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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Immigration Politics - Some People Haven't Learned

The Tancredo immigration hardliners are trying to make a comeback it appears. Despite signs that are apparent all over the nation that Americans are thrilled neither with the "delete the border crowd" or the Tancredo "deport them all big and small crowd" it seems we have not learned the lesson. Elements of the GOP and Conservative base want to push us further in future political extinction. I am going to go into this a great deal tonight. I have looked at a lot of these races as to the immigration issue. I shall also tell how the Simcox Minutemen scammed us again. Oh by the way they are suppose to open the books this Nov 15. I havent forgotten that. I notice with interest this little item on the National Review Corner blog today talking about how Rep Pence(the only adult in the room at times) seems to have jettison any sort of compromise he once promoted for what appears for political advantage.

I just emailed the esteemed Mrs Lopez at the Corner and said:
"I just saw your post on Mike Pence. I must say his stock has gone down in my book now. I know that conservatives hate to admit some truths about immigration politics. I know because many of us "comprehensive reform type" conservatives were flamed and banned from many conservative blogs and forums for even mentioning the idea or wanting to debate it. However, its clear to me that after the election most Americans are not thrilled with open borders nor the Tancredo approach. Labeling everything amnesty in my book is as honest as the democrats Mediscare tactics.

Pence was the grown up in the room on this debate. Now it appears he will jettison all this for his own political advantage. Sorry, this issue is too important for that. I have now seen some of the character of the man. I will remember that in the future

More later on how the ulta hardliners are screwing up again.

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Blogger Unknown said...

1. Close off the borders as best as possible.

2. Fine every employer that is currently and knowingly employing illegals $25k per illegal for 1st offense and $50k per illegal for ever subsiquince offense.

3. Deport any illegal that has been convicted of a felony.

4. Now let's talk about guest workers and a system for illegals who are currently here working and not living off the government.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BS! NO GUEST WORKER PROGRAM! Do you understand that the more third-world immigrants we allow into this country, the more our country will look like the third world, in language, in culture and overall standard of living?

Threre's a split in the Republican party. One of is obsessed with the future of Israel and big business- the other is more concerned with the futue of America and its people.

Republicans lost the election because they were not tough enough on immigration.

10:49 PM  

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