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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Pondering American Is Smelling Roses

One final LSU post. Yes I am smelling roses. That is ROSE BOWL roses for LSU. True, we have to have USC beat those Irish folks at Notre Dame and Rutgers to win this week but it could happen. You see LSU has got to catch a break. You see my mind goes back to the third game of the year. If it had not been for 4 and half tiny yards we would be in contention for the national Championship at this moment. Surely God is going to smile on his Tigers and allow this to happen. I think it would be a great game and most likely it would be USC we would playing against. The drama of that game would be a huge draw.

However if we do take care of business this Friday against the swine in Little Rock I am pretty sure the Orange Bowl would take us. -Note to LSU Fans going to the game Friday be sure to sneak in the oranges to throw them on the field if we win. Those Orange Bowl people like that stuff plus its gets on TV.

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