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Monday, December 04, 2006

Glory Glory We are Back Online

Many thanks Ted for salvaging my computer from my most unhappy "hot beverage" incident. All beverages are now a safe distance form my computer and will never be again balanced in precarious position on my monitor again. Coming up a few updates. Yes first it will be football. How could it not be. Then a blog roundup because to be honest, without being online for about 5 days I am clueless at what is going on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, I well remember my first (and hopefully last) hot beverage fiasco. It was a day before 9-11-01, which left me cyber-stranded for the first few days following Sept 11th. My fiasco was caused by a cat who decided to straife me with a surprise air attack as I walked up to the computer carrying my usual 16-20 oz. pail of hot coffee. Most of the cupful landed on top of my G-4 tower and dripped down into the guts & circuitry... followed by some terrible moaning & gasping sounds, then silence. I was quite amazed that the Apple tech was able to meticulously clean it and put it back in 100% working order. The thing worked perfectly until a couple months ago when we got hit by lightning.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Doc Holiday said...

Iced Tea isn't all that good for a laptop keyboard, either. It fries the 'insides'. Been there and done that. I do not advise it. Coke isn't as bad as tea, bellieve it or not. Been there and done that too. I live in terror that one of the cats is going to get mad and pee on it!

The Pink Flamingo

11:45 PM  

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