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Monday, November 13, 2006

LSU and The Sec Championship

Before we go to the less important things of life, let me please put to rest all this confusion about what has to happen for LSU to get to the SEC Championship. I keep hearing that all that has to happen is that Arkansas loses against Miss State and then we beat Arkanasas the day after Thanksgiving. For the one thousandth time that is false. There seems to be some theory out there that even if Auburn doesnt lose we just need to be 5 BCS points ahead of them. Wrong Wrong Wrong. I even heard a major LSU Sports radio guy spout this nonsense. Both Auburn and Ark have to lose this weekend for LSU to have a chance to go to the SEC championship.

One poster on a LSU board had it right on in his explanation:
If Arkansas loses to Miss. State and Auburn beats Bama, LSU CANNOT GO TO ATLANTA! Reason: Arkansas would have two SEC losses (2 in the SEC West - LSU and Miss St), Auburn would have two SEC losses (1 in the east - Georgia, 1 in the west - Arkansas), LSU would have two SEC losses (1 in the east - Florida, 1 in the west - Auburn). According to the SEC three-team tie-breaker rule, Arkansas would be eliminated first due to their Western division record, thus making it a head-to-head for LSU and Auburn. Auburn beat LSU, so Auburn would go to Atlanta.

Thus, Arkansas AND Auburn would have to lose this weekend to send LSU to Atlanta (assuming the Tigers win out, of course). If Arkansas beats Miss State, they're headed to Atlanta, regardless of the outcome of the LSU-Ark game. If Ark loses to Miss. State and Auburn beats Bama, then Arkansas would have to beat LSU to make it to Atlanta; if LSU beat Arkansas under that scenario, then Auburn would go to Atlanta

Here is the official rules in event of a three way tie in SEC West


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I am glad to see you back - and see that you are sticking to your priorities - football! LOL

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