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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Preliminary Predictions For Election Day

I shall go into a more detailed analysis later this week.

By the grace of God we keep the Senate. I think Coker's lead in Tenn is real and he should pull that race out. Virginia is though is troublesome. At some point one cannot ignore the poll after poll showing Webb ahead. Will the GOP GOTV operation save Allen? I hope it will. My gut instinct is that AlLen will pull this out but it will be a nailbiter. The other race that I am hopeful about is Burns in Montana. I had written this race off months ago. However, there is room for hope in this race also. I think the GOP suprise of the night will be in Maryland.

THe HOuse on the other hand is a different story. After looking at the top 30 races I believe we lose the House by5 to 7 seats. Can the GOP GOTV save the house? Sure it can. However right now I see the function of the gotv of preventing a 20 to 25 seat takeover by the Dems. More analysis later.

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