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Friday, October 27, 2006

Further Thoughts On The Whole Webb Book SEX Saga

I must say I have little sympathy with the Webb camp. The Webb Camp as well as much as the Democrat party has done everything they could to portray Sen Allen as some racist. Further, bring up issues such as the confederate flag and confederate history month to slime ALLen has been distasteful. In fact that whole race has been disappointing. The Washington Post bears some responsibility in this in their unfair treatment of Senator Allen.

That being noted, as I said earlier I think this whole new theme of Webb the new Larry Flynt is stupid. STUPID!!! Michelle Malkin is not the only one that is saying that by the way.

I was over at the National Review's Corner blog section. Their thoughts:

The Webb Excerpts [John Podhoretz]

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be on the Right. The outbreak of cynical Babbitry on the part of the George Allen campaign in using sentences from novels written by James Webb against Webb makes this day one of those days.
Posted at 5:18 PM

Flannery O'Connor to Webb's Rescue? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Another reader on Allen's novel approach:
I'm going to be holding my nose and voting for Allen, but it will be a pity if he only wins because of Webb's fiction. Sure, those scenes are sick, but that doesn't mean they are wrong, either morally or as literature. Flannery O'Conner wrote disturbing stuff, and she did it for God (and was fairly explicit about that motivation, as I understand). More recently, Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons was loved by conservatives, but it certainly has some parts that aren't exactly Sunday school material. Well, unless said Sunday school actually reads the Bible, which is crammed with perverse stuff. Lot's daughters, anyone? Without more context it's impossible to tell whether those scene's in Webb's books are are wrong (a la Lolita, which is a horrible book, regardless of what Derb says) or right (as in the examples above) or somewhere in between. Posted at
9:34 AM-

A novel tactic [Rich Lowry]
The Allen campaign is now attacking Webb's novels! How absurd...
Posted at
6:21 PM-

Now to be fair they posted some email from readers that thought this was great. Many are saying hey you have to fight tought grow some manhood. Hey I am all for fighting tough and bareknuckled when you have too. But this is effective if only done a few days before a election where the other side doesnt have a chance to respond. This is playing stupid and is really treating the electorate like they are idiots. Just saying better hope is doesn't backfire. I am for going for the jugular but this strikes me as a boomerang. I think the above poster I referenced on the Corner is correct. Flannery O Conner was much more graphic and even disturbing than Webb. Do we really want to have this discussion?

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