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Friday, October 20, 2006

Good News For the Repubs In the Senate

Sorry again for the absense. I know its becoming a pattern. However I was doing the Lord's work for the GOP this week. In Louisiana we have no competive seats to speak of that the Republicans are in danger of losing. My frustration of just looking at the news and not been able to do anything has been mounting. The last few nights about 30 local Republicans and myself have been working phones(watt line sort of things) to get out the vote in Competive districts. By the time I get home I am pretty exhausted. The last two nights we have been working with a Republican group that is working the Tennessee Race. This race is hotly contested and its over the outgoing seat that is currently held by Frist. Pretty cool idea and I believe its helpnig. The GOP needs to do more of this to get all of us involved instead of feeling helpless.

Anyway, the race in Tenn is very hot and we must keep that seat. We now have some good news out of that state.
Republican U-S Senate nominee Bob Corker may be making some headway with voters.
A new Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll puts the former Chattanooga mayor ahead of his opponent by the widest margin since this time last year.
49.4% of likely voters say they're either leaning toward Corker or plan to vote for him.
Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. received support from 42% of those polled.
The 7% lead covers the margin of error of plus or minus 3.3%.
Ford tracked 2 percentage points better than Corker in a Rasmussen poll released the day after their last debate

May I get a AMEN. This race is still of a concern but this is the second poll that seems to be showing a trend in that state.

I must say I enjoy phone work. I am one of the few that actually see it as a challenge and at times it can be quite fun. Side note- Kinda of sad about some old folks though. When a person over 70 wants to keep some campaign hack on the phone for 30 minutes, you know that persons relatives are not paying them enough attention. Anywho great results in Tenn.

Several more post this weekend. I am burned out on the phones so will not return to that till next week. Plus if its like anyother place in the South calling on A Friday or Saturday is useless.
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The Lord's work for the GOP? I wouldn't go that far.

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