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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Louisiana Football Wrapup

Before returning to the world of politics, a little Saturday roundup. Great day and week for the Bayou State. People should at times takes a step back and think how blessed we are.

LSU V Fresno State-
Great Game. Really!!! I enjoy WAC football and I would love if LSU would put Fresno State on their schedule more. Fresno is one scrappy little team that plays with heart and more importantly is about to reach the next level. Great Coach too. It was good for the Tigers to go up a little unknown and they produced fine.

The LSU Fan Base needs to get a life-
Ok the constant bitching and moaning about Miles, Jemarcus Russell, and us beating "cupcakes" is getting tiresome. Please stop. The Coaches poll came out today and we are ranked are number 13 in the Country. Not to bad if you ask me. If we win out our losses will prob come to teams that will be in the NC hunt perhaps till the SEC Championship in December.

It is bad we have a bye week because I am sure that will send the LSU fans up the wall. This is my top 15 internet threads I expect to see on LSU boards

15) 101 reasons why theLSU QB Russell is the worst thing to happen to Louisiana since the yellow fever epidemic of the 1870's

14) When can we start criticizing BasketBall Coach John Brady

13 )Fire Bertman _LSU SPORTS PROGRAM IN CRAPPER - No LSU Swimmers likely to be in 2008 Olympics

12) New Hope- Candy Picou Edwards prenatal Check up(with Pics)

11) I wish Miles would show emotion

10) I wish Mike the Tiger would show more emotion in his cage at Tiger Stadium

(9) You know with this talent we could or should (fill in blank)

(8) THe LSU Game of the Century Revisited- The Peach Bowl and Brett Farve( I mean Matt Flynn)

(7) Fans who spend thousands of Dollars and mortgage the House and pimp out out their wife to MILF films to support the Tigers are above Criticism so STFU

(6)I wish we had Spurrier

(5) Will we drop in the polls since we are not playing?

(4) Lets Pretend- Who would you like as Head Coach?( remastered with new Special effects)

(3) Does this Home Schedule suck or what

(2) WWSD- What would Saban do?


Honorable mention thread Theme- Take off your purple and Gold Glasses and quit ******** Miles off. We are going to lose to Tenn.

Oh and don't get me started on the fans in the stand last night. Yes I know radio reports were misleading about the weather but still.

Last week ULL played a great game with Florida Atlantic in the Sunbelt.It was one of those Weeknight games. They won. ULL might win the conference. Nice talent

Nice win against Utah State- Keep it up Dawgs

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