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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Were the 911 Terrorist in Shreveport Louisiana?

I was out of town a few days and with College football,elections. etc I am just catching up on my reading. I was pretty shocked to see a story on a blog that referenced a news report out of Shreveport. This deals with statements of a man ,now deceased ,that he saw three 911 highjackers in Shreveport. It was shocking because I have some intimate knowledge of his statements. I had some involvement you see in giving him counsel on certain aspect of this affair.

Let me say straight out that I am not a 911 conspiracy person. However I believe to this day he saw them in that Chinese Restaurant at the foot of the Shreveport Barksdale Bridge. A detective that I have ultimate confidence in that facilitated an interview between him and the FBI is of the same viewpoint. To this day I have kept pretty quiet about what I knew about this because for what I suppose are the "national security" reasons this never was referenced in the 911 reports. Because of what he observed , I can understand why it was not referenced.

Despite my firm belief there was no conspiracy ,the events of his horrific and slow death have troubled me to this day. Anywho this ancient computer is having trouble downloading the segment but if you go the Marshall Fannin blog and go to the Sept 25 entry he has a link to the broadcast. I shall reserve further comment till I view the report for obvious reasons. Here is to you Dr Grahmn. God Bless Your Soul and May you Rest in Peace.

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