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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanks St Louis - Also Kookdum is about to have to eat their words on a certain Quarterback

My paleoconservative conservative friend congrats us on LSU mighty victory. Thanks!!! We have no where to go but up now. Like I said I am dreaming of roses now. In fact I am planning to sign up at this kookdum sports site and talk about it.

In particular I am going to this entry and make them eat their words on our great quarterback.
Especially this entry:
Steve Beuerlein was that stupid CBS announcer. He definitely made himself look silly. Look at the fawning over DuhMarcus' arm strength this way: what they are not saying, ad nauseum, is that he's "heady," "smart," or a "field general." By dousing Russell with the same two or three compliments every time hs name is mentioned, they make it even more apparent that no one believes he is a complete QB. Russell is just a big, strong guy who is otherwise an average QB. LSU is loaded with offensive talent, which combines to make DuhMarcus look good. His fellators are quick to cite his record as a starter, which is something like 15-3 now. That record, though, belongs to the team. It's not as though Russell carries the team, like they'd be rather average without him. They don't win by blowing anyone out; defense is LSU's strength. DuhMarcus Russell would not be 15-3 if he were the starting QB at Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Kentucky, or South Carolina. He wouldn't make Arkansas a better team. He would not make 'Bama an SEC Champ contender (and forget Vandy - he'd never make the grades!). Notice the CBS commentators refrained from harsh criticism of the way Russell mis-managed the clock on LSU's last drive. He wasted valuable seconds by taking a sack that was long in the making, instead of throwing the ball away. Everyone knows he could "flick his wrist" and dump the ball beyond the sidelines, right? So, the Tigers wind up on the 5 yard line as time expires...

Translation- We want the white quarterback in. Now I love Flynn but Jamarcus is the bomb. Stay tuned to that entry because I intend tos blow away their racist cobwebs in their brain as to one of the smartest quarterbacks in the conference and even the nation.

By the way this is the site I shall be doing a expose on this week. Who knows maybe tonight. I think blogmeister you will enjoy it. It will be fair and even handed. What is frustrating about this site is that actually they do hit on a few nuggets of truth. But then what good that is is blown away by their racism and their radical agenda. I was planning to do it Saturday but decided not to ruin the best day of the week by going into this kookdum.

Ona more politcal note, the blogmeister of the Council of Conservative Citizens has a post on the supposed Buchanite wing of the Republican party. I actually agree with him a tad on this. The Buchanite wing will never be comfortable on the GOP. Partly because its full of quacks that want to try to implement policy that has proven time after time to fail. But most importantly because so much of its base is kookdum. Even the blogmeister I notice doesn't buy into all the conspiracy koolaid that so many of its people post on the net.

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