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Monday, October 16, 2006

Interesting Politics Shaping Up On Immigration Issue

First let me say I am not giving up on Republican Control of Congress. Some of these pundit predictions of Dems pcking up 30 to 50 seats are likewise pretty silly. That being said one must consider it to be a very real possibility as to the House.

I believe on the immigration matter that would bring up a very intriguing politcal situation.

After the Novemeber elections there will be quite a lame duck session going on in Washington.

If the Dems took control would Bush go to the Tancredo bunch after the elections and say "We got a month deal with me on immigration reform or I shall make a deal with the Dem controlled House next year". One would think that some sane members of the hardliners would see the wisdom in t compromising.

I for one am praying that the Republicans maintain control of the House. However, it is beyond me why the hardliners that refused to compromise did not consider the possibility of a Dem Controlled House. I have always thought that was what made their hand the weakest in the long run. Bush will submit his comprehensive reform ideas next year. Some immigration hardliners are going to have to make some tough choices if the pundits are correct about Dem Control in November.

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