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Saturday, July 01, 2006

For the 4th of July Reach Out to A Serviceman throught The Net

As you can tell since I am blogging at this hour, I do not have real happening Fourth of July four day holiday weekend plans. Thing sort of fell through at the last minute so here I am. However, I might as well do something useful. As I posted before, I love Milblogs. I hope someone is recording all this digital treasure for history before its all deleted. I am going to point out some Milblogs from around the World. Right don't you stop by a few of them and say hi and wish them a happy fourth.

I need to put this on my links is great. You can spend all day there. In fact you can look up blogs by most recently updated, by branch, by the country they are serving in(like Iraq and Afghanistan), By gender, by most recently updated etc, etc. Its a great site. There is like over 1600 blogs on their list and there are even more out there. So visit mine or go to millblogging and find a Military blogger your interested in and say hi. I think I will do a post like this the next three nights.

I like A Bountiful Life blog. He is a Infantryman blogging from Iraq and Also posts meditation pieces from AA . At times he does not talk about the day to day stuff like some guys do. But he had some cool post the last two weeks. His post on June 25 and 28th I really liked. Especially the one from the 25th.

Just Another Thunderhorse is a blog I am starting to like alot . Prob put it on my mil blog welcome post this week. I like him because he has a good sense of humor plus he keeps his blog updated. I always get nervous like when guys don't update their blogs for a week or so. Of course, its often because well they are busy to say the least. He is with the Arizona National Guard and is currently helping his Country out in Bagdad

We are going to leave our Service guys a second and talk about some cool German women that are helping out. I think they need a special shout out and I am going to highlight some of these folks this week. There a lot of stories out there that get no attention. Soldiers Angels in Germany is one of them. The media often just shows angry Europeans on the TV as to the USA. Well there are ton of folks Like this German young lady at the The German Princess Blog that adopts our troops go to the Hospital and sit with our guys. I am still waiting for the news to give these amazing women a shout out. This girl is also a volunteer DJ that spreads music for our troops over the internet. Makes me feel bad about what I am doing to to help. I am thinking of putting their site on my side bar and it can become this blog's charity as it were. You need also to meet this lady over at Soldiers Angels in Germany. She is all over this blog doing God's work for our guys. This is all volunteer by the way. This site had a great story on her. In fact one Oregon guy that was injured that was from the Oregon National Guard and she went out of her way to really show her support. She among some others I will highlight are doing a incredible job for us. So maybe send her a email and say have a good 4th. I think she and German Princess show alot of good ole fashion Patriotism.

By the way, I have not forgot about our guys in Afghanistan. I will hit some of there blogs tomorrow too. Say Hello to AfghaniDan. He ahs some wonderful pics and stories you are not seeing on the news . Again the pics are priceless and the commentary great.

Anywho I will highlight some more tomorrow or go to to the above link for milblogging. Its pretty easy. Just go to recently updated and they have the names and locations and all.

Jindal: Revenues to be Dedicated to Coastal Restoration.

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If the current crisis in Coastal Louisiana is allowed to continue the above could be a constant reality for Americans. I so wish I could take every Senator and Congressman through a tour of the Coast. They would be scared silly how things are hanging by a thread down there. Port Fouchon comes to mind as a major asset to this country's economic and national security that I believe 90 percent of our nations leaders are clueless on. Yes it's in danger too.
This issue is so important to Louisiana and the Nation. Rep Bobby Jindal(Our Future Governor and GOP rising Star) is doing great work. This Washington Times article talks about what happened in the House. Let me say, we need to have a come to Jesus meeting with the Senators and the folks in the Bush administration on this issue. I don't intend to go fully into this issue tonight but a few thoughts. If we don't want to see Coastal Louisiana falling into the sea and having the Gulf lapping on I-10 ,we better do something in a hurry. There is the fact that a whole culture, a whole people, an entire ecosystem unique in the World is in mortal danger. Furthermore, the nation's seafood and oil and gas industry is in danger too. Any congressman that think this is an unwarranted money grab is crazy. We are ,more than any other Gulf State ,what is called a "working coast". To have a working Coast like Louisiana, you have got to have people living on it. That means communities. The problem is the land is disappearing right under our feet. If we can spend billions on the Big Dig in Boston and Billions on the Everglades then we can do it here. It fact we have too, there is no choice. I will go more into why what Jindal is proposing is fair and right next week. Let me suggest you take some time and go over to Conservative Cajun that has a ton of links on this subject. Louisiana does not have to disappear!! He also has a much better analysis than Washington Times article does and is a very important read so please click here also.

Related to this issue is that for helping to supply a large amount of the Country's energy needs we often bear the Environmental consequences when things naturally go wrong. That can not be prevented when so much oil, gas, and commerce is moving through this State to the rest of the Country. For instance we had quite a oil spill on a important River and shipping Channel.
It turns out that one of my Louisiana bloggers yesterday, Mostly Cajun has the first hand knowledge that is useful in analyzing this foul up and gives some thoughts on it here. I disagree with him just a tad on the lawsuit issue. We shall see how that develops.

More Next Week

Update 1- Nothing should be taken from this article that Louisiana folks do not appreciate the help and prayers that the nation gave us during Katrina. However, it is often a big irony to many of us that all the media and the Govt is focused on New Orleans all the time. That areas right across the Parish line from there get no attention. Also this is not so much a issue that Louisiana has ever had the financial resources to take on itself. This issue goes from the Miss border all the way to the TeXas border. Also remember that there are Federal and other out of State Business interest that all are going in different directions relating to the coast. Thus complicating the ability to start combatting the problem

Sometimes Mass is so Great

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Mass of course should always be wonderful. A miracle occurs right in front of our eyes and through the prayers of the Church. But some days its quite special. I live in part of Louisiana that is not very Catholic. We have a small Church but it is a nice one. On weekends like this the out of town Catholics that are vactioning on the lake come in for mass. We have the Saturday Vigil since we share a Priest. I think they like our little spot of Catholicism in this rural Parish. Plus with the holiday weekend, you get to see some people that have come to visit family that one has not seen in ages.

However it was more than that. I think the Readings were quite excellent for this Vigil and Sunday service.

First Reading:Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24
Psalm:Psalm 30:2, 4-6, 11-13
Second Reading:2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15
Gospel-Mark 5:21-43 or shorter version 5:21-24, 35-43

The first reading was striking, hints of the resurrection and the second reading had a good message too. But the Third reading was something else. So much there. As Catholics, we are of course a Sacramential people. A lot was there how God uses matter and it is holy and full of Grace. Plus by our Faith is often how much benefit we receive from it. Of course Jesus was there breaking social taboo's left and right to heal. He restores life and gives back the life giving capacity to two woman that have more in common than a quick glimpse of scripture would show. Then at the end of raising the girl, Christ goes, Yeah better get her something to eat too. Priceless.

Sometimes the congregation clicks so during the Mass. When people all are sing the Holy, Holy Holy with praise and reverence. One can sense at times that everyone knows what is about to happen on that altar and truly appreciate it. It was a good Mass. I think our many out of town visitors from Texas and South Louisiana thought so too.

Also today (Saturaday) was the memorial of a true American Saint Blessed Junípero Serra. He as responsible for bring Chrisitanity to what is now California. He found several of those missions that are now towns in California. A little know fact but partly through his efforts the possible mass Russian colonization of California was stopped. Anyway, perhaps during this messy immigration debate as we try to find a proper solution perhaps a prayer that he to intercede for us might help- just a thought.

Council of Conservative Citizens SC Protest Update plus more Koodum(Kookdum)

iLat week you might recall, I posted a alert that the Council of Conservative Citizens in South Carolina were going to be protesting John McCain in South Carolina. McCain was raising money for the South Carolina GOP. Ther release from their web site said:
ACTION ALERT!!!! JUNE 29thProtest John McCain in ColumbiaJohn McCain will be speaking at a fundraiser for the SC GOP Thursday June 29 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM near the Governors mansion. CofCC members and others, including GOP officials, will be protesting in force! McCain is one of the top two open borders, pro-amnesty advocates in the Senate. More details to follow.

Well ,their web site has not posted any exciting pictures of these events, or given us a update, or told us what GOP officials were there if any. I have posted how this group is not conservative but pretty much a extreme racist group. I posted a expose on the Council of Conservative Citizens and their very disturbing National Convention here. Subway Canaries has done some great research work on this group here. Needless to say this kookdum is not conservative, and any association with it on any cause does the conservative movement and the Republican party a great disservice. If you wish to see my entertaining and informative back and forth with a person from the Council of Conservative Citizens in St Louis go here and here.

By the way, my friend in St Louis has mentioned both Subway and I a couple of times but nothing to get all worked over with. It was done in a playful way, even though somehow we are partly to blame for some guy getting arrested in the great Volunteer State.. He in fact has added us to his blogroll today. Thanks you St Louis Blogmeister. I perhaps will add him too once I can think of a correct category. Perhaps he and others can be under a paleo conservative category. I think that is a category name, we both can agree is correct. Of course I better figure out how to do categories before that happens. Anywho back to South Carolina.

As I have stated before, I am not the biggest fan of McCain on some issues but I am on others. Regardless, I thought this protest as you can read in the above link was very rude and I didn't want the Press to associate the rest of us decent folk with it. So I decided since the The South Carolina Kookdum site was silent on the big event ,I would look in the papers. Here is a pretty general overview that I found. So I can perserve it I will post the whole thing:
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Arizona Sen. John McCain came back to South Carolina to raise money for the Republican Party on Thursday night.
McCain, mulling a 2008 presidential bid, gathered with two of his closest South Carolina allies, Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. Lindsey Graham. South Carolina traditionally holds the first Republican presidential primary in the South.
Graham and Sanford led McCain's 2000 presidential primary election efforts in South Carolina. When McCain lost in this pro-Bush state, some pundits wrote off the political futures of Sanford and Graham, both at the time U.S. House members. Instead, both eventually vaulted to the state's top political jobs.
McCain joked he was glad to be with the senator and governor who "are responsible for my loss in South Carolina."
"I still haven't forgiven them," he said
McCain said he won't decide until early next year whether to run for president again in 2008.
"This is really an effort to raise money for our party and our candidates here in South Carolina. I have been everywhere in the country, literally," said McCain, whose political action committee has distributed more than $1 million to campaigns across the country.
At the fundraiser, McCain talked about Iraq, the 2000 campaign and getting people to vote Republican in this year's elections.
"We are going to work and stop this wasteful pork barrel spending that is mortgaging our children's future and hurting our prospects in November," McCain said. "We've got to stop this spending and get it under control or our base will not turn out next November."
About 100 people attended the event, raising more than $25,000.
McCain may have moved on, but his 2000 legacy in South Carolina remains.
Nearly 50 people joined the South Carolina chapter of the League of the South in picketing McCain's stop at the Lace House, on the grounds of the Gov.'s Mansion complex, reminding people of the Arizona senator's canging stance on the Confederate flag that was flying atop the South Carolina Statehouse dome in 2000, but has since been placed on a pole on the capitol grounds.
During the primary, both Bush and McCain said it was up to South Carolina to decide what happened to the flag. After he bowed out against Bush, McCain returned to the state and apologized, saying he should have taken a stronger stand that the flag should come down.
"He flip-flopped on the Confederate flag and we're going to remind of that," Lourie Salley, a league board member and the group's political director.
The protests didn't bother McCain, who said it was nice to live in a free country.
But Salley, a 51-year-old Lexington lawyer, said the group also doesn't like McCain's stance on illegal immigrants
"If our citizens didn't pay income tax, they'd go to jail," Salley said. "If an illegal immigrant does that, they get amnesty and citizenship."
"I am surprised Gov. Sanford would associate himself with John McCain," Salley said.
But others praised McCain and Graham trying to find a solution to the complex problems immigration creates. They "are not demagoguing the issue to get votes," said Ike McLeese, president of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce
McCain wasn't the only potential presidential hopeful making a splash in South Carolina Thursday., a group pushing voters to support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the South Carolina ballot in November, said it picked up a $5,000 donation and sponsorship from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's Commonwealth PAC.
"We cannot afford to shrink from the timeless, priceless principles of human experience," Romney said in a prepared statement. He said he applauds the South Carolina effort and those like it in other states.

Well, if you noticed there wasn't bunch of talk of the Council of Conservative(word hijack) Citizens or thank God any GOP officials particpating in this event. However we can be sure that the good folks of the Council were there. The 50 people that showed up to protest ,while good ole John was raising money, were associating with what's called the South Carolina chapter of the League of the South. As you can tell they were there to remind the good Senator they don't like his views of the battle flag and oh by the way immigration. What is this "league of the South"?

First let me get something straight right off the bat. The League of the South often comes up in the news because of their advocacy of protecting Southern Civil war Monuments, confederate flag issues, etc. But they are so much more than that. I for the record support efforts to make sure Civil War battlefields are maintained, that Southern Civil war monuments are maintained, and that the confederate battle flag is not for all practical purposes banned. Heavens, I went to a school that had a Rebel mascot.(No not Ole Myth). I even have this that I like to put out at tailgates at times.
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However there are a ton of groups that are legitimate that do that sort of advocacy. The Rebel flag issue is a biggie to some, to me it is down the list of important topics. Especially when it comes to Federal elections. Anywho, I don't want to get hate mail on this topic. Back to the League of the South. I have friends that are into all things Ole South and avoid this organization like the plague. Why because its koodum. Much like the Council of Conservative Citizens. I suspect there membership list is pretty much the same. More on that later. At one time , I found this organization rather harmless. If I recall, they did such goofy and harmless things as having an Embassy in Washington DC and issuing passports to us Southern Folk that had to leave the confines of the old Confederate States. Also my Yankee friends beware this movement is not confined to the South.

This organization is a full fledged political group. Lets go to some of their media organs including their webs sites and blogs. What are the goals of the League of the South. Well from the mouth of kookdum:
Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic. To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence.


By joining The League of the South you have placed yourself among a group of men and women who are not content to sit by and allow their land, liberty, and culture be destroyed by an alien regime and ideology. You have joined an active organization that knows where it wants to go and how to go about getting there.
The League is no place for the lazy or the faint-hearted.

Good Grief. De- Legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity(this sounds like a Jefferson Davis KOS) and a independent Southern Republic. Before my Yankee readers gets all concerned, I do not anticpate that George Bush is going to have a Modern day Fort Sumter on his hands and have to secure Barksdale Airforce Base in Louisiana from a takeover by Governor Blanco anytime soon. This is kookdum of course. But it shows the mentality of the folks at the Council of Conservative Citizens , that they associate with these folks. Is this dangerous? We shall see. Do we need to keep a eyes on it. Hell yes. For instance this is a internet radio station they seem to like to promote. I think I shall listen and learn more. The South Carolina Chapter that was involved in this protest is quite illuminating. We found that in its spare time besides protesting Republican 08 hopefuls that at this event it sponsors some great civic activities From their web site:
The Burning of Columbia Commemoration
18 February 2006
Finally, after one hundred forty-one years, with the aid of the South Carolina League of the South, justice for the citizens of the Republic of South Carolina has been served. In Columbia, on the steps of our State House, the tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, and the war-criminal, William T. Sherman, were both hung by the neck until dead
. Link here for the full entertaining story

This page shows there take on the McCain event and they also have a picture of Senator Graham who they call a "Scalawag" and McCain a "carpetbagger". Good Grief, I surprised that they don't have a Gone With the Wind popup to appear that has the Plessy character saying "Mrs Scarlett the Neo Cons are coming the Neo Cons are coming and I don't know nuthin about birthin no babies" I also notice they seem to to support someone on a NEO Confererate Presidental hopeful in 08. Someone I think I sold computer supplies to when I worked at the Radio Shack in Ruston Louisiana while I was in College lol.

There is much to say on this group and their connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens. This group is perhaps even more dangerous to mainstream political conservative and Republican thought. Again, the key here is that this organization because of its charter can do things that the Council of Conservative Citizens cannot. I have also learned what I suspected. That is that some people of this group were part of a take over of a a honorable group that is now fighting for its soul. That is the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. I shall try to do a full post on this group once I can get digest the info.

The point is this. As shall post later tonight these group along with the Council of not Conservative Citizens is fully involved in the immigration debate as well as promoting the wild theories of Jerome Corsi on their blog. It is important when you hear about protest on immigration, trade, etc and it is masked as mainstream conservative to be aware of it.. For all that is holy look at who is putting it on before you go down there and get involved in it.

More on this Kookdum later after I can examine it more closely and filter out the liberal bias from their more liberal adversaries.

Update IAlso my horrible grammer and spelling will be corrected when iIget back. I have to run to mass

A Must Read on Michelle Malkin at Subway Canaries

I strongly urge you to go and take some time reading this post on Michelle Malkin at the GOP Blogger Subway Canaries. I thinks its important.

Let me say a few things. I do not find this very pleasant. Malkin says many things that I agree with. She had helped the Republican and Conservative causes. However there are problems that I think we Republicans and Conservatives need to confront.

I have said to many people that I think the media is on purpose giving the conservative movement a free ride as to some spokesmen around this immigration issue. My fear is that they will let this continue and then slam us on it in the election year. I have concerns about Malkin.

Many people are going to object that Subway for instance has some liberal sources that she references in her post. I understand that complaint. We all know that liberals all the time take our words out of context. However, there is a reason why it is mostly liberals pointing Malkin's problems out. I think we as conservatives have not quite figured out how to deal with some problematic elements that are appearing in our movement. Also, there has been so much information overload, I honesty think people are not aware of what is going on. The information that she links to can be checked out. That is her purpose. Subway has seen enough red flags to start raising alarm bells. I think its worth the time to see what is out there and check it out for ourselves. That is what she is asking us to do. By the way, there are many conservatives that are thinking in this same vein.

However this cannot be denied. Malkin's connections and approval of vdare and like groups cannot be tolerated. Vdare is not even allowed to be posted on the very Conservative Free Republic forum because of its racist and extremist content. That cannot be denied. The people that are writing on her immigration blog are very disturbing. The fact that she is allowing Kookdum like Corsi friendly article's on wild conspiracy theories to be her on her blog is very serious. This anti trade business and that extreme kookdum has no place in the Republican party. That frightens me even more than her immigration issues to be honest. I talked about Corsi toward the end of this post here. I intend to write an entire rebuttal to his Koodum after the 4th so people will be around to read it. His views and the fact that Tancredo appears warm to them is not only dangerous but could make us out to look like idiots and people wearing tin foil to average folks soon.

We have a choice here. We can expose the problems ourselves and deal with it or have it blow up in our face in the election season.
Its ok to agree with Malkin, on the immigration issue as to the substance of let's say the House bill. The concern I have is who she, and by association us conservatives to many, is befriending to pursue her political objectives. Again let me refer again to this quote from a Wall Street Journal writer:
"So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative
an excerpt from a March 15, 2004 editorial by Jason Riley, a senior editorial page writer at the Journal.

The prime example is of course those nutty friendly Corsi articles that are appearing on her immigration blog.

Read Subways' post and go to the links she has. Lets see what is true that they say and not. But regardless Malkin's association with Vdare like groups and nutty Corsi types have got to end. If they don't she has no business being a spokesperson for the mainstream conservative thought.

Update 1- Tomorrow I will give my first thoughts to this. Let me say that the first source she references leaps out at me as an interesting source for reasons I will go into later. Also look at the blog he was guestposting on-The Volokh Conspiracy. That is no liberal my friends. Of course the author is liberal or progressive as he might call himself. But I am familar with his work and it is of the type that should seriously be engaged. One reason why I think he was guest posting on a conservative blog. More later today.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Elvis, Press Rudeness and my MawMaw

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I couldn't let the day pass without some comments on the Bush, Prime Minister Koizum, Elvis and their joint pilgramage to Graceland. Politics at times needs to be fun. I am glad it was a little light today. Also Kudo's for Bush going down to Memphis with the Prime Minister of Japan. His country has really gone to bat for us in this War on Terror. Perhaps the Jews and the Arabs should take note of this relationship. No one has to be enemies forever. As you can see from the above pic, Even Tony Snow was getting in on the fun. For the amusing Press gaggle that is associated with that pic click here.

This visit though by a foreign head of State brings up a topic that really irks me. That is Press rudeness. Do you ever notice that some of the most important World Leaders come to the White House and the White House Press Corp just ignores them it seems. I remember when the big Monica story broke on Bill Clinton. It occured when Arafat was visiting the White House. All the questions were about the scandel. No one asked the former head of the PLO a thing. It was rude. I don't care if the guy was a former terrorist , but it was the one day I felt actually sorry for the man But it happens all the time. Yesterday was no exception. At the press Conference the only questions by American Reporters that were asked were basically, "Do you think you were bench slapped by the Supreme Court on Gitmo". It would have been nice if a American reporter would have asked the Prime Minister ,"So North Korea is about to fly a big ole rocket over your Country. What do you think about that? or "So there is talk if North Korea keeps going down this path that we might help arm you with Nuclear Weapons. As the only Country in the World that had 2 cities blown off the map by atomic weapons, Whats your thoughts?
How about a question on Japan assistance to us in Iraq ? Oh well, no the Press just kept being rude as always to foreign leaders that visit us. Also, we were cheated out of some good questions.

But today got me thinking about Elvis after seeing all those pictures today. I am a little to young to remember much about the King. I remember though the day he died. I was a tiny tot watching television and heard my mother go OH NO! My response was who? I enjoy his songs though. My favorite is American Trilogy. Its beautiful. It a combination of Dixie, The Battle Hymm of the Republic, and an old Negro spiritual. Some bars down here still play it to close out the night.
My grandmother who is over 80 is a huge Elvis fan. In fact she took me up to Graceland. Graceland is kept as nice as the White House. I even saw the Kings grave right there by the Mansion's swimming pool. I thought even then that would be awkward at pool parties. Did Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie ever lift up a beer to dear ole dad while they were in the pool? I wonder. But my grandmother loves Elvis. Elvis could do no wrong. He was the perfect Southern boy. I remember vividly when my grandfather brought up the issue of the whole drug thing. Good Grief, it was like he had just denied the resurrection of Christ and called George Washington a Communist all at the same time. My grandmother would have none of that talk. He was used!!! He just was Listening to his Doctors!!!. It was Col. Parkers fault!!! In fact I think She even went to one of those concerts where Elvis would pass out all those scarfs to women that were around his neck. Who knows she might have got one.I often wonder if my then early 50's year old Grandmother wassinging Elvis songs with my mom. Perhaps she had one of those Mom's crushes on a singer. I like that. It makes me know that my grandmother was human like the rest of us. I guess its one of those question, I need to ask before its too late.

If I am up late enough I will try to update this post with some local papers from Memphis that described the visit.

The Pope Gets the Keys to the Kingdom of Volvo( The Pope New Wheels)

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The American Papist bring us this story of the Pope's new wheels.

Good to know the Pope will be safe as he battling horrific Rome Traffic and cruising the Autobahn at 200 mph on his vacations.

Also, Let me direct you to these links the Papist has relating to some other Catholic News. Many metropolitanarchbishops just received their palliums from the Pope. What a pallium you might ask? This blogger explains. The Americans included
Archbishop George Hugh NIEDERAUER of San Francisco, United States.
Archbishop Daniel N. DiNARDO of Galveston-Houston, United States
Archbishop Donald William WUERL of Washington, United States

Plus, Our Pope tells the new Archbishops evil will never defeat Christ Church as reported in this roundup of the event.

One Warrior in Iraq- You Can Help Him Out

A Warrior

Take time to read the above post by Yon. I love Michael Yon. There are a few people I will ask you to donate too. His site is at the top of the list. After you read this article, please consider doing two things both of which he asks. First, ask Time Magazine to run a "clarification". Second also contact your Congressman to look into his case for the highest honor. That is the the Congressional Medal of Honor. In fact ask them to look into a lot more cases. I had the privilege a couple of years back to attend the National Congressional Medal of Honor National convention. I was filled with AWE. As a person that follows the actions of our Servicemen in the WOT, there are men and women alive and dead that should be considered for these honor. I have not quite figured out why just one person, after his death, has been given this honor since our engagements started in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, I find it very disturbing

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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This picture was taken when Congressman Tancredo was speaking at the Tennessee State Chapter of FAIR. What you didn't know they, FAIR had state chapters? Well, they do it seems. America is Full? Well what in the heck does that Mean?

FAIR is a Tanton group. Out of FAIR came many spin off groups. CIS, NUMBERS, etc. This groups are currently involved in the illegal immigration debate. However, their real concern is not the "illegals". Tanton and his associates believe its time to turn back the clock. In fact turn it way back. To put it bluntly, Tanton makes Al Gore and his Environmental theories look like they came from the John Birch society by comparision. It is the radical 70 population control movement coming back under the guise of conservative principles. At least in this public face. They are infiltrating liberal groups too. It worth posting this entire article.


The connection between some anti-immigration groups and anti-life beliefs has been well documented in recent articles and debates. Many immigration reform experts have received funds or have other connections to people and organizations that advocate anti-life measures such as euthanasia, sterilization, population control and abortion. Below are excerpts from various news articles, studies and other sources demonstrating the links between some anti-immigration groups and the anti-life agenda.

April 26, 2006: Father of Anti-Immigration Group
Awaits History's Judgement
this article appeared on NewsHouse News Service

Anti-Immigration Groups Fathered by John Tanton

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which was founded by John Tanton, is the parent group of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) headed by Mark Kirkorian. Tanton wrote a memo on July 11, 1986 stating, To expand our fund-raising machine, we created the Center for Immigration Studies last year. We need to get CIS fully funded and entrenched as a major Washington think-tank, one that can venture into issues which FAIR is not yet ready to raise. Tanton is the infamous anti-population activist who said in a memo written in 1988 that continued immigration from Latin America would lead to the peaceful takeover of the nation by a group that is simply more fertile.

Tanton, on his own Web site, says that he helped to start other anti-immigration organizations in addition to CIS, such as Roy Becks NumbersUSA. Other organizations, such as the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA, both of which he helped to start, but on whose boards he does not serve, have also made stellar contributions to the immigration reform debate. Tanton, again on his own Web site, lists the various groups he funds under U.S., Inc., which includes Becks NumbersUSA.

Tanton has founded and financed other anti-immigration groups as well. In addition to the above-mentioned groups, Tanton sits on the advisory board of American Patrol, now also American Border Patrol. (New Times Los Angeles, BeelzeBubba, May 7, 1998; The Tallahassee Democrat, Anti-immigrant groups: simple answers for simple minds, July 13, 2003)

CIS is part of an anti-immigration syndicate founded by John Tanton, a retired ophthalmologist from Michigan who also founded NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and also funds American Patrol - the group that sends vigilantes to the southern border to capture illegal immigrants.

FAIR and Negative Population Growth

Negative Population Growth, an organization once headquartered in the anti-immigration group FAIR's Washington, DC office, was founded by Donald Mann who stated:

"We should give incentives to low-income people who agree to sterilization. We should make available free abortion to low-income people on demand. And companies should cut back or deny maternity leave to women who have more than two children." (The Record, Teaneck Group Would Limit Babies, Immigrants, August 15, 1996, pg A01)

Executive director of FAIR, Dan Stein, said of Mann's group, "NPG is one of a few serious, courageous, meaningful population-control groups that's seriously dealt with immigration." (The Record, Teaneck Group Would Limit Babies, Immigrants, August 15, 1996, pg A01)

Political Campaigning

During the current 2004 election cycle, an organization called the Coalition for the Future American Worker has run anti-immigration ads in various districts across the country. This includes thousands of dollars spent on radio ads in Utah's Third Congressional District attacking Congressman Chris Cannon.

NumbersUSA's Roy Beck is a spokesperson for the Coalition. Beck said of ads being run in South Dakota, "We don't run these ads to influence elections, but to influence votes in Congress." (AP, Daschle campaign ad decries negative third-party commercials, April 23, 2004)

Dan Stein, executive director of FAIR, is also a Coalition board member and spokesperson. According to an article in the Dallas Morning News about Coalition ads being run in a Dallas area congressional race, "Federal records show that the Coalition for the Future American Worker's member organizations receive financing from other organizations, such as the Pioneer Fund, which studies racial differences and counts Nazi sympathizers among its founders." (Dallas Morning News, Frost says Sessions should denounce immigration ads, April 7, 2004)

Pioneer Fund gives over $1 million to FAIR

Pioneer Fund has given, through 1996, $1.2 million to FAIR. (Center for New Community Special Report, Divide and Conquer: A Profile of the Federation for American Immigration Reform)

On March 30, 1994, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

A confidential memo written by FAIR founder John Tanton, published in 1988, argued that continued immigration from Latin America would lead to the peaceful takeover of the nation by "a group that is simply more fertile."

FAIR also has been attacked for accepting $ 600,000 in donations since 1988 from the Pioneer Fund, a wealthy New York organization that finances research seeking proof of the genetic superiority of the white race.

If that seems to conflict with its middle-of-the-road image, FAIR has been unbowed. Tanton remains on the board of directors, and Stein defends Pioneer Fund donations.

"I think they support our work because the (Pioneer) trustees agree with what we''re doing," he said. "But we pitched the funding proposal to them. They give us money because we asked for it.

The Pioneer Fund and Other Investments

ProjectUSA, an anti-immigration group run by Craig Nelson from New York that has placed billboards in various political races including Utah's Third Congressional District, has also received money from the Pioneer Fund.

As Cannon has correctly noted, Nelsen also gets sizable donations from the Pioneer Fund, a white supremacist organization that for decades has promoted racial purity through eugenics, a theory of selective human breeding espoused by the Nazis.

IRS 990 forms show the fund awarded $25,000 in grants to ProjectUSA between the years 2000 and 2002. (Salt Lake Tribune, Immigration reform drives sharp wedge in Cannon race, March 29, 2004)

Projects' express purpose, according to IRS forms, is to educate the public on population control.

The spat between Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, and ProjectUSA, the Washington-based group pushing for strict curbs on immigration, is getting nastier. ProjectUSA started the round by erecting five billboards in Cannon's district saying that Cannon "Wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens." Cannon offered the next punch, charging ProjectUSA and other anti-immigration groups with ties to an "anti-life" agenda that promotes "sterilization, abortion, eugenics, and euthanasia." Project USA's stated mission, Cannon said, is to "educate the public on population control." ProjectUSA quickly denied the charge, saying that never has ProjectUSA ... said that our mission is "to educate the public on population control." Except maybe on Part III of the project's 2002 tax return, where it told the IRS that such population-control education was its primary mission. "It appears an inattentive accountant did indeed insert that phrase on some tax forms," Project USA acknowledged. "So, we were wrong on that account. But then again, so what?" (National Journal, Inside Washington-Gosh Durn Those Precise Accountants, April 4, 2004)

The Pioneer Fund's Anti-Life Agenda

Besides anti-immigration projects, the Pioneer Fund has also used its money for eugenic research. Eugenics is defined as "the study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding." New York millionaires created the Pioneer Fund "and charged it with backing research in heredity, eugenics and ''race betterment.'' (Phoenix New Times, Jingo All the Way, December 25, 1997)

When questioned about Pioneer Fund contributions, Tanton "claimed ignorant about the Pioneer Fund's connection to numerous researchers seemingly intent on proving the inferiority of blacks, as well as its unsavory ties to Nazism. Among materials published by Tanton's Social Contract Press include the video Immigration by the Numbers, by Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA. (Phoenix New Times, Jingo All the Way, December 25, 1997)

Richard Lamm's Anti-Life Agenda

Chairman of the Board of Advisors for FAIR and Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, stated in 1984 that terminally ill people have a "duty to die and get out of the way" (UPI March 29, 1984) and has also been associated with euthanasia for the elderly as a means to population control.

Governor Lamm is quoted in a May 1985 article as saying, "The best thing that could happen to this country is for a whole bunch of hospitals to go broke." This comment is attributed to a belief that medicine is prolonging the life spans of individuals thus causing population problems.

Lamm, while Governor of Colorado, was quoted during a speech to seniors that everyone had a "duty to die" so that the next generation wouldn't be burdened with their care. After a trip to India in 1967, Lamm returned to say that he "came back vowing to work on the problem of human population." He sponsored the country's first liberalized abortion bill in the state legislature. (Denver Westword, It''s Not Easy Being Green; Look Who's Mad at Dick Lamm Now!, March 18, 2004)

The Wall Street Journal Makes the Connection

Below is an excerpt from a March 15, 2004 editorial by Jason Riley, a senior editorial page writer at the Journal.

"So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative.

FAIR's founder and former president is John Tanton, an eye doctor who opened the first Planned Parenthood chapter in northern Michigan. By Dr. Tanton's own reckoning, FAIR has received more than $1.5 million from the Pioneer Fund, a white-supremacist outfit devoted to racial purity through eugenics.

Board members of FAIR actively promote the sterilization of Third World women for the purposes of reducing U.S. immigration prospects. And if anything disturbs the good doctor more than those Latin American hordes crossing the Rio Grande, it's the likelihood that most of them are Catholic, or so he once told a Reuters reporter.

CIS, an equally repugnant FAIR offshoot, is a big fan of China's one-child policy and publishes books advocating looser limits on abortion and wider use of RU-486. CIS considers the Sierra Club, which cites "stabilizing world population" fourth on its 21st century to-do list, as too moderate. And like FAIR, CIS has called for a target U.S. population of 150 million, about half of what it is today.

Unlike their counterparts on the restrictionist right, these organizations don't distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. They want the border sealed as a means to a fanciful, neo-Malthusian end. Both sides, however, do share the same intellectual framework -- an overriding pessimism and lack of understanding about markets, which is why both also tend to oppose free trade."

Yep America is full according Congressman Tancredo. Please Congressman, if you believe in all this nonsense, lets have a open debate about it. I think we are all against illegal immigration. However, its clear that to FAIR and it appears to you that the issue is not about illegal immigration but some a goal to push the population back to 150,000,000. If you want to believe that then fine. But there should be a honest debate about it. Forgive me but after reading this it is not clear to me that this radical agenda is good for this country socially, economically ,morally or good for our National Security. Also to be quite blunt, this garbage seems to fly smack into my Pro-Life convictions. So please quit saying this is all about just illegal immigration. Everyone is aware that you and FAIR share the same goals(at least to this radical population reduction). So lets get it out in the open.

By the way, this very liberal blogger got to ask him about this little T-shirt as well as other things(like broken promises)You can listen to the audio there or go here to read the transcript. True, both those sites are liberal, but you can't deny what your eyes and ears tell you. To repeat form the above article from the writer at the Wall street Journal:

"So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative.

Amen, Amen, and Amen. This conservative Republican shall fight it tooth and nail.

Say Hello to My Louisiana Friends on My Blogroll

First let me give a apology to Blogrolling. I sometimes come to work on a computer that is at a public library. I do this because their computers are so much faster and not as ancient as mine. Well it appears that their filtering service has become a tad hyperactive and for some reason is saying I can't access blogrolling or in fact see the links they put on other people blogs because its OBSCENE. Hopefully that problem will be corrected soon.

I am going to be adding some Louisiana bloggers to my list. I will probally be doing one Louisiana oriented at least every other day on my dear ole blog. There are some issues here that need National attention. Some of these bloggers I will be referencing and they are ones that I enjoy a good bit. Take some time to visit them, like me they do not talk about Louisiana topics all the time. I am also putting them up because of a problem I perceive. Louisiana my no means is perfect. We have our problems that is for sure. However, the Louisiana bashing and just pure ignorance from the MSM and other bloggers about isssues here is getting tedious. So I hope to be some window, into this State that so many don't seem to understand.

The first site is not really a blog, but is more of a Louisiana News Site in the tradition of the Drudge Report. That site is the The Dead Pelican. Like Drudge, its conservative leaning but is a pretty good roundup of the Louisiana News. Plus it is pretty entertaining.

The Conservative Cajun is a must read. He also shares a interest that this North Louisiana boy has also. That is the State and National crisis of Louisiana Coastal Erosion. I must tell you if there is one issue ,besides Tancredo, that gets me very upset it is this one. I hope to do a post after the holiday on this very important topic. He also has one the best damn link section of any Louisiana blogger.

Mostly Cajun is another great read. Plus it is not politics all the time with him. At times, the nation has no clue what this area of Southwest Louisiana is like. There are real people down there often producing your seafood, manning the oil rigs, etc. They took by the way a aweful hit during Hurrican Rita and it is not clear to me yet if they will fully recover. A story that has largely been missed nationwide.

I am going to put a liberal Louisiana blogger on my list. There will be a couple. I don't agree with his politics all the time but he is up to date on New Orleans News and gosh darn it loves that city and is fighting for it as much as I do. So if you have a chance, go visit Your Right Hand Thief He is not a bad guy at times once he gets past his anti George Bush mania.

Pawpaw's House is a blogger, I enjoy. I like him partly because he is North of I-10 and folks need to realize that we are Louisiana too. He talks politics, culture and about his kids too.

One other blog. This is called Ernie the Attorney. His blog at time is a tad left I suppose. But, he is insightful on New Orleans issues. Plus as someone that was formally in the legal field I enjoy him.

Well that is it for now. More Louisiana Bloggers will be added on another post. I am trying to stick by my rule of slowing intoducing my blogroll.

Looking Around

Last night I was commanded by friends to get my butt off my blog and come to the big city to spend some time with them. They did not have to drag me kicking and screaming. I have returned. I do notice my links have still not returned on the side. I notice other bloggers that use blogrolling are having the same problem. But its free so I cannot complain. So I thought I do a quick round up of what some people on my blogroll are saying.

Many bloggers have been talking about the Supreme Court and their recent decision on Gitmo and military tribunals. Most have some good links and discussion on the matter. I am going to read the Court's decision myself. I am probally one of the few conservative bloggers that thought there was some slight overreaching by the Executive here. However, I will comment on that later.

I suggest first going to to Big Lizardsand his post on the recent proof of Iranian shennigans in Iraq. I hate to call them shennigans because what they are doing is pure evil.

AJ is talking about the Cannon race and pleading for fellow conservatives to recognize some realities. His comment section is pretty good and again show that
De nial is not just a river in Egypt to some. He writes in part:
The right is clearly not burning with a desire to deport or push people here out to make a living. They are not dying to see a series of Elian Gonzales stories every night for a decade while the US wastes time finding simple people raising a family and dumping them across our borders. And more importantly, the people know the problem is less about wage pressure and all about the fact illegal immigration is the perfect avenue and hide-out for terrorists trying to reach our shores to kill us en masse.
Amen. The spin that says otherwise must be fought

Pink Flamingo is talking a lot of sense as always in her post from yesterday. She mentions the racist not conservative- Council of
Conservative Citizens. By the way, they had their big protest last night against John McCain that was in South Carolina Raising money for that State's party. I will trove the papers today and see if any GOP politicos showed up as they promised they would. If they were there they will be exposed. This kookdum is about to be exposed from the right and I hope all conservative bloggers help me in doing that.

The Anchoress has an exceptionally good post. She has been Talking about some very interesting topics these days and not all political.

I am going to update you on what some of the political 08 hopefuls are doing later on. On that topic a Tancredo fan emailed me a few days ago. He noticed that I said, I would put up any Catholics for (insert 08 hopeful), and wondered if a Catholics for Tancredo site came into existence would I put one up on my links. The answer to be blunt is HELL NO. But please come again and your suggestions are always welcomed.

Speaking of Catholics in the Public Square. Their blog has been interesting and keeps us up to date as usual. They have a post up on future House votes on issues relating to cloning and abortion.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where are my Links? Urgggh

The more I use Blogrolling, the more I think I just need to break down buy a Blogger Template for Dummies book and put them in myself.Well this happen before and they come back when they want too. Let me point you to a great post on the Rep Cannon Immigration Plan. You can read the whole thing at the link at his site. I amde this comment on his wonderful blog.
"Great post. I will link it tonight by the way. Did you see who was head of this advisory committee on Cannon's group. Well if it was not the person that ran against him two years ago and was the darling of the Tancredo Crowd to take Cannon down. Kudos to both Cannon and Throckmorton for putting political differences aside after a bitter campaign and working to solve the problem. Wouldn't it be nice if the Country took a lesson from that"

National Review Writer Uses Jenna Bush for Cheap Points and Alienates Latinos All at The Same Time- Priceless

Thanks to one my readers for alerting me to this

Well the most bizarre and stupid pieces are coming out again of what was once the Vatican of Conservative Thought. Yes the National review, and their hyeractive little blog on ritalin called The Corner. The National Review is where I was first introduced to great conservative articles. At times the articles were quite edgy. However, there has been a subtle Change at NR. It has rapidily become nothing more than the vast echo chamber I have been talking about. Instead of leading it has just been following. I have noticed this trend accelerate the past year. I plead to NR stop and return to your rightful place in Conservative thought. To the Corner blog, get off the Ritlain and try prozac.

There latest piece of wisdom on their blog is entitled, The Bush Family Project and the GOP. This post manages to be not only shortsighted, and incorrect but manages to also alienate and be condescending to all Latinos.
Jenna Bush is leaving DC for a taching job in Latin America, it says here
It also says: "Last week marked her final day at the Mount Pleasant charter school where she taught for a year and a half ... Jenna and a fellow instructor oversaw a class of third-graders being taught in both English and Spanish."
So yet another link in the Bush-Hispanic chain is about to be forged. The chain goes all the way back to Poppy Bush's, er,
business arrangement with Jorge Diaz Serrano in the early 1960s.
It's an odd thing—a paradox, really—that our last Democratic President showed little interest in Latin America and seems to have had no friendships or business ties there. Chelsea was sent to Oxford, and I think you could make a case that the Democratic Party as a whole, in its thinking, is more Euro-centric than Latin-American-centric. And yet Hispanic voters in the U.S. are solidly Democratic. All the main appeals of the current Democratic Party—big-govt. populism, a zero-sum racial spoils system, victimology, open borders, etc.—are much more attractive to Hispanics, and (except for the open borders) much more in line with Latin American political traditions, that the GOP's appeals to self-support, low taxation, etc.
So the decades-long Bush family project to bond with Latin America has not brought, and so far as I can see is not likely to bring, any political advantage to the GOP. It's a strange thing. Anyone got explanations?Posted at
12:41 PM

Good grief, where to start. First off let me congratulate Mr Derbyshire in using the First Daughter's private life to make a political point ,and to try ,in a very transparent way, to stir up a hornets nest of controversy. We all know that bilingual education is one of those hot button issues. BTW, go read the Wash Post article he links. Kudos to Jenna, that seems to be doing good work while living her life in a bubble. It used to be the political left just made points at her expense now it appears the right is doing so.

Now, on to Mr Derbyshire , you English Yahoo. Its time to come to grips with a reality. Hispanics at this point are the largest American minority in the United States. Most importantly they are Americans. Your post is not helpful in gaining Latino support to the GOP. Also your post makes no sense.
"Democratic Party as a whole, in its thinking, is more Euro-centric than Latin-American-centric. And yet Hispanic voters in the U.S. are solidly Democratic. All the main appeals of the current Democratic Party—big-govt. populism, a zero-sum racial spoils system, victimology, open borders, etc.—are much more attractive to Hispanics, and (except for the open borders) much more in line with Latin American political traditions, that the GOP's appeals to self-support, low taxation, etc"
Mr Derbyshire what alternative universe did you wake up in this morning? The last time I looked it seemed to me that Europe is the poster child for Big Government, victimology, and all sort of insane ideas. Mr Derbyshire there is a whole new level of Intrusive Govt being formed over there called the EU check it out. In the EU , PRo Life Catholics can't be President of this confederation because well they are against abortion. In fact in the World of the EU, Catholic Teachings are off the wall. Of course in the EU, all doctors are going to have to perform abortions .Shall I go on about the high taxes, the liberal welfare state, and all the kookiness that goes on there. Perhaps this site will be helpful that details all the nanny state stuff that is happening in your England. But hey lets be Euro Centric. Mr Derbyshire perhaps there is a reason why Democrats are Euro Centric hmmm. Please go here and read and learn. Its seems like Democrat Nivernia to me. Give me Costa Rica any day over that balderdash.

Also Mr Derbyshire, the people of beloved Europe are birth controlling themselves out of existance over their. Please read this to jump start the thinking process. Soon besides the Moslem population that appears to be well on to be the majority there in 30 years, we won't have much to trade with. I suspect Budweiser is not going to be a big hit there if demographics continue
So the decades-long Bush family project to bond with Latin America has not brought, and so far as I can see is not likely to bring, any political advantage to the GOP. It's a strange thing. Anyone got explanations.

Well Mr Derbyshire your post has not helped. Its does do a service though to show the nasty underbelly of this whole immigration debate. First off John, getting latino votes takes more than just appearing at a parade and saying I like Mexicans. It has to been gone after. You have to engage it in a real way. Politicians like Jeb Bush, President Bush(as well as when he was Governor), Senator Brownback, and even Governor Huckabee are examples of how the Latino community responds to when they are engaged. Some folks call this under the very nice term Hispandering. I call it not being arrogant and actually asking people to vote for you through words and deeds.

Latin America trade is about to explode. The smart leaders in this Country are already preparing for it. I suggest Mr NR that you go to cities like Houston, Dallas, Miami, etc that are great examples of that now. Forgive me if I am not overwhelmed by the Danish and French investment and commerce in areas I visit.

Next week, The National Review talks about Jeb Bush's Mexican wife and Also Derbyshire being taken off White House Christmas party invite List.

Update 1- I am aware that Derbyshire became an American Citizen in 2002. (Psst don't tell Tancredo or his friends at FAIR.) I just wanted to use the term English Yahoo to this dedicated Anglophobe.

Update 2- Jonah taking the role of the Chivilarous Knight comes to poor Jenna Defense

Update 3- Derbyshire will be very busy. Today he is also having to defend himself after bashing Mormons yestersay and blaming them for the Cannon win. BY the way any Mormon readers. We welcome you to what was only a Catholic Church Conspiracy as to immigration. Come on in the water is fine

Update 4- Derby thinks Jonah is being waspish,
Re: Bush Family Project [John Derbyshire]

Strewth, that was a bit waspish, wasn't it, Jonah? I was only observing the oddity of the fact that

(a) The Bushes, from Poppy on down, are far more Hispano-friendly than the last two Dem presidents, or for that matter than any prominent Dem I can think of, and yet

(b) U.S. Hispanics are, and always will be so far as I can see, a solid lock for the Dem vote.

I thought it was interesting, that's all.

Posted at 3:17 PM

Yeah, try to talk yourself out of this Mr Latinos are all victimology, racial spoil system while Europe is the Mecca of goodness. This was transparent and you know it.
For more of this back and forth please vist todays Corner

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You learn Something New Everyday

I have a New Entry/Post that should be in the place of this Entry. It is located right below the post What A Great Morning Cannon Wins. I have found out that if one saves a draft then it will appear on the blog as the time you saved it not the time you published it. Annoying! The new MUST READ is entitled The Cannon Win and Our Come to Jesus Meeting . If you are too lazy to scroll down to it click here. I guess you can tell I want you read it. Well Heck I spent 45 minutes on that.

What a Great Morning-Cannon Wins

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Ah, thank you Lord. Thank St. Jerome patron of bloggers. Thank you Our Lady and all the Saints. We have won a battle in the Cannon race in Utah. I don't have much time to blog right now. BUt I will have a post up on the spin that is occuring right now. I have visted a few sites but I am going to wait till this evening to post on this. Its fascinating to watch the spin get more organized after a loss. Right now, people are still just waking up after drinking their shock away last night. But what I have seen already is amusing. Even though it is amusing, the spin must be counted. The spin cannot become reality. Anywho till this evening, please visit my blogroll.

The Cannon Win and Our Come to Jesus Meeting

It was nice to wake up this morning, after the Cannon victory last night. Of course it is important to keep that victory in its proper place. A victory in a battle was achieved last night, but the War is far from won. Nethertheless; it is important for us to feel good. In fact it is essential we feel good about this victory. We must all have a moment when we know we are not part of some political Pickett's charge or just attacking windmills. It is also important for us to exploit it or it will be for naught. BTW , the spinning is happening fast and furious.

For my friends on the other side that view last nights events with distress. I saw this posted last night and it is so true. I know, I have been through these stages myself.

(1)We can still win this!
(2)We lost but in reality we won!
(3)We only lost because of the stupid voters!
(4)We only lost because of our stupid campaign manager!
(5)We lost because we're losers
. ( I would reword to We lost because We just plain lost)

This morning, I thought I was going to have a grand ole time tonight sticking it to individuals that have really gotten under my skin the past year. Trust me it has been a hard one. It has not been easy being called a Bushbot, a open borders troll, spineless, a sellout, a coddler of criminals, a rino, etc, etc. I have even had my Religious Creed slandered. From the days of the Gang of 14 to the Dubai port deal especially, it just seems like an asylum in my beloved Republican party. However , I am not going to attack the spin tonight by individual bloggers. I will engage it if it continues. But tonight lets have a come to Jesus meeting on immigration and other matters that must be dealt with.

Last night in the one of the most conservative states in the union in one of the most conservative districts there was a race. It was Republicans battling it out and it was the focus of all those that follow this immigration debate 24/7. We all knew what was at stake. As I said here the night before the election, if Cannon lost there was no way I could spin that reality. Rep Cannon has had a bulls eye on his head for for over 4 years. He has been targeted by the the Tancredo crowd nonstop. When they lost last time the bile against him started the day after the election. Cannon had everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink this time. The result of all that bile and destructive behavior was a increase of 2 percentage points for yall. That's it. I hear alot about the conservative "base" out there. Well, I can't think of much more places that are more conservative than good ole Mormon Utah.

I know it and you know it, that this race was going to be a sort of referendum on this immigration issue. It was the Bush view vs Tancredo view. Best of all this was a Republican primary. This debate was just among us. The thing with referendums is if you call one up you got to live with the results. Cannon won. Not only that but this is the second time he has won on this issue. One of the guys at the Corner had this say after receiving a quite a few emails this morning:

Advice to Restrictionists [John Podhoretz]
Look, if you want to be serious, you want to win elections, you want to move the debate in your direction substantively, STOP THE WHINING. I've been getting kvetchy e-mails all morning from people who seem to think it's just no fair that Chris Cannon won the primary in Utah. After all, they agree with that Jacob guy and he lost and they didn't want him to and so something went bad and it's dirty pool and WAAAAH.
This is Loserville, guys. So is claiming that a defeat is a victory, which is the other theme in my many e-mails. Grow up. This is politics. Lesson One: Not everybody agrees with you, and not everybody who disagrees with you is evil, and a lot of the time you don't get your way. Try being a conservative in Manhattan or Brooklyn or D.C. or Hyde Park in Chicago (to name every single place I've voted since I attained my majority) if you want to know what that's like. Posted at
11:35 AM

Lets face it folks this race happened in the most Republican Area(Utah County) of the most Republican State in the union.

So this is my plea. Lets start talking again on this issue. Lets compromise and try to come to a solution. Believe it or not we are really not for "open borders" where just the whole world can walk in. We also have concerns about security, crime, assimilation of immigrants. I know there are forces that have told you we don't but we really do. Our concerns are these besides the security concerns we both share. That is we treat everyone here with dignity and realize that not every illegal alien is a invader or a criminal on par with a bank robber. Its time to drop the talking points and get real. In the end do we really want to deport the 20 year old back to Mexico that has been here since he was 2. If an illegal has been peacefully living here for 20 years and has an American spouse and American kids do we really want to deport all similar cases without exception? I think you get my drift. It sort of hard for us that are Pro-Life and Pro-Family in this party to talk with credibility if we are breaking up millions of families without exception. Law tempered with Justice and Mercy.

We can compromise on this issue. If you want to see it from just pure political terms can we compromise on this before we piss away the entire Latino vote. I love this party and really don't want to go the way of Whigs. Didn't these voters in Utah send us that message last night?

There is one other issue. Its time we Republicans and Conservatives stop the bitching at each other. People are sick of it. ,and guess what those voters in Utah were very sick of it too. They had a ten percent turnout. You know why? Well it because most people are not like you and me. They don't read political blogs and don't talk about Sean Hannity and what that SOB said on Chris Matthews last night .Most people keep informed but don't jump into it like we do. But every two years they start to pay attention and go do their patrotic duty. But this year, after being assaulted non stop by the bile many had one reaction. That is, "Yall are all nuts, forget it and a pox on both your houses I am staying home!!! In Salt Lake County last night only 7 percent got out and voted. 7 Percent !!By the way, I don't think that was so much to the two individuals running that race. In the corner post above, how many of those angry letters came from the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District of Utah? I bet the answer is close to ZERO. You see we sort of imposed on those poor people in that Utah District. We decided to have our family fight right there in the suburbs of Salt Lake City and areas South and East of there. All this national bile of Jorge Bush, rino, t raitor, and race tinged rethoric hit them non stop. The result was 90 percent of voters stayed home. In other words , we have got to stop this and quick. Despite the political consequences, we have got 18 year old kids getting blown up in the WOT. Maybe just maybe, we should think if this political debate honors that ultimate contribution. Does that mean we can't disagree. Of course not. But the name calling and the lies have got to stop.

Step 1- We need to stop calling people with impeccable conservative credentials such as Sen BrownBack, Sen Graham, Sen Martinez, and Gov Huckabee RINOS. Please, its insulting and also remember some of us worked hard to elect these people and believe in them. The term RINO can not be applied to every politician that doesn't on immediate command lie down and roll over like a dog. The term RINO used to apply to people like certain Senators who when asked said they were not going to vote for President Bush in 2004. Now its applied to people like Mike Pence. Its insane and false

Step 2- We need to start governing. Not everything in this world needs to be a bloodfight. I fully expect to see the supposed "conservative" media and others in the echo chamber to demand a floor fight over the temperature of the thermostat in the House chamber. I remember one reason, I so hated Clinton was that he exhausted me. His antics were always in my face it seems. Folk's I am getting exhausted and I love the GOP. If I am getting exhausted ,God knows what the masses feel. Does this mean we dont fight on principle.? Of course not. But we are fighting over some stupid BS. I think I know why thats happening. I think good conservative are being used. I will get into that another day. But this where I am starting to look and asking questions. Especially, since I have started noticing how info is flowing to us. But again that's later.

Step 3- We have got to purge the evil and filth we are associating with in our movement. There are some nasty folks around this immigration debate. The ends can't justify the means. I don't go for instance to racist Council of Conservative Citizen meetings and ask their help in the Pro-Life cause. Evil or at least very misguided folks do not assist us in the end. You can support the House Bill all you want , but there are some people involved in this that are well, suspect. Lets just be careful . I don't want to look up 4 months from now or in 08 and see the whole nation yell at us "Yall are nuts I am staying home!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cannon/Jacob Election Night Live Blogging

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Round 1 of the Fight for the GOP Soul


4:30 pm--I am going to put this post up now. I will be trying to cover this race from my little ole computer 2000 miles away. I will try to keep you updated on the race from whatever resources I can find. There will be little to report for several hours. However, for your amusement and education I will be putting up threads from the Free Republic Forum. The Free Republic is a active conservative forum to which I post at times. Be warned the Free Republic is full of Cannon haters and people who think that Tancredo is best thing since sliced bread. But there are a few of us conservatives there that keep up the fight. By looking at these threads one can understand why this race is so nasty. This place will become a suicide watch zone at the end of the night for either side. I expect there will be a live election thread that will be a good source of info as Utah Freepers type in whats happening also. Free Republic threads to which I will also be posting on will stay at the top. Updates will appear below

KSl is a TV station out of Salt Lake. This link will take you to their primary page well they have links to the election results and break down all the races. You can leave comments too. This link will take you directly to where you can the results as they come in to the station.
Talk Radio Stations that are Covering Race that can be Heard on the NET

Free Republic Threads

12:39- Jacob Concedes, Cannon Moves on to General Election (this will be a fun one)
9:02-Cannon/Jacob GOP primary results thread
4:32-House Race Hotline Extra: Utah 03 (Utah GOP Exec. Dir. says good chance Cannon could go down)

4:51 Tom Tancredo: "I will run for President if I can't anybody else to take this [immigration] on"
Good Grief!!!!! Not directly related to election but in reality is.


1:40 am Alleuia Alleuia its over Cannon wins


12:26 Jacob has conceded Cannon goes on to the General election I will post the final numbers on this thread. For fun I will post the Free Republic Thread on Jacob conceding. If you look around there you might see borderbot central go beserk. Good times.
Here is the link to the concession article. FR thread posted above

12.22am-with close to 77 percent reporting
56.43%27,115 Cannon
43.57%20,934 Jacob

I will double check but I think the guy they had go against Cannon two years ago got 42 percent.
So for all that bile and money and junk they threw at Cannon we see they gained maybe 1.5 to 2 percent. hahaha- The sane Republicans should not let these numbers be spinned. Real low out election 10 percent. Which might show that this illegal immigration issue is not as big of a issue than many say it is even among the base that is supposed to want the House bill. More numbers soon

12:02- with almost 60 percent in Cannon- 57.21% 21,083 Jacob-42.79% 15,770

11:47- 50 percent is in and PONDERING AMERICAN election analyist expert calls the race for CANNON. Yeah. Looking at the numbers there is no way that I see Jacob can pull it out. The importance will be the percentage now. As you notice on the Free Republic Thread the Tancredo folks are starting to spin. More on that later. After my smoke break, more real numbers as they come in and analysis

11:43- OK when 50 percent comes in I am going to issue some good news

11:30= Ok these nunbers are coming in quick. It looks good for cannon. Salt Lake is still close but through out the night Cannon has held a 100 vote lead. I am almost ready to call this for Cannon. I suspect local TV is about too in Utah
With 40 percent in
Now I am concerned about these Salt Lake numbers but there seems to be a trend that has kept then just 100 votes apart on the average

11:26- Ok some good numbers coming in stand by

11:10 Cannon still maintaining lead but still barely has a 100 vote lead in Salt Lake will give update when 33 percent is in of the Precicnts

1o:52. Ok this worrys me. The suburb vote is coming from Salt lake- Cannon barely has a 100 vote lead in that County. That is worriesome but its still early
Cannon- 58.27% 6,386 Jacob-41.73% 4,574

1045 - It should be noted that half the precients come from Salt lake County. Only 3 have reported in there out of over 300. Its looking good now but its hard to see what happening till we see that more urban area come in

10:41- WOw big numbers in 80 out of 623 repoerting. It appears that Cannon is doing well in rural areas from the areas I see coming in
Cannon-59.8% 4,946 Jacob- 40.2% 3,325

10:35- Ok we are getting them in faster now- (20/623) 58.23% 2,207 Cannon 41.77% 1,583-Jacobs

10:25- (07/623) 55.93% 1,765-Cannon 44.07% 1,391-Jacobs

10:15 Good heavens are they counting these numbers with a Abacuc

10:05 With 7 precients in 56.91% 1,585 -Cannon 43.09%1,200-Jacobs

9:59 CENTRAL0.64%4 out of 623 in 55.9% 1,350 Cannon44.1% 1,065 Jacobs

9:45- New Numbers starting to come in be patient dial up sucks

9:27 Returns are coming in real slow. They come in much faster in Louisiana lol. I chalk that up to the new system. I think these are absentee we are seeing For your info this district is 7 counties, with Salt Lake and Utah having the most precincts. I find this to be a very low absente if that is what we are looking at
55.5%1,266 Cannon
44.5%1,015 Jacob

These numbers are reported to be from Utah County where Jacobs was running the strongest. This might be a early good sign

9:02Central- I am putting the Free Republic live thread up now. Those despite that anti immigrant retoric are good sources for info
9:00Central- Polls are closed It has been decided now to wait the outcome
8:00Central- One Hour till polls close. Time to pray for flat tires for the Jacob yet to get to the poll voters and assistance getting Cannon folks there/
7:48Central -As you might know today Utah is trying all the new Electronic voting machines. This blogger at the Salt Lake City paper has a humerous look at how maybe all the kinks are out of the election process today
5:15Central -I am gathering from some forums that turnout is low at this point. Thats bad for Cannon. However its only 4:15 there.

Anchoress Gone Wild.- Her take on Rush and the Viagra Controversy and her Proposed Bi-Partsian Sex Dream Plan to bring this Country together

Oh my this deserves its own post. I have to admit, I do love the Anchoress. The problem is Anchoress I can't think of many Dem female politicians I want to dream about doing that with. Now there are some Dem movie stars hmmm. Well I will do it for the good of the Country I suppose -Patriotism calls.

Michelle Malkin Goes into Full blown KookDum Mode

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MIchelle Malkin has gone into full blast Kookdum. Not only is she still posting things from the racist VDARE site on her immigration blog.. But now she has on her blog about the Conspiracy to make a North American Union by our friend Corsi at her immigration blog too.

Under the title of ELITES WANT U.S.-MEXICO MERGER — HENCE THE FLAW IN H.R. 4437 she has the following:
The focus of is on immigration and the National Question. It’s a noble endeavor, but I believe it represents only one component of a much greater problem.
The root of the evil: our apparent forced march toward a "comprehensive" New World Order of regional and ultimately global government, where nation-busting mass immigration is just one part of the process.
Though hardly a recent development, the excellent recent work by
Jerome R. Corsi exposing the North American Union, the Amero currency, the NAFTA Superhighway—and its Texas highway segment which is already underway—leaves little doubt that the collectivist, internationalist agenda of America’s ruling elite continues full steam ahead whether the public likes it or not. and

Michelle step away from the edge.
It really amazes me that she can do and no one calls on her on it. Its bad enough she is linking to VDARE. THe guy whose article that is on her blog is Juan Mann. He is a regular contributor to VDARE. Juan Mannan man has a pretty atrious site called He like Vdare also links to some disturbing groups such as American Rensissance. I perhaps will talk about them and who is behind that kookdum later in another Kookdum post. I am pretty sure that Malkin knows the well founded accusations of racism as to all these folks. How come she is never called on it? Again one can support the Tancredo Bill and not be racist etc. But Malkin is associating and promoting some serious trash.

Update 1- A comment to my blog pointed out that Malkin did not actually say these things she just put the article on her blog. I have edited this post to make that clearer. However this is her blog. It should be pointed out that unless she makes statements otherwise, that she approves at least that this content should be of serious debate.

Please God Have Cannon Win

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Patron St Jerome and Our Lady Of Guadalupe (Patroness of the Americas) Our Lady of the Snow (Patroness of Utah)please please please pray with us for victory today

If Jacob can say that the Devil is responsible for his woes, I have no problem asking for a Cannon Victory tomorrow as my prayer intentions. If I there was a individual patron saint of Third Congressional District of Utah , of Mormons or for Republicans, I would be asking them to pray for his win too. So far the Church hasnt seen fit to declare one for those causes. However I hope you do pray in your own way because what is at stake is huge.

Frst off, I will try to update this entry at the bottom with the revelant stories from the district as they come out I expect about 3 or 4 am Central time on the net. However I can give a few observations from what I have seen. This race I feel is going to be close. Its always dangerous in a way to try to analyze a race in a district in which one does not live. There are often numerous factors that effect a race on a local level that unless someone researches the local blogs can often go unoticed by the outside media. The New Orleans Mayors race was classic example. If one had gone to the Louisiana blogs, one would have found out that because of Republican support Nagin was about to pull out a win. But I feel I can give some general observations.

First thing is that Cannon is in trouble. That does not mean defeat but it is a fact. He is currently ahead in the polls but most polls are showing a huge undecided vote. 40 percent being the average. That is not good in a primary for the incumbent. The big issue is immigration. Poor Cannon has had a bullseye on him from both Tancredo and the anti immigration Tanton forces for years. He has not had much peace. The issue will be turn out , turn out, turn out. This you can be sure, that God himself could produce a ten foot blizzard in June in that district but the people that want to send a message to Presidente Jorge Bush and all their other supposed enemies will be there with bells on. You can't keep them away. The question is can Cannon get his folks there? Will people that don't like the nastiness of this race just stay away or just pass that race up on the ballot and vote for everything else.?That happens all the time. In a fairly recent nasty Louisiana House race, 20,000 that voted in the US Senate Race decided not to vote for the House race on that same ballot. Lets pray that Cannon get out the vote operation is good. We might have some clues in the morning papers.

If Jacob wins it will be a disaster. There will be no denying it and I will not even try to spin it as otherwise. It won't matter if Jacob wins by one vote, the Tancredo and Talton forces will have their first victory in defeating a incumbent House Republican. There will be many results. The House Leadership will allow Tancredo to run more rampant and have more power. It is likely that a Jacob win will be the nail in the coffin on Bush's vison on immigration for the rest of his term. A precedent will be set where sitting Republicans will come into your district and campaign against your sitting Republican Congressman on whatever personal issue they get their thrills off of. The result-- lack of Republican unity, intra party sniping and backstabbing, and eventual loss of the house. Tancredo and Tanton and the forces of Kookdum can't be allowed this victory. It very well might signal that Bush has lost any influence with the House on controversal issues. That cannot happen

A Cannon victory will do the opposite of all the above. Tancredo will still be there but it might give Republicans hope that they can buck this insanity. It will also empower someone else a little bit. That is Congressman Mike Pence. Mike Pence who is the one of most conservative member of the House has been recentlytrashed by the Tancredo folks. Why, because he had the audacity to propose something disfferent than King Tancredo House Bill on immigration. People are making the unbelivable charge that he is a RINO. For goodness sakes Mike Pence of all people. I thought this was quote by Cannon was interesting
And last week, a local paper published an editorial cartoon titled "Primary Colors" that portrayed Cannon as black-and-blue with bruises and a puffy eye. He was holding a paper with the words "Immigration stance," and the paper was riddled with holes. So Cannon had to laugh when Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., proposed a new plan for comprehensive immigration reform just a few weeks ago only to be attacked by people on all sides of the issue. "He came to me and said, 'Chris, how have you suffered these slings and arrows for the past two years?' " Cannon recalled.

Rep Mike Pence is going places. Tancredo very well might be picking on the wrong guy here and this Dog instead of rolling over and playing dead might just bite back. A Cannon victory might help that happen. I will update this later at the bottom with links from area bloggers and papers.

Well as of 3 am Mountain time this what we have. If you wish to see a video of a recent Cannon/Jacob debate click here.

David Rodeback at his Localcommentary blog has endorsed Cannon he has a entry on his thoughts on Cannon and Jacob here HE lives outside the district but has followed the race as well as observed the debates, He also had some thoughts on the canidates going back to State Republican convention. As to the debates I found this observation interesting.
Cannon spoke intelligently about the Pence plan (an immigration compromise, of sorts), and then Jacob said he was at a disadvantage because Cannon can read the bill, whereas he has to rely on what he reads in the newspapers. Frankly, I fail to understand why a Republican congressional candidate could not just pick up the phone, call Representative Pence, and get whatever he wants inside ten minutes, including a draft of the plan (now available on the Web, but perhaps not there before the June 10 debate). Or he could read Pence's speech at the Heritage Foundation, where he described the plan in detail. is a pretty good blog that covers Utal poilitcs well. He covers a lot of the blogs and papers. He has indicated that he is a Cannon supporter. This is one to watch perhaps tomorrow night. I would hit this blog to get a good overview of the race because he seems pretty good at covering the news and political blog scene.. I found this post intriguing that deals with the Bay Buchanan/Tancredo shennigians in the race.

The Utahcentralist describes itsself as a blog in the middle. He has a list of recent articles on the race as well as his views. There is also an link to a Salt Lake's paper of Jacob


The Deseret news has a overview of todays race today here I found this interestingin the article:

A poll published over the weekend by the Deseret Morning News and KSL-TV, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, found Cannon ahead — 46-33 percent among registered voters in the 3rd District. But 18 percent of voters remained undecided. "That's one of the highest 'undecideds' numbers I've seen so close to a primary election," said Jones, who has polled in Utah for more than 30 years. Among those who said they were "very interested" in the race, Cannon led 49-42 percent, Jones found. The outcome will likely depend on who turns out the most supporters, said Jones

Thats it for now. The papers are getting slow to get their editions on the net so I will check in later
Update II
Oh I as noted above Famous "Conservative"(yes she is our voice on the shows-yuck) Michelle Malkin has gone Kookdum today.But yesterday she posted her thoughts on Cannon, the race, etc/ I think you can guess her views. However here is a link to her latestest pronouncement.It has links to her other pearls of wisdom on this issue.

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