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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Geaux Tigers and Geaux To Hell Ole Miss

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This is the week of the year I have to hear this crap from my Ole Myth Friends.


Hell yes, damn right!!!
hoddy toddy
gosh almighty
who in the hell are we...HEY!!!
flim flam, bim bam

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Good Grief, well Col. Reb is crying up in Ole Miss and he will hopefully be crying tonight. Which reminds me that we need to watch funniest damn YOUTUBE football related thing all year. Who can't want to watch it over and over again. Here is the story behind this internet sensation.

I do think the fans are overlooking this game a tad. However lets pray the players have not. Getting beat by Ole Myth would make my life hell for a year.

A few notes. It's Senior night and we say goodbye to our departing LSU players tonight in their last game in Tiger Stadium. We of course are wondering if it is a certain Junior Quarterbacs last night too. LSU of course is hoping to hit the trifecta and not only win but have Miss St beat Arkansas and Bama beat Auburn. If that happens our fate is in our own hands. Its quite amazing to think that for 4 and half yards in the final seconds of the Auburn game we would be in contention for the National championship. Well that is what makes this game exciting.

By the way please check out my LSU bloggers on my blogroll such as Tigersmack and LSUnpredictable

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