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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Conservatives Take A Deep Breath the Polls Are OK

Some needless anxiety going on in Conservative land. The always intelligent and reliable JAY COST has a article that will calm you down . Very informative so you might want to print it out.

A word on polls conservatives. They are ok-promise. They are ALL not a plot. There are many variables to polls and if used and analyzed correctly they are our friend. Lets not be afraid of them but use them to aid us in our victory. Perhaps I shall do a later post where I shall expalin The Pondering American's Poll Truths. But right now I see hope in many polls not unavoidable disaster.

I must say the whole subject of polling has created some fussy people today. I had a run in on a conservative forum with a guy that I forgot I had a spat last week. The guy is convinced I am evil because I was not sold on the whole Webb Book Scandel as a vote getting tactic in Virginia. He was talking about this Poll conspiracy. He mentioned the 2004 exit polls. I just mentioned for clarity that there was no conspiracy and that the company running the poll was sending out warnings all day that they were troubled at their results. His response:

Please, nationwide exit polling showed the same damn trend on election night. That was not by accident. It was intentional. I have done this dance with you before about this election. YOU SURE LIKE TO TRY AND HELP DISCOURAGE REPUBLICAN VOTERS. I KNOW WHERE YOU STAND AND IT IS NOT YOUR BEST INTERSET FOR REPUBLICANS TO WIN. GOOD TRY WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.All - this freeper defended the words of Jim Webb about a father picking up his 4 year old son and puttting his penis in his mouth!!!!

Good Grief dude go get a drink or get on medication. Even with a few days till the elections some folks are concerned about finding rinos and outing secret liberals. I shall be back later. I have to run down to the Wal-Mart and scare old people in to voting Dem by telling them that Republicans want to take away their SS check(Sarc)

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