romney will be in Iowa at the July 29, Iowa organizers said. Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, he has accepted the invitation to speak at the Iowa Republican Party’s chairman dinner in Cedar Rapids"

Needless to say there will be more activity than that happening and I expect a lot more events during this summer season,especially when the Congress goes on Summer recess.

Senator Allen
Senator Allen has no events in Iowa this month that I could see. . He has a tad of a race for reelection to the Senate. I wanted to say something about his race. There is much talk he must win big in his re-election campaign. LEt me say that is nonsense. That is just something the media says so they have something to talk about. What he has to do is just win. If he doesnt, you will see Governor Huckabee and Senator Brownback secretly highfiveing in the corner. Why, because those voters I feel go to them above all others. A little factoid. People forget that Clinton was in the same position as Allen is in now. He almost lost that State re election to the Governors mansion. History almost changed that night. Was it close. HEll yes. Did it hurt him in the primaries no.

John McCain
John McCain is planning to visit Iowa this month but like the other Senators is a tad busy. However he has in the past month been other places fundraising for the GOP more on that later

Mike Huckabee Blog 2008 fleshes out these Iowa visits a little bit more and also adds another one. He says in part :
HUCKABEE SETS IOWA APPEARANCES FOR SENATE CANDIDATES IN ANKENY, NEVADA ON MONDAY, JULY 10WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will appear at events on behalf of state Senate candidate Larry Noble in Ankeny and speak at a Nevada, Iowa, event with state Senate candidate Jim Kurtenbach on Monday, July 10.
Huckabee and former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad will appear at a private fund-raiser for Noble in the home of Rep. Carmine Boal and her husband, Steve Boal. Following that event, Huckabee and Noble will tour Accu-mold, Corp., 1711 SE Oralabor Road, Ankeny, and hold a 9:00 a.m. news conference to discuss economic development issues.

Huckabee will join Kurtenbach and Jim Hallihan of the Iowa Games for a noon event at the Story County Medical Center, 630 Sixth St., Nevada, highlighting the topics of health and health care reform.
His blog has more details on the link.

The Huckabee blog also has an interesting take on the Walmart Voter an how it applies to Huckabee. I would suggest checking it out. I am also tad wary of these new (insert name) voter blocs that come up every election. However, I think that post is pretty accurate at how the Huckabee campaign is positioning itself on the issues.

Brownback of course is quite busy in the Senate right now and cannot easily get to Iowa as I am sure he would like too. I am anxious to see if Brownback can use his Senate position to get some media spotlight on him. My suggestion to Senator Brownback is since Senator Allen is going to be a tad busy get your butt to Iowa and New Hampshire in August. Also someone please contact this blogger and give him some news to report. Currently the Huckabee blog is beating his butt. However, I suspect that can be corrected to make the race more even.

Right off the bat, let me link to this blog and his take on the whole Mormon issue. I will probally add this guy to the side. Let me say that I agree with his conclusion. This whole Mormon issue is overblown. It is fun to talk about but in the end I think it will not make much difference.

By the way it is through his blog and his Romney google Calender I found this interesting tidbit that is pretty funny. Guess where Governor Romney is going to be tonight. Well he is keynote at the Arkansas Gop Governors dinner tonight. lol I guess that will be interesting. From the Ark GOP
Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney to Keynote 2006 Governor's Dinner
Little Rock - On May 18, 2006, Republican Party Chairman Gilbert Baker announced that Massachusetts Governor and Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) Mitt Romney will headline the Republican Party's annual "Governor's Dinner" on July 6th.
"We are grateful that Governor Romney will be in Little Rock to assist us in our efforts for the 2006 election cycle," Baker stated. "Governor Romney has a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and public servant. He also shares our vision and commitment of growing our party by electing Asa Hutchinson as the next governor of our great state." Governor Mitt Romney will join Governor Mike Huckabee, Asa Hutchinson, Chairman Baker, and the slate of GOP candidates at the dinner. Governor Romney will also host a private reception that will benefit Asa Hutchinson's campaign for governor.
Well that speaks well for GOP unity. (Hear that Tancredo take a lesson)

Rudolph Giuliani-
Since my Friend The Pink Flamingo came out for Rudy yesterday, I thought I better out his name up. Hey Flamingo find me resources documneting what he doing. It appears that currently Rudy is following the McCain model of raising money for folks around the Country at this point. I see no activity for him in Iowa recently or in the next few weeks.

Pataki is just glad is not Governor of New Jersey today. On that topic I don't get why the Casino' shut down. It seems that whatever Govt workers are used to monitor of whatever should be essential They are losing a million a day in just direct revenue. Anywho he had quite a month last month in Iowa. I am surprised at the level of support he has there. It remains to be seen if these folks are loyal to him or just using his pac for bucks for o6

Frist needless to say is real busy. But we learn that he just hired a Iowa Field Director. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's latest hire is another indication that the Tennessee Republican is looking ahead to the 2008 Presidential race.
Frist, who is leaving the senate at the end of the year, named Marcus Branstad as his Iowa Field Director today. Branstad, a recent college grad, has a last name many Iowans will recognize; he is the son of former Republican Governor Terry Branstad
. For those keeping track you will notice that Huckabee is having some appearances with this guys dad. What does that mean? Hmm don't know at this point but this hire seems significant.

Tancredo has been around Iowa a good bit but I didnt come across any items that show he is getting organized in Iowa. Thank God. I am hoping he spends the summer recess promoting his book in Guam.


Krusty Conservative is the best blogger on the whole GOP scene. Go to his comment section. That is where a good bit of the action is. For instance here he talks about the Frist hire of the former Governor's son. This is an interesting post on the important folks that the 08 people need to get on their side.

On that theme Hotline had a list of Folks that as of June 20 th had not signed up with anybody and are the important ones that the above guys want.

Well that is about it. Many are concerned about local races. Let me say if you are a real politico the IOWA State Fair looks like the place to be that is coming up next month. Good grief Joe Biden is spending 15 days In Iowa next MOnth. Perhaps he is intending to stay by the front gate non stop and shake the whole States hand. Who knows I might go up for it.

We will take a look at New Hampshire and rest of the Country next. PLus soon the Dems.

Upcoming Stuff

I will probally post a little recap of the 08 Republican Presidential Race late tonight. I wanted to wait till after the weekend and all the 4th stuff was over. Plus a post on some more additions to my blogroll. I am thinking I might tackle the issue of Louisiana Coastal ersosion that is truly a National problem next week.

Till then I noticed that my paleo conservative friend in St Louis has a new post up. He in fact remined me of a important fact. That tomorrow is not only the birthday of Leader of the Free World George W .Bush. But it also the Birthday of our Blessed Republican Party. What a happy circumstance. Perhaps I will do something to commerate the Grand Ole Party tomorrow. (Note that I don' think this is the offical birthday. But it is the time of the First Republican National Convention- So perhaps that is the birth. If was conceived I think in Feburary of that year)

On a side note its a Kookdum alert for New Hampshire on the Council of Conservative Citizens main page we see some distressing news.

The New Hampshire CofCC is organizing The Live Free Or Die March and Rally, on August 26, in downtown Jaffrey, N.H.For countless years, the left-wing in the state has been trying to change the state motto, because they think “Live Free or Die” somehow lends itself to conservative political action, even as left-wingers nowadays are rightly worried about loss of civil liberties under the Bush administration (all the while silent about it when Bill Clinton was President).This March and Rally is being organized to show public support for the Motto.CofCC Members in New Hampshire and New England, and from even further away, for those who are so ambitious, are invited. For more information, call the NH CofCC at (603) 532-6711

First, I was not aware that the Council of (hijack word alert) Conservative Citizens had a chapter there in NH. This perhaps is a rally/recruitment drive. Still it would nce to nip this in the bud. I am sure there is some danger that some clueless person in the Grantite State might bring someone that might be important there to this 'Rally". We shall make sure people are properly informed of the true nature of this group.

Anywho back to my Mr St Louis. He says some things I very much wish to comment on ,But since I have been talking in issues of kookdum a tad more than regular I shall pass for tonight. But I am filing it away.

Interesting Things are Happening in the Anglican Communion

Needless to say the African Bishops(Global South) are really upping the ante faster than I thought they would. I wonder if the Monarchy will try to step in and stop the bleeding.

How will Michelle Malkin Respond to This? Hung By Her Own Petard

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some preliminary business. I might comment on North Korea and that serious situation a bit later in the week. Right now every blogger in the World is contributing his or her two cents. I am not sure at this point my pontifications would add any anything to that. I will say that Tony Snow handled the press brilliantly today and I think Bush is doing what is appropriate up to this point.

ANCHOR BABIES. First, let me say I am a not a particular fan of this term. The main reason for this is that many people are using this term to describemillions of Americans. The subtext is that they are less American than we are and their views don't matter. I find that pretty pathatic honestly. Under the law they are as American as George Bush or Tancredo himself. They will always will be.

Second, I am not saying that in the future that this issue of automatic citizenship of future Children born here of foreigners should not be revisited. I have mixed feelings on the subject ,and it is a legitimate subject of debate. It is also a very complicated issue.

Third. Why I am picking on Michelle Malkin?. Well for my thoughts on that matter go here to my earlier post. I checked up on her assorted blogs today and it appears she just keeps on linking and endorsing this nonsense. In fact go here and go to her post on our babbling President. Nonsense that is not in my view conservative or Republican in anyway. Also, I think its clear that for those that love the hardline solution to this solution , that I need to put a human face on it for those folks. It appears that perhaps many hardliners(deport them all or starve them all over the border) favorite spokeswoman is a good human face for that purpose.

I am sure Michelle Malkin is aware that several liberal bloggers are on to this interesting factoid in her life that has come to the top recently. So far she nor her allies have responded to this revelation. Perhaps she can supply some missing facts? However it has been a couple of months since this started hitting the net. I have yet for that crowd to respond. So I shall follow this matter till Michelle Malkin clears up the matter.

What does the term Anchor Baby refer too.

The definition of this term is varied. It is used in the context of those people that come here illegally and have a child here. That child become a American Citizen and then through legal remedies helps to "anchor" that illegal(s) here to this country. Or at least makes it harder to deport them. It is also used in the context of those here legally and have a child. That child is of course an American citizen. The same legal person or couple(often here on green cards) also has the avenue of possible benefits as the illegal alien I just described. How in the World does this apply to Michelle Malkin?

Michelle Malkin and her friends views on Anchor Babies?

Michelle has touched on this issue often. In fact she commented on this in 2003 when talking about the horrible Yaser Esam Hamdi incident in Iraq. The full article can be found here. I will excerpt parts of it.
"And then there are "Americans" such as Yaser Esam Hamdi. These are "Americans" by accident. "Americans" on paper. "Americans" who invoke their citizenship privileges only when it comes time to save their hides or cash in on government benefits.
Hamdi was born in East Baton Rouge, La., on Sept. 26, 1980. His parents were both citizens of Saudi Arabia. Hamdi's father was here on a temporary work assignment as a chemical engineer for the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp., a Saudi government-controlled industrial giant. When Hamdi was 3, his family went back to Saudi Arabia.
For the next two decades, Hamdi was raised in the Saudi kingdom. He spoke their language, not ours. He went to their schools, not ours. He embraced their culture, their religion and their way of life. Not ours. ......Left unresolved, however, was whether Hamdi should even be considered an American at all.......Clearly, the custom of granting automatic citizenship at birth to children of tourists and temporary workers such as Hamdi and to countless "anchor babies" delivered by illegal aliens on American soil, undermines the integrity of citizenship – not to mention national security. Originally intended to ensure the citizenship rights of newly freed slaves and their families after the Civil War, the citizenship clause has evolved into a magnet for alien lawbreakers and a shield for terrorist infiltrators and enemy combatants.
If the courts refuse to close the birthright citizenship loopholes, Congress must. Citizenship is too precious to squander on accidental Americans in Name Only

Michelle of course is doing what any aggressive columnist is doing. Picking out the worst example of something and trying to make an argument that thus the whole system shoud be changed. We shall return to this subject of "Americans by accident" and Malkin herself.

What is interesting is what this source that often people in Michelles camp like to link to says:
Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement, submitted a 'friend of the court' or Amicus brief. They asked the Supreme Court to address the issue of whether Hamdi should be considered an American citizen at all, since at the time of his birth his parents were foreign nationals with no fealty to this nation.

In 2004 Michelle revisted the issue of "anchor babies" on her blog.
During my book tour across the country for Invasion, this issue came up time and again. In the Southwest, everyone has a story of heavily pregnant women crossing the Mexican border to deliver their "anchor babies." At East Coast hospitals, tales of South Korean "obstetric tourists" abound. (An estimated 5,000 South Korean anchor babies are born in the US every year). And, of course, there's a terrorism angle.
The time is ripe to reassess drive-by citizenship and what it means to be an American. Alas, given the huge
chasm between elites and public opinion on immigration, while it's safe to say that such a referendum would pass just as overwhelmingly here in America, it will never come to a vote in the first place.

Well that seems interesting. Notice that she links to Vdare here. Let me ask you if that link and his argument is related to Michelles own situation as we shall see.

IS MICHELLE MALKIN A ANCHOR BABY? The facts as we know them.

Michelle's father is currently a doctor and a American citizen. God bless him. I am glad that he was able live the American dream. Even though I disagree with his daughter on some issues, I am glad she is living it too. How did her father end her here. Well according to this article."Michelle Maglalang was born to Filipino immigrants in Philadelphia on October 20, 1970. Her parents had arrived in the U.S. earlier that year. Her father was a doctor in training with a visa sponsored by an employer. Her mother was a schoolteacher." First lets be clear they were not immigrants in the sense of the term that Michelle and others use. From this interesting C-Span interview of MIchelle. It is quite a interview, and I am going to try to find it in their archives so see her facial expressions and tenor when she said encountered this part of the interview.
LAMB: You said that your parents became citizens in `89. When did they come to the United States?
MALKIN: In 1970.
LAMB: Why did they come here?
MALKIN: To pursue a better life. My dad is a doctor. My mom is a school teacher. And they`ve always treasured freedom. They`ve always wanted to live the American dream. And they left 1970, right before Ferdinand Marcos became dictator. So there was definitely the impetus there. They`re, you know, the -- the archetypal people yearning to breathe free.
LAMB: Were they political in the Philippines?
MALKIN: No. No. No, they weren`t.
LAMB: So how did they -- what -- what kind of a visa did they get to come here?
MALKIN: My dad came on a -- he was -- like I said, he was a doctor, so he was training here and had an employer sponsor and then -- you know, and then, you know, went on their way, like most people do who have green cards, and then eventual American citizenship.
LAMB: Where did you live? I mean, where did -- where were you born?
MALKIN: I was born in Philadelphia. And that`s where my dad first did, you know, his training. And I grew up in the tri-state area, mostly in southern New Jers

Well, my goodness it appears to me that Michelle Malkin was not a child of immigrants but a child of somehere on a green card or really just a student. It seems that byher own definition she is a "American by accident" or just an "American on paper". When exactly did they arrive here in 1970? Could it be that it's even worse and horrors, that the act of love between her parents that produced this anti anchor baby activist occurred in the Phillippines itself. That Michelle is actually came from the acorn of a foreign fetus. What will here friends at American Patrol, Vdare, and other assorted braintrust think of that.

Anywho, lets assume this life giving act occurred here in the USA. Isn't she still a Anchor Baby on her own terms. Her parents did not return to their native country to give birth. Lets assume that she was the product of a temporary guest worker sperm and guest worker egg. Is it appropriate to ask what Doctors make here compared to the Philippines. Can we ask if this played a part in the decision to concieve? IS it not correct that by having Malkin here that they themselves suddenly had all the benifits of those avenues that Michelle Malkin rants against now and wants to close down without exception? That she herself because of these received the benefits by living a nice life style and had the opportunity for wonderful private education from grade school to college? That if we follow Malkin proposals to the logical conclusion that Malkin's own children would be denied basic state services such as education and health care?

One must note also that the above interview came from her book Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. There are a lot of questions. Did her dad overstay his visa? Did he apply for new avenues of benefit because he had a "American" by accident(those are Michelle's words and use of quotes not mine). Did her dad get to come over here by what is really a H-1 visa today? Something that she rants about in that same interview. Also as noted above a friend of the Court brief was submitted in the Hamdi case asking if this guy was even a citizen because he was born of parents that were at the time of his birth were foreign nationals that had no feality to this nation. How legally is this different from Malkin's case. No fear Michelle if the radicals wish to deport you, I will hide you and give you shelter. I am serious about that by the way. By the way aren't you a dual citizen. Have you renounced that?


I do not wish to imply that Michelle Malkin or her parents or nothing more than the honorable citizens they are. They all are decent Americans. But I write this for one reason. Would the US have been better off if Michelle Malkin was in fact a citizen of a foreign land if what she wants would have been the law. I disagree with her but the answer is clearly no. Again, there is a danger to the simplistic and bombastic arguments that allow no exceptions whatsoever. Malkin needs a little ridicule and exposure on this because she is making a nice living doing it. Also her words influence a debate that effects millions.

At this point, I cannot find where she has responded to this. Her allies have been strangly silent. Perhaps I have missed it. Mrs Malkin if you want to make these arguments be honest. Tell me how every illegal or those that are here on "guest worker like programs" that you rail against are ALL EVERYONE without exception different from you and your situation. At least Mrs Malkin do this. Can you listen. Can you you please speak out against those that compare every illegal child, woman, and man, to bank robbers. Can you speak out against those that say every "Mexican" is coming here just to have a baby to play the system. Can you speak out against all those that say all these future illegals would not make good citizens and they are just in for the bucks. Just a little stepping back and thinking that is all. Lastly quit calling those Republicans and conservatives(Like Our President) that don't agree with your approach horrible names. It seems fair Mrs Malkin, especially seeing your past.

Update I
So far I have been through pages of blogs and the only blogs that talk about this are liberal ones. That in itself is pretty bad. Folks, just like the fact that the League of the South and the CoCC were the the people that organized and were the main participants in one of the largest anti immigration rallys is not going away, this isn't either. I find it pretty shocking that I did not learn till today that Malkin was by her defination and common usage a "anchor baby". I just took for granted she was the child of "immigrants" as that term is commonly used and in fact how the right uses its. This has been talked about nonstop it seems for weeks. Not a great day for the "conservative" fact checking and holding people accountable by the conservative and Republican Blogsphere.

Please go here for more on Malkin go to this post by the ever resourceful Subway Canaries

President Stops BY Dunkin Donuts Talks Immigration and Buys Coffee for Reporter

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Update with the reporter part of the Funny video here

I was taking a break from work and Fox broke in with a Fox News alert(A real alert this time and talked about the President's stop at the local Dunkin Donuts. I think Dunkin Donuts rocks by the way. We need more of those stores down here. This seemed to be an event that was planned since the two Iranian-American owners were dressed to the nines. The President didn't talk about North Korea, I expect he didn' want his first recorded words in this crisis to come from there.

But he talked about immigration again. Much to the shagrin I suppose of those who just wished he would be quiet. I am sure that his comments will send the radicals into a tizzy again. He talked about immigrants and the American dream as to the brothers now owners of this little enterprise. He talked about all the people working from there that were from places like El Salvador. He talked about guest worker and the jobs that Americans won't do. I know that line drives people nuts but it is the truth. I can't tell you how many business people I talk to that give me that complaint. He talked about the need to do something rational regarding an immigration plan. He talked about illegals that had been here for a while and now had families. Yeah he has said it before, but he needs to say it again and again. I hope they replay the whole thing on FOX today. You can get a sense that this issue is really close to his heart.

Like, I said certain fringe elements will go berserk. I would not be surprised if Michelle Malkin does a stake out of the Dunkin Donuts trying to locate some violation. Events like this remind me of a little fact. That th left and liberals that we are so lectured on are the "true voice" for the little man and the vulnerable are silent as usual. If you go and see the folks Like ,KOS and the Dem underground site, this issue gives them no passion. All they care about is that the President will get a defeat and look bad. No one will notice, but millions of lives and families could be effected in a negative way but their hatred of the President is the priority. Remember that when some liberal pontificates to you that they are the party that "cares".

Also he bought a reporter coffee and pulled out a few bucks to pay for it. I think he had to borrow it from someone lol, I couldn't catch it all. It was pretty cute and was fun to watch. The President proclaimed "He was reaching out".

This visit was to highlight how emplyors check out people' credentials to work. I think Dunkin Donuts has been proactive in this effort and show this can work. I will try to find a link.

Update -Here is is little article on the program that Dunkin Donuts is doing. As I said both sides make this illegal immigration issue too simplistic. The solution is an combination of tough border security, a aggressive economic and foreign policy toward Latin America , help from the private sector and faith based community, a guest worker program, a real ID, emplyoer sanctions, and some how dealing with the folks here(especially those with families). You can't put it in a 10 second sound blurb but it is the facts as I see it. We often hear from the Tancredo crowd that the US can't do this guest worker program. That it is unworkable. I alsways find that sentiment goes against what American's do best. Solve problems. So I am not buying it. Here we see a program that is working.

It turns out that Michelle Malkin has commented on Dunkin Donuts with approval. Michelle may I ask something. If it works here how come we can't implemente that Nation wide. Would that alleviate your concerns about a guest worker program? Well of course not. You see Michelle says the system will be maybe abused and damn it that is not right. Since there is a possibilty that a few might find loopholes the whole thing must not happen. There is something funny here and so hypocritical happening. That will the subject of a future post. You see Michelle rants against Anchor babies. I think there is a legitimate debate about birthright citizenship and if it sometimes in the future if that concept should be chanaged for FUTURE children born here in that situation. The question is - Is Mrs Makin herself a ANCHOR BABY. Good grief, thats like finding out that Adolf Hitler's grandmother was maybe Jewish. I am working to pin down the facts to see the answer to that question.

America Needs To Appreciate Our Heros

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I often wonder if our Astronauts and all the people at NASA that put blood, sweat, and tears and even sacrifice their lives ever feel like they are treated like the early explorers. Columbus if you remember was in chains after a few Expeditions. After, El Doraldo, the Fountain of Youth, or rivers of Gold were not found there was was a huge sigh of "who cares" by many. In fact people forget, but many Crowns of Europe at time thought the whole Exploration of this area we live on was a big waste of time and money after a while. I was always fascinated that the early Royal Colonies wers such utter failures. All the folks back in France could say is "when are dividends going to roll in" ? Sounds familar huh? Well, we don't put our Astronauts in physical chains like Columbus ,but it seems perhaps we Americans have put them in chains of indifference at times.

Yesterday was glorious. On the Fourth of July, a symbol of everything that is great about our Country lifted up into the skies yesterday. My whole family took time out from eating to watch this great event. It was thrilling as and awe inspiring as ever. I don't know how the rest of the Country viewed it. I think here we appreciate it a tad more where I live , but still not nearly enough. A few years ago the Columbia Disaster literally rained down on our heads. A smallpiece of the shuttle landed just blocks from where I was living at the time. It just wasn't pieces of tile but remains of heros that were coming down in our communities. It was something this area of Texas and Louisiana will never forget. The whole area became a staging area for recovery, and average folks pitched in to find parts both human and man made. So I suppose we give it a glimpse more than many maybe. But even here I suspect like most Americans, we forget that like the early exploers these folks are participating in a grand enterprise. A enterprise that very well might save this planet.

There are a lot of unsung heros in NASA all doing their part. But I think the least I can do is try to highlight the Crew that is representing their efforts and our Future

You can read all about the crew and their life stories at this link. The interviews they have there are excellent and give a glimpse of how proud we should be. Here is some excerpts.

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Steve Lindsey is the Commander of this mission. He was born in Arcadia California but considers Temple City in that state to be his hometown. He was asked about of course losing his friends on Columbia. He said " It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I was, for that particular flight, the lead family escort for the Columbia families, so I was there at the runway with them when it all happened, so it was extremely difficult to go through, and I hope I never have to do it again" When asked about the risk he said alot. Here is just a part"Well, the key, obviously, is to take the risk; the gain has to be worth the risk. And, for me, the gain is I believe in the human spaceflight program; I believe [in] what it’s achieved. If you could wake up in the morning and analyze everything you do from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed at night, and even while you’re sleeping, and in each moment of the day you could identify something that you use or take advantage of, either technologically or otherwise, that came from the space program. So, there’s a lot of talk about spin-offs, and we talk about specific spin-offs, but you could literally trace your day, and you could identify something, each moment of the day, that came directly from the space program, and you can see it all over the place: telecommunications devices, a lot of the medical equipment that we use today, telemetry, you name it, even the beds they advertise now actually came out of the space program.

+ Read 2006 interview

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Mark Kelly is the pilot. He was raised in West Orange New Jersey. I also see that unlike many that went to the other Academys he went to the Merchant Marine Academy. Perhaps he is the first Merchant Marine Grad in space? : Kelly has 4.8 million miles under his belt thanks to the 12 days of STS-108. STS-121 is the second mission in the Return to Flight series, the second mission on Shuttle Discovery since Columbia in 2003. HE stated also on the risk:Well, it is a risky profession and you do think about that: Strapping into a rocket ship is something you don’t do lightly. You understand the risk. It’s a lot easier knowing what the risks are than if you just took somebody off the street and send them on a flight like this. But what makes it something that I’m willing to do and I’m prepared to do, is the fact that I think it’s very worthwhile. Anything that’s risky, you’re going to want to evaluate what the benefit is, and it’s not just the personal benefit to me—it’s what’s the benefit of our space program to our country and to the planet, and I think that’s, that’s pretty, pretty big. The benefit is enormous, so it’s justifiable for me to climb in the space shuttle Discovery whenever our launch date will be and take that risk .

+ Read profile + Read 2006 interview + View biography

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Michael Fossum as you can tell is an Aggie. He is the first Aggie to fly in space.(There has to be a ton of jokes right now being formulated right about this fact)He joined the Corp of Cadets there and later began his military career in the Air Force. He is one of the Mission Specialist. He was born in South Dakota nad grew up in McAllen, Texas. These guys and gals of course have lives outside Space. In just part of an interesting interview he stated "Oh, I’m a very active Scout leader now. My older boys have been in two different Boy Scout troops that I’ve helped with. My youngest son is in Cub Scouts today. I try to help out there, too. My daughter was in Girl Scouts, for a while. I love the Scouting program. I know that it changed my life in many significant ways and, and I like the opportunity now to help work with the kids, to help them learn and understand and help them grow in different ways. I really like the high adventure aspect of it. The last few summers, I’ve taken, taken groups up canoeing in the wilderness in Canada and backpacking in northern New Mexico. The guys give me a hard time, telling me I’m going to be missing next summer’s High Adventure activity because I’m working on another one for NASA.

+ Read 2006 interview + Flight menu (PDF 60 Kb)

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Lisa Nowak is a mission specialist and grew up in Rockville Maryland near DC. She went to the Naval Academy. She in her interview talked about the team aspect of NASA beyond the Astonaunts:Every single person is a part of the team, and I am impressed with that every day that I am at NASA, from the day that I first came for my interview and met the different people that were working. One example is I had somebody doing a Doppler exam of my heart, and this person was telling me about how she had done a similar exam with someone that was going to space soon. And I meet some people that are building hardware, and every single person you can see they’re beaming with how proud they are of the role they play. Every single one of them knows they’re important, which they are. Every piece is key to the whole effort, and that big team is what makes all of this happen. On talking about the Space Station she said:It’s a step. Exploration, just by the very nature of it, doesn’t stop; you want to continue to explore. We’ve explored the Earth, we’ve gone down under the ocean, and we’ve got in up in airplanes and now out to space. We’ve gone to the moon; we’re hoping to go back with our new vision of exploration. The space station is another method of exploring, but we’re also hoping to go to Mars and who knows where else and explore out there in the universe.

+ Read 2006 interview + Flight menu (PDF 57 Kb)

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Mission Specialist Stephanie Wilson was Born in 1966 in Boston Massachusetts. She grew up in the small town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She went to Havard for Undergrad and later other schools for advanced studies. HEr interview as well as an earlier one is very interesting . On how she got to be where she is:Well, I studied engineering science at Harvard University. I went on to receive a master’s degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Texas in Austin. For my first job I worked at Martin Marietta, the former Martin Marietta, in the astronautics group, performing loads and dynamics analysis for the Titan IV launch vehicle. Then I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California on the Galileo spacecraft as part of the attitude and articulation control group. So that was all, for me, a natural progression from working on launch vehicles and robotic spacecraft to now flying on the shuttle. She likes all the others knew the Columbia Crew:I was very sad to learn that there perhaps was something we could have done to, to, prevent losing the Columbia crew. I was the lead Capcom for that mission and three of the crewmembers were also in my ASCAN class. We were all very close, we all worked very hard together, and it was a tough time. It was very sad.

+ Read 2006 interview + Flight menu (PDF 60 Kb)

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Mission Specialist Piers Sellers is one of two non Americans on the Crew. He was Born April 11, 1955 in Crowborough, Sussex, United Kingdom. This is not his first time in space, he was part of the Atlantis crew in 2002. He of course like all the rest have knowledge in numerous subjects. You can tell he has a sense of humor: . I was fortunate enough as a kid growing up in United Kingdom that I got involved in all these Royal Air Force cadet programs. They teach you to fly gliders when you’re very irresponsible, a 16-year-old—it’s a lot of fun—and then went on to do powered flying at 17, 18. And so, I was flying aeroplanes around at the government’s expense, and having a wonderful time, before anyone would let me drive their car. Of course he has so many degrees its ridiclous even tough he has a funny sense of humilty: There’s a saying that to be an astronaut you have to be something else first. I was a scientist first. I got drawn into science when I was pretty much a teenager at school. I had wonderful teachers. My two big loves were physics and biology, and I realized I had to do math to do physics well. The more I learnt the, the more interested I got. And so science became a passion for me which has lasted my whole life. And, beautifully the science and the aviation combined with space exploration. So I don’t know if I’m particularly qualified, but I’m certainly interested. His interview is very interesting like the rest. His heros were the early American explorers in space.

+ Read 2006 interview + Flight menu (PDF 61 Kb)

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Thomas Reiter is the other non American going up. However he shall not be returning. He shall be staying on the Space Station and shall return by either shuttle or a Russian rocket. HE was Born May 23, 1958, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Thomas is married and has two sons. He enjoys fencing, badminton, cooking and playing the guitar. He flew in the German Air Force as well. LIke the UK Astronaunt he is also an adopted American hero in my book even though from an foreign land. He also knew this is what he wanted to do from a young age:Yes, indeed. When I was a boy I was very closely following all the space activities. I well remember the first flights into Earth orbit, the Gemini missions, and when I was 11, I very well remember the first moment when Neil Armstrong put his feet on the moon. That was actually the point in time when I thought, hey, this would be a good profession. His interview is pretty interesting because he gives us a glimpse of the space station we are building up there. He has been to space before and will become the first resident of the space station that was not American or Russian.

+ Read 2006 interview + Flight menu (PDF 54 Kb)

I can't help but notice how quickly the world changes and not as so many people think for the Worse. Today , I saw my Grand dad who is of the World War II generation. Would he have thought when he was young and about to go war that in his lifetime he would see anyone in space? Would he had thought that when the world seemed heel bent on destroying itself and maybe him with it , that Two women, one of which is black, a British Guy, a German Guy and a much of Amerians would going up to meet some Russians in a joint effort to make the World a better place.? I think not. I wouldn't have.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about these folks a tad. Here is a link to watch all the excitement. They will have more video and links to such things as NASA TV.

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