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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shreveport mayors race and why its important

Before I do a national story let me hit on a statewide theme.

The Shreveport Mayor's race is important for more reasons than the city elected its first black mayor. I talked on a earlier thread about how the Dems did a successful trial run in this race that shows there is a way to make up for the lost New Orlean's vote cushion. That also when combined with similar efforts that will be done in Monroe Louisiana and Rapides parish for example show a subtle but profound power shift to North Louisiana. However this race also showed something different and important.
For the record I ended up supporting Jones in the mayor's race who is a Republican. However I am pleased that Cedric is the mayor. The Shreveport based Forum weekly again had a great analysis of this race .I have already touched on the successful Dem GOTV effort but this is real interesting. It appears that Glover got a very respectful part of the white vote. These are white Dems and yes even Republicans.
These Republicans he got were of three kinds I suspect. (1) The ones that didnt like Jones(intra party bad blood), (2) The Republicans that are thinking in a strategic sense. That is very much like the New Orleans Nagin Republicans who made a choice between Nagin and Landrieu.

These "Cedric Glover" Republicans know that the city will have a black mayor. Cedric Glover who was always respected by the entire community was a perfect choice. In a effect why put off the inevitable and lets go for the best black Democrat mayor that might be do a great job and set a precedent versus wait for the old black machine to pick it. (3) Those that just thought Cedric was better. It appears that Cedric received anywhere from 17 to 18 percent of the "white vote". In Precinct 10 where 545 people voted Glover received 16 percent even though there were just 5 registered black voters. In Precinct 16 where 843 voted Gover got 17 percent with only 9 registered black voters. As a Republican I hate we lost but these numbers do give me something to cheer about. It means that racial bloc voting is starting not to be a sure thing.

I think its important to look at the recent Louisiana Secretary of States Race. Jay Dardenne, the Republican, received 40 percent in very black middle class areas of baton rouge. In New Orleans Jay received very respectble numbers in black strongholds of New Orleans. True it was a white v White race but still a defection of such numbers toward a Republican is significant. I think both election contest show that perhaps voting patterns shall have less to do about race but ideas in the future. That is something we can all cheer about.

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