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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Friday Night Roundup of Kookdum

Time to look at a week in kookdum. I look at a great bit of kookdum but I specialize in exposing the koodum that wishes to hijack our Conservative politcal movements. If your new to my blog , I have been on a hiatus for the past few weeks because I was volunteering for the dear ole GOP. Hey, don't look at me most of my guys I called and worked for won!lol!

Anywho, any Koodum roundup must start at the Council of(word hijack) Conservative Citzens-St.Louis Branch. I mention the good Blogmeister last night. Let me say hello Blogmeister and thank you for your kind words about my blog and my absense. I was actually thinking of you during the World Series and wondering perhaps if you were entertaining extreme paleo-conservatives in the Council's box seats during the series. Congrats on winning. By the way tell the executive board they have seen nothing yet. Well the Vatican of this extremist group through its unoffical voice has been busy on some output on his blog. The blogmeister talks about how our pandering to the hispanic vote didn't work. First I hate the word pandering in this context. When certain conservative factions are mad at the GOP its because they were not "listened too". When we try to listen to the needs of the hispanic community its called pandering. The average Republican/Conservative doesn't consider it pandering by the way to listen to hispanics or other groups. Only the extremist do.

Anywho blogmeister what do you expect them to do? They were not going to vote for Graf or Hayworth in Arizona that talks about deport then all big or small. All rational Republican voices on this issue got drowned out by that abortion of a show that Lou Dobbs host. Do you expect them to vote for Tancredo? Tancredo is one of the most despised ridiculed men in the Republican Congressional Caucus but the way the media portrayed him you would have he as the leader of the party. No the problems was the radical Buchanite wing got the press this year. Many of them not even republicans. Such as the infamous Pat Buchanan himself. But I am happy that Buchanan/Graf/Dobbs bunch went down to defeat pretty much. So our lower hispanic vote is just a bump in the road. That being said the blogmeister at least runs a half intelligent racist site and often has things of interest outside koodum. I suggest this interesting post he has on a little known facet of now deceased Milton Friedman and his thought and contribution to a big issue.

Lets now leave the Vatican of Kookdum and go the main Council of Conservative Citizens Web site. Before I go further let me tell you my view on racist koodum. I am a conservative republican. I don't cry racism at a drop of the hat. I am not to thrilled with efforts by some liberals to make all people that like the Confederate flag or against gay marriage the same as the Klan or the Nazis. In the end I use common sense The Council of Conservative Citizens is a dangerous radical organization. It has especially become more radicalized in the last few years. They have open associations with kooky fringe groups, white supremacy organizations, neo nazis, and similar ilk. The stuff they believe and especially all the conspiracy nonsense that is spreading is incredible. They also are desperately trying to gain a legitimate foothold in political discussion. One misson of this blog is to stop that. More on this group in later post and feel free if you have any questions about this group just ask. I want to highlight a article that the the Council has on a certain judge named Terri Willingham Thomas that won in a seat in the great state of Alabama. You cant link directly to the the CofCC post but from the Nov 8th post:County District Judge Terri Willingham elected to Alabama Civil Appeals Court despite weeks of media attacks over speaking at a CofCC meeting.Once again left-wing newspapers tried to use the CofCC to hurt a political candidate and failed. Judge Terri Willingham had been viciously attacked by the Montgomery Advertisor and other left-wing papers for weeks over a speech she gave to the CofCC. The ultra-left wing Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center, headed by former Ted Kennedy fundraising chief Morris Dess, was behind the attacks.Terri Willingham ingored the media attacks and was elected to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals with 54% of the vote.

To say the least this is troublesome. We must do our best to educate politicians that the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens is not a conservative organization. In cases like this I usually give politicos the benefit of the doubt. I also am ready to forgive past transgressions when the organization was even less well known and had not become the radical extremist group that it is today in most of it chapters. That being said it must be made clear to the good judge that any interaction with this organization is taboo in a big way. So lets keep a eye on her just to make sure this doesn't happen again. We shall be highlighting more of this kookdum that is the Council of Conservative Citzens each week. I have a few things up my sleeve as to finding out what is going on behind closed doors. Stayed tuned.

Keep looking everyday for Kookdum roundups and post. I think we can all agree no matter our politics that these groups cannot gain legitimacy. I hit a number of groups and try to highlight whats going on. Tomorrow I shall be doing a special Kookdum Sports related post. Yes folks racist kooky sports sites. I shall be typing that tomorrow as I am hopefully watching Miss State pull a upset on the Arky hogs tomorrow.

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Blogger Beth said...

I had never heard of this Council of "Conservative" (hijack, indeed) Citizens. That's a SCARY bunch! I'm gonna keep a look out for those yahoos, for sure.

1:29 AM  

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