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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Bush Conservative is Me. Is it You?

I often get asked what kind of conservative I am. This question generally comes from some faction of the conservative movement. On my blog roll today there is a answer to that question. I strongly urge you to read AJ Strata's The Bush Conservatives. This is where a lot of us are at. You want hear our viewpoint on conservative talk radio often nor on the conflict loving MSM. But this is us. Are you one too. The Anchoress appears to be one. I think its a must read and should be read in concert with the other opinion pieces taking about what ills the Grand Ole Party.

I am willing to bet this where the average Mass going Catholic voter is at. A voter that Bush carried in 2004. I am willing to be this iswhere the average evanglical voter is at too that I live among. You know the ones that are social conservatives but also have concerns about prescription medicine for mom.

Good read. Will it be listened too?

Update Some are listening
A great blog that I intend to add to my blog roll agrees too. Go check out The Squiggler.

Update II
It is a movement- My Vast Wing Conspiracy Agrees too. And boy she is not holding back. We need a Banner
She say just at the beginning:Frankly, I am sick and goddamned tired of conservatives–or as Squiggler calls them, the “neo-right”–invoking the name of Ronald Reagan when they attack other Republicans and any time they take a stand. It’s kinda like Godwin’s Law, in a sense–you can’t just throw out a name and assert moral authority, you have to back it up with facts and reality. Or alternatively, you could (I do) call it blasphemy. None of these “neo-right” types have anything to do with Reagan, in either deed or words. Reagan wasn’t an angry man, he was certainly no pessimist, and he did NOT violate his own 11th Commandment. These people are Buchanan Conservatives, if anything; not Reagan Republicans. Similarly, they like to say Bush is a “Rockefeller Republican;” believing, like leftists, that naming someone makes things so. (Of course, there’s plenty written about the similarities between ideological extremes.) Keep calling Iraq a “quagmire,” and it is one. Keep calling Bush a “Rockefeller Republican,” and he is one. Right. Click on the link to read more

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Blogger petit bourgeois said...

More kool-aid, please.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Doc Holiday said...

Way to go!

The Pink Flamingo

9:26 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Petit pleaseeeeeeeee lol. Listen there is a problem. It seems that every faction in the Republican party thinks its the base and wants everyone out. The party is at its core a conservative one. But now its got to the point of silliness.

I have seen conservatives call Trent Lott a RINO. This is getting out of hand

9:48 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Trent Lott a RINO? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

These clowns are beyond description; they're so ignorant they just poop words out of their silly mouths.
Trent Lott a RINO! LOL!

The internet seems to be THE place for all the crazies. Sometimes I have to just LOOK AWAY, because all the insanity is just maddening.

I sometimes think the blog kooks are like the crazy bum walking the street shouting obscenities to the air, except now the crazy bum has a blog. ;-)

1:22 AM  
Blogger petit bourgeois said...

Let's see: big government, irresponsible spending and an equally irresponsible trade deficit with red china. Let's forget the "invade the world , invite the world" policies that create a permament caste system of mexican colonizers for a moment.

As long as it lines your pocketbook at the expense of middle class americans, it must be conservative!

1:24 AM  

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