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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Thorns on The Roses and The Damn Irish

I have to run down to South Louisiana on a urgent matter , but I wanted to put a quick entry up.
There is to be honest a little letdown this week in Tigerland. Somehow the planets aligned to deprive LSU of our Rose Bowl trip. Also AGAIN the demonic forces of USC seemed to be involved in our fate. In case you have been living under a rock USC got upset in a huge way against their rival UCLA. There was still hope though that Arkansas would win and thus save us a Rose Bowl berth. However, Florida won in such a dramatic fashion that they went to number 2. The rest is history. I was looking forward to going to out to LA to the granddaddy of the bowls. The Rose Bowl parade is one of my earliest TV memories. Also from what I hear a good many California folks were looking forward to the Tiger Nation Invasion. OH well maybe we shall go when the Rose Bowl has the National Championship. Also it would have been great for the program for LSU to play Michigan.

Pour Some Sugar on me-
However the Tigers are going to the Sugar Bowl to play the much hated Notre Dame. That will be a great experience for the fans and the program regardless. I am looking forward to this game a great bit. Notre Dame should not be overlooked. I think there is a lot of trash talk right now but that will change. THe bowl Drought streak that Notre Dame has is a major concern of mine. That coupled with talented players coupled with the pride of Notre Dame is a dangerous combination. I was at the last bowl game that Notre Dame and LSU played. That was at Independence Bowl in the late 90's. Both teams were pretty matched and both teams felt just lucky to get a Bowl game. LSU won by the way and of course it was all glorious. I am praying that the same thing occurs. LSU fans will not admit it , but they are a tad nervous about this game. If we played our hearts out and still lost in a respectable fashion to Michigan it would be ok. However, losing to Notre Dame would cause a huge shadow to fall over the program. In other words it would be a long winter, spring, and summer. A lot is at stake including SEC pride. Should LSU fans be nervous? YES!!! However if we bring our "A" game we should be alright. I trust the the team will ignore the media hype.

We shall have a little fun with the Notre Dame game this month. I shall try to highlight some of the Notre Dame blogs. It will not be just all football but some politics too.

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