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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The New McCarthyism

I have suspected from the start that some of the radical gay groups that support "outing" people are behind this current saga. I suggest people buckle down and watch a sad part of American political history unfold. ALready a lot of careless gossip and charges are appearing on blogs.

The justification by these groups is that they have a right and obligation to out lawmakers that are gay or bisexual and then vote for "anti-gay" legislation. The most common piece of legislation they cite is the vote for or against the Defense of Marriage act and other pieces of legislation similar to it. I always found this strange because some of the homosexuals I know are against gay marriage believe or it or not. There reason are varied of course

I will not supply names but one can get on the net and pretty much figure out who the targets are. It is a sad state of affairs that we are about to be entering on. I have monitered two of these sites for about a year. A few months back he said he had the goods on one GOP Senator. I suspects he does. So look for that information to be released also along with others.

Politicians will not be the only ones. Media people will be next I fear. Who will be next?

The issue is not if homosexuality is right, wrong, or sinful. This is a violation of that delicate unwritten kind of "the social contract". I have noticed that even in the most religious and Conservative of Districts there was common agreement not to violate this issue of the bedroom. That I fear is about to be broken big time. There will be a ton of victims and in fact many people falsely accused. I am curious to see how the homosexual community will react to these actions by the "renegades". Outing is a hotly debated topic in the gay community. The consensus seems to be against.

If I had to bet I would think the reaction is going to be very negative. This case has done nothing for the gay community except make Gay Congressman look like a threat to young male pages. I am not saying I agree with that but that is the perception I am getting on the street. We are right now at the crucial tipping point. The unelected media will decide if now there is nothing off limits.

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