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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Minutemen Scam Saga Updated.- Cha Ching More Money More Money

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Football Saturday is not the best day to be talkng about the monkeyshines of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox Connie Hair, Maureen Otis, Alan Keyes ,American Caging and others. However since I shall revisit this again I suppose its ok. But I just noticed something in their long awaited financial reports. By the way the report does not talk about any money received in 2006 which of course is a disappointment. The very Conservative Washington Times which has been following this scam pointed out as to this report:
While the IRS papers document MCDC collections and expenditures through Dec. 31, a reported donation total of $418,493 is significantly less than the $1.6 million MCDC President Chris Simcox told The Washington Times in July that the group had collected in donations since its April 2005 creation. That figure was said to include $1 million in direct MCDC contributions and $600,000 toward the construction of a $55 million border fence.

Now as background to this, I have reported how something was rotten with American Caging in Houston Texas. A caging company usually handles the donations for certain groups. Mainly processing and other matters. Well American Caging is associated with what to say the least appear to be conservative groups that seem to be making a lot of money for themselves versus money spent on the "cause". I do strongly suggest this thread on a conservative forum that looks at American Caging and has a ton of links to primary sources and news reports.

Well, the Minutemen Faction under Simcox(the fence scam people) has issued this report that the Washington Times references above.

Now to say the least that report is not very illuminating. However lets look at the the Minutemans 990 they had to file with the IRS as a part of this.

Now remember this is just for 2005 funds which is not when the bulk of money came into to this dubious group. Now like the report above is showsa substantial sum of the Donors money going to caging. We know that the Caging comapny is American Caging owned by Maureen Otis. At least that is the only owner we know of. We haven't quite figured out if there are certain "private partners".

Now please go to page 5 of the report. Well my Golly Mauren Otis owner of American Caging is on the freakin board. Is that proper? But you go well she recieves no compensation so what. But wait she does because a percentage of almost every Donor's dollar goes into her pocket.

However I'm interested in page 6 of the Form 990, where it asks if any of the officers of the company are related to any of the companies listed in Part II, which lists the expenses including caging fees.
On the form, it says NO, even though some of the money seems to have gone to Maureen Otis' caging company."

But looking at the report you wouldn't know that their caging company is American Caging nor that Board member Maureen Otis owns it. Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Well you know who cares if conservatives and on the average retired folks who donated are told the whole truth. After all the Minutemen and Associates are patriots(sarc)

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