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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pages, Scandals, and Power Grabs

I must admit I have not been this quite irate since the Dubai Port Deal Fiasco last year. That my dear friends, family and readers is quite a feat.

Perhaps, I shall fill different tommorrow but right now this is my mood.I have resigned myself to disaster. The Dems will take the House and maybe the Senate and the extreme holy than thou conservatives branch of the party represented well by their media icons such as Worldnet Daily, Human Events, and the Washington Times will use these sets of events for a naked power grab for the House republican leadership . This will all be accomplished by basically a repeated political molestation of the poor pages they are all purporting to defend. It makes me fill ill.

To see the latest on the Dem Dirty tricks please go here and read this great piece. That is a large part of my frustration. Please read it. But before I continue let me excerpt one important piece.

The timing of the two-step release is critical to the political efficaciousness of the operation. The public is being led to conflate the different sets of correspondence (mildly inappropriate emails versus salacious IM messages), leading most people to believe the sexually explicit stuff was what Hastert had seen.

Now this is quite true. The email that the kid in Louisiana received had no sexual content as the back and forth IM's did. However the media , Democrats, and devious extreme conservatives don't make that distinction. Let me pause to give you a little fact. I know who this kid is. In fact all of my area knows who this kid is. I was in that town today and whole place was talking about how that gay boy brought down the Congressman because they were talking about how horny each of them were.

Well the only problem with that is the kid is not gay, he didnt say that, and of course they are confusing the email with the im's. Oh well at least the Dems will get Congress and the extreme elements of the conservative base will be able to perform a bloodless Coup in deposing poor ole Speaker Hasert. Oh well its just a 17 year olds life. Maybe he will find refuge in booze. What wisdom the the kids parents had in trying to keep this quiet.

Anywho, this morning the almighty Washington times, that 9o percent of Conservatives doesn't even no exists, will demand Haserts resignation. I saw this coming this yesterday. The ever present extremist part of the base that thinks is George Bush akin to a liberal has made a Caculation. That is grab the power now. Pathetic. I was at the Free Republic Forum and my God even its dawning on those folks that we are about to get reamed by all sides. Even our supposed friends.

The most incredible moment of the evening was when I saw good ole Tony Perkins of the Family Research Counsel on CNN talking about the scandal. Tony is a Louisiana boy and I have had interaction with him for years way back when he was just a lowly member of Louisiana State legislature. Since I was a small lowly cog I doubt he remembers me but whoa I remember him. Tony of course was talking about the Gays and making veiled threats about the base staying home etc etc on the TV today. HE also was misrepresenting the facts. Tony Perkins, is on leave from his day job in DC and was in Baton Rouge where he just finished up his monkeyshines in the Secretary of States race. In that race he helped make Republican Jay Dardenne, the eventual winner among the Republicans and who is going to the runoff , out to be something akin to a abortionist and the greatest threat to the Judeo Christian ethic since the Barbarians sacked Rome. Needless to say the Party is shambles because of this nonsense. Tony , before his present job in DC, was a powerful force in the Louisiana Republican Party. He and his like minded friends made the party about as useful as a dead battery. Well, they could not elect a classroom Vice President, but my God they certaintly made sure that no impure elements entered the party. Impure being those not made in their image. So folks if Speaker Hasert is deposed and the extreme right wing gets this victory just look at the Louisiana Republican party and see a preview of coming attractions. I haven't quite figured if he is part of the palace Coup plotters or is the guy that will offer his influence to Hasert for a price. We shall soon see. God Bless America
To all the Tony Perkin fans I am sorry. The man might talk a good game about Jesus and the Lord and I think believes it but to be honest his scorched earth style of politics is well known. Also his tactics don't work so its a double whammy.

Anyway I am not a Hasert fan. As someone put it to me tonight:" Hasert is that form of Republican that I find unnecessarily ineffective". Well gosh that is true in many ways. He has let for instance Tom Tancredo run all over him, Watching him today ,despite knowing he is a good and decent man, one can't help but feel he could not fight his way out of a paper bag. Well he needs some help and until he is proven in the wrong I am sticking by him.

I see it like this. Go read the link above and ask if you think that is acceptable. I don't. If this isallowed we conservatives shall adopt the same tactics later. The result being our souls perhaps. Sorry, I am standing up for principle on this one.

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