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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu Out Campaigning For The Democrats

Most Louisiana residents are just bystanders in all this election fun the nation is having. The hottest races in the state are races for mayor in ALexandria and Shreveport, a fun Sheriffs race in St Landry Parish, and an interesting Congressional race in New Orleans where William "Cold Cash" Jefferson is running. There is also a contested congressional race deep in cajun country but anyone besides the most partisan will say that is a safe Dem seat.

However, just because there is a lack of excitement in Louisiana doesn't mean our congressional delegation is just sitting around. I noted with interest this Slate article talking about Sen Mary Landrieu up in Tennessee campaigning for Harold Ford. The writer states: The other day I wrote that it's ridiculous to say that Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. has "Hollywood values." But today, I'm at a "Women for Ford" event moderated by longtime Tennessee resident and political activist Ashley Judd. Also on the stage: Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, a conservative, religious Southern Democrat whom Ford is clearly trying to emulate politically.

I must say that I never have thought of Landrieu as a "religious" candidate. I am not slamming Mary's personal faith here. It just never has seem to be a big theme of her campaign. Does going to Church make one a "religious Democrat"? Further looking at the demographics of Mary's vote last time. I wonder if she needs to emulate Ford and not the other way around. Besides that I am sure Senator Landrieu doesnt mind being up in Tennessee. The further away she is from that messy Congressional race in her own district the better for her politically. Plus she will need all the chits she can call in when she runs in 08.

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