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Monday, October 23, 2006

Election News

Just a few quick links here. I am going to be doing some early Calling for Republicans tonight but I am going to make myself post some stuff when I get in. There are quite a few good post on my blogroll I want to point out.Oh by the way if you sent me a email don't be offended. I haven't checked it in a week. I also do that. I get behind checking my email and then feel guilty about not doing. Thus I don't check thus complicating the problem. Its a problem lol.

I did do some research last night on a favorite topic of mine. That is the the always interesting Minuteman Movement. Seems that some of my fears about their PAC is correct. I shall post on that onight.

ON to the Election

The Christian Science Moniter ponders a Romney/Obama 2008 Race. Hmmm , I say dream on. Obama for VP maybe? But that is doubtful.

The Houston Chronicle tries to make a case that the Republican Governor of Texas MIGHT be in trouble. Pleaseeee. Expect more article like this in the future. If Perry loses I will streak across Tiger Stadium and post the pics.

Democrat Columnist Alter is actually trying to prepare the Dems for election day reality in his There Might Not Be a Tidal Wave. I agree with that. Also I am sensing more signs of Republicans and others returning to the fold. More on this later.

The Weekly Standard speaks to the thankfully shrinking "lets lose so we can win" crowd of Republicans and Conservatives.

If there is one article you should read its this one by Jay Cost on this supposed Republican Meltdown as to some polls we keep hearing about. Jay ran the famous(in political nerd circles) Horserace blog in 2004. HE tells it like it is and knows his stuff. Good read.

Also at Real Clear Politics is a great article called Don't Expect a Political Realignment. This examines what would happen if the Dems take lets say the House. I agree with this. The 1994 Republican landside happened for reasons that go beyond the famous"Contract for American" What occurred in that race was a political structural correction that was long overdue. Further those seats that the Republicans gained in the flood that they shouldnt have in a normal political year have gone back to the Dems. So again no 50 to 60 Dem gains

On a final note and one that is Louisiana based please read from REDSTATE-Encouraging signs in Bayou Country. As someone on the ground here it hits this piece hits it right on. A encouraging sign that has got many Dems worried. The fact that the Dems could not get a serious challenger against first term Repub Boustany in this south Louisiana District tell much. This district has always had a very heavy blue dog democrat flair. Its even more telling because this guy might be our best bet to defeat Dem US Senator Mary Landrieu. Often politcos focus on the suburbs of New Orleans when focusing on the emerging Republican dominance in the state. I have always disagreed with that. The real story is the dominance of Republicans and conservatives in Lafayette that is the real key IMHO. From that city it spread into the adjacent areas.

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