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Friday, October 27, 2006

I Can't Believe it MIchelle Malkin and I Agree(The whole Webb Book Thing)

Actually Malkin and I agree on many things. I just disagree with her tactics some time and how she seems to throw red meat to the wolves.

However, Michelle Malkin had a great column today on all this nonsense trying to make Hay of Webb's books. Webb is the Democrat running against the incumbent Senator Allen. Well, yesterday the Allen campaign, the Drudge report, and various bloogers tried to make a big deal about certain parts of his book. Charges of Sexual deviant, pedophilla, blah blah blah. Folks this is stupid. I read those excerpts and to make that charge is dishonest in my view.

Further it is fraught with risk. If you call Webb a pervert then you call the voters that enjoy reading his work perverts. Insanity. We got this race about won in Ole Dominion. We dont need to make Senator Allen look like the preacher in the movie "Footlose" that wanted to ban dancing in town. I have a feeling if a enterprising reporter asked Laura Bush(former librarian and organizer of the White House Book fair) what she felt the answer would not be too pleasing to many folks.

In the end I think this was a bad move by Allen because the substance of the charge will not hold up. Voters are not stupid. Yes I know he has got unfairly bashed but this can backfire.

Yesterday, I was on Free Republic on this thread. I am Catholicfreeper and my responses start at post 605. By the end of the thread I have people wanting to ban me and calling me a pervert!!!! Boy, I wonder how the voter is going to respond to that. This is Silly and I hope he moves on.
One Conservative blogger(among many I suppose) disagrees.

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