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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sen Landrieu I have a Deal for You to Save Your Senate Seat

This morning I was high as a kite. Nothing like a close LSU/Ole Miss(and LSU victory) to get your Sunday morning started off right. Then I read the sunday paper.
Seems like the the Democrats have big plans that effect poor ole Louisiana in a big way.It seems that the Democrats are about to kick Louisiana when its down in a big way.

The Tax Cuts that are being targeted include Topping the list for repeal are:

_Tax breaks for refinery expansion and for geological studies to help oil exploration.

_A measure passed two years ago primarily to promote domestic manufacturing. It allows oil companies to take a tax credit if they chose to drill in this country instead of going abroad

Sen Landrieu you know the importance of the oil industry and know that these actions take the food out of our mouths. This goes directly against the aims of the Blanco administration in trying to get the Kuwait Govt to build a oil refinery in Louisiana.

Further we know if the Democrats will not allow the offshore revenue sharing bill to pass while they are in control. A move that will cause us to lose funding for the Coastal Erosion projects that are needed to literally save the ground beneath our feet.

I offer this proposal. Sen Landrieu you become a independent these next two years and agree to to work with the Republicans to elect their leadership in the Senate. The Senate will return to 50/50 with the VP as the tying vote.

In exchange you will get two things. That the GOP Senate pledges to pass the offshore revenue sharing bill. (2) That the Louisiana delegation agrees to a non agression pact for your election in 2007. A race that we all know you have serious problems with. A non agression pact means that there might be an agreement that Congressmen such as Baker, Alexander, or Boustany agree not to run against you in 07.

Do I think this deal is possible. Yes I do. On this issue in Louisiana Republicans and Democrats are on the same page. Jindal will benefit because he is heading up the effort in the House while such action would assure your re-election. How could Congressman Boustany(your likely opponent) refuse such a offer for legislation that would benefit his district in a most dramactic way. The national GOP leadership would go for this because they know that loosing the Chairmanship of the Senate Committees for the next two years will be a disaster. Especially as to the Judiciary for example.

Louisiana has one moment in time to get the resources it needs to save its future. Sen Landrieu are you ready to lead and take a risk? Who knows you might find being a independent something you wish to do beyond 2008. Further, we know the future leadership of a Democrat congress puts you in a tough situation as to some votes coming down the road. Votes that you know the typical Louisiana democrat is not in line with.

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