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Friday, October 06, 2006

Senate Election Update

Needless to say Republicans don't want to lose any chamber of Congress. Losing both would be be catastrophic. The importance of holding the Senate is of course seen as to judicial nominations and confirmations. Also, I have not given up yet that Justice Stevens might decide to retire in the next year and half. That should inspire the base greatly.

This race is the one I am concerned about the most. Dem. Harold Ford is still holding a slight lead ahead of Republican Coker in most polls. Harold Ford is a smart campaigner and if he wins this seat we might have trouble getting it back in 6 years. I would like to see one good piece of news as to the Coker campaign. So far I haven't seen it. Coker can still win this race but he better nationalize this race quick or it is a goner.

Republican incumbant Allen is ahead in most pols in this race. He has been helped by Webb's ability to make a mess of every advantage he gets in this race. Voters in this state had to foucus in on this race much earlier than usual. So far Allen despite all these problems has maintained a lead. I am saying retention for the Repubs

This one of the seats that Republicans hope to be a pick up. African American Republican Steele is currently running behind Cardin in this race. I am still hopeful because I still think this seat is in play.

Rhode Island-
Despite some rumblings I think Chafee keeps this seat. YEah he is a liberla Republican but he will be there for the important Party power votes in the Senate . Stays Republican

Despite having a unpopular Republican Governor that seems to sap the life out of everything Republican, Republican incumbant Dewine has pulled even again. Will eb close but this campaign looks a lot better than it did just weeks ago. Likely Republican Retention

There were concerns that this was a endangered seat for Republicans. I am taking it off my list of possible Dem pickup.

Santorum is still in trouble. I hate to say it but likely Dem pickup.

Montana- For whatever reason, Republican Conrad Burns is just not that popular in this State. In the last election he didn't exactly run away with it. He is running behind in polls that I am seeing. Unfort this still looks like a Dem oick up unless like in Tenn the race is Nationalized and quick

Missouri is a great race that for some reason seems to not pick up alot of media coverage. Republican Incumbant Talent is tied or has a slight lead. This is a similar position he was in six years ago. From what I am seeing likely Republican retention

New Jersey-
This is a seat that the Republicans have their greatest hope of picking up it appears. THe Democrat in this race is still down in the polls. I am undecided at this point. But it is our best shot and right now it appears to be leaning slightly in our favor.

These are just some preliminary thoughts I have on these races. The important thing for Republicans to do is hold on to as much as we can this election cycle in the Senate. This is our most vunerable class of Senate GOPers. The 2008 cycle is much more to our advantage. In fact there will be some vunerable Dems up for election in that cycle. Including Sen Mary Landrieu in Louisiana that will have a hell of a fight on her hands if the Repubs can get a good person up for the race.

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