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Monday, October 30, 2006

Republicans still making mistakes on the Black Vote( A look at at a Miss House Race)

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Let me say I am pleased the GOP is devoting resources to the Steele in Maryland. He ,if elected, will be only the second black US Republican Senator since the the turn of the century. Hopefully if elected the mistakes in this article will not be repeated.

This article focuses on a House race in that is taking place in the Mississippi Delta. The incumbent is the insufferable democrat Benny Thompson. Benny Thompson by the way will become head of the House Homeland Security Committee if the Dems take the House. That possibilty should scare any American. Why did Benny Thompson leave the agriculture committee to take a spot on the Homeland Security committee? Good Question. Especially since his district is largely farming. Furthermore, besides an nuclear power plant in Port Gibson and two bridges on the Mississippi River, I can't quite imagine what terrorist would even want to hit in the Mississippi Delta. The Casinos in Greenville Mississippi?In other words , I have a feeling its low on the priority list of Bin Laden.

So why did he make a move that is so counterproductive to his district? The answer is Representative Benny Thompson is looking out for Benny Thompson as always. The last time I saw Benny was at a Vicksburg Casino. He was strolling around in his jogging suit and even had bodyguards it appeared. Good Grief. Well, maybe his new bodyguards will be better since I suspect we shall be paying for it in the future.

If Republicans wish to to maintain long term viability they must be go after people that are currently minorities. Republicans buy too much into the Gospel that African Americans will not vote Republican. That is false. I do not analyze political races with Republican rose colored glasses ,so I am not saying that Republicans can capture the 51 percent of this demographic. But Republicans need to recognize trends that show the African American community is becoming more independent from the Democrat party machine. When individual Republicans make a effort to get go after the African American vote it shows dividends. I have seen that recently in my home state of Louisiana. In the Louisiana Secretary of States race, Republican Jay Dardenne received very good numbers in black areas especially in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Why? Well because he asked for their vote . This was a factor in the Democrat dropping out of the race in the runoff.

Why should Republicans devote money, time, and resources to this obscure race in the Mississippi delta?.

Well first it is the right thing to do. As a resident of the deep south, I have observed the problems of black community first hand. In fact unlike many of our northern and western fellow countrymen, blacks and whites are truly integrated in the schools and in many facets of everyday life here in Dixie. Why do the problems in the black community seem to continue year after year? May I suggest that the lack of a viable two party system in that community is a huge part of the problem. There is a lot of bashing of the two party system nowadays. However the current system does do a important function. That is it offers debate on policy. I hate to say that is often absent in the black community at a substantial level. That is not to say that all black politicians believe in the same things. However the lack of true party partisans hinders true policy debate that can create change beyond the halls of Government. In an area that is as poor as the the Mississippi Delta, that has real life consequences.

The second reason is we can win it. In 2002 and 2004 a black Republican by name of Clinton LeSueur ran against Thompson. He was to say the least very underfunded. He could be seen around the district putting up his on yard signs. The result? He got around 44 percent of the vote. Thompson to say the least was shocked. In the rematch in 2004, Thompson unleashed the full power of his machine against LeSueur who again not well funded by the RNC. The result was that LeSueur received a very respectable 41 percent of the vote. Local Mississippi Republicans will tell you that if Le Sueur would have had help from the National party to combat that machine, the results would have been different. I agree with that assessment.

The Republicans have a fine Candiate in Yvonne Brown. She would have been a lot more viable at this point if the GOP had highlighted this race. This should have been obvious when Thompson had a serious Democrat challenger this year in his own primary. How many more wasted opportunities like this will occur till black Republican hopefuls might just give up? But it is still a week till election day. For this week ,I can dream of an conservative African American female Republican representing a majority black district in the deep South. A dream that would signal a lot of hope for people of all races in the deep south. The problem is it didn't just have to be a dream.

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