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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Dead Pelican Misses the Point

I suspect the The Dead Pelican site gets the most hits of any Louisiana Internet site that focus is the news. Today the Dead Pelican had this Headline-BLANCO'S TRIP TO NOWHERE?.

The Dead Pelican says in part:A story put out by WAFB today reads that Blanco's recent meeting with the Kuwaitis has resulted in the signing of a memorandum. The memorandum is not binding on the Kuwaitis, however, and can be terminated at any time.
According to the story, Blanco and the Minister of Energy of the State of Kuwait, H.E. Shaikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah, signed a Memorandum of Understanding Sunday to explore building the refinery in Louisiana. But the memorandum was not a legal obligation and talks between Louisiana and Kuwait could end without penalty if it is terminated. Blanco and AL-Sabah agreed to meet as necessary on the project, WAFB reported.
A recent story in THE ADVOCATE read that Blanco would return with only a memorandum of understanding that would be "more diplomacy than deal-making."
In the end, Blanco will come home empty handed, but that hasn't stopped the Louisiana media from reporting on Blanco's adventures day, after day... after day... after day. Blanco and her Economic Development officer Mike Olivier have stated several times that the refinery is years away, if it comes at all. The same basic story has been recycled almost daily over the last few weeks (see excerpts below).

I shall not be supporting Madam Governor for her campaign to return to the Governor's mansion. But to imply this is a boondogle or worthless is not being fair. Trips like this pay dividends for the future. Our former Governor Mike Fostor, being too busy taking Helicopter lessons, getting a law degree, and riding his Harley, never made trips like these. While all the time other Southern Governors did and got huge returns in the end. There is a lot of faults to Blanco but this isnt one.

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