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Monday, October 30, 2006

Republicans still making mistakes on the Black Vote( A look at at a Miss House Race)

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Let me say I am pleased the GOP is devoting resources to the Steele in Maryland. He ,if elected, will be only the second black US Republican Senator since the the turn of the century. Hopefully if elected the mistakes in this article will not be repeated.

This article focuses on a House race in that is taking place in the Mississippi Delta. The incumbent is the insufferable democrat Benny Thompson. Benny Thompson by the way will become head of the House Homeland Security Committee if the Dems take the House. That possibilty should scare any American. Why did Benny Thompson leave the agriculture committee to take a spot on the Homeland Security committee? Good Question. Especially since his district is largely farming. Furthermore, besides an nuclear power plant in Port Gibson and two bridges on the Mississippi River, I can't quite imagine what terrorist would even want to hit in the Mississippi Delta. The Casinos in Greenville Mississippi?In other words , I have a feeling its low on the priority list of Bin Laden.

So why did he make a move that is so counterproductive to his district? The answer is Representative Benny Thompson is looking out for Benny Thompson as always. The last time I saw Benny was at a Vicksburg Casino. He was strolling around in his jogging suit and even had bodyguards it appeared. Good Grief. Well, maybe his new bodyguards will be better since I suspect we shall be paying for it in the future.

If Republicans wish to to maintain long term viability they must be go after people that are currently minorities. Republicans buy too much into the Gospel that African Americans will not vote Republican. That is false. I do not analyze political races with Republican rose colored glasses ,so I am not saying that Republicans can capture the 51 percent of this demographic. But Republicans need to recognize trends that show the African American community is becoming more independent from the Democrat party machine. When individual Republicans make a effort to get go after the African American vote it shows dividends. I have seen that recently in my home state of Louisiana. In the Louisiana Secretary of States race, Republican Jay Dardenne received very good numbers in black areas especially in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Why? Well because he asked for their vote . This was a factor in the Democrat dropping out of the race in the runoff.

Why should Republicans devote money, time, and resources to this obscure race in the Mississippi delta?.

Well first it is the right thing to do. As a resident of the deep south, I have observed the problems of black community first hand. In fact unlike many of our northern and western fellow countrymen, blacks and whites are truly integrated in the schools and in many facets of everyday life here in Dixie. Why do the problems in the black community seem to continue year after year? May I suggest that the lack of a viable two party system in that community is a huge part of the problem. There is a lot of bashing of the two party system nowadays. However the current system does do a important function. That is it offers debate on policy. I hate to say that is often absent in the black community at a substantial level. That is not to say that all black politicians believe in the same things. However the lack of true party partisans hinders true policy debate that can create change beyond the halls of Government. In an area that is as poor as the the Mississippi Delta, that has real life consequences.

The second reason is we can win it. In 2002 and 2004 a black Republican by name of Clinton LeSueur ran against Thompson. He was to say the least very underfunded. He could be seen around the district putting up his on yard signs. The result? He got around 44 percent of the vote. Thompson to say the least was shocked. In the rematch in 2004, Thompson unleashed the full power of his machine against LeSueur who again not well funded by the RNC. The result was that LeSueur received a very respectable 41 percent of the vote. Local Mississippi Republicans will tell you that if Le Sueur would have had help from the National party to combat that machine, the results would have been different. I agree with that assessment.

The Republicans have a fine Candiate in Yvonne Brown. She would have been a lot more viable at this point if the GOP had highlighted this race. This should have been obvious when Thompson had a serious Democrat challenger this year in his own primary. How many more wasted opportunities like this will occur till black Republican hopefuls might just give up? But it is still a week till election day. For this week ,I can dream of an conservative African American female Republican representing a majority black district in the deep South. A dream that would signal a lot of hope for people of all races in the deep south. The problem is it didn't just have to be a dream.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Further Thoughts On The Whole Webb Book SEX Saga

I must say I have little sympathy with the Webb camp. The Webb Camp as well as much as the Democrat party has done everything they could to portray Sen Allen as some racist. Further, bring up issues such as the confederate flag and confederate history month to slime ALLen has been distasteful. In fact that whole race has been disappointing. The Washington Post bears some responsibility in this in their unfair treatment of Senator Allen.

That being noted, as I said earlier I think this whole new theme of Webb the new Larry Flynt is stupid. STUPID!!! Michelle Malkin is not the only one that is saying that by the way.

I was over at the National Review's Corner blog section. Their thoughts:

The Webb Excerpts [John Podhoretz]

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be on the Right. The outbreak of cynical Babbitry on the part of the George Allen campaign in using sentences from novels written by James Webb against Webb makes this day one of those days.
Posted at 5:18 PM

Flannery O'Connor to Webb's Rescue? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Another reader on Allen's novel approach:
I'm going to be holding my nose and voting for Allen, but it will be a pity if he only wins because of Webb's fiction. Sure, those scenes are sick, but that doesn't mean they are wrong, either morally or as literature. Flannery O'Conner wrote disturbing stuff, and she did it for God (and was fairly explicit about that motivation, as I understand). More recently, Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons was loved by conservatives, but it certainly has some parts that aren't exactly Sunday school material. Well, unless said Sunday school actually reads the Bible, which is crammed with perverse stuff. Lot's daughters, anyone? Without more context it's impossible to tell whether those scene's in Webb's books are are wrong (a la Lolita, which is a horrible book, regardless of what Derb says) or right (as in the examples above) or somewhere in between. Posted at
9:34 AM-

A novel tactic [Rich Lowry]
The Allen campaign is now attacking Webb's novels! How absurd...
Posted at
6:21 PM-

Now to be fair they posted some email from readers that thought this was great. Many are saying hey you have to fight tought grow some manhood. Hey I am all for fighting tough and bareknuckled when you have too. But this is effective if only done a few days before a election where the other side doesnt have a chance to respond. This is playing stupid and is really treating the electorate like they are idiots. Just saying better hope is doesn't backfire. I am for going for the jugular but this strikes me as a boomerang. I think the above poster I referenced on the Corner is correct. Flannery O Conner was much more graphic and even disturbing than Webb. Do we really want to have this discussion?

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Louisiana Blogsphere Making A Difference?

Since I am taking the weekend off I am going back to doing a blogroll roundup. I know I have been promising that for a week. However I wish to highlight what We Saw That posted in their entry-Lousiana Blog Revolution? We Saw ThatSays:
so why isnt louisiana's blogosophere making a difference? one theory of ours is that louisiana doesnt have a true blogosophere. the few prominent bloggers that get the publicity are really nothing more than propaganda agents for the criminal network errr the republican party. citizens can read the writings of oh say jeff sadow, emily metzgar, read and listen to jeff crouere, moon griffon and others and deduce that they are merely propaganda and it makes the rest of the blogosphere look bad. common sense tells us that if any of these and others were truly concerned about louisiana, conservative values and the republican party then they would be speaking out against the bush regime.

Ok we realize that the tone of the above is pretty partisan and calling Bobby Jindal vermin later on isnt exactly the blogsphere at its best lol. Also I don't know the "hits" We Saw That gets but I suspect they are substantial. I also notice that it seems the local paper there seesm to being paying attention to him. Therefore it is not like the entire Louisiana blogsphere (cue spooky music) is some neo con plot. Good grief just look at the blogs in the New Orleans.

However, I do think he hits on something. Personally I would put Emily Metzgar outside the Republican spin machine. One problem is that the Louisiana Govt is currently under control of the Democrats so I can't see how I can blame her for attacking problems under their Parties governance. That being said I still find the Louisiana Blogsphere sort of a non factor. I enjoy The Dead Pelican but I do get a sense that there is a agenda that is not quite so open. We all have agendas but goodness some of the headlines at that site drive me up the wall. For instance the recent Jay Dardenne/Mike Francis race was one where one got a sense that Jay wasn't getting a fair shake.

My schedule has been very hectic the past few weeks and thus I have been away from the blogs. It is amazing how quickly uninformed I one can become when that is happening. One realizes that so much local and National news is well crap.

One problem I see is the lack of geographical balance in the Louisiana political blog land. There are precious few blogs in Shreveport/Bossier. I have yet to discover one in NorthEast Louisiana. Lake Charles?-forget it. I suspect they are out there but I have yet to find many.

I have always thought that Louisiana bloggers should get together at some type of weekend conference. Invite people in the field as well as the MSM media types. The New Orleans bloggers did this quite successfully with their "Rising Tide" conference. Blogs can make a difference because most Louisiana papers are owned by one company. I do feel that we might see a explosion in this world in the next years election cycle. I do hope so.

On the positive side, I hope we see more bloggers like the Marshall Fannin Blog out of Shreveport. Blogs like this are a positive development and it is interesting to see who has been hanging out in that comment section.

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Catholics and The Voting Booth

Well its time to revist this issue again. The Catholic Church has been under attack by the right(immigration) and the left(abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell) on it daring to have a voice in the public square. Well to say the least it gets tiresome.

However, we as Catholics, as well as all Christians, have to make choices next month about the people who will represent us and our values. It to say the least is not a perfect World we live in and the choices are not clear cut. However the Church does give us guidance.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoneix has produced a wonderful pamphlet called Catholics in the Public Square. I am trying to find a copy on the web at this time. But several links give us the meat of what he is saying. In fact I used this in deciding whom I will support in the 08 Republican Primary bid. I shall announce that choice after the upcoming election.

Here is a good link giving a overview.

From that link I think Our Current Pope hits the bullseye when says:

In his encyclical Deus Caritas Est (28), Pope Benedict XVI states: “ It is not the Church's responsibility to make this teaching prevail in political life. Rather, the Church wishes to help form consciences in political life and to stimulate greater insight into the authentic requirements of justice as well as greater readiness to act accordingly, even when this might involve conflict with situations of personal interest.
The Holy Father goes on to write (ibid): “ The Church cannot and must not take upon herself the political battle to bring about the most just society possible. She cannot and must not replace the State. Yet at the same time she cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice. She has to play her part through rational argument and she has to awaken the spiritual energy without which justice, which always demands sacrifice, cannot prevail and prosper

LA Catholic blog also asks us to heed this part of the Bishops thoughts :
Are all political and social issues equal when it comes to choosing a political candidate?
Absolutely not! The Catholic Church is actively engaged in a wide variety of important public policy issues including immigration, education, affordable housing, health and welfare, to name just a few. On each of these issues we should do our best to be informed and to support those proposed solutions that seem most likely to be effective. However, when it comes to direct attacks on innocent human life, being right on all the other issues can never justify a wrong choice on this most serious matter.
As Pope John Paul II has written, " Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights - for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture - is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with the maximum determination ." (Christifideles Laici, 38)

That right there pretty much sums it up. As I tell my liberal democrat liberal friends, I also share many of their concerns regarding immigration reform, the poor, the environment, etc. However if the dignity of human life is not respected those issues too are at risk. That is the reason why issues such as Abortion and certain forms of stem cell research are more important to me than lets say person x position on public housing. If the Democrats would allow their prolifers to flourish they would be suprised at the results. In fact are we not seeing that happening in certain races around the country.

The good bishop did a homily on this issue of Cathlolics and voting entitled The Rosary, Faith and the Public Square. The pdf of that homily can be located here.

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South Park Meets the SEC(Special LSU BYE WEEK EDITION)

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I Can't Believe it MIchelle Malkin and I Agree(The whole Webb Book Thing)

Actually Malkin and I agree on many things. I just disagree with her tactics some time and how she seems to throw red meat to the wolves.

However, Michelle Malkin had a great column today on all this nonsense trying to make Hay of Webb's books. Webb is the Democrat running against the incumbent Senator Allen. Well, yesterday the Allen campaign, the Drudge report, and various bloogers tried to make a big deal about certain parts of his book. Charges of Sexual deviant, pedophilla, blah blah blah. Folks this is stupid. I read those excerpts and to make that charge is dishonest in my view.

Further it is fraught with risk. If you call Webb a pervert then you call the voters that enjoy reading his work perverts. Insanity. We got this race about won in Ole Dominion. We dont need to make Senator Allen look like the preacher in the movie "Footlose" that wanted to ban dancing in town. I have a feeling if a enterprising reporter asked Laura Bush(former librarian and organizer of the White House Book fair) what she felt the answer would not be too pleasing to many folks.

In the end I think this was a bad move by Allen because the substance of the charge will not hold up. Voters are not stupid. Yes I know he has got unfairly bashed but this can backfire.

Yesterday, I was on Free Republic on this thread. I am Catholicfreeper and my responses start at post 605. By the end of the thread I have people wanting to ban me and calling me a pervert!!!! Boy, I wonder how the voter is going to respond to that. This is Silly and I hope he moves on.
One Conservative blogger(among many I suppose) disagrees.

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Microtargeting Voters

I wnet back on my promise to myself and went back to the phone banks for the Republicans. I shall now take the next five days off. I am now burned out big time.

However I would like to bring up one point. There has been much talk about how Republicans over the past few years are great at picking out and able to ID the 5 Republican leaning voters out of Democrat area. Let me say I was privileged to see that in action. In the old days to get honest results one had to pretend to be from a newspaper and purport to be conducting a poll. Now however many people have vast detailed information about "you" the voter. It s incredible. I know what magazines you subscribe too, who you donated too, how many kids you have, your income, your wifes name, your religion., and your voting history. Democrats are playing catch up with theior on "voter vault" as it called. But right now I feel we have the advantage.

ANywho, I have missed my dear ole blog and today I am going to write a ton of stuff.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Election News

Just a few quick links here. I am going to be doing some early Calling for Republicans tonight but I am going to make myself post some stuff when I get in. There are quite a few good post on my blogroll I want to point out.Oh by the way if you sent me a email don't be offended. I haven't checked it in a week. I also do that. I get behind checking my email and then feel guilty about not doing. Thus I don't check thus complicating the problem. Its a problem lol.

I did do some research last night on a favorite topic of mine. That is the the always interesting Minuteman Movement. Seems that some of my fears about their PAC is correct. I shall post on that onight.

ON to the Election

The Christian Science Moniter ponders a Romney/Obama 2008 Race. Hmmm , I say dream on. Obama for VP maybe? But that is doubtful.

The Houston Chronicle tries to make a case that the Republican Governor of Texas MIGHT be in trouble. Pleaseeee. Expect more article like this in the future. If Perry loses I will streak across Tiger Stadium and post the pics.

Democrat Columnist Alter is actually trying to prepare the Dems for election day reality in his There Might Not Be a Tidal Wave. I agree with that. Also I am sensing more signs of Republicans and others returning to the fold. More on this later.

The Weekly Standard speaks to the thankfully shrinking "lets lose so we can win" crowd of Republicans and Conservatives.

If there is one article you should read its this one by Jay Cost on this supposed Republican Meltdown as to some polls we keep hearing about. Jay ran the famous(in political nerd circles) Horserace blog in 2004. HE tells it like it is and knows his stuff. Good read.

Also at Real Clear Politics is a great article called Don't Expect a Political Realignment. This examines what would happen if the Dems take lets say the House. I agree with this. The 1994 Republican landside happened for reasons that go beyond the famous"Contract for American" What occurred in that race was a political structural correction that was long overdue. Further those seats that the Republicans gained in the flood that they shouldnt have in a normal political year have gone back to the Dems. So again no 50 to 60 Dem gains

On a final note and one that is Louisiana based please read from REDSTATE-Encouraging signs in Bayou Country. As someone on the ground here it hits this piece hits it right on. A encouraging sign that has got many Dems worried. The fact that the Dems could not get a serious challenger against first term Repub Boustany in this south Louisiana District tell much. This district has always had a very heavy blue dog democrat flair. Its even more telling because this guy might be our best bet to defeat Dem US Senator Mary Landrieu. Often politcos focus on the suburbs of New Orleans when focusing on the emerging Republican dominance in the state. I have always disagreed with that. The real story is the dominance of Republicans and conservatives in Lafayette that is the real key IMHO. From that city it spread into the adjacent areas.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Louisiana Football Wrapup

Before returning to the world of politics, a little Saturday roundup. Great day and week for the Bayou State. People should at times takes a step back and think how blessed we are.

LSU V Fresno State-
Great Game. Really!!! I enjoy WAC football and I would love if LSU would put Fresno State on their schedule more. Fresno is one scrappy little team that plays with heart and more importantly is about to reach the next level. Great Coach too. It was good for the Tigers to go up a little unknown and they produced fine.

The LSU Fan Base needs to get a life-
Ok the constant bitching and moaning about Miles, Jemarcus Russell, and us beating "cupcakes" is getting tiresome. Please stop. The Coaches poll came out today and we are ranked are number 13 in the Country. Not to bad if you ask me. If we win out our losses will prob come to teams that will be in the NC hunt perhaps till the SEC Championship in December.

It is bad we have a bye week because I am sure that will send the LSU fans up the wall. This is my top 15 internet threads I expect to see on LSU boards

15) 101 reasons why theLSU QB Russell is the worst thing to happen to Louisiana since the yellow fever epidemic of the 1870's

14) When can we start criticizing BasketBall Coach John Brady

13 )Fire Bertman _LSU SPORTS PROGRAM IN CRAPPER - No LSU Swimmers likely to be in 2008 Olympics

12) New Hope- Candy Picou Edwards prenatal Check up(with Pics)

11) I wish Miles would show emotion

10) I wish Mike the Tiger would show more emotion in his cage at Tiger Stadium

(9) You know with this talent we could or should (fill in blank)

(8) THe LSU Game of the Century Revisited- The Peach Bowl and Brett Farve( I mean Matt Flynn)

(7) Fans who spend thousands of Dollars and mortgage the House and pimp out out their wife to MILF films to support the Tigers are above Criticism so STFU

(6)I wish we had Spurrier

(5) Will we drop in the polls since we are not playing?

(4) Lets Pretend- Who would you like as Head Coach?( remastered with new Special effects)

(3) Does this Home Schedule suck or what

(2) WWSD- What would Saban do?


Honorable mention thread Theme- Take off your purple and Gold Glasses and quit ******** Miles off. We are going to lose to Tenn.

Oh and don't get me started on the fans in the stand last night. Yes I know radio reports were misleading about the weather but still.

Last week ULL played a great game with Florida Atlantic in the Sunbelt.It was one of those Weeknight games. They won. ULL might win the conference. Nice talent

Nice win against Utah State- Keep it up Dawgs

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Sad News John Copes Dies

Sad News to report. John Copes who had the site has passed away.

THe Deductbox was a political site that was a rarity. It was the first influential political site on the web that followed Louisiana politics. However his humor and analysis is what largely made it a success. Nothing has come close to it Louisiana politics wise yet. Who can forget the coverage of the Edwin Edwards trial or how he used to get under Gov Mike Foster's skin.

Nice Coverage at the link

Good News For the Repubs In the Senate

Sorry again for the absense. I know its becoming a pattern. However I was doing the Lord's work for the GOP this week. In Louisiana we have no competive seats to speak of that the Republicans are in danger of losing. My frustration of just looking at the news and not been able to do anything has been mounting. The last few nights about 30 local Republicans and myself have been working phones(watt line sort of things) to get out the vote in Competive districts. By the time I get home I am pretty exhausted. The last two nights we have been working with a Republican group that is working the Tennessee Race. This race is hotly contested and its over the outgoing seat that is currently held by Frist. Pretty cool idea and I believe its helpnig. The GOP needs to do more of this to get all of us involved instead of feeling helpless.

Anyway, the race in Tenn is very hot and we must keep that seat. We now have some good news out of that state.
Republican U-S Senate nominee Bob Corker may be making some headway with voters.
A new Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll puts the former Chattanooga mayor ahead of his opponent by the widest margin since this time last year.
49.4% of likely voters say they're either leaning toward Corker or plan to vote for him.
Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. received support from 42% of those polled.
The 7% lead covers the margin of error of plus or minus 3.3%.
Ford tracked 2 percentage points better than Corker in a Rasmussen poll released the day after their last debate

May I get a AMEN. This race is still of a concern but this is the second poll that seems to be showing a trend in that state.

I must say I enjoy phone work. I am one of the few that actually see it as a challenge and at times it can be quite fun. Side note- Kinda of sad about some old folks though. When a person over 70 wants to keep some campaign hack on the phone for 30 minutes, you know that persons relatives are not paying them enough attention. Anywho great results in Tenn.

Several more post this weekend. I am burned out on the phones so will not return to that till next week. Plus if its like anyother place in the South calling on A Friday or Saturday is useless.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coming Up Tonight

I am actually taking the day to do some campaign work for a Republican. Trying in my own
way to help the Grand Ole Party. True this guy is a pretty safe bet for reelection but I need to do something. I am considering going to the Mississippi a couple of days before election day and helping a Republican there that is trying to unseat the insufferable Bennie Thompson.

Anyway I shall be returning tonight. I will have a very interesting post I hope on Kookdum. This will be Racist Kookdum and their view of Sports. I ran across a very interesting and disturbing site yesterday and will talk about that. Also a I will do a much needed blogroll Roundup post
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Breaking(RUMOR)-- Has LSU Football Player Alley Broussard Quit LSU?

Update- So far still at Rumor level-I think at this point we would have heard something official if this was a done deal. I will provide a link to some the facts of this drama that I is print tonight.

I was contacted a few hours ago by a friend in the know with LSU that told me this. It is now breaking a little on the net but is yet still not been confirmed. I was hesitant to put it out there but others have heardt he same thing and it is spreading. From what I have been told Broussard has decided to leave LSU and play for McNeese St next year.

If true I hate to see him go.

Broussard has not made a final decision on this. From what I am hearing he is tonight in Lafayette with his family

Update II-Still important to remember this is still in the "Rumor" category but let me say that I feel comfortable in saying that Broussard is considering his options. Yes , I know we have gone through this before. Stay tuned for updates

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Interesting Politics Shaping Up On Immigration Issue

First let me say I am not giving up on Republican Control of Congress. Some of these pundit predictions of Dems pcking up 30 to 50 seats are likewise pretty silly. That being said one must consider it to be a very real possibility as to the House.

I believe on the immigration matter that would bring up a very intriguing politcal situation.

After the Novemeber elections there will be quite a lame duck session going on in Washington.

If the Dems took control would Bush go to the Tancredo bunch after the elections and say "We got a month deal with me on immigration reform or I shall make a deal with the Dem controlled House next year". One would think that some sane members of the hardliners would see the wisdom in t compromising.

I for one am praying that the Republicans maintain control of the House. However, it is beyond me why the hardliners that refused to compromise did not consider the possibility of a Dem Controlled House. I have always thought that was what made their hand the weakest in the long run. Bush will submit his comprehensive reform ideas next year. Some immigration hardliners are going to have to make some tough choices if the pundits are correct about Dem Control in November.

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Important Louisiana News

I was wandering the Louisiana News Sites and saw this important bit of news.

Playboy to feature Tulane in 'Girls of Conference USA-

That is all- Go Green Wave

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Louisiana Politics and National Implications

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of tailgaiting with someone that is a mover and shaker in the Louisiana Democrat party. Things are to say the least in quite a mess over there.

It appears that Louisiana Democrats are waking up to the fact that Katrina has vastly altered the Louisiana landscape. The results of the Louisiana Secretary of State's race is not being dismissed by the concerned in the Dem party no matter what the pundits say.

I had a chance to see some figures that were complied from the New Orleans's areas as to that race. No matter how the Dem's spin it they are horrible. True some of this can chalked up to a low voter interest race and the fact that the Dem was not a great campaigner. However this is now the third race we have had out of Orleans Parish and it is still confirming a horrible trend for the Democrats. That is the the much needed Orleans voter cushion is gone and is not coming back. The upcoming Congressional race there in November will be analyzed by many for signs of hope. More on that race later. Beyond that it appears that the leadership of the party is having problems. For instance many ,including this Republican, cannot understand why the State Democrat party spent 80,000 dollars in the Shreveport's Mayor's race. A race that had several Democrats running in it. That money could have been spent much wisely elsewhere. The internal disputes within the Louisiana Democrat party ,though not as public as its Republican counterpart, are very real.

Future Races-

Congressman Melancon- This Deep South Louisiana race is one of the few bright spots for the Dems. I still have this as a Democrat retention in Novemeber. Republican hopeful Romero, I fear, is not making up the ground needed. If someone has different info let me know. That being said the dynamics of this race could possibily still change. That 80,000 dollars the Dems spent in Shreveport would have been much better spent here.

Congressman Jefferson- Latest polls show him at 25 percent in this race. That is horrible for an incumbent. Thank God it appears he will be gone. The only possible thing that could save him was if the the Republican managed to make the runoff. I hate to say this but I hope that doesn't happen. Jefferson for the sake of Louisiana's image needs to be gone. I think he is a goner. The next Represenative will either be Councilwoman Carter or State Senator Shepard from Marrero. Both would be a vast improvement.

However now is the time for the Democrats to think ahead. Louisiana will at the very least lose one Congressman, maybe two, after the next Census. Orleans will no longer have its own Congressman in the near political future. New Orleans will always be a Democrat city but with much punch vote wise. I am sure both the State Repubs and Dems and their national counterparts are figuring out a way to divy up Orleans Parish into adjacent districts to best help their interest. The importance of the mover and shakers in the Dem party getting the right person into this job is paramount. Putting myself in Democrat shoes, I would have to think that Mitch Landrieu would have been a perfect choice and a good bet for the future. However that did not happen. In the end I believe that enough of Orleans Parish will be siphon off to the Melanchon District to make it safely forever Democrat. The rest will go to the adjoining Districts currently represented by Baker and Jindal in hopes of making them more competive.

Governor Blanco- Our current Governor I have to believe is toast next year. Unless Jindal implodes in spectacular fashion I cannot fathom him losing. Long term this is also great on a national level too. Jindal is going places and could be someone we see on future national ticket.

US Senator Landrieu in 08- This race is already causing Democrat folks on a local and national level a great deal of heartburn. Of all the Democrat politicians she is the one that has depended the most on that New Orleans vote turnout. Without it it would have been a impossibility for her to win her last two Senate races. Her remaining in office and very well possible Control of the Senate in 08 will depend on my next subject.

The Louisiana Republican Party-

If there is a major silver lining for the Dems in the State of Louisiana it is the continued chaos that is called the Louisiana Republican Party. Time after time the state Party seems to find a way to form a circular firing squad in situations where they are verge of victory. For an example please see the 2002 Terrell/Landrieu Senate race. For a more recent example of nonsense please look at the aftermath of the Louisiana Secretary of State's race. The actions of Mike Francis and company, A FORMER STATE PARTY CHAIRMAN, in not endorsing Jay Dardenne is beyond belief. Francis has lost my vote for anything in the future. I find this party in fighting has little to do with right wing versus moderate but a bunch of people that just want titles.

In order to unseat Senator Landrieu , we must not only have a good opponent but a state wide party organization that can get out the vote. That is a must. In fact Republican control of the US Senate might depend on the Republicans in the bayou state acting like adults.

I think we are at a critical point. Louisiana Republicans can take the upper hand that will last decades if we act quickly. But the opportunity will be fleeting unless we act. Two things must happen. First, I fear that people like Congressman Jindal or Senator Vitter must get involved in this matter. There must be a come to Jesus meeting and soon. Second, changes to the State Republican Central committee must be accomplished in the next election. I shall devote another post and perhaps a whole web site to this endeavor. Maybe even a PAC. Stay tuned.

Future State wide Races-
Next year Republicans have real chances at all State wide offices on the ballot. Even the Democrat Secretary of Agriculture Bob Odom can be knocked off. However this means we must have serious recruitment of quality people to run against these folks. That needs to be happening now.

The Louisiana State Legislature-
I never thought I would see the day that Republicans could take a chamber of the Lousiana legislature. That goal is within reach. This will be critical becasue the Republicans must have some control when the new local and congressional districts are drawn up. Again a matter of both state and national importance.

In essence the Louisiana Republicans have a incredible opportunity but it must be seized. It will not just fall into our laps from the heavens. If the statewide party can become a actual effective organization that is efficient we should be in good shape. Our failure to do so is the democrats only hope.

Life is Good

Sorry for the delay getting back. Thursday I had a opportunity to go to Baton Rouge and thus watch my beloved LSU Tigers play last night. I have just come back. More on that later.

Thanks for the prayers. What I handle this past week was trying but in the end was manageable. I do feel I got a monkey off my back. However continued prayer would be appreciated especially as to a particular Health issue I am battling as well as employment matters. That is still weighing on me a great deal. Thanks.

Anyway my much needed pilgramage to Tiger Stadium was like a great tonic. A few thoughts on the game. First let me say perfect football weather and the Stadium looked great. The team was excellent and I have few compliants as to our win or our players or our Coaches.

The fans though are getting tiresome. Listening to the radio call in shows last night was a chore. Time for reality folks. The Auburn win against Florida last night pretty much stole our hopes for getting into the SEC Championship. Does anyone think Georgia will beat Auburn? Who knows anything can happen on each Saturday in the SEC. But the odds of that happening have needless to say diminished. That being said the LSU Tigers have a lot to play for this season and its time we change our attitude.

More post coming up. I had the benefit of tailgating with a much in the know Louisiana Politico yesterday. Thoughts on the Louisiana political situation as well as its national implications up next.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry for My absense

I had a awful relapse on Sunday. My illness was not helped by LSU's loss (sigh). Just starting eating solid foods again. I will be getting back to regular posting tomorrow. I was going to do a look around my blogroll post but I notice blogrolling must be down because I am not seeing my links. I don't have the energy to google everyones blog up lol. Hopefully when you are viewing this it will be back up. I am looking forward to seeing what all my blogroll friends have been up too.

I have actually missed alot of what is going on. When I have been awake , I have been mostly boycotting the news. I didn't even know about the North Korea Nuclear test until just a few minutes ago. THe reason I have been boycotting is because the political news just seems so biased and one sided. I haven't watched a full day of news in while but I found one was enough. After one day of news, I mostly learned according to the Cable shows that Republicans might as well not go vote because we are going to LOSE BIG. That certaintly wasn't helping my recovery. I suspect the reality will be different But we shall be getting into that tomorrow.

Anyway, if you read this I would appreciate your prayers for a private intention I have. Tomorrow will be a stressful day and just say a prayer that I everything goes well for me tomorrow. Thanks

So please visit my blogroll(when it appears) and I hope to be visiting all my blog friend sites tomorrow.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Geaux Tigers Beat Florida(kickoff 2:30)

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Life is good. I feel halfway human today and the #5 Florida will be playing #9 LSU in the game nationwide today.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Senate Election Update

Needless to say Republicans don't want to lose any chamber of Congress. Losing both would be be catastrophic. The importance of holding the Senate is of course seen as to judicial nominations and confirmations. Also, I have not given up yet that Justice Stevens might decide to retire in the next year and half. That should inspire the base greatly.

This race is the one I am concerned about the most. Dem. Harold Ford is still holding a slight lead ahead of Republican Coker in most polls. Harold Ford is a smart campaigner and if he wins this seat we might have trouble getting it back in 6 years. I would like to see one good piece of news as to the Coker campaign. So far I haven't seen it. Coker can still win this race but he better nationalize this race quick or it is a goner.

Republican incumbant Allen is ahead in most pols in this race. He has been helped by Webb's ability to make a mess of every advantage he gets in this race. Voters in this state had to foucus in on this race much earlier than usual. So far Allen despite all these problems has maintained a lead. I am saying retention for the Repubs

This one of the seats that Republicans hope to be a pick up. African American Republican Steele is currently running behind Cardin in this race. I am still hopeful because I still think this seat is in play.

Rhode Island-
Despite some rumblings I think Chafee keeps this seat. YEah he is a liberla Republican but he will be there for the important Party power votes in the Senate . Stays Republican

Despite having a unpopular Republican Governor that seems to sap the life out of everything Republican, Republican incumbant Dewine has pulled even again. Will eb close but this campaign looks a lot better than it did just weeks ago. Likely Republican Retention

There were concerns that this was a endangered seat for Republicans. I am taking it off my list of possible Dem pickup.

Santorum is still in trouble. I hate to say it but likely Dem pickup.

Montana- For whatever reason, Republican Conrad Burns is just not that popular in this State. In the last election he didn't exactly run away with it. He is running behind in polls that I am seeing. Unfort this still looks like a Dem oick up unless like in Tenn the race is Nationalized and quick

Missouri is a great race that for some reason seems to not pick up alot of media coverage. Republican Incumbant Talent is tied or has a slight lead. This is a similar position he was in six years ago. From what I am seeing likely Republican retention

New Jersey-
This is a seat that the Republicans have their greatest hope of picking up it appears. THe Democrat in this race is still down in the polls. I am undecided at this point. But it is our best shot and right now it appears to be leaning slightly in our favor.

These are just some preliminary thoughts I have on these races. The important thing for Republicans to do is hold on to as much as we can this election cycle in the Senate. This is our most vunerable class of Senate GOPers. The 2008 cycle is much more to our advantage. In fact there will be some vunerable Dems up for election in that cycle. Including Sen Mary Landrieu in Louisiana that will have a hell of a fight on her hands if the Repubs can get a good person up for the race.

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Foley Gate DAY 7 Review

I though before leaving this issue to recap where we are at 7 days out from the start of this whole affair

Congressman Rodney Alexander of Louisiana-
To say the least, It has not gone unnotice by many of us Louisiana political nerds the irony that Rodney is involved in all this. Congressman ALexander infuriated many on the State and National level when he became a Republican. It is also known that Rodney Alexander is considering a run against Sen Mary Landrieu in 08. The key word is "considering" and nothing close even serious feelers by his people have been done to my knowledge.

Congressman Alexander's page in which he sponsered was of course the start of all this saga. Basically he,the page, was the one that recieved some emails(all non sexual in nature) forwarded to the staff with the end result being that Foley didn't contact the boy anymore. The reason he is so important is he is the only one that can tie Hastert and company in with the current scandal. Well of course the facts shows that the Alexander and Hastert acted properly. However because of a nationwide and quite it appears a state wide campaign to confuse this poor boy's emails with the "sex im's" ,that very well might have been a prank, this kid is going through unholy hell. I think it is safe to say the people of his district are pretty smart cookies and are seeing through these monkeyshines. The parents of the kid gave out a statement that says it best. As to Rodney Alexander part of the statement says:
We would like to express our support for our congressman, Rodney Alexander, whose office sponsored our son's position as a House page. As far as we know, Congressman Alexander's conduct in this matter has been beyond reproach. He has tried his best to do what we have asked him to do from the very beginning: Namely, to protect the privacy of our son and family from the intense media scrutiny we are now having to endure.
In the fall of 2005, as soon as Congressman Alexander became aware of the e-mails received by our son, he called us. He explained that his office had been made aware of these e-mails by our son and that while he thought the e-mails were overly friendly, he did not think, nor did we think, that they were offensive enough to warrant an investigation.
Rather, we asked him to see that Congressman Foley stop e-mailing or contacting our son and to otherwise drop the matter in order to avoid a media frenzy. He did so. If we had any other knowledge or evidence of potential impropriety, we would have asked for the matter to be treated differently. For instance, we were not aware of the instant messages that have come to light in the past few days.
These instant messages, which have only recently surfaced as a result of the news of the ambiguous e-mails received by our son, are separate matters

Well, I must say the family didn't have to do that but the fact they did it should give all the "Alexander Bashers" some pause.

Hastert and the attempted conservative Coup-
At the start of week, I was very concerned that a little coup was about to be successful again the current speaker of the house. After I wrote that post there appeared to be quite a gut check among the Republican Reps. This seems to have been aborted. To be honest in this entire affair the actions of some conservative groups and leaders in making the facts murky has been just as bad as their democrat counterparts. I hope people remember that and remeber who was on the front lines of engaging in such Machavillian behavior. At this point, I am not ready to absolve them all of perhaps being a part of this little affair. There are some troublesome questions I still have.

The Outing of closeted gay Republicans and others-
Likewise I think the media, the Dems, and the Repubs had a similar gut check and decided that perhaps this was a area we do not wish to tread. It would have been homosexuality today but something else tomorrow. The threats are still out there but I am sensing many of these groups are not going to be used by the's of the World for this radical and sick agenda. In effect , I think many people realized that this is pure and simple blackmail.

The importance of facts-
It seems definitions are changing on a daily basis. I am awaiting to hear the pharase "25 year old child" soon. It is becoming more apparent it is a sex scandal with no actual sex. That the "kids" were of legal age. And that "victims" might have been involved in book deals and now has hired a criminal defense lawyer for perhaps a prank gone awry. This is not to to absolve Foley of all guilt by any means. His conduct was wrong and it is proper he resigned. However, I think it is fair to say the picture we have today is much different that on monday of this week.

Political Fallout-
Impossible to say at this moment. It does appear that it is not as bad currently as was predicted just a few days ago for Republicans. I think we will not have a true indicator till early next week perhaps. At this point I am betting minimal impact nationwide. However, in this election cycle that might be enought ot change one or 2 seats which is in the whole scheme of things is a huge. But I think it is fair to say that liberals have misjudged the conservative electorate again because of ignorance. Yes even Evanglicals know there are gay republicans. Believe it or not that shall come as no shock to them. They will be out in force on election day , and they shall not be pulling the lever for the party of Pelosi.
Flopping Aces has a good recount of where we are at this moment. In that post he goes into this curious ex page in Oklahoma and his various relationships. A important read that gives clues to maybe how all this got started.

Because of my illiness, I have not been on the computer much. That means I have a lot of catching up on my blogroll to do. I shall attempt to do a "look at my blogroll" post tonight and share their thoughts on this as well as other matters.

I have not had a chance to visit amny of the folks on my blogroll but I see the Strata-Sphere is coming up on a lot the biggies
He has a great time line here, plus a great post on Crew and possibily doctored electronic communications here.

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I am entering day three of this bug and I am feeling slightly better. At least better enough to sit up and get an update on all the Foley stuff.

I am relieved that Republicans came to their senses and rallied behind the Speaker. I am still awaiting evidence that he did anything wrong. IF he did it will come out.

I am not sure what was behind all these but it is getting more interesting by the day. There seems to a possibility of a few unlikely alliances that wewre occuring. Most conservative blogs are playing up the possibility of of Dem dirty tricks. I am not saying that didn't happen. But the events of the last 24 hours at least have me thinking again about the possibility that a few conservatives were trying a coup against the speaker.

Anyway more later

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

HMMM- The Importance of Getting the Facts

I am sick today but I am still checking into the Pages scandal. Just looking at these headlines on Drudge:
Former page hires Timothy McVeigh's attorney...


and this one from Drudge himself
XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX THU OCT 5 2006 2:53:48 ET XXXXX CLAIM: FILTHY FOLEY ONLINE MESSAGES WERE PAGE PRANK GONE AWRY**World Exclusive** **Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT** According to two people close to former congressional page Jordan Edmund, the now famous lurid AOL Instant Message exchanges that led to the resignation of Mark Foley were part of an online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats. The primary source, an ally of Edmund, adamantly proclaims that the former page is not a homosexual. The prank scenario was confirmed by a second associate of Edmund. Both are fearful that their political careers will be affected if they are publicly brought into the matter. The news come on the heels that Edmund has hired former Timothy McVeigh attorney, Stephen Jones. Developing...

FACTS FACTS FACTS. That is all want. But it seems many people want to rush to judgement, have people resign, and rush to make deceptive tv commericals. Should be a interesting week

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Conservative Cajun Blog interviews Congressman Boustany

Pretty cool. I never can recall a Louisiana Republican Congressman giving a interview for a home grown blog before. Conservative Cajun breaking new ground.

Now perhaps if someone on their campaigns/Staffs would bother to email us updates on what they are doing we can have some progress

Anyway go here for the interview. Congrats again. The LOUISIANA BLOGSPHERE BEING NOTICED!!!!!

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Who would Endorse Congressman William Jefferson?

Well it appears some would. It boggles my mind really. Just from a political standpoint why bother? I think its apparent he is going to the pokey.

Any who here they are.

Senators Diana Bajoie and Edwin Murray(Sen Bajoie makes some killer turtle soup)

State Representatives Cedric Richmond, Charmaine Marchand, Juan LaFonta and Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, the congressman's daughter.

The only member of the City Council was Cynthia Willard-Lewis, who represents eastern New Orleans


On the other hand Politicians that have good sense have endorsed the following for that Congressional Seat -

Current City Council Woman- Karen Carter(D) has been endorsed by former U-S Senators John Breaux and J- Bennett Johnston, and former U-S Representative Chris John, a Democrat from Crowley. (those are some nice endorsements to say the least)

I am suprised that State Senator Derrick Shepherd(D) has not picked up any big endorsements for that race. I thought he would pick up some steam in this race. I havent taken a look at this race in detail but I might tonight

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The New McCarthyism

I have suspected from the start that some of the radical gay groups that support "outing" people are behind this current saga. I suggest people buckle down and watch a sad part of American political history unfold. ALready a lot of careless gossip and charges are appearing on blogs.

The justification by these groups is that they have a right and obligation to out lawmakers that are gay or bisexual and then vote for "anti-gay" legislation. The most common piece of legislation they cite is the vote for or against the Defense of Marriage act and other pieces of legislation similar to it. I always found this strange because some of the homosexuals I know are against gay marriage believe or it or not. There reason are varied of course

I will not supply names but one can get on the net and pretty much figure out who the targets are. It is a sad state of affairs that we are about to be entering on. I have monitered two of these sites for about a year. A few months back he said he had the goods on one GOP Senator. I suspects he does. So look for that information to be released also along with others.

Politicians will not be the only ones. Media people will be next I fear. Who will be next?

The issue is not if homosexuality is right, wrong, or sinful. This is a violation of that delicate unwritten kind of "the social contract". I have noticed that even in the most religious and Conservative of Districts there was common agreement not to violate this issue of the bedroom. That I fear is about to be broken big time. There will be a ton of victims and in fact many people falsely accused. I am curious to see how the homosexual community will react to these actions by the "renegades". Outing is a hotly debated topic in the gay community. The consensus seems to be against.

If I had to bet I would think the reaction is going to be very negative. This case has done nothing for the gay community except make Gay Congressman look like a threat to young male pages. I am not saying I agree with that but that is the perception I am getting on the street. We are right now at the crucial tipping point. The unelected media will decide if now there is nothing off limits.

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Ex Page In Louisiana Getting Death Threats

Well this is wonderful isn't it. The local Newspaper reports

Rep. Rodney Alexander said a former male House page from Monroe has received threats since reports surfaced Friday that former Congressman Mark Foley sent him inappropriate e-mails.
"This teenager and his family have gone through hell," Alexander, R-Monroe, said Monday. "It's just not fair that they got caught up in this and became casualties. His mother is just broken up by it. Naturally, she's concerned about her child."

Foley, R-Fla., resigned on Friday after reports were published about the e-mails connected to the Monroe teenager, who's now 17. Though the e-mails to the Monroe page weren't sexually explicit, it was later revealed that Foley did send sexually explicit e-mails to other pages as early as 2003. Neither the Monroe teenager nor his family responded to interview requests from The News-Star, but Alexander said he talked to the teenager's mother, as well as the FBI, on Monday. Alexander wouldn't say what type of threats the teenager was receiving or the source of the threats.
Alexander twice reported the e-mails from Foley to the House leadership, including Speaker Dennis Hastert,
which Hastert and others confirmed, as well as to the boy's parents.
"My first job was protecting the innocence of that young man and his family," Alexander said. "When I informed the family, they said they were aware of the situation and told me that they weren't going to pursue it because of the harm that it could do to their son."
In the e-mails, Foley asked the page how he was doing after Hurricane Katrina and what he wanted for his birthday. The congressman also asked the boy to send a photo of himself.
Though not expressly sexual, Alexander said the e-mails "made me feel uneasy. It wasn't normal for a 45-year-old man to be sending those e-mails to a 16-year-old, which is why I informed the House leadership."
"The young man clearly felt that the e-mails were creepy, which is why he notified our office."
In an e-mail to an Alexander staffer, the page called Foley's e-mails "sick" 13 times.
Alexander said that he believes he took appropriate action by informing the House leadership and the boy's parents about the e-mails, but wouldn't pass judgment on the House leadership's actions since then.
"If they were only acting on what we talked about ... I just don't know," Alexander said. "I knew that I did what I felt like we needed to do."
Hastert said he didn't pursue the matter at the parents' request, which Alexander confirmed, but Hastert also said he never saw the contents of the e-mails.
"Nobody ever asked me to see the e-mails," Alexander said.
Alexander said he would have done more if he had known about the explicit e-mails sent to other pages two years earlier.
"We knew nothing about the instant messages," Alexander said. "That blew my mind."
Alexander did say that any member of Congress who did know about the explicit instant messages sent in 2003 and didn't take action "should be removed. The question that needs to be answered is who had possession of those instant messages for two or three years and didn't do anything about them?"
Louisiana's 5th District congressman said he hasn't spoken to any member of House leadership since the story broke on Friday.
Alexander wouldn't say whether or not he felt like the leadership was disappointed that he came forward with the information a month before congressional elections that could affect the balance of the House.
"I didn't think as much about what it would do to Congress as to what it might do to the young man and his family," Alexander said. "This needed to be flushed out

A few thoughts on this. As I stated earlier what is being done to this young man is far worse than anything Rep Foley ever did to him. To keep saying that Foley is the main culprit currently causing pages distress is at this point is ludricous.

As the American Thinker stated yesterday,"The timing of the two-step release is critical to the political efficaciousness of the operation. The public is being led to conflate the different sets of correspondence (mildly inappropriate emails versus salacious IM messages), leading most people to believe the sexually explicit stuff was what Hastert had seen."

Well it is working. As I also stated one can go to the major political forums and the state wide ones too and see the confusion bearing full fruit. Most people believe this poor North Louisiana kid is not only gay but engaged in all this salacious im'ing and some think he was part of some plot. All because the media wants to confuse his emails with the im's that occured even before he was on the scene in DC.

The media though is not the only culprit. As the American Thinker laid out so well yesterday the true culprits in this matter are extremist democrats engaging in some very dirty pool. At least I hope those Dems are renegades because if they are establishment it shows us how low they have fallen.

However I am sad to say that the Dems and the radical gay elements are not the only sick individuals in this little affair. Certain conservatives in the party are misrepresenting the facts also or at least blurrying them in order to obtain a power grab. I can't come to any other conclusion really. The Washington Times instead of commending Hasert for asking for a Justice Dept investigation is asking for his resignation. Human Events got into the act by blurring the facts for their own agenda. Even WorldnetDaily decided to take time from warning us how George Bush has a secret plot to form an North American Union and gave us the headline of GOP unworthy of governing. Richard Viguree was on CNN yesterday to talk about the Page scandal but all it was a rant against the GOP leadership. Well forgive me if I don't buy all this poppycock that is being done under the guise of morality. This is basically the crowd that squacks like deranged parrot demanding "conservative purity test" and proclaims every Republican that doesn't roll over like a dog to their every utterance is a RINO. We need less Republicans on TV trying to unseat Hasert and more asking for the facts. Perhaps we just need less of them on TV period and let the Justice Dept investigation take its course.

The majority of conservatives are not doing this and we that should be noted. However they don't make good TV for the 24/7 News networks and the radio shows. That being said Kudos to Rep Rodney Alexander who has and is acting in a honorable and correct way. Rodney used to be a good ole fashion conservative Piney Hills Louisiana Democrat. He got elected to DC and after being told by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi he had no leeway to vote his principles told her to stuff it and ran as a Republican. He won and will easily win reelection this year.

In the end lets remember despite the ambitions of a few conservatives, the ones that are using this scandal in a unethical way are the Democrats. I think this literally from the Democrat playbook says it best.

(1). Pay no heed to the distinction between the e-mails and IMs. There's no evidence (yet) that any Republican leaders knew about Foley's cybersex IMs. There's plenty of evidence that they knew how uncomfortable the "overly friendly" e-mails made at least one page. So the Dems will press the GOP on what they knew about the former and will constantly, in their press releases, refer to the "GOP's knowledge of the sexually explicit e-mails."
2. Enlarge the wedge between House leaders. The tension this weekend between Speaker Dennis Hastert and NRCC chair Tom Reynolds was thick. Dems want it to suffocate the party and throw the Republicans even further off their game

At the end lets us return to that poor little ole kid from North Louisiana. He should be dating girls and going to Friday night football games. Not getting death threats. The above Dem playbook talking points is not helping matters.

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Congrats Anchoress

The Anchoress has just received her 2,000,000,000 hit. Go by an visit and help her start on next million. I think I will be 98 by the time I get my 2,000,000,000 hit.

We will be doing another blogroll tour today so stay tuned.

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Pages, Scandals, and Power Grabs

I must admit I have not been this quite irate since the Dubai Port Deal Fiasco last year. That my dear friends, family and readers is quite a feat.

Perhaps, I shall fill different tommorrow but right now this is my mood.I have resigned myself to disaster. The Dems will take the House and maybe the Senate and the extreme holy than thou conservatives branch of the party represented well by their media icons such as Worldnet Daily, Human Events, and the Washington Times will use these sets of events for a naked power grab for the House republican leadership . This will all be accomplished by basically a repeated political molestation of the poor pages they are all purporting to defend. It makes me fill ill.

To see the latest on the Dem Dirty tricks please go here and read this great piece. That is a large part of my frustration. Please read it. But before I continue let me excerpt one important piece.

The timing of the two-step release is critical to the political efficaciousness of the operation. The public is being led to conflate the different sets of correspondence (mildly inappropriate emails versus salacious IM messages), leading most people to believe the sexually explicit stuff was what Hastert had seen.

Now this is quite true. The email that the kid in Louisiana received had no sexual content as the back and forth IM's did. However the media , Democrats, and devious extreme conservatives don't make that distinction. Let me pause to give you a little fact. I know who this kid is. In fact all of my area knows who this kid is. I was in that town today and whole place was talking about how that gay boy brought down the Congressman because they were talking about how horny each of them were.

Well the only problem with that is the kid is not gay, he didnt say that, and of course they are confusing the email with the im's. Oh well at least the Dems will get Congress and the extreme elements of the conservative base will be able to perform a bloodless Coup in deposing poor ole Speaker Hasert. Oh well its just a 17 year olds life. Maybe he will find refuge in booze. What wisdom the the kids parents had in trying to keep this quiet.

Anywho, this morning the almighty Washington times, that 9o percent of Conservatives doesn't even no exists, will demand Haserts resignation. I saw this coming this yesterday. The ever present extremist part of the base that thinks is George Bush akin to a liberal has made a Caculation. That is grab the power now. Pathetic. I was at the Free Republic Forum and my God even its dawning on those folks that we are about to get reamed by all sides. Even our supposed friends.

The most incredible moment of the evening was when I saw good ole Tony Perkins of the Family Research Counsel on CNN talking about the scandal. Tony is a Louisiana boy and I have had interaction with him for years way back when he was just a lowly member of Louisiana State legislature. Since I was a small lowly cog I doubt he remembers me but whoa I remember him. Tony of course was talking about the Gays and making veiled threats about the base staying home etc etc on the TV today. HE also was misrepresenting the facts. Tony Perkins, is on leave from his day job in DC and was in Baton Rouge where he just finished up his monkeyshines in the Secretary of States race. In that race he helped make Republican Jay Dardenne, the eventual winner among the Republicans and who is going to the runoff , out to be something akin to a abortionist and the greatest threat to the Judeo Christian ethic since the Barbarians sacked Rome. Needless to say the Party is shambles because of this nonsense. Tony , before his present job in DC, was a powerful force in the Louisiana Republican Party. He and his like minded friends made the party about as useful as a dead battery. Well, they could not elect a classroom Vice President, but my God they certaintly made sure that no impure elements entered the party. Impure being those not made in their image. So folks if Speaker Hasert is deposed and the extreme right wing gets this victory just look at the Louisiana Republican party and see a preview of coming attractions. I haven't quite figured if he is part of the palace Coup plotters or is the guy that will offer his influence to Hasert for a price. We shall soon see. God Bless America
To all the Tony Perkin fans I am sorry. The man might talk a good game about Jesus and the Lord and I think believes it but to be honest his scorched earth style of politics is well known. Also his tactics don't work so its a double whammy.

Anyway I am not a Hasert fan. As someone put it to me tonight:" Hasert is that form of Republican that I find unnecessarily ineffective". Well gosh that is true in many ways. He has let for instance Tom Tancredo run all over him, Watching him today ,despite knowing he is a good and decent man, one can't help but feel he could not fight his way out of a paper bag. Well he needs some help and until he is proven in the wrong I am sticking by him.

I see it like this. Go read the link above and ask if you think that is acceptable. I don't. If this isallowed we conservatives shall adopt the same tactics later. The result being our souls perhaps. Sorry, I am standing up for principle on this one.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Elements of Republican Party Trying to take Advantage of Page Situation

If things cant get worse, the moonbat extreme right is basically molesting these kids again. What I have seen in the last two hours is discusting. They are out to settle old scores in the Republican Party it seems. More when I calm down. I got to take a break from watching ourselves eat our own

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Will Mike Francis Endorse Jay Dardenne(Louisiana Alert)

I am pretty sure that Francis will endorse Jay Dardenne in the Secretary of State's race. I know that the blogs and the talking heads want this Republican warfare to continue but give it some time. It was a tough race and Francis has a right to have a few days to do it. So lets all relax and just get Jay elected

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Republicans being Played Like A Drum

To BE Updated-
Ok I am hitting this cluster of a Page scandal now. First some disclosure and a few of my positions

I know Congressman Alexander and know a couple of his present and former staff. I live about 15 minutes from his district. Congressman Alexander is of course the person that sponsered the boy that had the first email that was controversal and caused the the current scandal to come to light. I have spent a enormous part of the morning having to defend him against smear tactics. The same thing right now is occuring on a National level.

Congressman Foley's conduct ,in my opinion with the facts we know, though maybe not criminal was a breach of trust and his resigination was the right thing to do. I am not defending Congressman Foley's actions.

A quick message to certain segments of the conservative community. It appears to me there are some that are using this as a opportunity to purge the Republican party of high ranking officials that are either gay or bisexual. Further some are using it as a excuse to maybe get rid of Republican leadership you don't like. My advice quite honestly is to take a hike. If you have that view please go the the blogactives blogs of the world. They are your allies. Yall have different goals but the means of "outing" you both share. I will not be a part of that witchhunt.

The Press-
If Republicans can't see what is going on then I think you have to be blind. Over the past weekend I have seen emails and alleged IM's and their content intentionally confused by the media.
Example 1- The email sent to the page of Congressman Alexander when the page was 16. Nothing in it was criminal and it all had a innocent explaination. Hasert was informed though of the Page's discomfort and he told Foley not to contact him any more. What else was he suppose to do? If I was in Haserts place I would have done the exact same thing nothing more nothing less. Unless Hasert has magical powers , I am not sure how he would know about these IM's that are years old that now just magiclly made an appearance.
However because of intentional misinformation by the press, this poor Monroe Louisiana kid is attributed to engaging in a conversation that took place years before where that 17 year old told
Foley "he was Horny too". Pretty sick.

If Speaker Hasert knew of this misconduct then he should resign. But I will be damned if what is becoming more apparent by the hour that he is going to resign over IM's that no one but the Democrat operatives and sick sites like knew about for months. Sorry folks I am not playing that game.

I am going to update this thread all day and share what I have discovered. If you think Hasert's head should roll over the facts we know now so be it. But I am not going with the panic or the mob right now.

Just remember every privately gay or bisexual Republican is at risk right now. The left knows how to exploit that in our own ranks. The issue is not if homosexuality is right or wrong but simple decency and privacy. I know of one gay congressman in the House. He is closeted. I don't think his privacy shouldn't be at risk because of a couple of pages making comments like"watch out for congressman X he is queer". That is not the situation here but it is the bar of proof I am rapidly being seen set right now. Ditto for HetrosexualCongressman.

Because of some conversations I have had with people in the know this morning I am very concerned. What is happening is SICK and is a threat to civil political discourse. That is about to come out and it should scare the heck out of anyone that dares to put their voice in the public square.

If Speaker Hasert and the Republican leadership did not live up to their responsibilty I will be the first to demand their removal. But right now I am going with the idea of not listening to the mob that is demanding that heads roll regardless of the facts

To be Updated-

-Trancript of email that Hasert and Congressman Alexander knew about-
The e-mails were sent from Foley's personal AOL account, and the exchange began within weeks after the page finished his program on Capitol Hill
"did you have fun at your conference…what do you want for your birthday coming up…what stuff do you like to do."
"how are you weathering the hurricane…are you safe…send me an email pic of you as well
…" PDF's available at the link.
That is it as to the facts we know. This seems to indicate to me that the Speaker did the correct action. When I worked in the legislature it was not umcommon for State Reps too give gifts to favorite pages or have similar type seniments. They were not out to get them in bed.

My Concerns-
More and more of what is going on behind the scenes is on the blogs-
First go to American Thinker- This required reading to understand why many of us are getting more inflamed by the minute. To get more angry go here for the update.

Why are the Republicans taking a beating when these alleged IM's and email's(sorry I am sticking with the fact much of this stuff hasnt been released) is appearing on strange web sites that seem to have Dem connections.

In the coming days, you shall hear me reference such sites as If there are levels of hell , people like them shall occupy it lowest level in my book. I have been monitering that site and similar sites for about a year because of concerns over a certain politician well being I am concerned about. the Stratasphere has a small post on this blog.

Freakin AP has done it again here. Notice that email is in the title. Not instant messages. Why is that important? Because Hassert and out Louisiana Congressman were aware of the email I posted. But not the im's that are more troubling. What is being referenced is the IM's in the content of the piece. Not the email sent to the ex page in Louisiana ABC did something similar just a hour ago. WAKE UP FOLKS

An interesting and important side line and this confirms what was told to me this morning-
Turns out that ABC's headline that GOP Staff warned pages back in 2001 is incorrect-

More dubious Conservative talk from the Washington Times-
Also Monday, several prominent conservatives called for Hastert's resignation, the conservative newsweekly Human Events reported. They included David Bossie, president of Citizens United, and Michael Reagan, a son of former President Ronald Reagan and a conservative columnist.
"Any member of Congress who was aware of the sexual e-mails and protected the congressman should also resign effective immediately," Reagan said. "I was sexually abused by a day camp counselor at age 8 and also made to be part of child pornography
May I make a humble suggestion here. Human events and Yes Ronald Reagan Jr are not exactly Hasert fans. Again notice the confusion of the email and the im's. Sorry not ready to join the mob yet.

Remember when I talked about Conservatives using this scandal for their own agenda. Well good ole Louisiana boy now DC big shot Tony Perkins has stepped into it.

Democrats seeking to exploit the resignation of Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) are right to criticize the slow response of Republican congressional leaders to his communications with male pages. But neither party seems likely to address the real issue, which is the link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse. Foley, an unmarried 52-year-old representative, had always refused to answer questions about his sexual orientation. Now that his emails and messages to teenage male pages have been revealed, it appears clear that Foley is a homosexual with a particular attraction to underage boys. While pro-homosexual activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. Although almost all child molesters are male and less than 3% of men are homosexual, about a third of all child sex abuse cases involve men molesting boys--and in one study, 86% of such men identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Ignoring this reality got the Catholic Church into trouble over abusive priests, and now it is doing the same to the House GOP leadership. They discounted or downplayed earlier reports concerning Foley's behavior--probably because they did not want to appear "homophobic." The Foley scandal shows what happens when political correctness is put ahead of protecting children.
Interpretation of the above- We want to have a political climate where the the Family Research Counsel can go after gay republicans just like the radical gay groups do. Also notice he is misstating the facts of this incident

Sorry folks. I knew this was going to come out of on this Foley stuff. I believe homosexuality is wrong . I am against gay marriage. But I will be damned if I start participating in a witch hunt in the Republican party and start "outing" people. I am a Christian and yes I am even a conservative almost "Christian righ"t voting Christian. But Tony Perkins using this for his own agenda makes me ill. I had enough of him when he was down here. Thanks Tony- This is going to help the party
Full disclosure here. After working in a Senate race where Tony Perkins was the Opponent and after seeing him up close in the Louisiana legislature , I am not a big fan of Tony. That might offend a few people that think the sun rises and falls on T Perkins but I saw a different side.

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Republicans are being played for Idiots on this Page Scandal

I am finally whooped after all the past activity of the week. I am going to be hitting national issue again starting tomorrow. Plus hitting what my blogroll is saying.

I can't believe though how Republicans are being played for fools for this issue. There is alot going on here and it will hit it first thing tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Were the 911 Terrorist in Shreveport Louisiana?

I was out of town a few days and with College football,elections. etc I am just catching up on my reading. I was pretty shocked to see a story on a blog that referenced a news report out of Shreveport. This deals with statements of a man ,now deceased ,that he saw three 911 highjackers in Shreveport. It was shocking because I have some intimate knowledge of his statements. I had some involvement you see in giving him counsel on certain aspect of this affair.

Let me say straight out that I am not a 911 conspiracy person. However I believe to this day he saw them in that Chinese Restaurant at the foot of the Shreveport Barksdale Bridge. A detective that I have ultimate confidence in that facilitated an interview between him and the FBI is of the same viewpoint. To this day I have kept pretty quiet about what I knew about this because for what I suppose are the "national security" reasons this never was referenced in the 911 reports. Because of what he observed , I can understand why it was not referenced.

Despite my firm belief there was no conspiracy ,the events of his horrific and slow death have troubled me to this day. Anywho this ancient computer is having trouble downloading the segment but if you go the Marshall Fannin blog and go to the Sept 25 entry he has a link to the broadcast. I shall reserve further comment till I view the report for obvious reasons. Here is to you Dr Grahmn. God Bless Your Soul and May you Rest in Peace.

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Jews, Backward Baton Rouge, and Bigoted Louisiana

Last night after the Louisiana Secretary of State's race results were in, I remembered a very annoying article that appeared on a liberal internet site.

A few months ago on the Huffington Post the following appeared:
".....Now, I lived in Baton Rouge from age 1 to 14. A more assertively provincial, narrow-minded, anti-progressive, anti-New South place you could not hope to find. The people who choose to occupy its many lifeless, cookie-cutter subdivisions are defined by the fact that they hate New Orleans and everything that it represents: crime, culture, city life writ large. Three of my defining experiences of growing up there were 1) the David Duke campaign for governor, 2) dealing with anti-Semitic taunting and harassment throughout elementary school, including from a self-styled "neo-Nazi" in 6th grade, and 3) the murder of Yoshi Hattori, a Japanese exchange student who was living with some family friends of ours. He was shot because he went to the wrong house looking for a Halloween party, and the homeowner, Rodney Peairs, a meat cutter at Winn Dixie, didn't like his looks. After some well-coached crying on the witness stand, Peairs got off."

This of course is more than just Louisiana bashing. It pretty much is bashing of conservatives and people that think a tad different out side the LA and New York mindset. There are several things wrong about her article. First EBR Parish was not a stronghold of Duke support. The shooting cases she references is both tragic and complex. Racism had little to do with it.

However, we Louisiana folks as well as other Southerners need to respond to these charges. I have talked to people from out west and up north that have moved to Louisiana that are overwhelmed with relief after a few months living here. Why? Because they literally thought most of the State were going to KLAN rallies before they arrived. Also believe it or not people sometimes do not move businesses down here because of these printed and widely circulated sterotypes.

Why did the Secretary of State's race come to mind? Well because Republican State Senator Jay Dardenne made the runoff. Jay Dardenne is a Jew and has been a state Senator from Baton Rouge for a number of years. That didn't make the above article. Maybe because it is because he is Republican. Well last night Jay won a spirited race, that included another Republican, to advance to the runoff. Lets looks at the result from the Parish where the above misguided author lived:
Among the main three the results were in East Baton Rouge-

(r)Dardenne 34,428
(r)Francis 6,951
(D) Heitmeier12,998

Just for giggles lets look at neighboring Livingston Parish that is a bedroom community of Baton Rouge

(r) Dardenne 8,579
(r) Francis 2,655
(D) 2,804

For those curious see the State wide results here.

I don't mean to pick on the above author of this piece. Children can be cruel and sometimes it leaves a scar. But the point here is much larger than the above piece. Sen Jay Dardenne has a been a State Republican Senator from Baton Rouge for a number of years. He is highly respected. He also just happens to be Jewish .There is a good chance he will become the new Louisiana Secretary of State. People might have disagreed with Jay Dardenne on issues but his Jewish faith has never been a issue. It appears it was not a issue state wide either. If any canidate had brought it up they would have been politically castrated by ordinary Louisiana and Baton Rouge folks. I could go on and on.

Louisiana is not all roses to say the least. But using sterotypes for some agenda is not helpful for the advancement of this state or the nation. The above Huffington post piece is just an example of journalistic pieces that one often sees and often causes us to roll our eyes. In post Katrina Louisiana we can't afford economically to ignore such things anymore.

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Thoughts On Last Nights Louisiana Elections

Last night was not a high profile or voter attention grabbing Louisiana election like some of recent history. Still however there are some interesting lessons and and trends that I think can be observed.

Signs of Trouble for New Orleans and Louisiana-
First the bad news. Voter turnout in New Orleans was again really bad. Turnout across the board ,even in areas with hot mayor's races, were down. However, the turnout numbers in New Orleans were extremely bad. Turnout State wide appears to have averaged in the lower to mid 20's. In Parishes where there was a hot mayor's race one can add about 10 to 15 percent to that figure. This is not that shocking because of the nature of the State wide offices on the ballot. The problem is that in Orleans Parish and St Bernard Parish turnout was only 11 percent and 9 percent in those respective Parishes. Ouch. New Orleans had only an Absentee vote of around 1100 votes. When one looks at the surrounding Parishes that were also devasted by Katrina and Rita it shows a disturbing trend. For instance turnout was 19% in Cameron, 29% in Vermillion, and 36% in Plaquemines Parishes. The Orleans turnout in this race is a extension of low turnout we saw in the hotly contested mayors races of this year. I find that this is the clearest sign that the future population of these parishes will be much lower than feared. The November elections will be important to watch. Both St Bernard and Orleans Parishes will be involved in two very contested Congressional races. If we don't see numbers increase then there are problems.

The problem is simple . It all relates to the US Census. First New Orleans appears to be way below the numbers to receive the Urban grants and aid that cities all over the Country receive. Where will that be made up? The big concern that will be felt state wide is our represenatation in the US Congress. Louisiana like many of its sister states with similar demographics have weak Congressional delegations. Before Katrina and Rita we were bracing ourselves for the reality we would be losing one Congressional seat because of population loss. Now it appears we might have to brace ourselves for the possibility of losing two. That could be a disaster.

Sec of State Race-
This race of course is going into a runoff. As expected Heitmeier made the runoff because of the fact he was the only Democrat running. More on Heit later. The real intriguing race was between the two Republicans running. That is Sen Jay Dardenne and Mike Francis. Jay Dardenne of course emerged the victor between the two.

Mike Francis-
Mike Francis ran a good campaign for his first try at a major elective office. Kudos to him for putting his name in the ring. However his campaign had problems and the political minded folks who care about this politics game should take heed of them. First, Francis seemed to be running in the tradition of the angry right wing. That is throw the bums out, get rid of the career politicians, and lets get "real" republicans in there and not hese Louisiana "rinos". A few problems that Francis had with this approach.

First, that alone will not get you the win. Francis could have ran fewer ads about "family values" and more about the job he was running for. Francis talks about corruption and reform , but the problem is he never related it to the Secretary of State's office. The Secretary of State's office regulates business regulations as to corporations, handles elections, and run museums. This office has been pretty much under Republican control for the past 8 years except for the short time after the former occupants tragic death. If there is corruption then what needed to be reformed? It appears not much since Francis couldn't come up with anything in his political ads. Many voters I talked to said of his ads were asking what the hell abortion had to do with the Secretary of State's office.

Second there is the issue of negative campaigning. One gets a sense that voters thought that Francis was being a tad unfair to Republican Sen Dardenne. The abortion issue being a prime example where the Francis forces tried to portray Dardenne as being pro choice and a liberal. It seems that very conservative Baton Rouge sent that message when it came out to defend their own State Senator at the polls. We saw that also in other cities. Even in areas where Francis was strong in. Looking at the absentee votes in North Louisiana one sees a stronger showing by Francis than he had on election day. I think the negatives ads and what voters sensed as unfair attacks hurt him in the final weeks. Jay's very negative ad in the closing week did not hurt him. In a sense voters realized Dardenne had a ton of mud thrown at him and didn't mind if he struck back.

Finally the best thing Francis can do is to unite the party and get baehind Dardenne. I expect he will.

Jay Dardenne-
I am very impressed with Jay Dardenne campaign efforts. The only thing he could have done better was to campaign more in North Louisiana. I am wondering if perhaps Repubs should have ran Jay against Dem US Senator Mary Landrieu in two years instead of for Secretary of State. A few major points about his electoral success last should be noted.

Black Vote -
Good grief Jay did great with this segment of voters that are so Democrat leaning. The biggest surprise of the night was how well Jay did in Orleans Parish itelf in the black areas. He was running 16 to 19 percent in some areas. Very Jindal like numbers. In areas of Baton Rouge , Dardenne got 40 to 45 percent of middle class Black neighborhoods that vote Dem in a big way!!! The Republicans need to find out how he did this.

What would be productive is to figure out how Jay did so well in the Black community and can it be duplicated. Is it (1) Jay actually campaigned in those areas instead of just promising to do it next election. If so how did he do it
(2) Did the Dems just take it for granted
(3) Blacks are becoming more open to voting for conservatives or Republicans
(4) Are we seeing traditionally black political organizations working with republicans in this post Katrina World.

I don't buy that Jay bought off the "blacks" as some folks are saying in their own un PC way because that machine is pretty dead and two that doesnt explain how he was getting 40 to 45 percent in affluent Black neigborhoods last night in BR.

Conservative or Rino?
Jay had the rino charge leveled against him in this campaign. I think he dealt with it in a effective matter. It appears that people from the conservative Parishes such as Jefferson, Livingston, St Tammny didn't think that charge was valid. It also appears that despite aggressive campaigning by Francis in the North, Jay was also able to counter some of the early damage caused by those allegations.

The Jewish Question-
There was no Jewish question of course. My line of thought on this shall be in an additional post since it is of interest on more than a local or state level.

Heitmeier and the Democrats-
Senator Heitmeier as expected got into the runoff as being the only true Dem contender in the race. However I must admit his campaign aswell as the State's Dem party effort as to this race is pretty strange. Speaking to a Democrat last night, he informed me that Heitmeier took too long to get his camp together. I believe that is the understatement of the year. Heitmeier of course is from the New Orleans area. The results from Orleans Parish speak for themselves-

Orleans Parish-
Dardenne 12,688
Francis 1,744
Heitmeier 12,856

That sucks for a Louisiana Democrat. Similar results can be found in other Parishes that should have been very pro Heitmeier He had better result sightly in areas where there were active mayor's races. It will be interesting to see how his numbers improve with the Congressional race occuring in Orleans and the race involving Melachon that will be on the Novmeber ballot.
As a Republican I am on the outside trying to look in as to what is happening in the Dem Camp. Therefore I am just making educated guesses to be honest. Is this a sign of of party in trouble? Perhaps it is but we shall see in the runoff.

Dept Of Insurance Race-
We should thank God anyone wanted to run for this office. Talk about a office where all you get is gripes. Especially in this Post Katrina and Louisiana world. My hat is off to all three people in this race.
Louisiana should say a collective prayer this race is over. Because of the Liberatarian in this race it wasn't clear we were not going to have a runoff till about 1 am in the morning. Doneleon manage to win a avoid a run off by 500 votes. This race had two Republicans. They were acting Dept of Insurance head Doneleon and State Senator David Cain. To show you how unpopular this office is even to politcos the Dems couldnt find someone to run for it. S. B. A. Zaitoon was the Libertarian. Here is the breakdown.

James David Cain, R
James J. "Jim" Donelon, R

S. B. A. Zaitoon, L

Cain almost pulled this one out. The problem was in my view the negative ads. I am not against negative ads. There is often more truth on negative ads than positive ones. Howeverever there is a line that one can not cross when negative ads become a liability. I suggest when Donelon whent to court to stop them on the basis of libel that the line was crossed.

Like the Secretary of States race it is a crying shame the ads did not focus on how the heck we are going to get out of this mess. IF Cain had ran a few more of those ads I think he would have run. Cain has his own negatives that are well known so I won't go into them here.

From a political standpoint this was a pretty fun race to watch. Cain had a North Louisiana political strategy that almost worked. How the traditional Dem black vote panned out was fascinating. It appears that Cain had a slight edge with blacks in BAton Rouge and in North Louisiana while Doneleon had it in other areas.

Metro New Orleans advertising saved him as well as it appears a good bit of the Republican party. I think he appeared to be more Republican than Cain. TO give him credit he got the votes needed in the hurricane ravaged parishes. Could it be that voters thought he was doing the best job any human could possibly do in this situation?

Since Zaitoon gor 11 percent in this race I should give him his due. There seemed to be a big effort by the blogs and others to have people to support him. However, I don't view this as a big moral victory for this esteemed third party. Zaitoon basically got the protest votes and the vote of those who couldn't stand either guy. If Zaitoon presented a Libertarian view of how to deal with our insurance crisis , I didn't hear it. I suspect most of his voters had not either. That is a shame in a sense. The post hurricane insurance crisis is a big one with no easy answers. If he had some answers or possible solutions I would loved to have heard it.

Overall Trends in LA Politics-
The Secretary of State Race is already being spinned the wrong way. It is being viewed as Republican moderates versus the religious right. Let me suggest that what is viewed as the religious right is actually populist rethoric and views. This has often been identified with democrats. However the Republicans have their own version of it. I find religion has precious little to do with it.

I think both Francis and Cain in a more traditional sense ran in this tradition. Both failed in their ultimate objective. Francis though is the race too look at. When I think of the Francis campaign the first feeling I get is anger. Throw the bums out!!!! US against Them!!! They are all Crooked!!! Well goodness with that theme no wonder why these campaigns come off as too moralistic. Someone made a good point as to these defeats last night. This does not bode well for a future Foster Campbell Governor's run. It also seems to indicate that Louisiana citizens are looking for reasoned approaches and solutions to our problems. Does not mean that partisan poliitcs is out the window? Of course not. Party politics is still needed to help clarify different approachs and to foster a competition of ideas. However I am convinced for the time being the Mike Francis approach is not going to appeal much to voters in the forseeable future.

Const Amendments-

I am impressed . Louisiana passed what was needed. Let us give ourselves a hand.

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