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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Immigration Politics Myth Number 1 of 06- Democrats Pretended to be Tougher On Illegals

I keep hearing this line all over the web and on TV and radio that democrats snookered the American people as to immigration. That is they pretended to be tougher on the illegals than the Republicans. In fact that some democrats downright stole the hardline position.

This is often brought up as to Hayworth defeat in Arizona. Rep Hayworth was one of those that said any compromise outside the Tancredo view was "AMNESTY". The gospel seems to be that his opponent just mirrored Hayworth's position. Well in my neck of the woods that is called a LIE. A lie that keeps circualting it seems.

From Congressman Hayworth's campaign web site on the immigration issue:
The congressman believes that under no circumstances should we reward illegal aliens with benefits such as citizenship, Social Security benefits, or in-state tuition at Arizona colleges and universities, all of which will result in more illegal immigration.

From his opponents Web Site:

Every sovereign nation has a responsibility to secure its border. In Congress, I'll make it a top priority to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and stop illegal immigration.
I'll deliver results, not rhetoric, and will work with both Republicans and Democrats to get the job done. This includes both securing our border and offering realistic solutions for the immigration problem our country faces.
Specifically, I'll work to
Station more Border Patrol agents along the border;
Put more high-tech tools along the border so we can better monitor border activity;
Extend existing fencing in urban areas;
Establish a temporary worker program that allows us to keep track of who crosses our borders; and
Hold employers accountable for whom they hire.
I oppose amnesty and will not support it. Still, we must deal with the millions of illegal immigrants who are already here. Catching and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, as some have suggested, is neither realistic nor wise. I believe we should give families an opportunity to gain legal status if they pay a penalty for breaking the law, pay their taxes, learn English, and hold a job for a period of years.
Illegal immigration affects Arizona more than it does other states - more than half of all illegal crossings over the U.S.-Mexico border happen here in Arizona. In the State Senate, I worked closely with Governor Janet Napolitano to increase the penalties for violent human smuggling, and I supported her decision to declare a state of emergency along the border. I saw firsthand how Washington's complete failure to do its job continues to hurt our state. We need representation in Washington that secures our border and offers realistic solutions to our current immigration problem. I will bring that tough, yet realistic, voice to Capitol Hill, just as I did as Mayor and State Senator

Do people see the difference? Yes Mitchel is tough on immigration. Just like many of us Republicans that are outside the Tancredo mindset on this issue. But the difference is that Mitchell does not endorse the "deport the all big and small" or "starve them back over the Border" viewpoint as those here. This is where Americans are at. However when you the radical population control folks at FAIR, CIS , and Numbers USA calling the shots this solution will not fly. You see again this isn't really all abot illegal immigration. Now true Hayworth had other problems in this race. But what has been marketed to Republicans as the issue of the century did not save him.

Let us look at the Graf/Gifford Race. This was a open seat in Ariz that was held by Republican Congressman Kolbe. Graf was the ultimate Tancredo immigration hardliner guy in the race. In fact he helped found the minutemen. He holds the same position as Hayworth. This district by the way is on the border.

What was Gifford's position? From USA Today :Gabrielle Giffords, the Democrat who defeated Graf, also carried Cochise County, Ariz., along the U.S.-Mexican border where frustration with immigration is highest. Gifford says she believes voters there preferred her because "people want solutions, not slogans." From another Arizona paper: Ms. Giffords is calling for comprehensive immigration reform, including a guest worker program, workplace sanctions and improved relations with Mexico.

Now of course Tancredo like hardliners won elections last week. But many of these elections did not have immigration as the a major issue. Many were far away from border areas. But I think its fair to say that AMericans are not enthralled with an approach that is so draconian as to ALL the illegals here. More analysis later.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Iraq, the most important issue in the election, in your whole post. Iraq caused an across the board anti-republican wave. The wave was so anti-republican that Republicans who voted against the iraq war lost too! The verdict on immigration is thus inconclusive. Maybe it will be the top issue of the next election and we can find out for sure.

Here is National Review on the subject:
"Time for a reality check. This year’s anti-Republican wave was indiscriminate, washing away such immigration hawks as John Hostettler and Charles Taylor, but also such amnesty supporters as Mike DeWine and Lincoln Chafee. In other places, Republicans were able to withstand the wave in part because they opposed amnesty: Chris Shays was the only Republican congressman to survive in Connecticut, and Pete King kept his seat in New York.

Some of the victorious Democrats favored enforcement first. James Webb, whose victory tipped the Senate, is one of them. Another is Hostettler’s opponent, Brad Ellsworth. Harold Ford, who stunned everyone by nearly winning a Senate seat from Tennessee, opposed amnesty.

Even in Arizona, Sen. Jon Kyl, who voted against the open-borders bill, beat a Democratic candidate who supported it. Arizona voters also approved, by wide margins, three ballot measures cracking down on illegal immigration, plus one declaring English the state’s official language."

I don't know how you can view 70% + people in arizona voting against in-state tuition for illegal aliens as an endorsement for thier legalization.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

I am sure Iraq played a role in some races. However, I think the border races are important to look out. Especially sicne the Graf/Hayworth races were poistioned to be immigration policy races. When one looks at those and then looks at the Republican primary in Utah Cannon/Jacob we had earlier this year then onne can see signs. Plus look at the Governor races in the border areas such Arizona and Colorado. the people that won were not hardliners. How does Iraq affect that.

Immigration never took on a role in the virginia campaign. That was just aslug fest

2:53 AM  
Blogger jakejacobsen said...

And your analysis of the exceedingly tough illegal immigration ballot issues in Az?

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Plus look at the Governor races in the border areas such Arizona and Colorado. the people that won were not hardliners. How does Iraq affect that.]

Iraq was the top election issue for the nation as a whole, unequivocally.

Democrat political add designers seem to disagree. Before nov 2, I saw adds in California tying Arnold Schwarzenegger to George Bush. This was addressed on Arnold's Jay Leno appearance. What does George Bush have to do with a governer's race? They have totally different duties right? The answer is that all the republican scandals, and iraq (George Bush is pro guestworker program + earned legalization, so that isn't why the Dems made those adds) created an anti- George Bush/Republican wave, which the Democrats tried to use to affect the governer's race. I guess they didn't get your memo that american politics are perfectly rational.

You are right, Iraq should not have affected the governer's race, in a better world. But human's are rational to varying degrees. And even more rational one's are political junkies only to varying degrees.

It's not much of a stretch to think that many, many people could say "iraq sucks, dang those republicans," then see an R and vote against a Republican governor.

Oh, and Iraq was the top election issue, unequivocally, for the nation in aggregate. Google: "top election issue" with quotes.

8:27 AM  

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