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Friday, October 27, 2006

Microtargeting Voters

I wnet back on my promise to myself and went back to the phone banks for the Republicans. I shall now take the next five days off. I am now burned out big time.

However I would like to bring up one point. There has been much talk about how Republicans over the past few years are great at picking out and able to ID the 5 Republican leaning voters out of Democrat area. Let me say I was privileged to see that in action. In the old days to get honest results one had to pretend to be from a newspaper and purport to be conducting a poll. Now however many people have vast detailed information about "you" the voter. It s incredible. I know what magazines you subscribe too, who you donated too, how many kids you have, your income, your wifes name, your religion., and your voting history. Democrats are playing catch up with theior on "voter vault" as it called. But right now I feel we have the advantage.

ANywho, I have missed my dear ole blog and today I am going to write a ton of stuff.

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