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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Simcox Minuteman PAC- Where did the money go?

To say the least it was not a stellar day election wise for the Simcox Minutemen. Many of their cguys and gals lost. The Minutemen faction headed up by Simcox have also released their long awaited audit. More on that later in a seperate post. However I wish to concentrate on the political action committee side of the Minutemen for a bit.

For some background ,please read last months Washington Times article on this whole affair. Its quite illuminating.

He are some tidbits:
According to the most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, the Minuteman PAC spent $240,000 through the first week of September on eight congressional campaigns, although just $5,000 was direct candidate contributions.
The FEC records also show that about 60 percent of the Minuteman PAC's expenditures through early September went to private companies -- several with ties to a labyrinth of Virginia-based tax-exempt charities and fundraising groups founded or headed by Mr. Keyes. The money was used for direct-mail fundraisers, telemarketing programs, advertising campaigns and disbursement fees for four candidates.
The Minuteman PAC spent nearly $88,000 through early September on its own operations, including fees to many of the Keyes-aligned private firms to collect and disburse donations and do direct-mail fundraising, the FEC records show. Other PAC money went to Web site construction, bank charges, salaries and advertising
.......Several current and former Minuteman members and supporters told The Washington Times that they have been deluged with requests for money from various conservative organizations since the Minuteman PAC was formed.
Response Unlimited, which calls itself the "best and most comprehensive source of mailing lists for conservative and Christian mailers and telemarketers," offers the names and contact information of Minuteman donors for $120 for 1,000 names. The Waynesboro, Va., firm, headed by Christian right activist Philip Zodhiates, also has an "exclusive contract" with the Declaration Foundation......s

Now that article was from last month. What in heck was this important PAC doing in the months of October and November? Well if one goes to their Web Site they certaintly are patting themselves on the back it seems. One gets the impression that they were out there fighting the good fight after the primaries helping out the so called No Amnesty crowd. What really happened?

Well the intial FEC filings show quite a different story.

The Minuteman PAC made the following payouts according to FEC records(note these are mainly 48 notices so we don't know how much went to caging and other folks). $73,798 to Mountaintop media related to the Graf campaign on Oct 2. $ 20,350 to Mountain Top media related to the Graf Campaign on Oct 10. $21,334 to Mountain Top Media related to the Graf campaign on Nov 1 .So basically the Minuteman PAC gave a few direct contributions of their money to 5 people(Graf included) and the rest went to the Graf campaign. It should be remembered that Randy Graf was using our friend American Caging. What in the World does this mean. Why in heavens name were they pouring all their money into one campaign? A campaign that was always 10 points behind.Why were they not helping poor ole Rep Hayworth just up the road who was in the fight of his life? Questions? Questions? Questions? Don't you think the donors were expecting that perhaps this money was going to be spread around a little bit more? It is true they were helping others out in the primary season but this sole spending on one race is awefully curious. We shall delve into this later in much more detail.

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