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Friday, October 27, 2006

Louisiana Blogsphere Making A Difference?

Since I am taking the weekend off I am going back to doing a blogroll roundup. I know I have been promising that for a week. However I wish to highlight what We Saw That posted in their entry-Lousiana Blog Revolution? We Saw ThatSays:
so why isnt louisiana's blogosophere making a difference? one theory of ours is that louisiana doesnt have a true blogosophere. the few prominent bloggers that get the publicity are really nothing more than propaganda agents for the criminal network errr the republican party. citizens can read the writings of oh say jeff sadow, emily metzgar, read and listen to jeff crouere, moon griffon and others and deduce that they are merely propaganda and it makes the rest of the blogosphere look bad. common sense tells us that if any of these and others were truly concerned about louisiana, conservative values and the republican party then they would be speaking out against the bush regime.

Ok we realize that the tone of the above is pretty partisan and calling Bobby Jindal vermin later on isnt exactly the blogsphere at its best lol. Also I don't know the "hits" We Saw That gets but I suspect they are substantial. I also notice that it seems the local paper there seesm to being paying attention to him. Therefore it is not like the entire Louisiana blogsphere (cue spooky music) is some neo con plot. Good grief just look at the blogs in the New Orleans.

However, I do think he hits on something. Personally I would put Emily Metzgar outside the Republican spin machine. One problem is that the Louisiana Govt is currently under control of the Democrats so I can't see how I can blame her for attacking problems under their Parties governance. That being said I still find the Louisiana Blogsphere sort of a non factor. I enjoy The Dead Pelican but I do get a sense that there is a agenda that is not quite so open. We all have agendas but goodness some of the headlines at that site drive me up the wall. For instance the recent Jay Dardenne/Mike Francis race was one where one got a sense that Jay wasn't getting a fair shake.

My schedule has been very hectic the past few weeks and thus I have been away from the blogs. It is amazing how quickly uninformed I one can become when that is happening. One realizes that so much local and National news is well crap.

One problem I see is the lack of geographical balance in the Louisiana political blog land. There are precious few blogs in Shreveport/Bossier. I have yet to discover one in NorthEast Louisiana. Lake Charles?-forget it. I suspect they are out there but I have yet to find many.

I have always thought that Louisiana bloggers should get together at some type of weekend conference. Invite people in the field as well as the MSM media types. The New Orleans bloggers did this quite successfully with their "Rising Tide" conference. Blogs can make a difference because most Louisiana papers are owned by one company. I do feel that we might see a explosion in this world in the next years election cycle. I do hope so.

On the positive side, I hope we see more bloggers like the Marshall Fannin Blog out of Shreveport. Blogs like this are a positive development and it is interesting to see who has been hanging out in that comment section.

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Blogger Fannin said...

Thanks for your continuing nice words about my blog. I think all of this hand-wringing about the impact of "the blogosphere" is a bit overdone, though. In one of my original posts to the Marshall Fannin blog I said that I wasn't out to change your mind -- maybe just your mood. That's been my mission, and perhaps it's not a bad idea for bloggers to realize that our niche audiences may be more interested in being entertained than enlightened.

If you are looking to make a political impact with a blog, you may find yourself in the land of rapidly diminishing returns. The power of persuasion in the media -- traditional or otherwise -- has sunk to a low ebb. It's the result of oversaturation, in my opinion. There's just too much noise out there. Consider your local newspaper, along with the proliferation of "free" alternative weeklies/monthlies, cable TV, radio talk shows, podcasts -- and now add blogs. One thing our society does NOT lack is the ability to shout your opinion -- no matter how trite -- from a convenient high-tech soapbox. There's a lot of platforms these days, but precious few compelling thoughts.

-- Marshall Fannin

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Jay Dardenne was not given a fair evaluation by bloggers. Francis paid certain consultants to write negative blogs against Dardenne. Also, John McCain endorsed Francis in an effort to lock-up the Christian conservative vote for the presidential election without even researching Jay Dardenne--who according to everything I've read is the real ethics reformer.

6:58 PM  
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