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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lots of Talking Not Enough Facts

I went down the LSU/Bama game as a reward to myself. Great Win!!! More on that later perhaps. I decided to stay away from politics a good bit for a few days so I could get some perspective. Reviewing the stuff that is circulating about why the Republicans lost is a tiresome ordeal. One reason is the spin. Each side , whether factions in the Republican party or liberal Dems ,have a spin they are promoting. However it is quite apparent most of this is not based on any thing relating to facts. A true analysis of the why and hows of the loss shall take a few weeks to even start seeing the full picture. I do feel though we can see some overall trends in this election cycle. I shall post on that shortly. Today I am starting to work on another blog I will be starting dealing with a Presidential hopeful That announcement coming up soon. I will a have two post up after midnight so stay tuned. I am ready to get back into the fight

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Blogger Unknown said...

I've made my Presidential endorsement.

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