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Thursday, November 16, 2006

On "Tancredo" Like Immigration Policy its Damn the Torpedos and Full Speed Ahead at The National Review

I love the National Review. I especially love the always fun "The Corner Blog" on their web site. This year however their lack of diverse thought on the immigration issue has become tiresome. There appears to be no thoughtful analysis going on about immigration politics in these post election days. . My God if the very agenda oriented Center for Immigration Studies(A John Tanton founded group) says it true well my golly it must be.

Well, The Corner Blog has been placating the "Its Amnesty-hide the women and children" crowd with all sorts comforting echo chamber spin. Today and yesterday was no exception. Now I should not pick on poor Mr Ledeen because he has not been the worst offender. But this just sent me over the top. From the Corner:

Time Mag's Karen Tumulty (where do they find these names?) on Hoyer/Murtha" [Michael Ledeen]
It's pretty hard to beat this for sheer demagoguery: ^Karen Tumulty
Nancy Pelosi showed us something important about herself this week. If Tip O'Neill thought that all politics was local, Pelosi's view is that it's personal. But what may have more significance in the long run is what her caucus showed her — that, unlike the Republicans they are replacing, they will not march lockstep at every dictate from their leaders.

Riiight, Karen. The insurrections against Harriet Meiers and the Bush immigration scheme never happened. Lord knows McCaine never ever challenged Frist or the White House. Snowe and Collins always did what they were told. And Specter was always in lockstep with his colleagues. It was stormtroopers marching in lockstep, all the time.Posted at 5:15 PM

I addressed this email to him a few moments ago:

Mr. LeDeen let me say I just love The Corner. It is one my favorite places to come to keep up to date on what is happening. It is always thought provoking. However, I must say this year though your site has been an ordeal for me. It seems in the world of The Corner that Republicans and Conservatives that think perhaps the Tancredos of the world are slightly wrong do not exist. Yes, we are the people that want to get tough on illegal immigration but are not thrilled with the "deport them all big or small" or "starve them all back over the border" philosophy.

Now I know that NR has John Tanton's boy from the Center on Immigration Studies on staff. But perhaps throw us a bone or better yet give some thought of trying to portray both sides as to this issue. In that regard can you please refrain from using the words "Bush immigration scheme". That sounds like such a Democrat politcal way of talking. Much like when they talk about Bush's "tax Schemes". It is clever tactic but does little to elevate the debate.

Thank You
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