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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Louisiana Democrats are not Dead yet

I wish the The Forum based out of Shreveport Louisiana had their articles online. There is one that should be getting attention that was in their Nov 22 addition. The CW is that because the Dem Machine in NOLA is basically gone that people like Blanco and especially Sen Mary Landrieu are toast. I was starting to believe that till the Shreveport's mayors race.

The Louisiana Democrat party put huge resources in this race. At first I thought that was stupid but now I am not so sure. The turnout in the black areas of Shreveport jumped big time in the runoff and that is what got Cedric Glover in the winner' seat. The Louisiana Democrat state party spent 30,000 dollars on election day alone. They had at least 75 election workers just to get people to the polls. What has been done in New Orleans was done for the first time in Shreveport with great results for the Dems .

The theory is that this was a trial run. It appears to be successful. Caddo Parish has 66,000 black voters, Ouachita has 30,827, and Rapides 22,064. The Dem party has never devoted the resources to get this vote out in north Louisiana urban areas like it has in New Orleans. Simply by adding 50,000 votes from these Cities and Parishes along with the existing black vote in NOLA it appears that the Dems are back in the game in a big way. I hope the Repubs are looking at this and thinking long term
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Blogger oyster said...

I would think that Blanco is much more vulnerable than Landrieu. She is up for election sooner, might have a stronger oppponent (Jindal) and is more widely disliked.

Also, Landrieu may also will be in the "majority" in the Senate and may have benefit of a decent Dem Presidential ticket, whose "coattails" she can ride on.

I don't consider her "especially" vulnerable in comparison to Blanco, as things stand right now.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe this is a link to the Jeremy Alford article you mentioned that appeared in The Forum:

Alford writes for publications statewide, including The Gambit in New Orleans and The Ind ( in Lafayette. Both are excellent examples of the kind of weekly newspapers we should aspire to here in Shreveport.

-- Marshall Fannin

11:06 PM  

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