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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Touchdown live from Tiger Stadium(LSU/Ole Miss)

Ok Just one more LSU post lol. This is too good. The LSU/Ole Miss game came down to the wire. The Tigers had to pull it together like never before to come from from behind. The Critical point was as the 4th Quarter was in its final seconds. It was 4th down and we were behind by 6 points. We were either going to win and keep our BCS Bowl hopes alive or lose a game that would be a heartbreaking memory for the rest of our lives.(note Ole Miss blocked the extra point having us go to overtime where we run but this was the most dramactic moment)

Friends have told me that the Crowd noise rivaled the famous LSU/AUBURN Earthquake game at this point. Now you can be the judge through the magic of you tube. I of course like hundreds of thousands was listening on the radio about to have an heart attack.
God I love Tiger Stadium. If that doesn't send chills down your spine you need to go check in at the morgue.

Update here is a closer live view of the touchdown from another fan

Update II- Thank God I am finding all these Clips. This was the second most exciting and critical play of the game. This shows the stud that LSU's Quarterback is. Watch Jamarcus Russell spin twice and throw it 53 yards while on the run- Priceless

Update III- Another Great View from the stands fromm our earlier Touchdown. Great shot of Student section, Band and T -I-G-E-R-S- TIGERS Cheer.

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