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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Anti-Bush Republicans

The Strata-Sphere has done it again. Last night I posted this great piece called Bush Conservatives. Today he looks at the opposite number- The anti Bush Republican. It's a important piece that is also a nice little history lesson. A history lesson we need to look at because those that don't study it are apt to repeat its mistakes. You will not hear this view very much among the echo chamber of the blogsphere but I am convinced its true.

I am concerned about this Buchanite populism that is pretending to be conservative. It is like a nasty flu bug that keeps popping up every few years. This is not Regan Conservatism by any stretch of the imagination. This is one reason why kookdum like the Council of Conservative Citizens and various hardline anti immigration movements are such a threat. They are attracted to this and in fact its what they believe. It goes way beyond "illegals". It is protectionism and it is Isolationism that is at its roots. In many cases its fear.

Good read and please look at his comment section

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate bush- plus i am a republican w/ morals. peace is the answer

6:12 PM  

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