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Friday, November 17, 2006

A look Around My Blogroll

I am thankful I am getting back to this as a regular part of my blog. I have missed highlighting the great things that my blogroll is saying the past few weeks.

First let me go to one of my favorite Bloggers the webmaster of both The Pink Flamingo and Subway Canaries. Pink Flamingo talks about statements released from Connie Hair about the Minuteman Fence Scam. I shall be going into that report. Its pretty hilarious and as I expected all hat and no cattle. Oh and be sure to read your link about the voodoo Priest that put a curse ont he President. Over at Subway Canaries she has a very serious piece entitled The Price of Too Much Caution - Too Many People Die - While Awaiting New Drugs to Be Approved. I am going to dig into that one more tonight.

Called As Seen has a post entitled "Powerline almost gets it... " In it he talks about the hardliners on immigration. I agree.

I need to quickly highlight four very good Louisiana blogs.
Tiger Smack shows that our freedoms are under attack again under the guise of feel good legislation. Stuff like this just infuriates me. Whats amazing is the article doesn't even talk about the proposed sanction if you violate this law.

Conservative Cajun has made a Presidential Endorsement. Cajun Conservative is going to be an Advocate for Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. Please go and take a look at the positions of Hunter that Cajun Conservative has compiled. He will not be my choice but I am gald that Cajun Conservative is starting to highlight this very important race and take a stand.

Not Right About Anything of the small enclave of unhinged liberals from Lafayette has a review or Borat. He is in Journalism so his review is interesting. I am planning to go Sunday and watch it myself

We Saw That talks about the 110 pound Grover Cleveland lobster in their post 110 year old lobster sacrificed to the god of consumerism . I think he makes a valid point. I think one question is how many of this lobsters are around. I mean age is not the only point. Look how old alligators get and we eat them all the time.

This is a limited blogroll roundup post. Part of the reason is that I want to spend substantial time talking about what two of my blogroll folks are talking about. That up next.

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